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It Finally Happened I meet the perfect man 2  

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8/26/2021 9:50 am

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It Finally Happened I meet the perfect man 2

I opened my eye and I was covered with a blanket and sat the edge of the bed trying get . my butt was soar as well as my jaw and I had a bad taste in my mouth. I stumbled into the bathroom and sat down the toilet. I began to pee but I was not peeing my butt was. after I peed I took a shower. I wore the clothes Mr. F had placed a long t-shirt dress and panties on the chair for . I slowly walked down and in the kitchen. Mr. f looked at and smiled. Good mooring sweetie are you hungry he asked. Good morning and yes am hungry. I had made eggs but you slept longer than I expected you , Ill make new ones. No that's fine I said. he brought my breakfast and gave a kiss. he sat down across from and asked how I was. Aside from my sore jaw and butt hole and a bit of trouble while am walking am good. Mr. F smiled. am sorry I peed the bed last night. he smiled again with a chuckle, He grabbed my hands, honey that was not pee that was you having an orgasm. what I said. You had your very first orgasm. You were shacking and trembling and moaning like a bitch in heat, you do remember he asked. yes of course I do I was so horny. So did you feel like a woman in heat cause I sure fucked you like a woman in heat and your were moaning squirming and screaming like one and some times that is how a woman reacts. I smiled I guess I did feel like one . Thank you I said. He smiled. more sex like that is come in the next weeks. um I thought we said two weeks. He smiled, you think am going let you off that easy. hell no, for the lovely boobs I gave you. I did not get his joke. I do not have that amount of . he smiled and laughed no no you silly . I do not want your money, your payment is. paying me by you being my slave my slutty slave for the weeks. I smiled, ok I said that is fair enough.

I went out back and laid face down under the vine the lounge swing out towards the ocean I placed my right knee toward my chest. As high as it can go. I was still tiered from last night. (It felt so<b> weird </font></b>to lay my big boobs I do not know how some woman do that) . Just as I was dosing off Mr. F. laid down next lifted my shirt and rubbed my bottom over my panties,, as well as my thighs and my balls it felt very nice, and relaxing. As he kissed my shoulders he started a small conversation so I won't sleep. eventually I turn over and his still talking, and now his rubbing my breasts and gives A kiss. he takes my hand and places it over his semi hard coc I started twirl my finger around his cock and it is getting harder by the second. I started suck and lick his cock just the way he had showed , I can hear him lightly moan. his cock continued grow in my mouth. stop he ordered come with me, He asked.

He led me to the basement and disrobed me tied me down to a small narrow bench with a head lock he came back placed a bucket under my face a blind fold for my eyes. gaged my mouth. He wacked my butt with a paddle. I jumped and moaned from the pain , the gag muffled my moans I Am going to ask you some questions you shake your head yes or no, and if I think your lying I will spank you more. wacke. you under stand, he said . I shook my head as much as it can move it, yes. But the questions he ask had no sense. He just wanted to paddle my butt until it was pink to some red. after his so called questions, he removed the gag and replaced it with his cock I hear him sigh and my mouth began to fill with a warm liquid. swallow sweetie he ordered. ( first time I ever swallowed pee). good he said, open wide and he sprayed some minty oily spray in my mouth and he shoved his cock in my mouth and be started face me . as his cock grew. relax your throat sweetie and take a deep breath ,he slowly went deeper down my throat until I throw it all . he cleaned out my mouth and sprayed the oil in my mouth and down my throat , this time it worked . my throat felt instantly numb. he slowly entered my mouth, take a deep breath and began sliding his cock down my throat until it was balls deep. he picked the pace. face fucking until he shoot his load allover my face , blind fold and in my mouth. good , he said. As he wacked my butt a few more times Now let me introduce you our mike maid and sergeant drill. He rolled me over another area.

