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Location shifting...
Posted:Feb 4, 2020 3:56 am
Last Updated:Sep 27, 2020 5:57 am
So some people might notice that I switch my profiles location every two or so months. The is thing is me and my husband like to take trips. We drive 1-4 hours out of town, get a hotel room and see what a place has to do for a weekend. We don't always get to the same city that I post as my location but we tend to get within 30 minutes of it. While we are not going on these trips to meet with people as our goal. The possibility does exist (it is extremely low chance). So in our thoughts four to six weeks give or take before I go somewhere, I like to shift my profile so I can see the people around the area. And I figure for 6 weeks is an adequate amount of time for a person who actually has interest to possibly gain or earn my interest enough to get a meet and greet with me. It hasn't really happened but once. But I'm still hopeful to find people worth talking to and worthy of meeting.

Instant messager Challenge
Posted:Jan 30, 2020 6:57 pm
Last Updated:Feb 8, 2020 3:46 am
So I started a few weeks ago the IM box open on computer nearly 24 hours a day. It's been rather enlightening and helpful in seeing if people are worth talking at all. I don't clear the boxes after I review what was sent. I tend keep them open as kind of a reference, how often somebody tries to communicate with me and if they always use the boy tactic. It is a decent reference on how interested a person might be or providing a sample of how willing they might be keep in touch, with how often. ( The only chance any person has is peak interest)
I also use it see starts off just rude as can be. I have posted in other blogs complete lists of the comments I receive with age/gender of sent it. Those very rude or cocky attitudes & the ones sending pictures of their cock as a greeting; get added block list immediately. It saves me the hassle of personally dealing with rude and insulting males who will instinctively try to hurt my feelings. I don't like it when I'm honest and assertive about my desires and a boy lashes out with insults because he doesn't like the answers. So just know that most of the time and you're sending a message IM I'm not there and wont see it for hours some times. Also people should know that attitude gets you ban by me. What you think is cute or charming I think as annoying.
So what do you think, can you send a message that stirs thoughts or will you wind up forgot or worse blocked?

Well thanks for visiting hope you enjoy your day.
As always comments if you have something say and come again.

Hotel weekend jan 26
Posted:Jan 26, 2020 6:12 pm
Last Updated:Sep 27, 2020 5:57 am
Well I did weekend getaway it was enjoyable played some, me and husband we did our joy we had our fun we took some pictures played with a few of our toys we received from the mystery pleasure box. Enjoyed some outfits i received from the our surprise honey lingerie boxes. Overall it was enjoyable did some shopping ate at some restaurants it was peaceful and relaxing. We did our fun game where we left boxes and packaging of toys and lingerie around the room. you know so the maids have something to talk about which will be carried on through most the staff. It's just a joy we have imagining the tales they have from seeing all the packaging for my exciting entertaining weekend. the hotel was nice the bed was soft the trip was relaxing and pleasurable.

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yep no fuXking boys accepted
Posted:Jan 23, 2020 3:13 am
Last Updated:Sep 27, 2020 5:58 am
this just emailed me something crude and i ignored it and moved on then 20 seconds later this happens in the IM here. seriously it's this shit that i don't deal with males any more

54M • Pittsburgh, PA

him Let fuck
5:58 AM

what about my emails auto reply made you think i want to be talk to in this fashion
6:01 AM

your mother must be so proud of you
6:01 AM

but no i think i'll you to the block list
6:01 AM

him Why you dontblike sex and sex site
6:03 AM

him Love bend you over eatbyoubpussy touge fingervwetbjuicy
6:04 AM

6:04 AM

go away
6:04 AM

him Bitch slut
6:04 AM

Suck my largevcock
6:05 AM

him because i don't want to be greeted with lets fuck
6:05 AM

him Sorry what Do want
6:05 AM

sorry your mother didn't teach you have to treat women with even a gram of respect
6:05 AM

him See doesn't know
6:06 AM

i want you to go away
6:06 AM

him Bend you over my knee spank you
6:06 AM

no fixing calling me a bitch slut for not being interested
6:06 AM

go away
6:07 AM

him Sexybtrap
Now 6:07 AM

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Blocked List
Posted:Jan 16, 2020 3:48 am
Last Updated:Feb 8, 2020 3:47 am
For a long time I added the worst of the people on blocked list but over the last 6 months I realized. Most people should be blocked. Whether it's sending dick pictures, being insulting, rude, or vulgar, even becoming obsessive. Currently you are more likely be added blocked list than avoid it. Which why I have hundreds of people on it. That's just reality so many boys think they are owed something or act as if they are entitled more. You are not, truth is guys sign up every day by the basket full. So why should I put up with any bullshit or hassle at all. I am not even looking add lovers currently. You fuckers ruined that desire with being full of shit (or boys).

are some tips avoid being blocked, I doubt it will help but it might. Either way it's good advice.

