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Myself, so very bare & in your lap ... for you & my self ... whisper #7...
Posted:Dec 22, 2020 11:05 pm
Last Updated:Dec 22, 2020 11:49 pm

Well, this "whisper" will take a couple of breathes ...

- I most humbly extend my apologies for my previous posting, "Prologue ..... part 2 ...," as to the proliferation of script errors and word omissions within the narrative. Also, much of the remainder makes little sense; almost as if I just threw some sentences up into the air and posted wherever they landed ... the sum being just a collage of thought interruptions.

I do not know just what happened aside from the obvious absence of my proofing?? Until now, I have had pretty good luck I guess ... memories/experiences I wanted to talk about and then express them 'extemporaneously' within a narrative that hopefully would easily unfold to view whatever from my perspective at the time. Admittedly, I did have some major "redoes" that time to complete that posting but there are even a couple of areas that resemble some of the rejections were somehow retained??

Bottom line ... regardless, the real error has to fall right in my lap as to proofing and I accept that. I will try to be more attentive to proofreading.

- Secondly, and as to falling into someones lap ... just for fun and for anyone who has or will appreciate the difference, with this posting I have made some changes with the 'intro-title' of these occasional "whispers" ... these wistful to maudlin or social/political or sensually sexual commentary I just can not keep to myself ... or "my self", right(?).
... xox Kaycee.
Prelude to Whatever from "That Saturday Night ... Fever" part 2 of 4.
Posted:Dec 19, 2020 5:51 am
Last Updated:Dec 19, 2020 7:43 am

And so, while gazing at the bland green rectangle of bushes framed by the window outlined by the window frame and picturing the over 6 foot figure behind me ... of how my words, when landing, would affect, provoke what I hoped would be a satisfyingly successful and perhaps exciting ending, I began my answer.

"Perhaps it was indeed my intention reveal much about myself Professor. For instance, you know that right now I want be nude for you and you were thinking of toying with me a little before suggesting you want me to strip for you. Furthermore, now that I have confessed that, I guess I have the choice and my probable selection would be for me to ask you for some music to accompany my performance for you, for us. Or, how about this? I could just ignore this obviously important part of my answer to you and just skip to saying that yes, I would like very much if you would take me next door to meet your friends."

"So, that still leaves part of the answer you definitely want an answer for or if yes, for me to commit to. And Professor, while you may want to bring me naked next door to meet your 3 couples of friends and driver and BF, is also Bob's driver, .Chuck, our local porn photographer, and quite probably our hosts, Bob and Rita in that "Pack" next door. And that means that if you bring me over naked then right away with the explicit intentions you are demonstrating all of them, unlike with just your friends, the immediate agendas for each of the pack has also cause some conflict."

"Professor, from what you have said and promised about your 3 couples, I promise that if were just them right now, I would kinda actually like enjoy you unwrapping me totally except for my heels and a smile and then picking me up, bare and kicking of course and that being both ineffective physically but a little exciting to my abductor of course and carrying me next door to your "cave" and your friends want be also and turned over to the women quickly bind my wrists and ankles, then wash and garnish me with lotion and fragrance and I squirm a little when I see the men watching the proceedings ... just promote some excitement and potential competition among them as will be first in the eventual line for me. However, under the circumstances and present myself this way now so they do not mind waiting and now hurt no one's feelings, perhaps someone could just go next door and convey apologies that Pack of almost a dozen as we had leave for whatever reason and you were giving me a ride home also. And between us, as you would actually be doing me the favor of giving me a ride home ... perhaps you might have some ideas as how I could return the favor when we get or another time more your and or your friend's convenience? So Mr. P, what do you think?"
... xox Kaycee.
Prelude to Whatever from "That Saturday Night ... Fever" part 1 of 4.
Posted:Dec 15, 2020 2:44 am
Last Updated:Dec 19, 2020 3:56 am

And now, only the two of us still in the room and out the door and across the hall ... about a dozen, and the quiet, so deafening as 3 couples, 2 young drivers, our hosts, Bob and Rita, and Chuck, a local guy who liked record everything for whatever and of course Vic or Vicky in a dress and his/her BF ... apparently waiting for their door open whatever ... my decision.

