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Our little Secret
Posted:Feb 7, 2019 6:05 am
Last Updated:May 27, 2020 3:57 am
She was cleaning my house, she was in my office, my desktop computer was in there on my desk. She must have bumped the mouse or moved it to clean, and the screen came on, and there I was naked, shaving myself. I walked into the office, and she was just staring at the screen. I said "OMG, I'm so sorry, I totally apologize for this". She turned and looked at me and said, "it's ok". She walked over to me and grabbed my crotch and said, "you know, I've always liked you, and you're always so nice to my parents. Would it turn you on if you shaved in front of me?" I was very reluctant at first and then thought, she is only a senior in High School, but just turned 18, so she was actually legal age. I said no one can find out, she said, nope, it'll be our little secret. She then said, "or would you like and trust me to shave you?" I said, "if you'd like too!" I walked her into my bedroom, and said I'll be right back. I went to the kitchen and got a bowl of water and then into the bathroom and grabbed my shaving stuff and back to the bedroom. When I walked into the bedroom she was almost naked. She walked over to me and took the stuff from my hands and set it on the dresser next to the bed, and turned around and said, "now let me help you get undressed". I was instantly HARD. When she pulled my underwear down, "BOING" There was my boner. She stroked me a few times and told me to lay back on the bed. She grabbed the water/cream/razor from the dresser and I spread my legs and she climbed between them. At this time, I was totally stunned and in awe!!!! She started to put cream on my ROCK HARD cock. I asked her if she'd ever done this to anyone before and she said it was a first for her. Her HOT little fucking tight body in front of me, perky nipples right there almost in my face, I felt like I could CUM just from the moment. She was very careful, as she stroked the razor up and down my shaft, and balls, crotch. When she was finished, she wiped me off with the sheet, and said, "OK, I think I need to finish what I started here, and went down, and stuck my mushroom into her mouth and started stroking me, sucking me for a few minutes. She looked up at me and said, "would you like to fuck me?" I almost blew right then and there. I said, "I don't have any condoms, so I don't think that is a good idea?" She said let's 69 then. GOD DAMN she tasted so fucking good!!! After a few more minutes, I couldn't hold back anymore and said to her, "I'm about ready to CUM"! All her response was, "UHUH"! I SPEWED my warm creamy load from my pee hole all over her as she took my cock from her mouth and kept stroking me until there was no CUM left...….. GOD DAMN! We laid there and talked about what just happened. We cleaned up some and she said she'd better get going. I walked her to the door, she turned to me and said, "Remember, it's our "little secret" and "get some condoms before I come back in 2 weeks". Out the door she went...………
new AdultFriendFinder friend
Posted:Jun 15, 2018 4:14 am
Last Updated:Jan 11, 2020 2:11 am
Suzy took me into her room, where we undressed. She immediately said WOW, you have a BIG cock as she grabbed me and started to rub my HARDNESS. We then laid on the bed where she gave me one of the most wonderful back/butt massages. She suggested I roll over, so I did. I was HARD and she had a little trouble getting the condom on (needs a little bigger condom than she had). She then went down on me, and sucked and sucked me. I almost popped, but the condom was quite tight, so I suggested she take the condom off and give me a hand job to finish. She put some lube on me, and started to pump me, as she played with my balls. It didn't take long after that as I quivered until I was ready to XXXPLODE, and boy did I!!! I haven't CUMMED like that in quite awhile! She said, "oh my, that was quite a LOAD"! Suzy cleaned me up, and we laid there for a bit and chatted about life, us, and how to run an iPhone! hehehe! I'd definately recommend checking out Suzy, as I know, I'll be back for more next time! *wink*

UPDATE, MAY 2019: I've seen Suzy a couple of times now. We've XXXperimented a little more with each other. Memorial Day weekend, she told me when I was ready to cum, to let her know, so I did, and at that moment, she jammed a finger up my ass, as I was XXXploding inside her, and WOW! WHAT A FUCKING AMAZING orgasm I had. Nobody has ever done that to me before. Now I'm curious...……

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