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Sometimes Blonde, sometimes not, sometimes with a tattoo (fake) sometimes not, but yes, the gurl pix in this blog and on my profile are all me. Enjoy!
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Halloween "Candy"
Posted:Oct 24, 2020 8:26 am
Last Updated:Oct 30, 2020 3:45 am
How does that old saying about candy go? "An moment on the lips forever on the hips." Well, in my case it all goes to the belly. Especially when I'm on the hormones. Seems like I get a little lax on what I eat and I get a belly like a German after a monthlong Octoberfest drinking challenge. Though I think the Lederhosen with the suspenders and shorts would be cool to wear but I'm pretty sure I would prefer a flat tummy and a skimpy beer maiden outfit (complete with the pigtail braided hair to go with it, of course.)

So if I don't eat the candy and there are no trick or treaters this year, what should I do with it all? I'm feeling a little mischievous, hhhmmm, what can we do? We can't "Bob" for apples this year, either so maybe we can "Tim" for treats, Stuff for "Steve", Lick for "Larry", Hide for "Hal", or "Chuck" for Candy, I get to be "Candy"! You get the idea. Maybe just a "party" for two. Let's go for the "Fun Size", too! It's going to be a hot time and "Candy" is going to melt for sure. I know just where I'd hide it! A gooey mess if assured! Anybody want to play? I may need help with the the clean up afterwards. hehehe

Assolgist and the Penis-Shaped Lunar Ass-Dildo Rover
Posted:Oct 21, 2020 6:22 am
Last Updated:Jan 16, 2021 1:46 am
I'm always surprised when somebody writes me and points out some detail about my ass in a photo that I posted. It's like they have studied it as if they were given an assignment for an advanced degree in Assology or something. Maybe they are writing a dissertation on the nuances of my ass. IDK. Don't get me wrong, at some level it's quite flattering, and let's face it, if I could, even I would fuck me! (Who needs friends when you're double jointed, right?) But no, while I love being twisted like a pretzel as much as the next gurl, I'm not that flexible. But overall it just strikes a bit odd and I'm never quite sure how respond that, so, sometimes I don't.

"So Fuckable!" or "Damn! Gurl, That Ass!" or something like that is usually what most say. I know how respond that! I give a heartfelt "Thank You!" while maybe checking out their profile (if I'm able, non-paying member here). Maybe , maybe , depending the day and if I have time and if the site allows me . But there are a couple of guys that go about something they noticed, say, like a panty line imprint my skin that was such a turn for them or some other odd thing. I try not post pix like those because I don't like see the clothing imprints myself. Guess I missed that before posting those. And evidently I don't fully understand my target audience.

Sure I post for everyone's enjoyment and give an idea of who I am, and also meet a few nice people here, some just buddies, some email friends, and a few in person. (You know who you are! Where's my testimonials? ) I figure that when I put a pic, it get's viewed, and if it's tickles their fancy (or fanny, or any other parts, wink, wink) they'll whip it out and imagine what it'd feel like slide their cock inside . I know I think like that, too. Completely normal run-of the-mill perverts like , I suppose. I get horned sometimes just with the thought of someone doing a workout routine my pix, "Jerks and Squirts", ten reps... You'll loose a lot of fluids so remember stay hydrated! I know that pix can help , too. Pix and my vivid imagination. I'm liking a nice ass or pussy as much as anybody, and yes, a nice cock, too. Have you read my other blog posts!!?. (and to you other gurls! , the things I want do with those pretty faces and other places! But I stray.)

I view a couple of pix and next thing I know is I'm putting lube up my ass and then thinking about grabbing that nice cock just saw and getting it ready for by rubbing my slippery hands over it till it's nice and hard. Then I'll "assume the position". I am soooo ready, so, so wanting at this point that I'll put my face down into the pillow and put my ass at the perfect height to get fucked. I have a sex machine that's perfect for these times when I can't meet... like now, damn Covid. My imagination takes those pix and just runs with it. Maybe it's a face shot that was sent, maybe it's an email conversation or a we had, it gets melded into my building fantasy. Then I'll just imagine backing onto that cock using my hand to guide it in. Imagining being grabbed by my hips and being pulled in closer and closer... "Houston we have lift off!" "Full Speed Ahead, Mr. Sulu!" , , gawd I am so horny that my dildo just screamed "I give ! UNCLE!" but I turn the speed anyway... Faster, Faster, Faster! Then an awful grinding sound! The machine broke! I broke my sex machine? I didn't even think that was possible! Really! It Broke! ??? Had finish by hand... with no one help! Poor . (Yes, that machine... the one in the videos I posted.) And now I have sleep the wet spot, as well, damn, keeps getting better, but I sleep soundly anyway. So, the point was, I do post for others enjoyment as well.