And now, it was easier for some reason ... I had turned away and was about begin with Vic behind . And I was formulating my "yes" him/her as it was be much more than just token submission as I needed to know more than just what I sorta felt was accurate at ... or both of us were wasting time except for the required social graces and my promise Bob, my agreement for Rita's sake.

So, with this in mind plus my thoughts express how i might say "yes" with clarity and candor and still, be careful leave some options open ... my desires for Vic voice as his/her own in a way. I knew that within his world I would be addressing a Prima Donna, a High Priest, no, a High Priestess and ... I was intrigued ... both metaphysically and perhaps most carnally ... perhaps I actually needed that also. And so, while gazing outside the window and the bushes beyond, blocking any more of a potential view out, the hedge not planted for beauty but block any view in hide the pleasures, etc. within here ... with that in mind I was about begin my proposition of myself he/she, and do it most willingly.

And so, while gazing out that window I broke our silence and began ... sell myself for my "self". "I recognize the significance, the importance that you establish pronouns and social strata and privilege. I think that among those chosen you are regarded as a Masterful figure and perhaps on a personal basis very much a very well earned title of "Daddy" a very lucky few chosen. With consideration and respect it and your apparent strong association with the academic, I would like express my thoughts and begin by addressing you as "Professor". Would this be satisfactory to you in most situations: at least those potentially public?"

"Kaycee, with all of you that you display, manners, consideration, respect etc. of course you may. But also perhaps you have shown, have exposed more of you then you intended. You are not beautiful nor are you stupid ... you are not a "Bimbo" for my exploitation. But as they say, " ... je ne sais quoi" or ... there is something about you ... yes, not beautiful but attractive and a nice body to some perhaps, no probably more than some, but there is something more. So what is your answer "mon petit renard", do you want to just go home or, my little fox, do you want to preform; be chased and caught ... for the pleasure of all, including, and most important for you, the pleasure of you for yourself? " ... and that last part added with a smile; an almost knowing smile ...
... xox Kaycee.
Myself, So Very Bare & In Your Lap ... whisper # 6 ...
Posted:Dec 6, 2020 11:40 am
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2020 11:44 am

Well, halftime and we should be ahead and NOT and real chance for Playoffs ...

Annnnd ..... finally, a woman announcer .... "finally" cuz she is doing a really credible job ... and so far ... better than my Vikes !!!

I know Guys ... and this from me ... but those non-believers, and hey, in both cases ...
all I can say is "tune in" ... annnnd turn on ... to both ... lol & xox

... xox Kaycee.
Myself, So Very Bare & In Your Lap ... whisper # 5 ...
Posted:Nov 26, 2020 3:36 pm
Last Updated:Dec 6, 2020 11:42 am

Hi ...

So, no social commentary here ...
Nor political statement either.
Just a moment say ...
Happy Thanksgiving!

... xox Kaycee.
That "Saturday Night ... Fever", Part 7 of 7
Posted:Nov 18, 2020 2:43 am
Last Updated:Nov 26, 2020 12:27 am

And then, as my kaleidoscope of thoughts began fade as I pictured him looking at his watch and announcing them both, "Rita, bring her over here the door; 's Showtime!" And with that confirmation now it was such a short time ... but it took so long ... my anticipation prodding me along just a bit more than my reservations were restricting at the time. As I grabbed the door knob and turned and made a sound as well, I knew I was committed and now, as I was passing through the portal the next whatever I had abandoned the Bob & Rita scenario of everyone's excuse for me be presented helpless and exposed allow Bob and I an extent flaunt myself and his friend take advantage of that without seeming so much the lecher while I might preserve some some modesty ... no ... false modesty I guess. But after our confrontation and staring me down Vic just met the whole thing head on.

