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My Hybrid Western Tantra  

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6/1/2021 11:57 am

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6/2/2021 12:41 pm

My Hybrid Western Tantra

In its purest form, the Tantra is a comprehensive religion with associated jargon, dogma, and ritual. Sexual relations with their related sharing of energy are a central part of the religion.

My approach Tantra is largely pleasure based. retains the training and some of the practices while dropping the more dogmatic aspects. I have my own spiritual practices involving morning meditations and Yoga. And some of my practices are informed by my knowledge of Tantra, but would not properly be called Tantric spirituality. I would also not call myself a religious man in most senses of the word.

Our culture, and my background, do not lend themselves well pure Tantra which is why I approach a bit differently. On a physiological level, the nature of pleasure is explained well with Tantric ideas. On a conceptual level, imagine that your genitals create a biochemical and/or electrochemical substance during sex which flows up your spine and into your brain to provide you with the experience of sexual and sensual pleasure. are other body part with sensitive nerve bundles that also transmit pleasure signals, but not with the potentially orgasmic energy created in the genitals.

If you use various practices which enable and encourage the flow of this substance up your spine it will result in more intensely enjoyable sensual and sexual experiences. One of my early Tantric lovers had mastered this process. She was able prepare and relax her body such that "all lines were open" so speak. Once she experienced her first orgasm of a session she was proverbially off the races. Even minor touch such as gently grazing the side of her breast could give her a rippling wave of pleasure. She could experience dozens of orgasms in an hour.

For myself, from the perspective, Tantra has entailed training my body and developing the discipline resist quick pleasure in exchange for deeper pleasure overall. The general idea is allow ones arousal rise until you near the point of ejaculation, and experience orgasmic sensations while still not releasing. Yes, for those unaware, orgasm and ejaculation are independent phenomenon. They typically arise together which is why most men believe they are synonymous. is possible experience orgasm without ejaculation, and experience ejaculation without orgasm. If you can master being able experience orgasm without ejaculation it makes multiple orgasms reasonably possible.

Developing this capability and discipline took time and practice, much of it solo. (And to be frank, while its not typically acknowledged due to Joycelyn Elders Syndrome, many if not most adults' most frequent sex "partner" is themselves. This should not be a source of embarrassment or reason to not pursue pleasurable activities.) Much of the training involves becoming more aware of ones own body and the subtle signals it sends as arousal nears the "go" point - that stage of sexual arousal when both orgasm and ejaculation are becoming imminent. With years of training I have learned to distinguish my level of arousal to a fine enough degree that I know when to temporarily slow down or stop in order to not release at that time. And just as importantly, I have developed the discipline to CHOOSE to do so. I know the value of the payoff later on.

Another benefit of this training is the ability to stop intercourse at any moment without having "blue balls" or other physical discomfort from pent up and unreleased cum. I have no need to ask my partner to "hand in " until I cum. is not necessary. I have cum enough times in my life that one more isn't going make or break my world. And if my partner has had enough then she has had enough. I get enough enjoyment from the lovemaking itself. Having a "happy ending" has lost a lot of its luster over the years. Yes, I enjoy it, but it is not the point of having sex for me anymore.

are many implications of this for my partners. One obvious one is time. This approach sex and sensuality is not one be rushed. Ladies are looking for the average "5 minutes and 24 seconds" session of vaginal intercourse are likely not good candidates for Tantric sex.

By example, a recent date showed up at 1:40 in the afternoon and left at 8:50 in the evening. Now we probably hung out chatting and catching up for an hour before we got in bed. And we took a break for dinner around 6:00. But other than that we were mostly playing in various forms. Before dinner we never left the bed for over two hours, and that was just to grab a drink of water. She literally had several dozen rolling orgasms before dinner, though none that took her over the edge into vaginal spasms and full blown hard orgasm. We got to that after dinner. Then she was done, as we both knew she would be. Not every one of our dates has involved over four hours of active sex, just the ones when we have that much time available.

Another is physical conditioning and sexual endurance. Many ladies simply aren't up for the physicality of this approach to sexual pleasure. It often takes some building up on the endurance side - something that takes some patience, but is a fun process to play out. It takes a different mindset to look at sex in this way as well. Being able to patiently relax, and be fully present in the moment to the sensations in your body makes a huge difference. A big hurdle to experiencing deepened sexual and sensual pleasure is getting past the fear of the intensity of the sensations, and letting go of inhibiting mind and muscle habits that jump in to "save" you from all that pleasure. I believe most ladies have the potential to experience these kinds of multiple rolling orgasms if they are with the right partner.

What is not required for my partners is any kind of personal spiritual practice. It's not a part of the version of Tantra which I choose to practice. You are welcome to incorporate meditation and other practices while with me, but they aren't necessary by any means. OTOH, if you are interested in learning a detailed approach to Kundalini meditation that is something for which I can provide instructions.

I am also open to any questions that members here at AdultFriendFinder may have regarding these practices. I am happy to share my knowledge and experiences with those have an interest. If you have a question feel free send me a . I will do my best respond in a timely fashion.

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