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Typical Messages From Men  

tammykup 34F
102 posts
10/11/2014 5:43 am
Typical Messages From Men

1. "Wow! Are you real?" *Rolls eyes*. Automatic delete.

2. "I'd love to ________." Yes so do a lot of people.

3. "Let's meet up for drinks and chat." Waste of time.

4. "Do you like black guys/older men/military men?" I don't know, it depends if I like you or not. Stupid question.

5. "Let's fuck." (Or something along those lines). No thanks.

6. (Insert a copy and paste message you send to twenty different women here). Delete.

7. Some long ass erotic literature story you think I'm going to read... Lol. Automatic delete.

8. "Are you there?" No.

9. "Hey I'm going to be in your area for a few days..." No thank you.

10. "Do you ever make it to (insert random city here)?" No I don't.

My point is gentlemen is to at least try to be original and don't be such a horn when you send messages to women on here.

tammykup 34F
9 posts
10/12/2014 10:27 am

@YesIspank Then why are you here typing on my blog? I don't care who sees it and who doesn't. Moron.

fun4meanduinva 50M  
43 posts
10/24/2014 9:57 pm

Honestly most guys on here are on here because they can't approach a woman in real life. Hell, go to one of the local meet and greets and you'll see it. I went to one a couple years ago in Frederick and, at 42, I was the youngest guy at then "hottest event" of the year. Or so I was told.

Picked up a waitress when she got off work. Watching 15 guys sit and stare at 3 women was painful.

Not to say every meet and greet is like that. The one in Mechanicsville is usually a blast.

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