So, it was back through "The Looking Glass" and into reality again and then underlined by Vic which sorta set us to a new and different honesty about it all. And that, upon reflection, for me, was almost totally disarming and refreshing as I was trying to trust it as it was so exciting ... stimulating. Vic was sitting in back of a desk when I came in and moved his chair to the side for a better view of me and I just noted that he must be at least 6 feet tall and a little overweight and had a fully robust mustache and, yes, was wearing a dress ... and not short or cut low ... but it just said, "dress", and he was saying "I am a man, wearing a dress ... can anyone dispute or ignore that!? And I tried for the latter as yes, he did intimidate just a little with his stare and then establishing that, he broke our otherwise silence.

"You are Kaycee and I love your concept of what shorts should be. I am Vic, or usually Victor when just negotiating within our society and very specially Vicky, personally or when on the hunt. I live in the Chicago area and generally considered an "Academic" and affiliated with several universities. Socially I love hanging out with girls and women. I love hearing all about their romantic adventures, etc. and watching what ever I can, and if nothing real, then strip clubs. I also love porn, especially with Lesbians, She Males, T-girls, Lady Boys ... all of those and, they are all distinctive ... as you probably know. Besides a few personal relationships, I like to manage a few special ones who are classy, attractive and prefer my managing a social calendar or dating card for them and then, just to preserve my influence as some value for them, I agree to a percentage of the donations they receive and that gives me the influence I need from them so I can direct them to special acquaintances I have from time to time."

"Kaycee, besides your Profile and Blog and what Bob & Rita have told me, I know Charlie, your college roommate. As you mentioned and described recently, you met and became roommates your Freshmen year and thought you were just both gay and by the end of that first year discovered you both preferred shaving your legs, the magic of makeup and panties ... to be worn on dates to be slowly slipped down by a very lucky man. I met you briefly when Bob brought you to that party down in Chicago. Since then, Charlie has filled me in on lots of adventures you girls had. Also, Bob sent me copies of a photo shoot you had for Rita. So, you showed lots of potential and I wanted to meet you and probably try to turn you out if possible."

"Kaycee, I know that what you do is what you want to do for pleasure, not money. So, as I mentioned to Bob, I would have no control over you so you would not like or flourish within my stable. However, are occasions when quality gentlemen I am acquainted with might be in your area for whatever reason and with your permission, I can send you info about them and if you approve, I can give your phone number them and then let nature take its course. And that is my proposition I mentioned I might have for you after meeting you in person. And just confirm that I have the right girl, I originally requested you make up a story that so far had to include the facts as to what led up to my offering this to you and so far you have ... and now you must continue to finish . And this is your challenge and decision."

"Across the hall right now are those other guests came with me. In that room are those 3 couples plus a local guy named Chuck plus those two young drivers for myself and Bob plus my Boyfriend. So here are your choices, and knowing you plus what I have heard about you, I have an envelope right here with further details for you include in an epilogue if you choose the one I think you should. And if you do not choose the one I think you might really fit in with my proposition, then I will let you know why not in the envelope also. If you pick the correct one, we all win and you get the envelope which you should read when you get home and alone and if you agree then just publish the details and your choice in a blog entry before we leave. Here are your choices:

1. You can take all your clothes off right now and I will take your hand and we will go next door and I will introduce you all of them and then you will sexually accommodate those among the 6 that I brought with me plus any of the others if you want . I promise mine are clean, etc and will be gentle with you. Or .....
2. My Boyfriend and I will give you are ride your house right now and we will set a time for us revisit you for a couple hours and within that time my Boyfriend will enjoy you and I can watch. Or.....
3. I will you a cab and for and we can say goodbye right here and now and no hard feelings."
... xox Kaycee.
Myself, So Very Bare & In Your Lap ... whisper # 4 ...
Posted:Nov 16, 2020 4:39 pm
Last Updated:Nov 16, 2020 4:46 pm

..... and so, with one of my casual stemless, (cause waiting for Monday Night Football and my Vikings ... embracing a liberal amount of my fav West Coast vineyards' Pinot Noir ..... here is to TRANSGENDER AWARENESS WEEK ! and TRANSGENDER DAY OF REMEMBRANCE !!! ...Skol
... xox Kaycee.
Myself, So Very Bare & In Your Lap ... whisper #3 ...
Posted:Nov 3, 2020 4:07 pm
Last Updated:Nov 3, 2020 4:11 pm

So this evening and night, and maybe a bit longer, is that thingy ... results, or majority agreement, or experts conclude that, or something ... from our Presidential Election.