+Don't pictures of your cock
+If told no, maybe even sharply or bluntly ( like when a 55 your old man sends a about "I will lick that kitty". I respond no interest or unlikely) don't be an insulting dick calling names.
+Don't message me vulgar descriptions on how you want treat body. ever
+Behavior more like a decent human
+Treat the people as if you where talking them in public (not flashing your cock I would hope)
+Read the fucking profiles people write. (I don't want answer questions I already wrote answers )
+If you don't like attitude then just shut up. (it's not hard stop sending comments, then either never try to with again or try another day with tactic.)
+Have something say not about . (That's it keep of our first few conversations. You know as if we were talking in public .)
+Behave in a manner that might get you laid. (Again not flashing your cock, using insults, describe the violation of the others body or be less horny fuck boy)
+Remember I don't need you. (Take that as there are hundreds even thousands of other horny boys replace you, I'm not seeking males, or I'm married and I enjoy husband and our life)
+Don't try be cute ( humor is not funny ladies)
+ Don't be a sissy. (don't whine and complain about I was rude or hurt your feelings you fucking sissy bitches. I'm an assertive honest straight forward and blunt lady. fucking deal with it or shut the fuck up.)
+don't be clingy (from time time some builds a fantasy relationship off sending in emails. don't, a is simply acknowledging you attempted communicate with . nothing more)
+ Don't offer . ( it shouldn't need said but so many do. fucking don't.)
+plus much more.

I know it seem like a lot of rules and guild lines. It should be. it your fucks are trying get naked with you. So fucking learn, read, and grow or get bent. I can care less
Let's just be honest the best way avoid blocked list is not try and with at all. other wise you'll miss all blog updates

Well thanks for reading and enjoy life, till next time

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if you change your mind
Posted:Jan 5, 2020 6:09 am
Last Updated:Aug 29, 2020 5:31 am
You know I promised information about . I've never really given much because I always get distracted with how stupid and annoying most of the people here are. I end up spending more time noting your stupidity than pointing out some other things. Here's the thing I'm not pursuing anyone, i'm just not, I'm here find some friends and have a good time. I hope find a girl interact with talking, chat who knows where it might lead, but I'm not pursuing anything.
So when I get contacted by you, telling if "you change your mind or decided i want meet, i should reach out," That's not going happen, I'm not going message you as i do not see how i can change my mind when a person doesn't try interact with . So many people "mainly males" send messages asking if im interested. that is it "hi, are you interested?

which i always reply no, or how could i be, or takes more than hi for me get interest. so they immediately retreat saying "sorry for bothering or if i change my mind let them know." it's absurd seriously.

If I change my mind? that's shit's not happening especially with any fucking person having a penis I don't need a new penis I'm already married, penises are for extra entertainment which means if you want it fucking earn it I could give a shit less. many of you are fake bullshit, claiming of how much "you want or would please in any way." fucking lies since what pleases is decent conversation a task difficult for most people here.

well thanks for reading and please come bye again

More reasons
Posted:Dec 14, 2019 8:44 am
Last Updated:Dec 28, 2019 11:14 am
I have reasons i no longer want deal with males. they are numerous. everyday i deal with rude selfish boys. i have guys resorting insults because i don't care what they say. i have guys trying bully around , as if being forceful and pushy is the attitude i want deal with. It is your own arrogant pushy self-entitled attitudes that has ruined any hope that i want deal with you. Don't under stand?
well here is another hours worth of greeting messages i received when i left it open yesterday until this morning, while are large number of them are simple hi's most are from people i want nothing do with based on age.

31M • Hilliard, OH
Good morning beautiful
Now 7:24 AM

47M • Canton, MI
Your kitty looks not too tired for
6:43 AM

40M • Angola, IN
Love your pics
6:47 AM

51M • Columbus, OH
I’m single and I’d love have a woman hang out with and be with for friendship, but also someone I can focus on giving pleasure . I’m extremely giving and passionate.
7:03 AM

49M • Granger, IN
6:47 AM

48M • Lima, OH
Nice body
7:41 AM

33/33C • Spring, TX
Are you interested in big dick?
:47 AM
Hi are you interested in big dick?
7:57 AM

36M • Dayton, OH
Hi there...care to chat?
8:08 AM

32M • Englewood, OH
How’s your morning
9:00 AM

54M • Chicago, IL
You in the mood to watch some cock stroking?
9:20 AM

35M • Columbus, OH
1:43 AM
How are you doing
1:43 AM
Hi how are you doing
4: AM
U there
4:18 AM
U there
9:52 AM