So if we can't meet in person, there's no harm in it. If we can't fucking get together to fuck together, let's masturbate together separately! I figure having some random people masturbating to my pix is the same reason that porn is so popular, it's the next best thing to being there, right? What's the saying? 90 percent of the people masturbate to porn, the other ten percent are liars. So masturbate away! (and send the "tribute shot" I always wanted one of those!) And to those who point out to me to say my pix ARE porn, I say to that, It's not porn if you happen to be the one doing it, then it's just part of your life.

Now, back to our budding Assologists. I imagine they are zooming in to hundreds times of magnitude looking for perspective not obvious us normal perverts. They've got their protractors out figuring the camera angles and plotting out vectors angles graph charts. I imagine they're mapping the pores, freckles, and ingrown hairs my skin like some sort of lunar landscape, complete with drawings and diagrams, naming the places with monikers like "Hip-Waist Curve", "Girly Ball Cove", "The Great Crevice", "Dark Hole Crater" and other equally unimaginative names their sciency brains output . But I also imagine they have the fantasy of building some sort of penis-shaped lunar ass-dildo rover go four-wheeling over the "Myass" terrain find a place drill in deep down at just the perfect spot like some nerdy sexed- techies might have a want do.

Weird, right? But now that I think of it, maybe I should be "in" for it, so speak, and get back in touch with them. Maybe I can borrow the dildo rover and set them to work... I'll tell them to bring their "tools" because they probably would know how to repair my sex machine.
Fireside writing
Posted:Oct 20, 2020 4:10 am
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2020 6:10 am
I got an email from a "fan" of my writing of all things... and here I thought it was my ass that everyone on here liked. He suggested that I might be a "professional writer". Imagine that!

I suppose one could surmise that if I was able to pull off being secretly a "girl", I might also be able to secretly pull off being a semi-famous, totally-successful professional writer with a shelf sparsely adorned with accolades, awards, and recognition plaques that collect more dust than gazes. And maybe I have an agent calling for a transcript promised two weeks, when I was secretly spending time on a certain sex site. And the sex site? We in the biz would call that "research."

Well, sure it's possible, I guess. It's also possible that I dress up and have intimate encounters in the name of "research" for my next book. Imagine the details I could get into of, say, an erotic encounter with our hero and our heroine (me?) after they had been caught in a rainstorm and sought refuge in a nearby unoccupied cabin.
So many details to write about... the cabin itself, a couple paragraphs right there...her rain-soaked blouse showcasing her erect nipples. I'd have a few words about that for sure! The way the candlelight plays off her glistening breasts as she unbuttons it, a couple more words... then on to our hero silhouetted in the doorway obviously aroused, more words on that, too!... Then more details...the rain lightly tapping on the tin roof... the way our hero pulls her into his warm body to quell her shivering and then gently kisses the slightly perfumed rain drops from her skin... the way I melt into his arms, err, I mean "she" the way "she melts..." the smells, the musky desirous pheromones filling the air as they take off their wet clothes... comforting blankets, the flames of a warm fire in the fireplace, their naked bodies glow from the fire light... Oh, yes, there could be some wonderful things to write about. A little levity here, a sprinkle of humor there, an erotic detailed account of the tryst... and maybe an "a hah" moment tossed in as a garnish. I mean, if I was a writer.

And trust me I could go on quite a few paragraphs about his penis alone. How my chilled hands reach down and feel the heat coming his fully erect cock. Surprised a bit by the coolness he smiles as I grasp it with both hands. (see how I switched it to me totally?) Oh, and the details of my lips going down an him would be pages of erotic bliss-filled musings. Have you read my other blog posts? Then of course I'd have to write about his cock going inside me, so many feelings, so many descriptions, I would go into great detail about all the "ins and outs" of it and also the ins and outs and ins and outs of it nonstop and then something more about the ins and outs of it again and again. You get the idea, I love the lovemaking, the raw sexuality, the many positions, and the bliss that follows it all. There could be pages there, no doubt. And then I I mean, if I was having an encounter for writing "research" purposes, think of how authentic it would be to actually live through the whole experience as the "girl" in our story.