I have planned on this evening for a couple of weeks now ... have a bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir and/or a quart of Chocolate Almond ice cream ... both handy ...

So here's to the decision of the results of our 2020 election be known ... also in 2020 !
... xox Kaycee.
That "Saturday Night ... Fever", Part 6 of 7
Posted:Oct 22, 2020 1:21 am
Last Updated:Nov 3, 2020 4:08 pm

Now the stage ... nude with my arms above my head, wrists bound and attached a chain that disappeared toward the ceiling and, in effect, stretching my body almost off the floor of the stage except for the black heels that Rita added to complete the "presentation" ... tgirl ... stalked, seized, stripped and bound and now ready to be viewed ... for the voyeuristic enjoyment of all and perhaps purchased with a cancellation of debt owed this Vic from Bob (?). As I knew Bob .... and his wife, but apparently not Rita enough ... I did not really feel panic but not just the hot excitement I might have. Being bare and vulnerable for a pending display for them sorta sounded like something that I would at first deny even thinking about ... and so with a final definite "no" ... while the time knowing that for a long time, at night, when alone in bed I would fantasize about it, lots. Yes, this was like one of Bob's games but then again ... everyone seemed pretty serious that Bob was in trouble in some way. So, the upshot was that no, I was not enjoying this like I might have at the least and a little concerned as the potential outcome. Right then, if I could have escaped I would would have. So, right then ... not fun ... especially with the blindfold as it just enhanced my feeling of bareness ... vulnerability. And, now, in retrospect ... wasn't that just what the purpose was for the blindfold? Perhaps the same psyche as if the "watchers" would be wearing masks ... and again latent responses from the subject but different, of course and as to their specifics, only known to the subject who has been forced to experience either at one time or another. Interesting ...

After Bob and Rita were done getting me ready and Rita came again, adjusted my blindfold, which was still not perfect as I could tell that a bright light was somewhere above me, and she playfully patted my bottom and whispered those words to me and again reiterated how fabulous I looked and added, "Did you notice that this stage is not against the wall? the reason the stage is an island is so you have no place to hide and now your viewing audience can encircle you ... the island design accommodating more with better viewing ... and then the noises of her backing off and the moments of quiet as I imagined they were "watching" and then sounds of movement away ... to the door ... or a bench ... and then sensing a combination of noise ... the door opening? and yes, it was as voices in the next room ... but no slamming the door shut?! And then, I guess Vic, "Bob, please quit wasting my time and get her fanny in here and you know how I interview prospects .... naked and in front of others so we can see if she is a stripper or not, righjt?" And then, no more sound of the door but Bob and Rita in conference as their sounds grew louder and then the door closing .... so the door had never closed before and Rita probably still in this room watching, guarding ... did I know Rita at all?

Then, a slack in the chain and my arms coming down ... as was I until Bob caught me and held me as Rita removed my blindfold ... the bright light! Rita held my shoulders and Bob worked his way around behind and put in a bear hug as Rita uncuffed for Bob and he then grabbed my arms, jerking them backwards behind and held them steady as Rita cuffed one wrist and then, forcing my wrists together, cuffed the other ... my hands now behind my back ... no more defense, no modesty ... neither ... for whatever they each might be worth.

And then, while Rita was walking back and forth, my vision returning and my equilibrium again allowing the 3" heels dictate my hips again sway a bit naturally and my posture be a bit more provocative in arching my back a bit which allowed a slight lifting ... of like a subtle ... .suggesting ... an offering; my bottom... You know, the real reason for heels at all ... an invention for the "feminine", certainly not for comfort but to use to tantalize the very voyeuristic nature of the "masculine" ... the proverbial red cape waving before the raging bull ... the stripper now having just, (and finally), thrown her panties to the men and women watching and waiting ... the masculine and Butches, at the tables now ready for the feasting upon her,.. the feminine ...

