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Which do you believe?  

tickles4us 58M
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5/12/2017 6:46 pm

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5/31/2017 3:00 pm

Which do you believe?

There seems to be two different accounts of what happened at the dinner meeting between Trump and Comey.

The following details are from a New York Times story though not all of it is here so you may want to read it in whole yourself and the NBC interview. But you should really watch NBC's Lester Holt interview with Trump

Mr. Comey's version says he was invited to dinner a one on one dinner with the President at the white house. During dinner they made small talk about the election and crowd sizes. (I wonder if Trump was looking for agreement about his inauguration crowd). Then Trump asked whether Comey would pledge his loyalty to him, apparently more then once as Comey didn't pledge the implied blind loyalty. After failing to get Comey to pledge his blind loyalty and Comey having replied to the second attempt that he would get his honesty, Trump tried a third attempt. So later in the dinner Trump said to Comey that he needed his loyalty. Comey again said he would give him honesty but did not pledge his loyalty. Trump asked asked would it be "honest loyalty." Mr. Comey said he would have that.

The story as told by the Trump side is somewhat different.

According to Trump Mr. Comey requested the dinner to ask to keep his job. At the dinner Mr. Trump asked the F.B.I. director if he was under investigation. In Mr. Trump’s telling, Mr. Comey reassured him that he was not.

Trump has been saying that the question of loyalty never came up during the dinner.

I can't wait to see SNL.

So the truth according to Trump is that he was going to fire Comey before the supposed recommendation of the Deputy Attorney General.

According to the wise and all knowledgeable Trump, the Electoral College is almost impossible for a Republican to win.... You have to wonder were this idiot gets his "Facts" maybe from that alternate universe. The presidential election has been decided by the electoral college when the popular vote was for the other candidate five times in the history of this country. Four of those times the decision went to the Republican candidate. The only time it didn't was when it went to John Quincy Adams in 1824 a member of the Federalist party, which was before the Republican party came into existence in 1854.

Trump of course claims that Comey has told him "three times" that he is not under investigation. Others have told trump that he is not under investigation also.

Oh and when you are under investigation you get all sorts of documents and everything...

Who's a "Showboat" a "Grand stander"....?

Trump talks during the interview as though the position of director of the FBI is one that he gets to decide when he comes into the office of the presidency totally disregarding the ten year appointment term.

Trump goes from saying the investigation should have been over a long time ago because there is nothing there to he was thinking of lengthening the investigation and all points in between. Smells like lies to me.

Flynn was fired by the Obama administration way back in April of 2014. Obama did it the way most leaders in politics do and asked him to resign. He didn't send it to the news media before he had told Flynn.

A certified letter means nothing in the context Trump talks about it other than it could be used against him depending on what it says.

By the way who is this "everybody" that Trump keeps saying knows this or says that etc. I suspect it may be a turd in his pocket.

Trump the twit tweeted...

Donald J. Trump ✔ realDonaldTrump
James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!
8:26 AM - 12 May 2017

Somehow I'm sure that it is the president that is glad there are no tapes of their conversation and to make such a threat is clearly smoke and mirrors to fool his followers.

Do you believe what Sarah Huckabee Sanders said... "you can take full confidence in the words of the president"...?

One thing is certain all authoritarian dickheads want loyalty from their subjects and especially from those close to them.
I believe Comey's version.
I believe Trump's version.

Vive La Difference

wickedeasy 70F  
32437 posts
5/14/2017 12:48 pm

oops - I believe Comey poor out of work bastard

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

tickles4us replies on 5/14/2017 10:35 pm:

wickedeasy 70F  
32437 posts
5/14/2017 12:47 pm

whether one supports Comey or not, the FBI needs to be separate from the oval and no president should ask for loyalty.....it's conduct unbecoming.

I truly cannot believe that after all the farce of the first 100 days, cheetah head is still standing. it absolutely blows my mind.

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

tickles4us replies on 5/14/2017 10:34 pm:
I agree with you. Of course "cheetah head" claims to have never asked for loyalty but thinks that it isn't a bad thing to ask for etc. etc., by next week he will be saying he did ask for loyalty and that Comey pledged his loyalty then did something to break his oath of loyalty etc. It's a never ending story of changing bullshit versions of half truths.