He lubricated my butt hole and I yelped from some pain as he inserted the cock attached the machine, sergeant drill rubbed my nipples with the nipple cream and turned it . He turned the milking machine, the milk maid, and attached the milkers my nipples and one my cock it was intense, I became horny and enjoying it. With in minuets I started moaning and trying close my legs. I couldn't. it was getting intense He shoved his foot in my mouth and told me to lick, suck his toes. I tasted his cum on his toes as it dripped from my face and mas The machines picked there pace and the intensity was over whelming. My moans are becoming voiced and loader. Mr. F said I'll see you in about a hour. enjoy. The machines became even faster. the intensity became more and I began tremble . Just as I shoot out my cum the machines slowed down and I was able catch my breath. As time went by the machines programed in stages. got more intense and the pumping got more aggressive and longer. having intense orgasms one after the other. My moans were voiced load, my body trembling, shacking and sweating like never before. But it felt great. I was literally worn out after the hour. Must of had about four orgasms and the machines finally stopped. The milkers fell to the floor I couldn't take any more of this, and I fell asleep. As Mr. F came walking in , apologizing that he had forgotten about me, He untied me pulled out the dildo in doing so he woke me . I looked at him and smiled in a drowsy sore felling way. just as I tried stand I fell the floor, my legs were weak, But I managed stand and shower. at my nipples they looked bigger and longer than before and felt sore Mr. F. brought my clothes. I got dressed in A mini tube dress, strapless bra and panties and the wig. I slowly climbed the stairs in the kitchen. Eating lunch we had some small talk and he commented how much he liked my nipples bigger.

I went out back and laid face down with my knee strait out. over the ocean it is very relaxing. I began doze off and Mr. F joins . kissing my shoulder massaging my shoulders, back, thighs , inner thighs my butt checks and ran his finger throw my butt crack feeling very relaxed I fell asleep. A few hours later I woken with Mr. F.'s arm over . I turned toward him and I woke him . he pulled closer and kissed . asked how I was?. just as I replied yes . He kissed again. Having placed his arm under my neck I placed my head his shoulder and laid there for awhile. staring into the vines, enjoying the peaceful soundings and the sound of the ocean. He turned to look at as well as I did. Our bodies being very close ,he placed his leg over mine and with his finger lightly circled my nipples and kissed . I can feel his cock getting hard and I knew he wanted a BJ. I kneeled , pulled down his pants, underwear. I laid down in-between his legs and began my duties as his . Just as he had told lick it like a lollipop and suck it. his moans were now heard clearly , and knowing he was enjoying ever minuet of his B.J. I tried deep throating, but got as far as quarters of the way .I continued bobbing my head until he exploded in my mouth and a sound of relief. He is a heavy cummer, lots of cum.

Lets go for a swim he suggested. we striped naked and he asked me wear my swim suit, it lifts your butt A little and it give it a better shape. I smiled and wore my swim suite. the sun was beating down us and the temperature was hot. The pool water was cool and refreshing and about seven feet deep. the moment I the water my very sensitive nipples enlarged again. splashing water each other and swimming around his trying grab , Just having some fun. I got the float but got stuck half way , my ass sticking he quickly pulls my bikini bottom down and spanks A few times, telling me am a naught . I yelp from the pain. he spread my butt checks and licked my butt hole and yummy sounds were said. I finally climbed the float with his help, faced down getting a sun tan. as he swam around he would come and kiss me feet or suck my toes. getting close to dinner time he looked at his watch its five o'clock he walks in to the kitchen and a few minuets later comes back out realizing he didn't prepare anything for dinner. lets go out for dinner am buying he said. but I have no clothes to wear I said. sure you do that nice dress and the booties, put some make and off we go, ok he said we I'll order in. He went back in side He order Japanese and half hour later came out I was still in the pool and night time was just about upon us. the food will be hear in hour, so lets get ready. he liked eat his dinner in a formal like setting. take a shower and dress some what nice for dinner. I stepped out of the pool and he wraps me in a towel. I took the liberty and took out some clothes your you to wear, I also filled the tub for your bath, ok I will.