So I could be a writer, or I could be just doing this for the fun!

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Blow Job or Blow Joy
Posted:Oct 16, 2020 1:51 pm
Last Updated:Dec 25, 2020 6:35 am
"Blow Joys!" and Sluts defined

I love men, and I love make myself up be the object for all their desirous wantings so that I can experience all of their masculinity, their hardness, their lusty aggressiveness, and, well, yeah, they got the dick that I long for in all those secret shadowy places of myself that I keep hidden from the rest of the world. Does that make a bad girl or a good gurl? I can't say for sure but I just love everything about it. I do say sometimes that I try hard be a good "bad gurl".

And I love women because they have so many great qualities, the softness, the smoothness, the emotions, the breasts, the warm places I love explore and penetrate for the pleasure of us both, and just all things femme that I just love and want for me, and of course, a thinking brain, up and until they're getting their brains fucked out. Then it's just putty in the hands for anyone that's there take advantage of it mold into the shape of their desires like some sort of erotic -dough sculpture. It's not that men don't have a brain, it's just that it comes with an over-ride switch that resides in the pelvic area. Once that switch is turned on, the thinking brain is turned off and it's all about the D. the O. Of course after the Orgasm, the thinking brain returns and the Dick is deactivated and the man can then go about his daily life feeling relieved and satisfied. But for women, it can be deeper than that, just saying.

And I really love gurls, too. I mean how couldn't I? They have the best of both worlds all wrapped up into one unique package. There is not just one type but a full spectrum of gurls. Even before I fully embraced the gurl in me, I was an admirer of the "t-gurl".

In fact my first experience with a T-gurl started me down the path that I'm on now. I wanted to be pretty and dress up like a lady and then suck and fuck like a slut. And not the like some of the out of control sluts, more like the type of:
Supreme Lady Under The Sheets S.L.U.T.S.

Or on some days like the cum sluts, Suck, Lick Until They Shoot! Mostly because I love giving blow jobs.

I don't even know why it's called "Blow Job". I've heard if you love what you do it's not a job. With that said, I propose that we start calling it a "Blow Joy!" Copyright 2020 by me, LOL. I mean think about it. Who doesn't like getting a blow job, err Blow Joy! It'd be right there in the name of it "JOY!" Isn't that the desired result? If you have to "work one out", I suppose that might be a "job", but I'm going to say, it should always be a joy to get one.

And if you're someone like me, it's certainly not a a J.O.B. to give one. It's a joy there too! (Joyous Occasion for Yourself?)

If you know anything about me, you know that over the I have taken pix of my trysts peruse later for the drought times when I am unable meet. This has come in handy during the "Pandammit", for sure! But I bring this up because I was looking through the pix of an encounter I had and I could see on my face how happy I looked. Sure, I am genuinely a happy person, but there in the pic, taken just after he orgasmed, was my smiling face with my head lying on his stomach. It was such a wonderful encounter I am sure I'll write about it at some point in detail, but it will deserve more time than I have right now.

But back to the pic. It was such a beautiful picture. Not just because it brought back all the memories of the encounter... the way he moaned softly as he creamed my lips with every involuntary pumping of his cock, the way it pulsated at the touch of my tongue making warm white gooey strings bridging from the tip of his engorged cock to my lips, the way he flopped back on the bed... I get all lost in that moment as I look at the photo of people lying there in the happy exhaustion we were feeling from the afterglow. There it was, the look of pure joy in that smile on my face. The smile of a "Blow Joy!" well done. Look at this pic. Is that a happy face, or what!
Happy When I Get Tipped
Posted:Sep 21, 2020 3:04 pm
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2020 3:11 am
I just got another tip and for some reason it makes me happy to get them. Not the satisfying I've just been fucked "full deep sigh" happy, or the I just made him cum in my mouth "satisfaction of a job well done" happy, but a more subtle kind of "pleasant appreciation" happy.

Maybe I'm some sort of "Points ".
"Degrade me with your precious points, sir, I'm on my knees in front of you, shower me with points and tell me what a dirty little point slut I am, I want to feel your creamy points all over my face." Picture them dripping off my and chin, me rubbing them onto my lips with my fingers while my tongue licks off every drop of those sweet, yummy gooey points... mmmmm... points....