I find it a disgusting display of Republican greed that Trump is still in office. ~^~

spunkycumfun 60M/65F
36127 posts
5/14/2017 10:40 am

I believe Comey's version only by default because I can't believe anything Trump says.
Regardless whether Comey was fit or not fit to run the FBI, his very public dismissal was a farce and Trump's subseqwent tweeted threat is very worrying!

tickles4us replies on 5/14/2017 10:26 pm:
I agree. Trump is such an ass. I haven't heard about any problems with the way the FBI has been running other than from Trump and his lackeys that are under investigation.

hardbentrichard 62M
108 posts
5/13/2017 11:03 pm

they are all liars and crooks - republican/democrat - makes no difference...thats why i won't vote for either and don't give a shit what the rest of you folks do. Im tired of both sides running around saying how bad the other is and how this is messed up...its a wonder that people still want to come to this messed up place...

tickles4us replies on 5/14/2017 8:25 am:
Things definitely need some changes as in getting the crooked politicians and lobbyist out of Washington.

allrati 49F
108 posts
5/13/2017 2:50 pm

So glad to see here more smart than stupid

tickles4us replies on 5/13/2017 5:32 pm:
It is refreshing. Maybe some of the true believers have begun to see the light.

classicalrebel4 64M  
1450 posts
5/13/2017 8:44 am


Please don't let me be misunderstood.

tickles4us replies on 5/13/2017 9:19 am:
Now that's a good one.

sweet_VM 62F
80950 posts
5/13/2017 8:34 am

I don't believe anything tickles.. Just makes me wonder what is happening there hugs V

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tickles4us replies on 5/13/2017 9:17 am:
It gets stranger and stranger.

goodatpoetry2 70M
16574 posts
5/13/2017 2:17 am

Something's got to happen. . We can't go on productively with this guy in office. . He spends half his time doing illegal and immoral things and the other half trying to figure out how he can get away with it. . What we need is a full time President.

tickles4us replies on 5/13/2017 7:52 am:
I agree with you. He is such a buffoon. Even the Republican party has got to get respectable and say enough is enough.

Furbal1972 48M
18592 posts
5/12/2017 10:31 pm

It would appear that Trump's handlers have dropped the ball yet again. .. We learn so much when he goes off the rails.

His thin skin and paranoid ego will be his undoing.

Ya know?
I really doubt that Trump himself conspired with the Russians concerning the election. That would be just grade A stupid. .. But the Russians were undoubtedly involved. .. And just to really complicate things they probably do have plenty of dirt on those in Trump's administration. ... The president is in over is head. He wants to spin everything to his advantage, so he won't admit that he is spiraling our of control. He is not in good company, so he will never be led in the best direction.

Read my diary Journal of a Taxi Driver for taxi stories and pictures of flowers and trees.

tickles4us replies on 5/12/2017 11:12 pm:
Leading Trump would be like trying to lead an elephant in a waltz.

I think he was in on it just look at the things he said during the campaign. It seems a little too coincidental and he sure is squirming an awful lot.

Oldmanaz2 61M  
312 posts
5/12/2017 7:28 pm

And there's the semantics.

Trump supposed asked " Am I under investigation " - implied directly. But the big ongoing investigation is " Russian tampering " - which may or may not lead directly back to Trump. As far as I am concerned Comey answered honestly as Trump himself isn't directly under investigation.

tickles4us replies on 5/12/2017 8:36 pm:
I was thinking that myself but I kind of doubt Trump even asked Comey that question. But none of the law enforcement organizations are required to answer that question in any way anyhow.

benard69 63M/63F  
5144 posts
5/12/2017 7:13 pm

I Don't believe any Son of a Bitch in Washington!

tickles4us replies on 5/12/2017 7:29 pm:
That's probably a good position to take.

tickles4us 58M
7196 posts
5/12/2017 7:06 pm

Another note on Flynn and Trumps repeated claim that the Obama administration gave him a high clearance etc. etc. Flynn's questionable activities occurred after he was fired by the Obama administration. So Trumps claim is just more smoke and mirrors again.

Vive La Difference

tickles4us 58M
7196 posts
5/12/2017 6:48 pm

Vive La Difference

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