50M • Fort Wayne, IN
Hello You online?
2:42 AM

36F • Toledo, OH
still too shy to chat Miss?
Now 6:48 AM

47/95C • Winchester, IN
4:54 AM
Damn your sexy
Now 5:01 AM

32M • Lima, OH
Wish u were interested in guys
Now 4:45 AM

27M • Kokomo, IN
2:08 AM
Now 4:37 AM

34M • Beverly Hills, CA
Omgg. Hi... Pic is too hott. Seems to be doing stuff..
Now 3:35 AM

19M • Findlay, OH
hi how are you tonight?
Now 2:55 AM

21M • Damascus, OH
You into younger guys?
Now 2:48 AM

31/29C • Columbus, OH
Good Evening! How are you?
Now 1:54 AM

25M • Trenton, MI
Hey gorgeous how are you
Now 1:46 AM

32T • ., OH
Now 1:18 AM

38/36C • Van Wert, OH
Now 1:16 AM

53M • Montpelier, OH
Now :26 AM

31M • Middletown, OH
Hey what’s up gorgeous
Now :17 AM

50M • Napoleon, OH
:59 PM

36M • Grover Hill, OH
( a picture he was actually dressed in it) :55 PM
Hey there how are you
:55 PM
I'm close delphos
Now :55 PM

39M • Coldwater, MI
This is boring
Now :25 PM

21M • Macomb, MI
Hey there, how's it going?
Now :22 PM

41M • Taipei, Taiwan
:40 PM
Now :21 PM

50M • Fort Wayne, IN
Now :20 PM

40M • Lima, OH
41920463?? justin (look another phone number no words)
Now :02 PM

42M • garrett, IN
i want u
Now :00 PM (really? your point being what?)

45M • Marion, OH
Now :30 PM

54M • lima, OH
Now :54 PM

47M • Marysville, OH
Now 9:55 PM

33M • Ashville, OH
Now 9:45 PM

24M • Toledo, OH
Now 8:55 PM

41F • Lima, OH
Hey chic. How is ur Friday night going for u
Now 8:37 PM

38M • Columbus, OH
Now 8:32 PM

38M • Van Wert, OH
Hi sexy. How are you tonight?
7:51 PM
That anniversary gift looks fun as hell😉😉
Now 7:52 PM (these comments, it's a yoga swing says so in the description of the picture)

39/46C • Perrysburg, OH
Hello any interest in couple?
Now 7:07 PM

44M • Findlay, OH
Hey sexy. How are you doing?
Now 6:40 PM

Even with the acceptance all but of these people ignoring the idea i don't want males. that still leaves over a half these boys ignoring my age requirements as many are over 50 or under 30. then you have the hand full of couples who obviously didn't read my profile as it says no couples more than once. if people would read and take the words in a profile in consideration i might find this place less irritating and wouldn't be growing my blocked list my leaps and bounds while located here in Ohio.
it's disappointing
Posted:Dec 10, 2019 5:57 pm
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2020 4:02 pm
so i switched my location to Ohio to a city i will be visiting here in the next few weeks and hanging out for a couple days. My profile has been in the area since like 1-2 on monday and have received several emails. but what i did was turn on the im and open it up then i walked away and here are the responses i returned to. i would wonder how many of these people do you think i added to my blocked list. how many do you think i want to actually respond too. how many do you find rude.

It's a number of the comments and types of comments i receive that i'm fucking over you boys, i didn't respond to any of these people only a few might have been worth replying but i doubt it it just would of put more on my banned list

