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The Cure for My Broken Heart.....  

tittyplaydoll 47F  
424 posts
2/5/2018 5:54 pm
The Cure for My Broken Heart.....

I recently caught feeling for an amazing man and it didn’t work out. I’m pretty sure that the best way to get over it is to get back on here and have my breasts worshiped by many, many men! My nipples are in need of sucking. Please apply within!

thick_heavy_load 50M  
4 posts
2/5/2018 8:26 pm

I think you are absolutely CORRECT!
You have been missed!

tittyplaydoll replies on 2/6/2018 12:56 pm:
And look who is first in line to enjoy my tits!

whiteinasia 45M

2/5/2018 9:30 pm

they cure all broken hearts mmmmm

tittyplaydoll replies on 2/6/2018 4:59 pm:
I’m pretty sure that sucking on my nipples will cure LOT of problems for men!

Cum_Happy 107M
2757 posts
2/5/2018 11:55 pm

Those things are YUGE! In order to titty fuck you I'd have to use my head!
But let me ask you, if you don't mind my being kinky . . .Have you ever had anyone lick their own cum from those beauties? Mmmm, bet that would be a lot a fun!

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tittyplaydoll replies on 2/6/2018 5:00 pm:
Why yes, I have had men clean their cum off of my tits!

MyBaffies 51M
4426 posts
2/6/2018 1:42 am

*Fills out application form...*


My Blog: MyBaffies

tittyplaydoll replies on 2/7/2018 12:51 pm:
So many volunteers!

RobK2006 53M
5590 posts
2/6/2018 6:21 am

SO glad you are back! You really turn me on. But I'm sorry things didn't work out for you with that guy.
I'm looking forward to your posts. It gets me hard when you show off your tits. I especially love hearing how you like to show them off in public by wearing clothes that will show your tits/nipples as much as possible. Like, seeing you in a very sheer bra under a thin t-shirt would drive guys wild. Every guy who saw you would get instantly horny as hell.

tittyplaydoll replies on 2/7/2018 12:54 pm:
I LOVE to make men horny as hell with my tits!

oldbstrd55 63M
3102 posts
2/6/2018 6:32 am

Nice to see those tits again.

tittyplaydoll replies on 2/7/2018 12:55 pm:
And so nice to have them seen!

WellSeasoned2 70M  
393 posts
2/6/2018 12:22 pm

what lovely nipples

tittyplaydoll replies on 2/7/2018 12:56 pm:
My nipples BEG to be sucked!

_Uredy4this12 56M
16 posts
2/6/2018 6:02 pm

Oh yes def hands on..

tittyplaydoll replies on 2/7/2018 4:33 pm:
JUST hands?

69ereatwetpussy 58M
3941 posts
2/6/2018 6:06 pm

have to say you came back to the right place for attention that you are needing.. for i'ld love to nibble on your nipples to bite them till you say when. lick suck them till you push me down to your sweet spot and do the same .

tittyplaydoll replies on 2/9/2018 5:07 pm:
I absolutely love the titty attention!

looking44u3 53M  
44 posts
2/6/2018 6:26 pm

WOW, those breasts need sucking. So hot and suckable, I could have those in my mouth all night

tittyplaydoll replies on 2/9/2018 5:06 pm:
And I love sharing these tits with men!

resant78 41M  
2814 posts
2/6/2018 6:37 pm

It's been a while since I've seen those gorgeous breasts!!! welcome back!! it's been too long! Love your boobs.

tittyplaydoll replies on 2/9/2018 5:05 pm:
Thank you foe enjoying my breasts so much! They love the attention! *Y*

redrockrascal 62M
21755 posts
2/6/2018 7:34 pm

One of the greatest pairs here

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

tittyplaydoll replies on 2/9/2018 5:00 pm:
Thank you! *Y*

CleavageFan4U 63M  
63194 posts
2/6/2018 8:02 pm

Sorry for your disappointment, but SURELY a plus for us. ...\8

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tittyplaydoll replies on 2/9/2018 5:00 pm:
More fun to have EVERYONE enjoy me as opposed to keeping me all for just that fucking guy!

felbash 45M  
236 posts
2/7/2018 5:46 pm


tittyplaydoll replies on 2/9/2018 4:58 pm:
Thank you! {=}

28shyblueyes 58M
131 posts
2/7/2018 6:49 pm

Wish you was closer

tittyplaydoll replies on 2/9/2018 4:58 pm:
You are missing out!

