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Prologue To True Confessions  

tomboytgirl68 52T  
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5/4/2020 3:52 am
Prologue To True Confessions

Hello to all fans, past and present lovers and those just passing through. I am Jackie and I met Kaycee about 6 months ago through a friend. Rita confirmed that there was a little history but her boyfriend was getting a little pissed so Kaycee was currently open season, worth taking a shot and good luck. So I did and between you and I, being the nice girl I am and getting the right answers to my personal questions here and there, and letting her know how how much I admired her mind LOL, and as she must admit, I did get lucky, she was bagged and bedded. I say that with all respect. So we became friends and now good friends, or the Girlfriend to Girlfriend in her Profile, which she promised to update! Perhaps she is waiting for, needs and wants a spanking, a bare bottom spanking? So why am I here in Kaycee's blog? We have not seen each other as much as I wanted lately do to the situation and late last week I caught her latest posting, really bummed out! So I texted her that I was coming over for an overnight and she needed a Tickle. It is a game we play often so she knew what I meant. I told her I would be there in an hour, and I was. Kaycee met me at the door, she was in her short kimono robe, that was all and very short. She liked to wear sandals with it but was barefooted cuz I preferred her that way. Kaycee disappeared to her living room as I went to her kitchen, found goblets and poured some from the bottle that I brought. I heard her draw the drapes and then nothing as I put the bottle in her frig. gathered the wine and entered her living room. No lights on but one candle on the table at each end of her sofa. Kaycee was on her back, stretched out with her arms above her head and down in back of the left armrest and her long legs, slightly parted and almost touching the right armrest. She was buck naked! She was ready for Tickle. It is a game that is better than Truth or Dare, and what I used our first time, when I knew she was ripe for it. Yes she was dressed at the beginning of my game for her first time but it ended the same way that this one would, with her naked and spread wide as I mounted her, tucked her erect and stiff little stick pussy right up my pussy and rode her, milked her. This night I would own her again, maybe hold her down at first and rub her a little, my lips between my thighs against her little pink thing hiding in her nest of soft downy pubic hair between her thighs, rub her, tease her until she arches for me to take her, and then I will tuck her between my lips and up into my pussy and then ride her again, make her moan and talk dirty, spread wider, squirm and arch some more, milk her, own her. And this time she was already naked for me, all spread out and on display, vulnerable, teasing me, taunting me. Now, to back up a moment so you all can appreciate the situation. The object is that we agree upon the stakes and then I get 15 minutes to touch and tickle her anywhere on her body and if she can last 15 minutes she wins, and a couple of times she did win, but not her first time and not last Saturday night either! LOL. I will let her tell what her bet was if she wants. But what I won was that I will have 3 opportunities to write anything I want to in her blog here as long as it is true and she can neither erase or edit it at all. So this is why I am here and now I will give her an example of what she might expect within 3 of her postings. This weekend I first went down on her Saturday night after she lost and was still giggling so I could put her in the mood and get her little cock up from 2" to 4", which she refers to as her Stick Pussy and I refer to as Mighty Mouse. Kaycee prefers to keep Mighty Mouse in a nest of her pubic hair because she thinks that her little nest retains perfume better and her muff also provides a sexy contrast as the rest of her is white, pink and smooth. I finally told her Saturday after going down on her and fucking her that I love going down on her but we are going to get her smooth all over, from all around Mighty Mouse and between her thighs and her ass cheeks to her tail bone. I found the depilatory cream she uses for her underarms. I put her on her back on her living room shag rug, a pillow under her ass, spread her legs and dobbed the front then on her knees and elbows, her favorite position, and completed my mission, that portion perhaps a favor for any<b> boyfriends </font></b>or male lovers also. Then I pushed her in the shower 6 minutes later. Kaycee, now you are white, pink and smooth all over except your head and eyelashes. I knew we could not play any more Saturday night cuz she might be sore but she gave me hope when she got up and stood in front of her full length mirror looking at herself, admiring herself? Maybe she would like the look. We did rub lotion all over the area, which did get her excited again but I told her no as that night it might hurt and I was also thinking that if I waited till tonight, I could have her more than once as she would probably be healed. So this morning a bath and more lotion and this evening I fucked her once then went down on her, with much more pleasure,this time, and after putting her in the mood, mounted her and fucked her again. I have been at this for over an hour now. She promised to not read it till I left and I promised to leave it open so she could say whatever she wanted to. I'll open it when I get home. I have asked her out for next Saturday night, she said that depends upon what I said here, but she said it with a smile. No matter what, I will be back here for 3 times as she is honest and a good sport and know that my confessions about her, us, is all good fun here. Until then, Frankie.

Frankie, I don't know quite what to say; honestly, some of my thoughts are more lascivious, than I want to "confess" to. Perhaps my first thought was that I am sorta glad that I have not submitted any photos yet. And yet no, absolutely not, I'm not offended ... I am surprised that you would go this far ... this personal. To say more along these lines makes me sound like a prude and a bit of a hypocrite if I do not also add that I do not have to take responsibility for what Frankie "confessed", thus I can, or maybe owe it to admit that yes, I am a bit aroused, excited, with knowing that we are now being figuratively "watched" at what we did.

Frankie, everything you said was absolutely true.

Maybe we should talk about some boundaries as being so frank is maybe like the difference between flirting and flashing. Something you should have learned in Sorority Rush? Anyway, I do kinda like my "new look" and it feels so tender and bare down and around there. Perhaps you would like to come over for dinner Wednesday and we can watch "Survivor" ... among other things ... and you can tell me what you have planned for us Saturday.
xox Kaycee.

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