OK. probably not, but perhaps I'm a frustrated stripper and I wiggle my ass to get you to "pay" for your sins. I've never been to a strip club, but I always assumed that's why the guys put the dollar bills on the girls. They can pay for their lusty sins right when then and there and start the next day with a clean slate, (visa and mc accepted). If you've seen the video I posted... there could be some truth in that, "Make it Rain points, Make It RAAIINNN!"

But no, I don't think that's it either. It takes so little effort to "like" a pic or post, a little more to comment, and even more to message me (of which the this site allows only a few responses back from me but I always answer when allowed.)

But a tip? Well, that takes some effort and is a token of generosity that says, "I appreciate your efforts!" It's not that it has any tremendous value, like I think 17 points can get you one single chat and for me to get a "gold" membership it takes tens upon tens of thousands of points, so at the rate I'm going, I should have "gold" by the time I'm 95 years old. Let's paint that picture... saggy wrinkly boobs, old saggy, see-through thin crepey skin, a face more wrinkled up than an alligator purse, and the ass?, yes, the ass that has caused so many men's masturbating dreamy fantasies rise to attention, has disappeared and is facing inward causing an equal retreat on those same intentions of "attentions"... Quite the picture, no? And if it gets you all hot and bothered thinking about that, you are one sick puppy... Give me a call! Emoji*
*(in about 50 years, you'll be my type then)

So yes, I do like the attention, and points make it somehow more worthwhile to post on here. Sure, I post to find someone to have sex with, that's the given, and I have had some pretty good relationships over the years. Yes, I've been on this site for many years, on and off, depending how things are going relationship-wise, this time now it's a bit over a year. I've met with some really nice people, chatted with a few more and exchanged emails with many more. If someone takes the effort to tip me, I feel like they should get a little extra attention. For example, I got tipped and here's part of the exchange. Pix are all me and my dialog is highlighted in blue. Some parts redacted to protect the guilty: Winky Emoji

Hi! Thanks for the Tip! While I've met with a few nice guys on here, I sometimes I wonder if it's worth all the effort to keep posting on here, or if anybody really notices and then I get a good tip, and I think "Yes!" it is. Thanks!

Glad I can be part of your fantasies! Right now fantasies are probably the best thing till this "pandammit" is over... I wouldn't be lying if I told you I've been fantasizing about what I'd like to do with that cock of yours... mmmm {=}

Redacted parts, juicy, but some personal stuff I had to take out. Trust me, it was good, Then he wrote:

Looking at your ass and hard again

when i think about you doing that, this is what happens to me

I sent a Pic of my pretty pink panties being creamed after a sex hot chat session...
More redacted here... then he wrote:

I am not sure which picture of your is the hottest. It is either the one with a puddle of cum resting on your " stamp" (wish it was mine) or, probably the one of you bent over and looking back with that look in your eyes that tells me I am in for a wild ride

Now you got me throbbing hard again

Redacted some more here about what he wanted to do to me. Let the pix tell the story...

Here's some pix of me with a guy doing just that. These were taken quite a while ago before I got my good camera, but you get the idea. He didn't stop with just the ass though
Here's some pix of me with a guy doing just that. These were taken quite a while ago before I got my good camera, but you get the idea. He didn't stop with just the ass though
Redacted pix went here
{=} yeah, and he didn't stop here either,

OMG, you are soooooo hot.

Hey, I just saw you tipped me again, {=} {=}Thanks! Must mean you really like what you're seeing...

I love what I see. Your ass is incredible

{=} Thanks! I try hard to be a good bad girl

my balls ache when I look at your ass

Maybe you should try masturbation! I heard it really helps with that... send me a "tribute shot" ...\8 that way we both can get off! {=}

I lost count of how many times i have masturbated looking at your incredible ass. Thank you

Oh, I see you tipped me again! Wow! So you like my ass? How about I drop my skirt to the floor, bend over and grab my ankles for you... Here's a pic of me doing just that for you... what will you do? Will you get on your knees and start kissing my silky-smooth sweet cheeks all over? Will you explore the softness of all those naughty places you dream about touching with your tongue? Will you ask me to spread my legs open and push my little joystick back for you lick and take into your mouth? oooouuu.... oh, I bet you would... and you're getting hard and leaking a little pre-cum just thinking about it, aren't you, baby.

