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Tomboy & Tgirl ... Wholesome, But Not Virginal ...Nice & Naughty  

tomboytgirl68 52T  
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7/11/2020 1:42 pm
Tomboy & Tgirl ... Wholesome, But Not Virginal ...Nice & Naughty

Ok, Rita called confirming 7 ish for the barbecue and evening, etc. I 'm bringing a tossed salad ... requested to be enough for 9 ... yes, 9 ??? Anyway, now all in the frig or the freezer in containers to go over later and be "tossed".

So, now for me. Well "TomboyTgirl", I think after my bathing, lotion, both toe and finger nails in a conservative shade, just matching though, etc. for this evening, I think my presentation should be definitely "wholesome", with a hint of "naughty". Makeup should be natural but just this side of too much drama ... mascara, no, medium false eyelashes plus apparent but medium two shades of shadow, no glitter ... and the rest just smooth plus almost blush but there and neutral lipstick, not gloss. Before dressing and off with my robe, all my hot spots and then, while still "in the buff", have a little fun with it ... a few squeezes and a misty cloud in front of me ... a veil of femininity inviting me pad through ... promising panties rather than briefs .... essentially that is my "Tgirl" side. And then balance my total "presentation", for the "Tomboy" side ... all the while, retaining that bit of "naughtyness" ....

Considering my "audience" and the main purpose of the evening, definitely casual, perhaps denim and definitely flirty .... and for interest, jean cutoffs ... and for attention, short jean cutoffs, and for Bob, (and Rita?), very short jean cutoffs ... that will peek-a-boo with the bottom of my ... bottom.

For a top, easily "accessible" therefore buttons down the front, plus, will not mess my hair if or when coming off. Simply a man's dress shirt will do; one of those that I have a size too big and tails so I can twist the front sides and knot at my midriff and only a couple of the buttons at the bottom "buttoned". Or, and this is only between us so far, as the "party" or whatever, progresses, I can untie the knot and "button" all the buttons back up except say the top two and then pull my shorts down and off so sooner or later my panties will follow?

As to the rest of it, how about a large patterned neck scarf, (and this is our secret right now), that I have worn several times with that type of shirt and open<b> collar </font></b>that ... I have often also fancied would make a great blindfold or tie for my wrists, behind my back, etc, ... always handy, but never come to pass yet though. Well besides the scarf, casual wedgies with a medium heel ... potentially flattering but still casual and comfortable for a "picnic". Anyway, I do have just the thing I think, open toes, of course. Oh yes, also knee socks, the color complimenting my top and scarf, of course ... a good idea if it is cool this evening and later... perhaps the last bit of clothing to go ... a sexy, fun look, always.

And there, Ladies and Gentlemen .... the debut, my debut of ...... their new Group Party Greeter. Wish me luck, Got to go. xox Kaycee.

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