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Why I don't have a girlfriend.  

tamaloa_aulelei 46M
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8/14/2020 12:19 pm
Why I don't have a girlfriend.

I've been looking for research into a particular aspect of human female sexuality without much success.

First some background. I was married for a couple of years when I was an undergraduate to a very nice , but she really didn't like being married a broke college student with a lot of student friends including attractive young females. C'est dommage. Vraiment. I still wish it would have worked out.

Since then I've been through numerous relationships with nice girls.

The pattern has been that our sex life together starts out from a stop and goes slow. It takes a few weeks or months before she really starts getting into it, enough to lose weight and work out and really work at making herself sexually attractive, and not just look good. I patiently teach her how have more intense orgasms and<b> multiple orgasms </font></b>and come up with exciting techniques until she's the one initiating sex every time she can and she gets really good at it.

Then guess what happens? That's right. She starts picking up other guys. The prim little Mary that could take it or leave it at first got sexualized and is having herself a ball and Yours Truly gets left out on the tiles.

And then she wants me back because just wasn't the same with these other guys. They just didn't have the juice. It's really ugly when they beg. One woman sat out on the driveway in the snow and cried for hours in the middle of the night until I brought her in and had her brother come pick her up. You know you are.

I blame myself. I'll get her turned on and she doesn't control herself. 's a curse I tell you, being that kind of a good lover.

And I know the next one is going be the same way unless I manage her blossomed-out sexuality differently. Doc Love has some ideas but if there's one thing I know about a woman is that if she's gonna, she's gonna.

It's different for a guy. I myself can only come four or five times in a day and that's it. A woman that knows how to take care of her man can keep him satisfied and he's going to be physically unable to stray, or at least not very far.

But a woman can have orgasms all day long and can get lovers just about any time and anywhere she pleases. The capacity of a female for sexual pleasure can easily exceed that of any man by an order of magnitude. In fact, the human female is the ONLY animal on the planet who can fuck solely for pleasure and has no inherent limitation on the quantity of pleasure she can have. And apparently lining up half a dozen willing lovers with ten-inch cocks isn't really that hard do. And once she decides she really loves the Big Ones she's never going back.

I had one overdeveloped fitness hottie in a continuous state of increasing orgasm for nearly an hour before she passed out. Keeping a highly sexualized woman in line takes a lot more than a leash and doggie treats. I can fuck them silly for hours in the morning and they'll still cheat on me when they go the mall in the afternoon. No, really. That's happened. With more than one woman.

A man who thinks his wife isn't ever going out on him just because they have great sex is very sadly mistaken. It's more likely that this will actually cause her to go out on him.

I have anecdotal evidence that this is a fairly common occurance but very little in the way of supporting statistics. One such statistic indicates that 28% of hospital births for married couples were NOT fathered by the husband. Which suggests that the husbands were good enough to get their wives highly sexualized, to the point where they pursued infidelity. And It takes a LOT of cheating to get to 28%.

No wonder the divorce rate is so high.

The moral of the story is this: love them while you can, because even if they're having a good time they're not likely to stick around and keep having a good time with YOU.

And that's why I don't have a girlfriend: I get them turned on sexually and then they leave for what they think are greener pastures and regret it. Eight times this has happened. I suspect it might not even be such a great idea to want to have a girlfriend. I think I'm just going to stick to the two NSA/FWBs I've already got and hope Mr. Happy is okay with it - and figure on lining up replacements.

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