He answered "yes" and more....

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Fantasy of weekend getaway
Posted:Sep 6, 2020 7:04 pm
Last Updated:Oct 28, 2020 6:11 am
I hear fantasies from guys, lol yeah, I do get that a lot. In fact I've even had a few marriage proposals, but mostly I get something like, "I'd like to get at that sexy ass!" or something along those lines but frequently less elegant... and while you can pack a lot of fun in an hour or two, (and I've been known to do that on many occasions), a whole weekend now is certainly not in the realm of possibility. But a gurl can have her own fantasies, can't she? You've got me thinking about what a weekend might be like...

In a perfect world, I prefer a quiet seaside weekend getaway where, after an afternoon of playing in the surf, I dress up for a date.
It'd start in the shower, the dreaming, the wondering about how the night might end. I let the water pour all over my body watching the water droplets bead up on my skin and slowly run together and drip off to the shower floor. I run my hands all over imagining it's your hands caressing these tiny breasts, hands sliding up my legs to my inner thighs, feeling the silky softness... oh, better stop right there before I get carried away. I have to find the right thing to wear!
I pick through a few options but end up wearing a breezy summer floral print dress just short enough to show my slightly sun kissed legs. Flirty but not too slutty. My white sandals showoff pretty pink toenails that perfectly compliment the lip gloss and fingernails, completing entire look. Then we go sauntering down the boulevards peeking into the store windows, talking and laughing, sipping a café mocha, maybe going into a dress shop, or lingerie shop where I can playfully tease by holding up different outfits, asking demurely, "Can you imagine me in this... or maybe this?"
Then later stopping in at an oceanside restaurant where we sit outside at a table with an umbrella, a soft breeze gently moves tiny wisps of my hair. The setting sun lights my face so perfectly that you comment on my pretty smile or my beautiful eyes. We pick at an appetizer while sipping on a nice merlot, chatting nonchalantly about music or the arts while secretly thinking about where the night might go... and I have quite a few ideas in mind there... and I'm guessing you have a few of your own...

My Fake Stamps
Posted:Aug 29, 2020 2:29 pm
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2020 3:04 am
I am so glad I've taken photos of some of the encounters I had over the . It has allowed relive some of my experiences. It's a really needed stay-home-get-away where I can release some pressure, so spea.. and if I close my eyes as I orgasm, I'm almost there all over again.

So, about six eight ago I was going through a phase where I wanted a stamp, yes, the tattoo just above the ass that says to every man in the world, "why, yes, I do love cock, and yours might be next!" I had even kinda forgotten about the phase, but with this pandemic giving some time look over some photos I'd taken through the , I came across a bunch. While I guess I'm kinda glad I never got the real thing, looking at the pix, I'm still on the fence about it... but let's face it, it would be almost impossible remain closeted, especially on a trip the beach. I can almost hear the waves gently caressing the sandy shore... some far away seagulls cry in the distance... the playful giggles of playing... then "Mommy! what is that picture above her Heinie? and why is there a lump in the front of her bikini?" then I hear "COME ON JUNIOR, LET'S LEAVE... NOW!" In this scene I just smile and keep walking in the warm sunshine, feeling the cool water rush over my ankles as the sand squishes through my pretty pink toenails... and maybe, just maybe, I pretend not to notice all the husbands watching that little wiggle of my ass as I pass them by, their minds wondering what's under the rest of that skimpy bikini... hey, it's my dream, I can be as hot as I want!

I don't see myself much as the slutty type, but there are times, usually when I'm not getting laid, like now, that, I feel as if I could just go all porn-star-crazy and blow guys at once with another guy fucking my ass while a couple more guys are standing in line have their turn at . You'd have have a stamp for that, right? I mean, surely if you picture it, there's a definite stamp on that one! A gurl can dream, right? Oh, I know, the fantasy is better than the reality, with the stamp and the group sex both. I've played with a few couples along the way and that seems be about the limit for anyway. Seems like after other people join you, you're going have hire a choreographer. The exception being joining an orgy at the National "Twister" Championships, you're fine there, but I'd suggest you stretch first.

