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Fireside writing  

tgurlyish 44T
39 posts
10/20/2020 4:10 am
Fireside writing

I got an email from a "fan" of my writing of all things... and here I thought it was my ass that everyone on here liked. He suggested that I might be a "professional writer". Imagine that!

I suppose one could surmise that if I was able to pull off being secretly a "girl", I might also be able to secretly pull off being a semi-famous, totally-successful professional writer with a shelf sparsely adorned with accolades, awards, and recognition plaques that collect more dust than gazes. And maybe I have an agent calling for a transcript promised two weeks, when I was secretly spending time on a certain sex site. And the sex site? We in the biz would call that "research."

Well, sure it's possible, I guess. It's also possible that I dress up and have intimate encounters in the name of "research" for my next book. Imagine the details I could get into of, say, an erotic encounter with our hero and our heroine (me?) after they had been caught in a rainstorm and sought refuge in a nearby unoccupied cabin.
So many details to write about... the cabin itself, a couple paragraphs right there...her rain-soaked blouse showcasing her erect nipples. I'd have a few words about that for sure! The way the candlelight plays off her glistening breasts as she unbuttons it, a couple more words... then on to our hero silhouetted in the doorway obviously aroused, more words on that, too!... Then more details...the rain lightly tapping on the tin roof... the way our hero pulls her into his warm body to quell her shivering and then gently<b> kisses </font></b>the slightly perfumed rain drops from her skin... the way I melt into his arms, err, I mean "she" the way "she melts..." the smells, the musky desirous pheromones filling the air as they take off their wet clothes... comforting blankets, the flames of a warm fire in the fireplace, their naked bodies glow from the fire light... Oh, yes, there could be some wonderful things to write about. A little levity here, a sprinkle of humor there, an erotic detailed account of the tryst... and maybe an "a hah" moment tossed in as a garnish. I mean, if I was a writer.

And trust me I could go on quite a few paragraphs about his penis alone. How my chilled hands reach down and feel the heat coming his fully erect cock. Surprised a bit by the coolness he smiles as I grasp it with both hands. (see how I switched it to me totally?) Oh, and the details of my lips going down an him would be pages of erotic bliss-filled musings. Have you read my other blog posts? Then of course I'd have to write about his cock going inside me, so many feelings, so many descriptions, I would go into great detail about all the "ins and outs" of it and also the ins and outs and ins and outs of it nonstop and then something more about the ins and outs of it again and again. You get the idea, I love the lovemaking, the raw sexuality, the many positions, and the bliss that follows it all. There could be pages there, no doubt. And then I I mean, if I was having an encounter for writing "research" purposes, think of how authentic it would be to actually live through the whole experience as the "girl" in our story.

So I could be a writer, or I could be just doing this for the fun!

annelye 46T  
1179 posts
10/27/2020 2:55 am

... a writer , yes for sure ... and for the fun too

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