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First time squirting  

thrillcpl5 33M/30F
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10/4/2021 9:10 pm
First time squirting

A bit of a long story warning. I was extremely surprised the first time it happened by hubby loved every minute of it. I was supposed to have an awesome weekend for a high school reunion. No one really showed up so I decided to get super drunk. When I get drunk I get really horny. I was in my hometown and wanted to take hubby to my favorite bars. We drank with the few that did come to the reunion and were having a good time. Hubby is my safety reminder when drinking. He had to go get a phone charger from the car and that was my cue to take shots while he wasn't stop me. He gets annoyed when I drink too much but he likes the crazy slut I become when drunk so he puts up with it and punishes me.
He wanted to leave at and punish me. I was not done so I told him I had to use the bathroom. Instead I went to get more shots. Hubby watched me go to the bar and he gets in time take my shot so I have none and tells me its time. I felt myself start get really wet. We get the car and I start begging him me right now in the car. He says if I was a good he would but I was bad so I needed be punished. He starts driving home and I pull my dress up and start playing with myself in the front seat. He reaches over at a stoplight and fingers me saying leave some fun for him or else. I didn't want to make him mad so I stopped. I pulled my dress top down and took one of his hands and put them on my chest and said squeeze them. He pinched my nipple which I hate and said he is in last warning. I could feel myself getting wetter each time he denied me and took . He pulls out his cock and tells me suck . I dive right in and suck him all the way back where we are staying. I crawl in back and say I can't take anymore me in the car now. I start trying pull my dress off but he stops me and pins me down. He says I was not done sucking so he put his cock in my mouth and says if I make him cum in less than 2 minutes, he will me in the car. I try my best but hubby held out and right at 2 minutes he stops me. He puts his fingers in my wet pussy and tells me its time to go inside and finish me off. I could feel a gush and judging by hubby's reaction he could too.
I try to have a semi presentable as we go in. We get our room and I throw my clothes off but before I could completely get my dress off, I'm bent over the bed with hubby's hard cock teasing me. I can feel him slide the head across my swollen lips. He finishes taking off my dress and I turn over and yell now me like I deserve . I could barely finish the words when he picks me up and starts bouncing me on his cock. After what felt like forever he tosses me on the bed and I lose control and start screaming out and over at hubby has the biggest grin and says I just squirted all over him. He rolls me over and fucks me hard and I feel the rush of a second orgasm coming one and at the time I lose control again hubby lets out a grunt and shout his load in me. Hubby kisses me and says he always knew I would squirt he just needed push the right buttons.
I want to have another night like that when hubby is no longer super busy with work.

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