I go my bedroom and into the bathroom, there the counter was A note, the note read shower first and then lay in the tub with baby oil for A while. I cleaned showered off and I get in a nice big tub for two. I looked in the mirror admiring my big boobs. I jump A few times and watched my boobs jiggle, it turned me and noticed my white ass and boobs from sun tanning . shit my wife is going kill . went in the bed room the bed is a mini dress a wig, panties ,bra . for bed time he place a sexy mini lingerie nighty and the jar of nipple cream. I rubbed the cream my nipples and I did my with the make and wore the cloths he had for and the shoes and walked down into the kitchen. he smiled as he looked at telling how cute I looked in the mini dress lets go have dinner the beach. ok I said but I must change shoes. must you he asked you look so sexy in them with the dress. ok then lets go. he had the food in a picnic basket garbed a bottle of wine, I grabbed the blanket. and looked at the clock the wall its only 6:30.

We sat down on the blanket and Mr. F. opens the picnic basket and pulls out a bottle of Ornellaia 2021 blend red Bordeaux. let it breath. He than places the food the plates and pours the wine. cheers you sweetie may I hope your fantasies with be as real as they can be. cheers you Mr. F. thank you for this wonderful time were spending together. please don't call me that, and what shall I you.? how about daddy, honey , honey because your my boy friend. He smiled and said ok. cheers to you honey I said. we clinked our wine glasses and I sniffed and rolled it around in my mouth and swallowed. shit it tastes like garlic . yea I forgot after co-vid just about everything tastes like garlic. what a waste of good wine. I tried it again and the taste of the wine was much better. the more I tasted the better the wine tasted. After dinner we lay the blanket snuggled and talked and sipped the wine. we watched the stars. it was a clear and cool night the temperature had. dropped. Once the wine finished. I had become somewhat feeling happy. My honey turned me and began kiss my lips and circling my nipples with his finger, the nipple cream was in full effect I put my arms round him and held him. His tongue enters my mouth He places his hand on my crouch under my panties. I spread my legs as he rubbed my clit and making me horny. He rolled me on my side , his hand reached my butt and grabbed it spanked it A few times I jerked forward and moaned. He lowered my panties and running his finger and down my butt crack he stuck his finger in my hole and twirled it around also made moan. he unhooked my bra and lowered my dress. playing with my boobs got him horny.

I stood and removed my clothes. I pulled his shorts and underwear down and started suck his cock and balls. his cock was hard rock and told get fours spread my legs. He kneeled behind reached forward and I felt his cock my butthole. he played with my nipples and slowly shoved it in balls deep. I yelped loudly from the pain. straiten your knees he asked. he reach around and grabbed my breasts and clit making week at the knees. I began moaning as he started rocking his hips back and fourth. I fell my hands and then my elbows as he is fucked my ass. faster and harder. Feeling my boobs rocking back and fourth drove wild. I voiced my moans and grunts loudly. Ride bitch he ordered as he lay the sand. I climbed top of him. slid his cock balls deep and started. Looking at my boobs and feeling them bouncing and down. He grabbed my boobs and squeezed them. twisted my nipples . My voiced moans and grunts were loud again. My body began tremble and shack. He rolled my back grabbed my ankles and spread wide lifting my butt off the ground. He shoved his cock back in my ass and counited fucking . In no time I started shack and tremble and voicing my moans and grunts .As well as Mr. F 's grunts were getting louder. I was having another orgasm, I shoot my load, but he continued for a few more minuets and then he shoot his load in my ass. we laid naked on the sand for a while and finished off the wine.

We packed everything back in the basket and stumble our feet and stumbled back the house. I removed the booties I wore and showered each other off. wrapped in towels we we walked to our bedrooms. I showered and looked at the clock its only 10:30. I rubbed more nipple cream on my nipples. I wore the Sexy Mesh Lace cup less Mini Nightdress Baby doll Chemise he had placed on the bed. I pulled my boobs threw the rings , The rings are a little tight around my boobs but made them look bigger ,lifted them placed them closer together so I have better cleavage and perkier. Threw the cape over my shoulders and wore my slippers. I knocked On my honey's bedroom door. enter he said I walked in as sexy as I could. laying on his bed. I saw the biggest smile on his face. Double fun night.

be continued
and now for some flying in 2020

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