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themaddog1995 63M
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9/17/2020 8:29 pm
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10,000 heroes of 911 but one man stood alone!!!!!!!!!

He put the country on his back and said "not on my watch!!!!"

I should know, I saw it from a Bellevue, Ne. field.

By Themaddog1995 63 M
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10,000 heroes of 911 but one man stood alone!!!!!!!!!
President George W. Bush earned his money that day. Would you like to know?

I had friends at SAC (Offutt AF, in Bellevue. They wore 3 stars on their shoulders. They waited 10 years to talk. You get to hear what they saw 19 years and 6 days ago. Put your cock down, damnit.

They whispered in the President's ear. He did not flinch. They just told him about the first jet and the twin towers.

He finished the story to the and put the nation on his back and said fuck you guys. This is the USA.

They drove him to US ONE AND HE STARTED GIVING ORDERS. The secret service said, Mr. President, we may be at war. we don't know what or who is in our air. The president gave the first of many orders.

"Shoot the bastards down a,n then check id's." The SS told the president, we can't go back to DC. The nation needs to see you safe and someone is going to try to take our air force one. (hint, the plane our heroes took down in Penn.) We are going over to Barksdale where you will get the first of many briefings.

5 hours later, he is walking on the tarmac a few thousand yards from me.
The one and only mistake of the day. Someone standing next to me with a shoulder-fired heat-seeking missile could have taken him out with a push of a button. Hell, it was on local tv.

The president ran a four-hour meeting of the national defense council plus 50 other guys that flew in for the meeting

At the end of the meeting, we can't go to DC. They could hijack a jet to take us down.

Second order of the day. Put my ass in an F and get the hell back DC.

Good plan, Mr. Bush. You are the man in charge. Saved the United States of America.
Are you serious?
As a heart attack.
He should have gotten the Peace Prize,
We lost 3,000, they lost a country.
He made a promise to America and Pres Obama kept it.
Thank you Toby Keith and Alan Jackson.
All of the above, Mr. President.


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