So the tattoos made feel a little slutty, like a dirty little gurl, so any of that timid shyness that gets in the way of getting started into the sex is conquered at first sight of it. The guy catches one little glimpse of it and he's like, "All Right! I'm getting laid tonight!, Time to move out! (and in and out) Attention! Let's go Boys!" All of a sudden well mannered Prince Charming turns into the Beast! and I'm like, "Okay, go for it , dude!"
And let's not forget, it gives the guy something to look at as he's sliding his cock up my ass. Maybe it'll slow his brain down just enough so he doesn't shoot his load before it's completely in. What was that? oh, "gurl! been there, tsk, tsk, oh, cuddling's good too," yeah... sure, not when you're al revved up it isn't. So I say t that: "Did you cum already? Did yo forget I have a Dick???? SOMEBODY's getting FUCKED tonight!!! On your knees, bitch!!!"
But maybe it all goes really well and I get thoroughly fucked. You know to the point where he is just pumping away on my ass, his hands around my waist as his thumbs on my back frame the stamp. I put my head down into the pillow, my eyes starting to roll up in my head and I'm off to that sweet dreamy half consciousness of sexual bliss. Maybe when he's ready to cum he pulls it out, and shoots his creamy load all over the stamp thus marking his territory, declaring ownership of said , oouuu… that's hot, too. These images get tattooed on his brain, he can't help it, guys are all about the visuals. So that said, here are some of the pix. Tell me which one is your favorite. I know which one is mine!may later I'll post an album... well see... because, right now, I'm going to close my eyes and pick up one of those guys at the beach!

Great hotel sex
Posted:Aug 17, 2020 12:46 pm
Last Updated:Oct 29, 2020 8:16 am
So this guy wrote a while back and here's how it went...

The Guy:
Hi, I just can’t stop looking at ur pictures. That’s a compliment btw. Lol. You are just gorgeous! I would love to do as u ask in your profile, to host u a regular basis. Let know what kind of wine u like and anything else u like and consider it done. Would u like meet? My schedule is pretty flexible. We can meet anywhere u like so just lmk. I am for real and serious about everything I’m saying. No lies or games being played here. I hope hear back from u soon

Hi, Thanks, I get that a lot. I only put the good pix, of course, but it's still .
When the makeup, the wig, is just right and I'm wearing the right outfit and the lighting is perfect, I can get some really great shots. but for every good one I have take 10 others. So I do like take pix when we meet, at least of me, anyway, You're pretty close so that part is pretty good. I've eaten a few times at the pizza shop the corner at Main St. across from the big clock.
I need keep private and discreet, nobody knows this side of . Weekdays are the best, usually in the AM til early afternoon. Occasionally Saturday mornings, but more difficult have a large enough block of time. I've sent a couple more pix, if you've got some, send them , I can only see the thumbnail pics on the site. What are you into?
I found a couple of pix that show I'm shaved and can suck in my tummy lol... and also shows pushing the little boobs that I do have. I was trying find a "dick pic" but I'll have look later, I don't have time right now for it. I have so many pix on stick drives and don't keep them on my comp. I only have check under the panties see,... yup, it's there! Do you have dick pic? And others of you? Before I decide for sure meet, I kind of want know what I'm getting into, or more accurately was going into

[He then wrote asking some questions that I answer and gave a lot of personal stuff that I'm skipping]

Wow, you wrote half a book! And thanks for the pix. Looks pretty good . The pix we take would be like the ones I'm sending here, your face would never be shown. so, yes I like take pix. I'll hunt some pix show I'm pretty hairless, but yes, I do have shave a little, I keep a little patch front sometimes, which I can try find a pic of that. I can't grow much and most times I keep it completely shaved. I've had the laser hair removal pretty much everywhere that needed it but I was never very hairy. I only had a few sessions on my face... It really hurt so didn't complete it... so there's that. I keep with it by shaving very closely. No worries there. I won't show as some bearded guy in a wig and a dress.

As far as chest, I'm a 38Bcup and if I push them up with my arms pulled inward, i can get a little cleavage, lol. I've be and off hormones for years. It makes my weight fluctu so I end stopping for a while. I'm not supposed to, but I do it anyway. Right now I weigh 9 pounds, so at 5'6" I'm not too big a person overall. I've always been considered a bit on the thin side but not skinny, so average I guess.

I don't bareback, but it seems a lot of people on here do... I am really paranoid about all that and I only safe, so you'll have have condoms if it gets that. Even with the last guy who I had seen for years we only did safe anal. Last time let someone fuck me without a condom was over twelve years ago with a guy that I was in love with. We had been seeing each other for a few years and I trusted him so we started having sex without condoms until I found he placed an ad craigslist for other people. That kinda ended things right there for . So condoms are a must.