Male 1
5:49 PM
killer ass
5:55 PM
5:57 PM
Now 6:08 PM
Male 2
just wanted to say very nice profile and pictures, good luck to you in finding what you are looking for
5:35 PM
by the way, i am bi 5:42 PM
Male 3 46M • Westerville, OH
Hi 6:05 PM
Male 4 51M • Parkersburg, WV
Hi 7:19 PM
Male 5 36M • Dayton, OH
Hey what’s going on?
5:09 PM
I’d love to lick that ass
Male 6 19M • Middletown, OH
Hi how’s your day going name is Garrett you seem near want to talk?
Now 7:16 PM
Male 7 46M • Athens, GA
Are you feeling naughty
Now 8:01 PM
Male 8 32M • Columbus, OH
Hey there
6:30 PM
Let me make you squirt
Now 6:55 PM
Male 9 44M • Livonia, MI
Now 5:06 PM
Male 10 40M • Westerville, OH
Now 5:10 PM
Male11 36M • Ashland, OH
Hello, my name is John. I'm the kind of guy with two sides. First a gentleman that knows you're a lady before all else. Then there's my other devil side. That tbh can be a bit of a wild beast at times. I realize that i can be too much of a kinky/pervy animal at times, but I'm pretty good at keeping it tamed/caged up. You're welcome to hold onto the key. If you ever decide to meet that side, and you're brave enough to release him from his cage that is. Feel free to open that cage whenever you desire, and enjoy one of the best nights of your life. Growl. Roar. Grrr . Lol 7:31 PM copy pasted messages are stupid and i despise them
Male 12 37M • Allen Park, MI
heard that you have been naughty this year
Now 6:34 PM
Male 13 39M • Lima, OH
Wow you're extremely sexy. Sucks only looking for women
Now 8:01 PM
Male 14 52M • Celina, OH
Male15 38M • Chicago, IL
How are you
Now 7:03 PM
Male 16 31M • Hilliard, OH
Now 5:03 PM
Male 17 44M • Findlay, OH
How's it going tonight?
Now 7:19 PM
Male 18 52M • Lima, OH
Great pics. U have a fabulous ass
5:07 PM
Great pics u have a fabulous ass
Now 5:09 PM
Male 19 51M • Vancouver, WA
Does he know?
Now 5:18 PM

47M • Montpelier, OH
Will you do things for $
5:29 PM
Would pay to eat that ass
8:28 PM
8:33 PM
he is not the only person attempting to offer me money today. the another did it in an email i'll list it below
LimaOhio1 LimaOhio1 54M
Need some Christmas money while you’re in town? I am in town and could use some company for an hour.
12/10/2019 1:31 pm don't offer women money you pieces of shit
The naughty game
Posted:Nov 29, 2019 12:39 pm
Last Updated:Feb 8, 2020 3:55 pm
So and husband have talked more than once with the idea playing a naughty game when we go of town. What's the game? A few hours or so before we arrive at the hotel depending if we're going to be there longer than a day post a new status listing what hotel we're at, what floor we're on but not point the room ,give a meeting time and see who shows up. See what people will risk knocking on a few wrong doors meet with me. I wonder if it would have any effect or if there would be an outcome might be enjoyable.

What do you think? Would you come if I was in the area how far would you drive.

A few fun out fits
Posted:Nov 25, 2019 6:24 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2020 5:34 am
This weekend part of our excitement was showing off a few new out fits my husband had not yet seen. I believe he was happy

Had a nice weekend
Posted:Nov 24, 2019 6:12 pm
Last Updated:Dec 29, 2020 3:56 pm
Went for a pleasant trip this weekend to Fort Wayne IN just for us. Me and my husband enjoy a nice time away from home staying at the hotel doing a little shopping. eating at places not available in our town. I will try to issue more post on things about the trip but for now I just want to say Fort Wayne has the nicest used book stores I have been to in years. If you ever find your self in Fort Wayne IN. Take the time to check out Hyde brothers used books it's worth a look. They also have a cool nature preserve if you enjoy the earth as we do.

So many requests
Posted:Nov 6, 2019 3:58 pm
Last Updated:Dec 9, 2019 7:50 pm
I have126 friend requests. While I have not cleared them all away in the last week that still seems a crazy acquire in (maybe a month) which is stupid. I don't accept friend requests any more. No one I ever accepted on friends list keeps in touch. So fuck them.
I bet if I was to accept the entire list and gave all of the people 7 days to use some form of message to stay on the list. I would delete all of them.

I'm not here to collect fake lists of friends. I seek true human contact . I seek true human contact with people that can prove they desire one of two relationship types with me . where the first is conversations happens and pleasant interactions and a second relationship of personal contact . People don't seem understand it takes the first reach the second.

What ever I guess

Thanks for reading enjoy your day
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Words are fake
Posted:Nov 5, 2019 5:24 pm
Last Updated:Nov 30, 2019 11:44 am
Alot of you people claim all this total bullshit. Telling about wanting to get to know or see if we "click" become my friend, any of things I get told often . The reality is however you people are bullshit. 95% of you stop messaging in aday or two. A larger of you go silent in minute of making your total BS statement. It's fine truly, I have no interest in people who will flake or aren't serious about being friends and earning my interest. I do mean earning it. This belongs to a real life, active , in shape, sexual female who is serious and honest about what is desired and expected. It's not my place to worry about those who don't have the drive to earn the rewards. This place has a great of potential candidates. I need not stress about all those who can't reach my expectations..

thank you for coming to read enjoy your


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