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That "Saturday Night ... Fever", Part 3 of 7  

tomboytgirl68 52T  
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9/26/2020 3:40 am
That "Saturday Night ... Fever", Part 3 of 7

... we were still perfecting mating with our tongues and she was almost there for us to make some decision with that ... and her hand in the background roaming at will ... the whole situation was extremely bittersweet as not only because of where we were, etc. but cause of my shorts ... she had access with her hand almost to my waist. I think she was really enjoying it ... she took her leash off and she knew we could not go much further ... she was teasing us and I was letting her do it ... and right after she whispered, "... and you are not even wearing panties are you; ... is that what Bob likes? ... is that what he wants tonight from his girlfriend, his , his sissy And that really killed the mood and for a few minutes we just sat there, enveloped in awkwardness while I personally spent the time also wondering why she was so mad ... what else about that night ...

Although hidden by the plant at the end of the sofa, his quick steps, in concert with his appearance and growing larger encouraging us to rise for the socially requisite hugs and kisses ... almost or just hitting the cheeks. And then, after stepped back a bit for a full-link view ... a man's full-link view of each of us, "Well, you girls both just look stunning" ... and then his required apologies for having us wait ... and I did not even glance at Rita. Bob did though as when we were almost to the end of the foyer, "Rita, would you please see that our guests have drinks; I have to go over a couple of things with Kaycee ... and please tell them that we will be back in maybe 10 minutes or so?" Ok, nope, as I heard her leave, I did not look at Rita then either. And then, after a hallway and turn and through a door and the door closed and locked ... we were in the library ... and another hug and kiss ... but much different, of course. And about then I remember thinking ... your wife has had her hand right there and only about 5 minutes or so ago ... is that some sort of record for someone?

And then he sorta whispered ... "Let's sit down a minute and as I was turning to the chair facing him on the sofa ... "... not there ... how about over here with me so we can talk quietly ... and I can look at your legs" ... and he smiled ... and I knew that the last part was to prepare me ... not for sex, but something serious as I walked over and sat down very close to him and worked at snugging as he put his arm up and behind me, his hand on my far shoulder and pulled me even closer.

Kaycee, I need a big favor from you this evening." And, ironically, while staring at the chair by the table that I was going to occupy ... "You are a smart girl and I think that you have pretty well guessed what I am involved with. Anyway, part of that was attending that "convention" in Chicago late last Summer about a year ago. There were many with my same interests and that barbecue was a "meet and greet" for those in the "business" and I met your college roommate ... Charlie. When he found out where I operated he said that he had heard about you relocating here from the West Coast. Charlie told me enough about you ... and when I got back here, to meet you and if things worked out, possibly try to turn you out or keep you for myself." ... all of which were once the plans he had for Kathy's, alias Jackie's pleasure to serve him ... for his pleasure, I thought.

"Anyway," he continued, "that is not the point, I am not judging you ... I just want you know that I am aware of some of your past and it does not make a difference in our relationship except maybe an opportunity for both of us. In fact, I would probably never told you about Charlie or what I know except I am in a very serious spot and I need you and your awareness of what goes sometimes within my world. I am in a spot because I owe someone, a colleague and old friend, quite a lot. In the process of negotiating payment, I involved Rita and then thought about you, showing your portfolio to Vic and if he liked you, give him the shot to meet you and if he wanted, give him the opportunity to make his pitch to you to join his stable either part time or full time or whatever".

"So, this evening Vic, my friend, is here to interview Rita and knows you are here also and is interested in meeting you also. Rita has already told me she will agree to whatever he wants to help me and now he wants me to bring you to him. I would really appreciate it if you could help out also. Now that I have filled you in on this, I can just talk you honestly. If you decide do it, I think this is going amount nothing other than meeting you and then if he likes you then just listen whatever he proposes and then tell him you will think about it. I do not believe he will ask you to undress as I let him review your portfolio; I know he did not ask Rita, there was no nudity issue at . The only other thing is that he brought some<b> couples </font></b>with him, but I have talked with Vic for an hour or so before you girls even got here and they are not involved with his meeting you so if you decide help with him, know that.

"Kaycee, will you help us? I pretty much have know now and it has been about a half hour and I have get back them. If you absolutely don't want to Kaycee, you can go Rita's room and wait and Rita will handle it by herself" And thinking about Rita and that if I do agree, it should only be about a half hour of demeaning myself with a conversation about myself with a stranger so ... I heard myself saying, "Yes, I will go ... for your wife ... Bob ... but you and I and your pathetic, sophomoric games ... are no more!

... xox Kaycee.

P.S. And note in this posting title line, "Part 3 of 4" as in recalling this and my eventual feelings about all this, I could not condense much at all as had create it over again ... thus, am running over. Now, regardless of any "typos" etc., I'm taking a long nap.

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