And, as I watched Bob staring at me ...his eyes and his ... smirk, as Rita, in effect, was "parading me" back and forth ... I was his ... until very recently; his ... and now, after we broke up, being paraded before him ... I was his and now, to him ... just almost a tease? ... Bob now with perhaps some vindictive or jealous motives cause we were no longer a "couple" ... these were among the thoughts that were running through my mind ...
... xox Kaycee.
That "Saturday Night ... Fever", Part 5 of 7
Posted:Oct 20, 2020 3:37 am
Last Updated:Oct 22, 2020 2:25 am

Actually, I was going to begin this that due to my declaration of independence from my deference to Bob through our "Daddy & Bunny" for his psycho and sexual pleasures with me, as we were alone in the library I was a bit apprehensive as to his reaction, " ... and then he turned to me and with a smile, but a smile also so evil that I hope I never see it again ...

But, upon reflection these past days ... admittedly, since I readily participated in his psycho sexual games ... as his "Bunny" ... well he did not force me. Also, it probably was just a smile or maybe a sarcastic smile at most and my memory of it tainted by what soon followed ...

So, perhaps with the thoughts that we were through, "Daddy" turned to "Bunny" and arrived as Bob, staring at what he had in so many ways, and now potentially his wife Rita's new Girlfriend and smiling at what he knew was about to happen and underlined by his next words, "Ok Kaycee, aren't you a big girl now. But, as a courtesy, let's be gracious, honor our hospitality with our invited guests and listen to their proposition?" And with my nod and anticipated relief that it was finally over, I passed through, past the door he was holding for me and further into the bowels of their house ... no, his, house.

It was down the hall and past the entrance to the living room, and yes, I remembered that room ... and the afternoon and evening also ... and how things changed so fast. And then past the gym on the right side and a door just on the other side of the gym and again, the door held open ... and again I stepped inside as the light switched on. Immediately inside the room were three rows of benches on either side of the center aisle where we were standing. At the far end of the aisle and a few feet after the benches was a small platform or stage about 3 feet high and a couple of steps in the middle and the whole assembly a few feet from the back wall. Neither myself nor "Bunny" had even seen this room before during the few times we had been in his house ... just kitchen, living room and bedrooms ... but, I guess when thinking about it ... why the kitchen and living room, right?

At that point and while Bob was thanking me ... that even though we had just broken up, I was still going to help him in being nice to our guests cause of his obligations and that yes, that was really helping Rita also. As I was in the middle of reiterating that I was playing my expected role cause of Rita ... and Rita only .... I heard a door at the far end of the room open and slam and ... Rita. As she waved and turned to lock the door and scurry up towards us thought she was there for everything also, after all and probably Bob had used the same tactic on her as helping me as he did with me. She was almost to me and I was looking forward to our hugs and then ...

My arms were pulled back behind me by Bob? ... and Rita disappeared behind me and ... my wrists handcuffed .... my head pulled back ... a wad of handkerchief or just cloth stuffed in my mouth followed by a black ball gag, and the ties of the ball gag tied snugly at the back of my head. Then Rita reappeared and flashed a scissors and a finger shaking "no, do not fidget" ... and she started cutting my top ... I watched her as she pulled my top away from my body and began to cut then she disappeared as she repeated it a couple more times out of sight. And Bob cautioned her not to hurt the "merchandise", or words to that effect and I thought about just how much he cared about me ... or rather my value to someone else. As to Rita ... I did not know really what to think ... on the bench in the foyer and earlier ... seemingly so caring ... or at least into me ... And then ... bare to my waist ... and Rita, "Here or there?" and Bob, " let's just do it here and I can carry her up there." Then Rita in front ... my belt buckle, button, zipper and then her hands at my hips, thumbs inside my waist band and my useless trying to bending over as far as I could a couple of times and Bob hauling be back for Rita ... and then suddenly, even though the room was a bit warm ... a breath of coolness from my waist to my knees and no one in front of me for moments as Rita was bent over and working my shorts all the way down and off and then, one foot at a time, my sandals.

