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themaddog1995 63M
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9/12/2020 12:26 am

She said she had special plans for . We went the gay bar and watched 6 guys compete for $500. It really turned . They had sexy bodies and boners.

When it as over, she said I was going a private party for men only (read gays and bi-sexuals). She handed me a ticket.

I got upstairs and was shown the rules. Underwear, thongs, jockstraps, or leather were ok. If you did not have underwear on, they would give you a towel.

About 10 guys were walking around with the towel around their necks. Much easier to suck each other.

Walking into the big bar room took my breath away. I saw 70 guys nearly naked, drinking and watching porn on two big screens. She wanted me to have sex with theLast summer, she left me in June but asked to take me out on my birthday in July. She told me to wear my see-thru thong under my shorts.

On the drive over, she said she wanted to get fucked at least times that night from strangers. I said it was ok with me, could I watch it.

Little did I know she was way ahead of me downstairs. I sat down at a table and started talking a nice guy. We played with each other for a while and then he sucked .

She asked see the manager and said she wanted audition. He took her to his private office, told her to go into the back and get naked. When she came out, she

saw four men and four women sitting around a conference table naked. Two guys were blowing each other. They could not wait. The had my wife get on top of the

the table , lay on a blanket, and pull her legs . Immediately, two women were eating her pussy. She had a cock in her mouth and two guys were sucking her

massive 40DD's. She reached her goal in the next 30 minutes. She did not say she wanted get fucked in her mouth and butthole but she did. They showed

her the shower after fucking her for an hour and told her she passed. I went downstairs to see her standing in the middle of 5 guys with them sucking

her<b> breasts. </font></b>She was out the patio and I found a bush that kept partially hidden, I took off my thong and beat my meat. Sitting there free and naked felt so

good on a hot summer's day. She did not see me for a few minutes and by then, she had sucked off of them. She told go back upstairs, that she was not done playing.

She asked if I had gotten fucked. said no and she said make him wear rubber and now go lose your cherry. Not sure who got fucked more that night.


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