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More Stylisitic Ramblings.  

tara2112 53T  
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10/10/2021 10:01 pm

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11/28/2021 8:43 am

More Stylisitic Ramblings.

it's and this is my Not Bling OwnerNot Bling Owner Okay gangbangers due the high level of traffic after last posting I'm gonna share a little more of my personal life with you because a lot of you seem be genuinely interested.So heres some more of what makes me tick.Around the time I was fully immersed in the site still, but not seeing Paula much anymore because of serious medical problems she was encountering (angioplasty surgery after a heart attack she suffered)I had moved out of the trailer and was living in an actual house in Bothell. A sleepy aristocratic suburb adjacent to Seattle,that was, despite its smaller size,it's own city.The neighbors must been looking the other way when we moved in.The Mercedes Benz I drove at the time helped me to blend in. I was so ready to live in a structure with lode bearing support and solid walls. More often than not in my trailer the whole place would literally shake from my dance routines I was attempting cam for my show.Not mention the size and dimension wise, was cramped say the least. I mean I was knocking shit over just stretching my arms out put a jacket. I used equate it alot living in a tin can. This was a very large house in a very high end neighborhood that I found myself in. And off the beaten path, it was the last house a dead end street,situated in a cul de sac. Very somber till our arrival . Let's just say we were Delta house. Or if your a "Futurama" fan "Robot house!!!" Lol! A large Lesbian woman lived upstairs,and rented the bottom half to and my two room mates,friends of mine that went way back,and that I was out ,so I could live pretty freely Tara. A male/female hetero couple,that despite our friendship, I was at odds with often.This place was perfect for pretty much doing shows the time,which were getting pretty crazy at that point.Shows dealing with knife juggling and fire. Yeah they were a bit off the rail,me trying top my showmanship each time,but that' a whole other kettle of fish,because around the time I was about to leave my residency of said premises,I met a black girl from Lousianna. New Orleans, to be precise. Her was Vanessa,and she was a sexual freak! She shaved her pussy,loved anal a lot ,and was allways wanting try new things. Finally a woman loved for Tara,the first in a fairly long line.She was a lesbian and wanted be with for my feminine wiles and attributes. She was of small stature,a real "spinner" if you catch my drift! She kind of reminded of the actress Kim Fields that played "Tootie" the 80's television show "Facts of Life." And,yeah I supose i should mention she was 20 years younger than me. We were actually working on launching a couples profile on right before our innevitable split.We lived together for eight or months if my memory serves me correct.First in the Bothell house and then when we werre homless for awhile,living in my van I owned at the time.For a black chick she had the biggest rack... but back on target,sorry.Well make a long story short,( I'll tell the whole story some other time) it did not end well,I'll just leave it at that for now. So i steeped myself back in the scene once more,vowing never again,and loving my single life once more, NSA till the end I proclaimed! That is till I met Jayne,a transgender girl,and for a brief time,my fiance. We met at the adult theatre the one me and teddi ,my sub slut slave from awhile back had went to for the first time. Jayne was fairly new to transitiioning,but had been doing it about a year,and I mis took her for a genetic female when I first saw her. We were basically just FWB for the first few years before we even started dating. I'm gonna kind of gloss over a lot of this part cause' "Crazy Jayne" deserves a whole fucking volume the size of War and Peace! She was also,like Vanessa,20 years younger than me. I almost started taking hormones and was so very close to doing HRT,but after seeing what it did to Jayne,and living with the emotional rollercoaster of insanity for years ,I changed my mind. I convinced myself my body was naturally girlish enough and didnt need descend into the madness that bad. I still want tits bit that's neither nor .Sadly, it ended with Jayne having delusions and getting thrown in jail,running over with a car ,and finally attacking and stabbing .Turns out Janey was not mentally sound. I escaped with my life and decided be single again for awhile. I had been going back square one really,,and getting with different girls/guys, and making my vids,and basically living my love again much like at the start.I always had an affinity for clothes and such.I been dressing since I was ten,and had sisters that