I'm not into bondage, and def into pain or anything too out I there. I just like what most regular girls like, well girls who like to give nice long, sensual blow jobs and then take it their ass... mmmmmm. I don't think I could top you unless you have an ass like mine. For some reason I go completely limp at the thought of me putting my cock into a big ol' hairy ass... sorry just turns me off. I guess in my head it's the femme asses that get fucked, and it's manly guys do the fucking, other gurls it goes both ways... IDK. So anal (safely) is good for me.

Yeah, I guess I'm pretty vanilla when it come to the kinky stuff, much of the fun for me is just being the girl...

I love oral and have dreams fairly often about having a nice cock to go down on. If that's you want, that's fine, I'm easy please. 69 is good too if you want to, but I don't have to be sucked at if that's something you don't want do. Either way, it's fine. I don't need that have a good time with you.

I'm not much into mouth kissing, just depends the mood I'm in. I know some guys just see my face and want kiss , but it has feel right for first for be really into it... we can see how it goes there. I do like to be massaged and caressed and cuddled (afterward). I can step and be a little aggressive if it's really needed, esp. if you're really shy at first, but I like the man be a little dominate and take charge but not be too overbearing. It can be really hot! I was with this guy and our first "date", once the hotel door was secured, he dropped his pants and I got on my knees in front of him and did what comes naturally. His cock was nice and smooth and I was really enjoyed the feeling of it going in and out of my mouth. He got so wound that he just had have right then and there. He literally picked and tossed onto the bed, pushed my skirt, stripped off my pantyhose, pulled my panties off and threw them across the room. He flipped over my stomach and fucked for a good long time... his hot breath at my ear, the sweat dripped on my neck... whispering, "You like my dick in you ass, don't you, baby." I could only let out a little "mmmhhmmm" I could do is just think about his cock going in and out of , feeling his full weight , just that feeling of giving myself entirely into the moment. Then he flipped me back over my back, threw my legs around his neck, his hands grabbing my thighs, pulling into him with every thrust... he continued to fuck while looking down at ... I just helplessly moaned as the pleasure pulsated through my whole body. His back arched as he grew larger inside and I came over my stomach in an orgasm that caught off gaurd... my rhythmic convulsing jerks were enough make him cum inside as he let out a surprising guttural utterance. I put my silky soft legs around his waist and pulled his exhausted body top of . I loved the way he let his entire body weight press into the bed... we laid there for quite a while with my legs draped over his back, just letting that relaxing calmness flow over us...

So, yeah, let's do this!

Best BJ Ever?
Posted:Aug 12, 2020 12:13 pm
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2020 3:04 am
Wow, ...(blushing) "Best BJ" you ever had? that's saying a lot! Not sure how I'll top that, but would love to try! I wasn't sure if you wanted to meet again, so I guess that's a definite "Yes". I know for sure when I left there that I wanted to do that over again. That's why I reached out so soon after when I thought we could meet again last Friday. I was a bit disappointed when you couldn't meet, but I understand. I didn't want be too forward or put you under any pressure. I just know that sometimes guys get weirded out by the fact that they enjoyed being with me so much that they have a hard time processing the feeling good part against feeling guilty part for doing something that they've been told their life is wrong... then they won't call for a while til they get things figured out. I personally don't think it should be too hard, I mean, I do the whole girl thing pretty well, so it feels right to me, lol.

