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So if Trump is so sure he won why are his lawyers...  

tickles4us 58M
2485 posts
12/9/2016 12:59 pm

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12/11/2016 5:51 am

So if Trump is so sure he won why are his lawyers...

and supporters fighting so hard to stop the recounts?

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misskissin 57F
85103 posts
12/10/2016 6:18 pm

It's beyond stupid and ridiculous and well, we can just hope it all is overturned and we can breathe again.

tickles4us replies on 12/10/2016 7:23 pm:
That's one outcome that would please lots of people but piss off quite a few also but at least we would have a different president.

spunkycumfun 60M/65F  
36108 posts
12/10/2016 4:08 am

Obama's investigation into alleged Russian hacking during the campaign should prove interesting!

tickles4us replies on 12/10/2016 7:20 pm:
It should and it will likely be made clear to the world what Russia is doing and the world and the Russians won't like it even though the Russians will deny it.

kzoopair 69M/67F
25742 posts
12/9/2016 9:01 pm

    Quoting livtuplz:
    Y'all are funny and stupid
Tickles is very often funny, and I doubt you have the wit to understand his humor, but he's never stupid. You have perfectly demonstrated the level of political discourse in the country now. Thank you for playing the fool.

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kzoopair 69M/67F
25742 posts
12/9/2016 9:00 pm

So many Republicans were against him when they thought he'd lose. Now that he's managed an electoral college upset, they're like pigs fighting to get to the trough.

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tickles4us replies on 12/10/2016 7:17 pm:
A very fitting description!

tickles4us 58M
7195 posts
12/9/2016 6:55 pm

    Quoting livtuplz:
    Y'all are funny and stupid
Well you're so bright the light shines through your ears and totally witless.

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redrockrascal 62M
21748 posts
12/9/2016 6:53 pm

fear. The same thing it preached it is now afraid of.

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

tickles4us replies on 12/10/2016 7:16 pm:

livtuplz 51M  
123 posts
12/9/2016 5:23 pm

Y'all are funny and stupid

sweet_VM 62F
81086 posts
12/9/2016 2:20 pm

He wants to make sure he wins! hugs V

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tickles4us replies on 12/10/2016 7:15 pm:
Or he wants to be sure no one finds out if he didn't.

mufdiver69er2 60M  
1436 posts
12/9/2016 2:10 pm

they are doing it because its sooo much fun watchin the hope lite up hillarys face just to be dashed again and again,each time she looks older and older...I believe the election was fixed..Hillary was supposed to win and Donald was playing along..but the ppl that rarely vote came out and sent a msg to politicians that they were tired enuff of politics as usual to vote in anyone who wasn't a career politician,wonder if they can hear that now?

woop woop

tickles4us replies on 12/10/2016 7:14 pm:
Yes people sent a message and it was heard but will they pay any attention?

maggeemay 52F
320 posts
12/9/2016 2:09 pm

Transparency and accountability! That's not even asking for much. Chill out, Donny. Let's just accept the fact that there is room for improvement and the bottom line is "let's count our votes correctly"

tickles4us replies on 12/10/2016 7:12 pm:
Seems like it should be done automatically to me, regardless of who the winners are.

deepu140820072 32M
45 posts
12/9/2016 2:01 pm


tickles4us replies on 12/10/2016 7:09 pm:

lindoboy100 57M
22334 posts
12/9/2016 1:27 pm

He didn't win, he stole, much the same as he has conducted his business enterprises all throughout his career. His business life is littered with the casualties of his underhand practices. He stole, common thievery, this election, plain amd simple, and that is why he was so confident beforehand about contesting the result had he lost!

You, my American friends, have been well and truly reamed, fucked and cast asunder by a giant brainless zucchini!

Sorry, but it affects us all, even the fannies..........

Pull ma finger.........

tickles4us replies on 12/10/2016 7:08 pm:
I don't expect his methods to change any just because he is the president either.

Not_here2meet 52F
3843 posts
12/9/2016 1:18 pm

Oh you know why...it has little to do with him "knowing" anything and a lot to do with that big ole ego of his. Narcissistic Buffoon that he is.

I just read an article stating that Michigan officials have admitted that the majority of counting machines in Detroit broke the day of the election. I'd think that alone could change the course of how this election would have turned out. So....

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tickles4us replies on 12/10/2016 7:03 pm:
It makes you wonder if he doesn't want something discovered.

tickles4us 58M
7195 posts
12/9/2016 1:00 pm

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