Rita appeared in front again, "Ok Bob, I'm done"! And that, which prompted Bob ... as he was paying attention ... "What about her panties?" And, in spite of all the drama, I knew Rita must have been grinning just a bit as she relished her reply, "Bob, she was not wearing any panties ... remember?!!

And with that, Bob cautioned to "watch out" ... to both of us I guess ... and released my arms and I felt him slip down and then with one arm wrapped around my back and cuffed arms and his other arm at the backs of my knees, I was bent backwards and up, and then settling ... cradled in his arms and reminded I was naked as Rita reached under me and tapped each of my bottom cheeks as in a mock spanking. Then it we took the trip "down the aisle" and lifted up onto the stage and laid down with Rita holding me down as Bob was away and fiddling with whatever. After a couple of minutes when Rita assured me that I would get a new top and I wouldn't have responded even if I were not gagged and then I was rolled over and more fiddling with my wrists, etc and then no cuffs! ... as my arms were jerked above my head and then cuffs again, but leather and lined with fur this time and Bob lifted me to my feet as Rita took up the slack of a chain above my head and I was slowly being stretched out and up until only on my toes ... and Rita appeared again with a pair of black pumps and one foot at a time and yes, my size ... and my maximum for any comfort ... probably 3". And then, for a few seconds they both stood back and with their eyes only ... felt me ... all over my body. And as for me, in spite of it all, yes, of course I was concerned but after Rita came up to me and put on my blindfold, which immediately accentuated my awareness of my bareness and vulnerability and gave me a token kiss with a hint of her flicking, teasing tongue and then her whispered, "You look so feminine, so gorgeous!", and then the sounds of her retreating a little and finally ... the silence with no retreating steps so they were admiring their work? ... besides thoughts of irresponsibly overwhelming concern a little bit, I just could not help but feel "exposes, vulnerables et desirables" ..... so ... delicious!
xox Kaycee.
That "Saturday Night ... Fever", Part 4 of 7
Posted:Oct 5, 2020 8:54 pm
Last Updated:Oct 22, 2020 2:23 am

... and then, for a moment I guess that seemed much longer, there was silence ... not a sound from either of us ... those same words of my declaration being processed toward conclusion ... with very different results, I am sure. My declaration just seemed to hang in the air as I played it over again in my head ... "I will do it for Rita, your wife Bob ... but your "Bunny" is dead ... I will go meet your friend and play the role to bail you out cuz of Rita but Bob, just remember that between us I am not one of your girls ... in fact, after this evening, we are not even FWB, we are nothing."

Disregarding my immediate feelings of self-righteousness that, under the circumstances, had be quite shallow, I was becoming more aware of a sense of the finality of it all. With that single stroke I had closed the door on our "relationship" ... Bob and his 'Companion'; Bob, (my new friend, Rita's husband), and my "arrangement" with him, a carnal relationship ... not really based on purchased pleasure, but simply a symbiotic relationship of satisfying desires and needs, physically, as concerning me, consequences of my lack of boundaries and his opportunistic nature ... regardless of whatever.

Well, with announcing my independence from "Daddy", that whole concept, with him, Bob, I was not at all trying purchase my self respect with a bit of denial and abstinence. That price would be too high, but it never occurred to anyway. No, aside from that scenario of the both of them would appear to be fraught with awkward instances.

It did sort of provide a vindication of sorts though. In closing the door with Bob. I could unlock my door for his wife, Rita. There is no salvation of my soul with that and, it is so weird, but Bob had been encouraging Rita also ... just not with his exclusion. So, I had no guilt at all. For , what had more potential? ... a man who, with my permission and complete cooperation, exploited in bed OR ... a woman offering cerebral synergy of girl to girl stuff ... symbiotic emotions, feelings ... AND ... physically allowed us to use ourselves and each other for us! For me, the choice was obvious ...

