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That "Saturday Night ... Fever", Part 5 of 7  

tomboytgirl68 52T  
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10/20/2020 3:37 am
That "Saturday Night ... Fever", Part 5 of 7

Actually, I was going to begin this that due to my declaration of independence from my deference to Bob through our "Daddy & Bunny" for his psycho and sexual pleasures with me, as we were alone in the library I was a bit apprehensive as to his reaction, " ... and then he turned to me and with a smile, but a smile also so evil that I hope I never see it again ...

But, upon reflection these past days ... admittedly, since I readily participated in his psycho sexual games ... as his "Bunny" ... well he did not force me. Also, it probably was just a smile or maybe a sarcastic smile at most and my memory of it tainted by what soon followed ...

So, perhaps with the thoughts that we were through, "Daddy" turned to "Bunny" and arrived as Bob, staring at what he had in so many ways, and now potentially his wife Rita's new Girlfriend and smiling at what he knew was about to happen and underlined by his next words, "Ok Kaycee, aren't you a big girl now. But, as a courtesy, let's be gracious, honor our hospitality with our invited guests and listen to their proposition?" And with my nod and anticipated relief that it was finally over, I passed through, past the door he was holding for me and further into the bowels of their house ... no, his, house.

It was down the hall and past the entrance to the living room, and yes, I remembered that room ... and the afternoon and evening also ... and how things changed so fast. And then past the gym on the right side and a door just on the other side of the gym and again, the door held open ... and again I stepped inside as the light switched on. Immediately inside the room were three rows of benches on either side of the center aisle where we were standing. At the far end of the aisle and a few feet after the benches was a small platform or stage about 3 feet high and a couple of steps in the middle and the whole assembly a few feet from the back wall. Neither myself nor "Bunny" had even seen this room before during the few times we had been in his house ... just kitchen, living room and bedrooms ... but, I guess when thinking about it ... why the kitchen and living room, right?

At that point and while Bob was thanking me ... that even though we had just broken up, I was still going to help him in being nice to our guests cause of his obligations and that yes, that was really helping Rita also. As I was in the middle of reiterating that I was playing my expected role cause of Rita ... and Rita only .... I heard a door at the far end of the room open and slam and ... Rita. As she waved and turned to lock the door and scurry up towards us thought she was there for everything also, after all and probably Bob had used the same tactic on her as helping me as he did with me. She was almost to me and I was looking forward to our hugs and then ...

My arms were pulled back behind me by Bob? ... and Rita disappeared behind me and ... my wrists handcuffed .... my head pulled back ... a wad of handkerchief or just cloth stuffed in my mouth followed by a black ball gag, and the ties of the ball gag tied snugly at the back of my head. Then Rita reappeared and flashed a scissors and a finger shaking "no, do not fidget" ... and she started cutting my top ... I<b> watched </font></b>her as she pulled my top away from my body and began to cut then she disappeared as she repeated it a couple more times out of sight. And Bob cautioned her not to hurt the "merchandise", or words to that effect and I thought about just how much he cared about me ... or rather my value to someone else. As to Rita ... I did not know really what to think ... on the bench in the foyer and earlier ... seemingly so caring ... or at least into me ... And then ... bare to my waist ... and Rita, "Here or there?" and Bob, " let's just do it here and I can carry her up there." Then Rita in front ... my belt buckle, button, zipper and then her hands at my hips, thumbs inside my waist band and my useless trying to bending over as far as I could a couple of times and Bob hauling be back for Rita ... and then suddenly, even though the room was a bit warm ... a breath of coolness from my waist to my knees and no one in front of me for moments as Rita was bent over and working my shorts all the way down and off and then, one foot at a time, my sandals.

Rita appeared in front again, "Ok Bob, I'm done"! And that, which prompted Bob ... as he was paying attention ... "What about her panties?" And, in spite of all the drama, I knew Rita must have been grinning just a bit as she relished her reply, "Bob, she was not wearing any panties ... remember?!!

And with that, Bob cautioned to "watch out" ... to both of us I guess ... and released my arms and I felt him slip down and then with one arm wrapped around my back and cuffed arms and his other arm at the backs of my knees, I was bent backwards and up, and then settling ... cradled in his arms and reminded I was naked as Rita reached under me and tapped each of my bottom cheeks as in a mock spanking. Then it we took the trip "down the aisle" and lifted up onto the stage and laid down with Rita holding me down as Bob was away and fiddling with whatever. After a couple of minutes when Rita assured me that I would get a new top and I wouldn't have responded even if I were not gagged and then I was rolled over and more fiddling with my wrists, etc and then no cuffs! ... as my arms were jerked above my head and then cuffs again, but leather and lined with fur this time and Bob lifted me to my feet as Rita took up the slack of a chain above my head and I was slowly being stretched out and up until only on my toes ... and Rita appeared again with a pair of black pumps and one foot at a time and yes, my size ... and my maximum for any comfort ... probably 3". And then, for a few seconds they both stood back and with their eyes only ... felt me ... all over my body. And as for me, in spite of it all, yes, of course I was concerned but after Rita came up to me and put on my blindfold, which immediately accentuated my awareness of my bareness and vulnerability and gave me a token kiss with a hint of her flicking, teasing tongue and then her whispered, "You look so feminine, so gorgeous!", and then the sounds of her retreating a little and finally ... the silence with no retreating steps so they were admiring their work? ... besides thoughts of irresponsibly overwhelming concern a little bit, I just could not help but feel "exposes, vulnerables et desirables" ..... so ... delicious!
xox Kaycee.

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