QSR6 71M
71 posts
2/7/2018 10:19 pm

Sorry to hear about the breakup. Welcome back. You have been missed.

tittyplaydoll replies on 2/9/2018 4:57 pm:
Thank you! I’m sure that you can imagine what fun this guy is missing since he failed to keep me as his own!

Needfwbsmarried 55M  
15 posts
2/9/2018 7:51 pm

You are an amazing women. Most amazing nipples will dream of them all night.

tittyplaydoll replies on 2/10/2018 6:16 am:
My nipples were designed for men to enjoy! I’m pleased that you like!j

8inchcock4funLFK 27M
16 posts
2/11/2018 1:36 pm

Won't be hard to find worship for those! You're gonna need to hire someone to go through all these applications

tittyplaydoll replies on 2/11/2018 2:56 pm:
I know, right? It actually isn't that hard because they do have to be local!

Leegs2012 47M
56759 posts
2/13/2018 4:45 pm

Sorry things didn't work out for you!! But I am glad that you are back!!

tittyplaydoll replies on 2/14/2018 5:34 pm:
Maybe I should think of it as I'm working for a greater good of humanity by not keeping myself under wraps just for him!

lgryder 60M  
695 posts
2/17/2018 3:04 pm

Good to see you again!


2/24/2018 8:46 am

Understand how you feel sweetie

69ereatwetpussy 58M
3941 posts
2/24/2018 5:22 pm

you surely have ben blessed with perfect nipples your smile along with your pretty eyes are make me weak in the knees

luvtorubu1000 50M
29 posts
2/25/2018 6:27 pm

So incredibly sexy!!!!

youandme4fun6 45M

3/4/2018 4:45 pm

tits are definitely made for fun!

bobcatztgmcom 67M
3 posts
3/6/2018 4:36 pm

if u wre closer id fuck u as long as u wanted

dazzler683 52M
36 posts
3/8/2018 5:32 am

hi I truly think you are a stunner and I'm a tit man and they are stunning too I would love to slide my hard fat dripping cock between them don't think id last hours though with the girls wrapped round the old fella lol

EverReady4X 64M  
18 posts
3/9/2018 7:31 am

Love the nipple rings dear!

delhinyc17 44M
21 posts
3/10/2018 10:33 am

thanku for making my day

citizen4722 62M  
68528 posts
3/12/2018 1:07 pm

I'm sure I've worshipped you before as I never forget a ....face
Good to see you back

panama0192 38M  
34 posts
3/14/2018 3:05 pm

Damn damn damn

BlondeDoc 31M
10 posts
3/14/2018 8:53 pm


6inchjoey 51M
1202 posts
11/21/2019 6:24 pm

Sorry to hear about the heart break, and I love your blog and your a perfect woman for any guy, but some don't know how to give his heart and keep the best girl around and love her and never lose her, so keep on the sunny side and thanks for turning me on to you mm mm xo

hapygoluckyguy01 32M
105 posts
1/20/2020 12:41 pm

I would love to help you out! I would love to be able to stare into those beautiful eyes as I sucked and worshiped those big luscious tits! Would make for an amazing time!

9Mykl69 51M
139 posts
2/15/2020 2:19 am

Still taking applicants?

Mykl Scot

00thatguy0 60M
3 posts
8/21/2020 11:34 am

I would so love to ravish those breasts for an hour sometime.
Teasing and fingering you the entire time....Making your orgasm over and over..

Freddyj_65 45M
21 posts
9/1/2020 6:45 pm


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