All this was nice, but also there was a potential price for me becoming available for Rita on her terms only. And that is where we were with that silence after what I finally said Bob. That price was possibly whatever Bob said and or did next. At that point I had just figuratively pulled myself from Bob's grasp ... pulled the meat from the lion ... the prey from the predator ...
... xox Kaycee.
That "Saturday Night ... Fever", Part 3 of 7
Posted:Sep 26, 2020 3:40 am
Last Updated:Oct 22, 2020 1:38 am

... we were still perfecting mating with our tongues and she was almost there for us to make some decision with that ... and her hand in the background roaming at will ... the whole situation was extremely bittersweet as not only because of where we were, etc. but cause of my shorts ... she had access with her hand almost to my waist. I think she was really enjoying it ... she took her leash off and she knew we could not go much further ... she was teasing us and I was letting her do it ... and right after she whispered, "... and you are not even wearing panties are you; ... is that what Bob likes? ... is that what he wants tonight from his girlfriend, his , his sissy And that really killed the mood and for a few minutes we just sat there, enveloped in awkwardness while I personally spent the time also wondering why she was so mad ... what else about that night ...

Although hidden by the plant at the end of the sofa, his quick steps, in concert with his appearance and growing larger encouraging us to rise for the socially requisite hugs and kisses ... almost or just hitting the cheeks. And then, after stepped back a bit for a full-link view ... a man's full-link view of each of us, "Well, you girls both just look stunning" ... and then his required apologies for having us wait ... and I did not even glance at Rita. Bob did though as when we were almost to the end of the foyer, "Rita, would you please see that our guests have drinks; I have to go over a couple of things with Kaycee ... and please tell them that we will be back in maybe 10 minutes or so?" Ok, nope, as I heard her leave, I did not look at Rita then either. And then, after a hallway and turn and through a door and the door closed and locked ... we were in the library ... and another hug and kiss ... but much different, of course. And about then I remember thinking ... your wife has had her hand right there and only about 5 minutes or so ago ... is that some sort of record for someone?

And then he sorta whispered ... "Let's sit down a minute and as I was turning to the chair facing him on the sofa ... "... not there ... how about over here with me so we can talk quietly ... and I can look at your legs" ... and he smiled ... and I knew that the last part was to prepare me ... not for sex, but something serious as I walked over and sat down very close to him and worked at snugging as he put his arm up and behind me, his hand on my far shoulder and pulled me even closer.

Kaycee, I need a big favor from you this evening." And, ironically, while staring at the chair by the table that I was going to occupy ... "You are a smart girl and I think that you have pretty well guessed what I am involved with. Anyway, part of that was attending that "convention" in Chicago late last Summer about a year ago. There were many with my same interests and that barbecue was a "meet and greet" for those in the "business" and I met your college roommate ... Charlie. When he found out where I operated he said that he had heard about you relocating here from the West Coast. Charlie told me enough about you ... and when I got back here, to meet you and if things worked out, possibly try to turn you out or keep you for myself." ... all of which were once the plans he had for Kathy's, alias Jackie's pleasure to serve him ... for his pleasure, I thought.

"Anyway," he continued, "that is not the point, I am not judging you ... I just want you know that I am aware of some of your past and it does not make a difference in our relationship except maybe an opportunity for both of us. In fact, I would probably never told you about Charlie or what I know except I am in a very serious spot and I need you and your awareness of what goes sometimes within my world. I am in a spot because I owe someone, a colleague and old friend, quite a lot. In the process of negotiating payment, I involved Rita and then thought about you, showing your portfolio to Vic and if he liked you, give him the shot to meet you and if he wanted, give him the opportunity to make his pitch to you to join his stable either part time or full time or whatever".

"So, this evening Vic, my friend, is here to interview Rita and knows you are here also and is interested in meeting you also. Rita has already told me she will agree to whatever he wants to help me and now he wants me to bring you to him. I would really appreciate it if you could help out also. Now that I have filled you in on this, I can just talk you honestly. If you decide do it, I think this is going amount nothing other than meeting you and then if he likes you then just listen whatever he proposes and then tell him you will think about it. I do not believe he will ask you to undress as I let him review your portfolio; I know he did not ask Rita, there was no nudity issue at . The only other thing is that he brought some couples with him, but I have talked with Vic for an hour or so before you girls even got here and they are not involved with his meeting you so if you decide help with him, know that.

