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Happy When I Get Tipped  

tgurlyish 45T
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9/21/2020 3:04 pm
Happy When I Get Tipped

I just got another tip and for some reason it makes me happy to get them. Not the satisfying I've just been fucked "full deep sigh" happy, or the I just made him cum in my mouth "satisfaction of a job well done" happy, but a more subtle kind of "pleasant appreciation" happy.

Maybe I'm some sort of "Points ".
"Degrade me with your precious points, sir, I'm on my knees in front of you, shower me with points and tell me what a dirty little point slut I am, I want to feel your creamy points all over my face." Picture them dripping off my and chin, me rubbing them onto my lips with my fingers while my tongue licks off every drop of those sweet, yummy gooey points... mmmmm... points....

OK. probably not, but perhaps I'm a frustrated stripper and I wiggle my ass to get you to "pay" for your<b> sins. </font></b>I've never been to a strip club, but I always assumed that's why the guys put the dollar bills on the girls. They can pay for their lusty<b> sins </font></b>right when then and there and start the next day with a clean slate, (visa and mc accepted). If you've seen the video I posted... there could be some truth in that, "Make it Rain points, Make It RAAIINNN!"

But no, I don't think that's it either. It takes so little effort to "like" a pic or post, a little more to comment, and even more to message me (of which the this site allows only a few responses back from me but I always answer when allowed.)

But a tip? Well, that takes some effort and is a token of generosity that says, "I appreciate your efforts!" It's not that it has any tremendous value, like I think 17 points can get you one single chat and for me to get a "gold" membership it takes tens upon tens of thousands of points, so at the rate I'm going, I should have "gold" by the time I'm 95 years old. Let's paint that picture... saggy wrinkly boobs, old saggy, see-through thin crepey skin, a face more wrinkled up than an alligator purse, and the ass?, yes, the ass that has caused so many men's masturbating dreamy fantasies rise to attention, has disappeared and is facing inward causing an equal retreat on those same intentions of "attentions"... Quite the picture, no? And if it gets you all hot and bothered thinking about that, you are one sick puppy... Give me a call! Emoji*
*(in about 50 years, you'll be my type then)

So yes, I do like the attention, and points make it somehow more worthwhile to post on here. Sure, I post to find someone to have sex with, that's the given, and I have had some pretty good relationships over the years. Yes, I've been on this site for many years, on and off, depending how things are going relationship-wise, this time now it's a bit over a year. I've met with some really nice people, chatted with a few more and exchanged emails with many more. If someone takes the effort to tip me, I feel like they should get a little extra attention. For example, I got tipped and here's part of the exchange. Pix are all me and my dialog is highlighted in blue. Some parts redacted to protect the guilty: Winky Emoji

Hi! Thanks for the Tip! While I've met with a few nice guys on here, I sometimes I wonder if it's worth all the effort to keep posting on here, or if anybody really notices and then I get a good tip, and I think "Yes!" it is. Thanks!

Glad I can be part of your fantasies! Right now fantasies are probably the best thing till this "pandammit" is over... I wouldn't be lying if I told you I've been fantasizing about what I'd like to do with that cock of yours... mmmm {=}

Redacted parts, juicy, but some personal stuff I had to take out. Trust me, it was good, Then he wrote:

Looking at your ass and hard again

when i think about you doing that, this is what happens to me

I sent a Pic of my pretty pink panties being creamed after a sex hot chat session...
More redacted here... then he wrote:

I am not sure which picture of your is the hottest. It is either the one with a puddle of cum resting on your " stamp" (wish it was mine) or, probably the one of you bent over and looking back with that look in your eyes that tells me I am in for a wild ride

Now you got me throbbing hard again

Redacted some more here about what he wanted to do to me. Let the pix tell the story...

Here's some pix of me with a guy doing just that. These were taken quite a while ago before I got my good camera, but you get the idea. He didn't stop with just the ass though
Here's some pix of me with a guy doing just that. These were taken quite a while ago before I got my good camera, but you get the idea. He didn't stop with just the ass though
Redacted pix went here
{=} yeah, and he didn't stop here either,

OMG, you are soooooo hot.

Hey, I just saw you tipped me again, {=} {=}Thanks! Must mean you really like what you're seeing...

I love what I see. Your ass is incredible

{=} Thanks! I try hard to be a good bad girl

my balls ache when I look at your ass

Maybe you should try masturbation! I heard it really helps with that... send me a "tribute shot" ...\8 that way we both can get off! {=}

I lost count of how many times i have masturbated looking at your incredible ass. Thank you

Oh, I see you tipped me again! Wow! So you like my ass? How about I drop my skirt to the floor, bend over and grab my ankles for you... Here's a pic of me doing just that for you... what will you do? Will you get on your knees and start kissing my silky-smooth sweet cheeks all over? Will you explore the softness of all those naughty places you dream about touching with your tongue? Will you ask me to spread my legs open and push my little joystick back for you lick and take into your mouth? oooouuu.... oh, I bet you would... and you're getting hard and leaking a little pre-cum just thinking about it, aren't you, baby.

He answered "yes" and more....

Tkbmore 55M
3 posts
9/23/2020 6:12 am

There ya go again T. Getting me all worked up again. Love this story and to cap it off with those delicious pics...glorious!

FunCoolOralReady 59M
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7/30/2021 3:12 am


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