Here's what I do know for sure; when my tongue first touched your cock, you made that involuntary pump action and a little precum oozed out the tip... the taste, slightly salty, let me know you wanted to have my mouth envelope you, I saw you watching me and smiled... but I teased you just a little bit more, at first with little licks and kisses with my soft, red lips and wet, warm, wanting tongue... I gave out a little moan when I just had to have my lips slide over the head... feeling the smoothness of that plump tip across my lipstick covered lips as it on moved into my mouth, my tongue caressing it all the way in as it slid on back to my throat. You wanted it and I wanted it so much... After a bit, I knew you were about to cum as my lips kept sliding down your cock... , right now, I'm getting dizzy with those feelings over again... I thought for a moment that I should keep going and have you explode in my mouth, I wanted that, but I wanted go further... almost drunk with dreamy thoughts of your hard cock inside , I stopped. Then fantasy became reality when I was straddled over your hips and slid your cock my wanting ass, the ass that you love from my pix, but here it is this very moment riding your cock, you've wanted this and put your hands no my hips help things along... I love feeling it go in and out my ass, I was smiling over, biting my lip just a little, just melting with the feel of your manliness inside me... with each little thrust of my hips... the rhythmic tiny bounces of the bed had me in a trance like state. As I looked down I could tell you were enjoying that I was in ecstasy... it felt really, really wonderful... and just when I didn't think I could feel anymore of all the girlyness that I love so much, you looked into my eyes and told how pretty I looked... a forever moment, I'm smiling now thinking about it... I am the girl...
Posted:Aug 12, 2020 11:59 am
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2020 3:04 am
Yeah, I know it a lot think about... it reminded about a time that I was looking meet with a "first-timer" straight guy who felt confused just like you do. Most of the guys that seem be interested in are married also... and trust there is an awful lot of them. I'm not saying there is anything about marriage that causes anything, guys are guys and well if there's something that looks good you, then "why not?" There is nothing wrong with you, You are not alone, so take comfort in that. And trust it's not easy being the other side, either. I was born a boy, I do have that extra something between my legs, but am very girly, so I know about confused feelings... Try not label it anything and just "be". Pix are .
letters I've written
Posted:Aug 11, 2020 5:13 am
Last Updated:Oct 24, 2020 3:04 am
Thought I'd post some things I've written to people to see if anybody reads the blogs on here. If you like it, I'll post more. let me know what you think, Hugs!

I had a few moments this morning so I thought I'd drop you a line. Thought about you the other day and was wondering how you were coming along with things. It was really nice to talk with you. I remembered that I had gotten a response from a guy awhile back in the same situation as you (and most other guys, me included) wondering why he felt this attraction the way he does. He went on about the being curious, the naughty taboo of things, the rush of the forbidden, and of course the sexual desires. And at the end he said that people seem to be attracted to either a feminine or masculine type and that it was about as about as simple as that. I thought that made a lot of sense, but I also think that the pleasure we get is just as important of a motivator. For what it's worth, I thought that might help. I don't get to "go for it" very often, but I find myself thinking about it quite often... like now for instance...

I'm sure like all of us, that guy would like to have a willing partner who would get down on their knees in front of him, slide down his pants and slowly caress and lick him... feeling that warm wet tongue as it glides down the shaft... the soft mouth taking it all in... being in that moment where nothing else in the world matters... I know that I love being in that moment. When I first saw that pic you sent, that's exactly what I wanted to do for you. Sometimes I feel a little strangely about that, surrounded by the "whys", but then I start to think less about what it means and focus more on the pleasure... Starting with some red wine and soft lights to set the mood, I begin to undress you... running my tongue over your naked body working my way down... having my lips on the soft head of your cock as you ease it into my mouth, feeling that plump smoothness...my tongue slowly swirling around the tip that makes you want to really shove it in, but I'd tease you, just a little a first, prolonging the anticipation until you're going crazy... feeling that wonderful energy-filled sexual rush you feel that makes you want to just let go... exploring every part of you... licking your soft sack, gently taking one ball then another into my mouth and then working back up your shaft to take you into my mouth again... sucking a little more deeply with each in and out movement... being in that moment where the sexual energy and desire is so high that we want to do almost everything all at once... after a while I'd turn over and let you slide you cock up my beautiful, sexy, wanting ass... I've been wanting it, I need it now... I just can't wait to feel it inside me, filled with desire, almost begging by this point. You tell me I've been a naughty gurl and that you're going to give it to me... you slowly ease into me feeling how tight it feels enveloping your cock... I'm so petite and tight, but your cock feels just right... gently, slowly at first as I feel every inch... I'm moaning a little with each gentle thrust until I tell you to grab my hips and just go for it... You can't believe the view from behind me, how sexy, how hot, such a soft, beautiful ass, the ass that you've wanted for so long in your masturbating dreamy fantasies, but now here it is it the flesh... feeling almost intoxicated with that heady, giddy, almost euphoric, boozy feeling... you notice the stockings the heels, but keep coming back to that sweet ass... watching as your cock goes in and out... getting more and more excited with each thrust until you explode with the pumping orgasm like you have never experienced before...

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