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Prelude to Whatever from "That Saturday Night ... Fever" part 6.  

tomboytgirl68 53T  
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4/22/2021 9:18 pm
Prelude to Whatever from "That Saturday Night ... Fever" part 6.

So now, intending on a rather boring trip back home cause of the hour and long day, but originally very grateful for the ride ... I was laying down alone in the backseat of a limo, I was naked, having traded all my clothes for a pillow and now somewhere between B & R's house and home, in a sort of forested rural area without many<b> houses </font></b>and men, two men, two black men, two very black men and each much bigger than I ... and both were right in the front seat and the more educated one, the owner of the limo, after advising me they were looking for a dark, lonely, and very private, little country road turn off onto so they could stop ... and while the other man, his driver, fucked me ... because he wanted me and the educated man promised me to him ... would be filming, recording all the fun, I presume to enjoy it all, or ME, when he was alone, later, and over and over again. And then we would be off again to my house. And ... not even a blanket for me now that I was made ready for my very physical but only mental "deflowering" ... as it was to be the first time with one and first time to "star" in the other's personal collection of "women, etc." cooperating for his or their entertainment, pleasure, and satisfaction.

It would seem that everything might have been handled a little differently and everyone could anticipate the event/experience but strictly, at that moment, I was left to read too much between the lines without much consideration at all. From my perspective, I remember, vividly recall, that during that time, those moments, the situation, that position that I had placed myself into perhaps, did not seem very sexy, nor very sensual or even at all comfortable. Was this going to be one of those instances one hears or reads about as, "... in retrospect, just how dumb was she, was I?!?" At the least, during the beginning it was not scary, but it was so very awkward, so embarrassing ... it sorta felt like there I was, outside and looking in the window knowing there were plans for me in there but I could not get inside ... nor run away either. But, there I was, lying on the backseat, nude, my right forearm crossing over my breasts and my left hand "down there", covering my "stick pussy", protecting "Minnie Mouse" who was hiding, also tucked up between my clenched thighs, "clenched" not to just hold "Minnie" but to, well, just be closed and this also, but perhaps only figuratively, underlined with my ankles being crossed. and my face towards the back of the seat with my eyes closed ... all of me just wanting it over with.

With my eyes closed, I could almost hear what they were saying, "weird", but I had heard that could happen with the loss of another "sense", I thought. But also, what I did begin to sense was our speed ... slowing down and almost stopping but not really turning much but then the bumps ... turning off to the side of the road only ... so were they going to just do it, have me and record it with the risk of, or perhaps hope for ... an audience of a collection of brief glances as they passed and each having conversations about what they saw for maybe a few more of their miles down the road? And I remember thinking that might be sorta fun, exciting, but was that reality as would not a few stop and return, not to the scene of the crime perhaps, but, the location of the show? Well, what would they do when they got back here? Come out of their cars and stare with their hands in their pockets, well certainly not just stay in their cars and watch our limo rocking. No, they would come out, not walk and not run but hurry over while fumbling with their phones and each maneuver here and there to be in the second row and click, click, click ... and then finish off when they see Jimmy do the same with me ... finish off with a final "click" at the limo's license plate.

... and then I was interrupted, we were stopped along side of the road ... and only Jimmy opened his door and proceeded to get out of the limo ... to now come back here ... to do it ... do me ... now?! and so I waited and again with my eyes closed tight, while "hearing" only the rain on the roof and now the hazard lights lights on the dash "blinking" and then the "crunch" of a couple steps to what must be the back door and back door handle ...
...xox Kaycee.

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