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Prelude to Whatever from "That Saturday Night ... Fever" part 7.  

tomboytgirl68 53T  
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4/26/2021 5:51 pm
Prelude to Whatever from "That Saturday Night ... Fever" part 7.

And so, almost unconsciously, I drew my legs up, almost a fetal position, with the anticipation of the rain and then Jimmy filling the opening and then flopping down on the seat, all his weight right where my legs were ... but, there was just nothing ... not a thing except for the blackness, wind and the sound of the rain. Then the Professor's head popped up between the seat headrests in the front , Kaycee, Jimmy just went back for a blanket for you as we decided that with this rain, if we were stopped for any reason at all, you lying in the back seat, naked would be awkward". And then to my obvious question, he added, "No Kaycee, besides Jimmy taking your bag back to the trunk to store, we don't want you to get dressed yet anyway as we think we can still find that country road, we think it is really close; "

"Kaycee, are you looking forward to Jimmy?" Was the Professor crazy, or just playing with ? "No Professor, I'm looking forward everything getting done and getting back home, perhaps it is partly cuz of the storm." "You know Kaycee, what we are going to do to you can or could be considered a felony if you are not up for it ... "baby", you seem to be less than enthusiastic and we are doing this for you as well. Charlie said that being "Blacked" was one of your serious fantasies, have you changed your mind or already had the pleasure?" "No, Professor, it is still "fantasy status", but no one has even mentioned it for a long time, so I haven't considered it for some time either ... I don't know how I feel about it anymore."

And then, with that, my door opened and the blanket came flying in and folded around the upper half of my body, including my head and as I was beginning to untangle it a bit, I became aware even more of my body being exposed due to the contrast of the promised warmth of the blanket almost to my waist in places and all the rest of me bare ... and accompanied by the door still being open and neither the Professor nor Jimmy ... neither saying anything about anything at all ... they were looking ... staring at me ... like cheetahs watching the graceful gazelle ... she grazing ... unknowingly teasing, taunting those stalking her and about to enjoy exploiting all her charms, appeal, as she danced, pranced and strutted, ever closer, showing herself off , all her charms, akin to a stripper preforming before the cell block of any male or female prison... already being savored by the predator's, her predator's, ... eyes ...
... xox Kaycee.

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