would put makeup and dress in girls clothes. and my sisters friends little brother.We were like life size dolls they could dress and do make .Plus sisters provided so many clothes I could kipe when i got into dressing more often.Then when I got married it was my wifes clothes, then my daughters.I allways had accsess to girls clothes. Plus I didnt have a father,and being raised by females, it was inevitable what my fate would be. That,and an older brother allways calling faggott, sissy,etc. There are so many varying factors that made how I am.When I started out i convinced myself that I was a trans lez,cause my ideal woman was a chick with a dick,but I eventually got with guys cause my vids. They were , ,a means an end. Then it was," Well i prefer girls but i wanna suck dick,soooo its just temporary." And then I started thinking some guys were cute. It really fucked with my head and confused the fuck out of me at the time.I fell for a guy I met at the theatre for the first time,and fell hard.I don't know what it was about him but he had this crazy sexual energy that sucked me in. Well he turned out be the biggest asshole.I made this guy cookies even,and he broke my heart.I cried my eyes out my sister,not so much because of him,but the mere confusion that i didnt understand what was happening me emotion wise. Emotions that confused and scared me. I tried deny it for the longest time ,but finally rescinded admit i liked guys and girls and was bisexual not a Lez,and so these days,pretty much everyone's fair game.Then I started lowering my standards for guys age wise and going with guys that were alot older like in theyre fifties and sixties.and finally came the point where i dont know where the line is anymore.Guys,trans ,cds ,shemales,ladyboys,ts,tg,trap,tv,females, female lez ,i even got with a female male once,its fair game and I tell myself just let go and let my heart,common sense,and sense of adventure and lonleliness take me wherever it wanted ...So it has come the point where i am jaded i am wise beyond my years. And far myself? i feel im not a guy or a girl , but a third gender ,my two sexual halves having merged,but I identify more with being a girl . .Sometimes its just an ambiguous I'll go with.Sometimes it's dressed the nines. if you take alot of the psychological factors related to my experiences i should be spiralling into dementia right about now,but I am of sound mind and strong body and i just want to wear my slutty clothes ,makeup,and jewelry,and just be who i am without everyone elses baggage.Jayne was a big inspiration me and helped me come into my own facing the public being dressed and all. I figured if she can do i can too. Also it was nice at that point to have a wing girl . i dislike some of the stigma involved in our world.Gurl instead of and just all the stereo types and just plain dumb innuendos,falsehoods,and just plain stupidity on peoples part. Queer or not,some people just cant be pigeonholed and labled.Theres a cross section of life thats too ambiguous and vague and mentally free of oppression that can't be labled one iota.So when i see all the rooms the site and then this one gender room thats supposed encompass us ? Nope,not happening.Ok,that's good for this post,I hope you enjoyed the ramblings of one bad bitch,and I'll leave the standard ten pics for you peruse,and of course I have mention Tina,my wet pet. She is my present submissive slut slave.She is a genetic female,ummmmm,kind of younger than me which seems be the case when comes my companions,and a Lesbian.She has become a big part of who I am right now and I want you know she in her own way completes whether she knows or not. Love you pet! Last two pics are for you! okay,be back real soon,this I promise

Rainbow kisses,Tara.

tina_w8296 39F
47 posts
11/2/2021 5:26 am

God the pics of your beautiful cock makes your slut want to get on her knees to suck your beautiful hard throbbing cock for as long as you wish my beautiful Mistress Tara!!!! mmmmmm

tara2112 replies on 11/28/2021 8:40 am:
hey pet your being such a dirty slut I love it!

tina_w8296 39F
47 posts
10/22/2021 3:16 am

I wonder how many times you could cum in your slut's mouth in one weekend Mistress Tara!!!!

tara2112 replies on 11/28/2021 8:42 am:
67. Probabbly more but at that point I'd be dry so tchnically not cum if theres no cum.

tina_w8296 39F
47 posts
10/13/2021 8:27 pm

you are beyond being gorgeous to the point of being stunning...OMG My Mistress you have such a VERY beautiful cock and I would love sucking it not only in the theatre but also in a large roomful of your friends leaving no doubt to them all that I am your wet pet slut!!!!
love, Tina

tara2112 replies on 10/14/2021 2:54 am:
Well pet that statement right there puts the damper on any doubts anyone has at this point! Love you too my wet slut pet! s p a n k ! !

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