"Kaycee, will you help us? I pretty much have know now and it has been about a half hour and I have get back them. If you absolutely don't want to Kaycee, you can go Rita's room and wait and Rita will handle it by herself" And thinking about Rita and that if I do agree, it should only be about a half hour of demeaning myself with a conversation about myself with a stranger so ... I heard myself saying, "Yes, I will go ... for your wife ... Bob ... but you and I and your pathetic, sophomoric games ... are no more!

... xox Kaycee.

P.S. And note in this posting title line, "Part 3 of 4" as in recalling this and my eventual feelings about all this, I could not condense much at all as had create it over again ... thus, am running over. Now, regardless of any "typos" etc., I'm taking a long nap.
That "Saturday Night ... Fever", Part 2 of 7
Posted:Sep 24, 2020 6:40 pm
Last Updated:Oct 22, 2020 2:21 am

Hi ... Ok, so we will try again. But before I start, per previous posting, " Have and Have Not", my narrative may seem a bit succinct as I do want preserve the details leave no doubts as the incidents, etc., but not much more as because of it , my goal is not at excuse anything, including myself, and certainly not titillate at . I need document this and absorb whatever ... finish it and, I guess, move ...and as I admitted last night ... of course much of this is paraphrased ... my goal here is capture the essence ... the reality of it ... with minimal bias anything, or anyone ... including myself ......

Finally, because of all the bushes, perhaps insulate most of everything from the neighborhood, we turned off the road ... it still was a surprise ... and into the circular driveway that I was getting to know ... we had arrived. Almost halfway through and here was the main entrance, now blocked by vehicles; their van, Bob/'s car, and ... a black limo (?). The van meant that Rita had picked our guests from some nearby parking lot and secreted the whole meeting/party right by any curious eyes with a single move. It also meant that everyone was already there at least an hour before we were supposed arrive; and what about this limo?

As we approached, began hear laughter and noted a couple of men sitting at the top of the steps to the front door and they were looking at us. Rita waved as she told me the one without the hat was Bob/'s driver, Ted, and the other a friend of his ... and maybe the limo driver(?) Almost reaching the steps, I noted the "men" were "twentyish" ... "boys". And then Ted fired his first shot, "they are in there and waiting for you" ... and followed with, "... didn't know you girls were working this evening."

Rita recognized the inferences right away and as we were passing by them and the door ... "Teddy.... the real difference here is that we are going inside and you are only looking inside.", and their laughter stopped and we opened the door, in, and closed the door before they could fire another "clever" shot, Turning around and ... their foyer is larger than my bedroom ... and, at the opposite end ... Bob/ on his cell phone and directing us have a seat on the small sofa behind the potted plant.

Settling down for a few moments and I turned Rita and told her that I thought I had met Ted before but could not remember where. Tina smiled ... "He is cute isn't he ... but you have been in Bob's car before ... Kaycee, who do you think was driving? , of course, you and my husband in the back seat ... Bob was probably keeping you pretty busy" ... Incredibly, Rita was still smiling! For moments I had nothing say.... it is out there ... what could I say?

Rita is a special person ... I mean here she is with her husband's "girlfriend" and still in complete control and more than civil. And, taking advantage of the moment ... and again, perhaps taking advantage of my shorts with.....again a pat on my knee that again it lingered ... and drifted ...as she added, "Bob and I have a special relationship that serves us both. There will come a day when he will tire of you Kaycee and then ... it's going be my turn with you. And, while we are the subject, you have another fan also". ... and of course I did not immediately respond ... perhaps coax the name from her(?),... and she did continue ..."Ted and I are ... or were really "special" friends and recently he... no, rather we, quot;shared a passion" that he also has always been "interested" in having a "Sissy" .... that he loved my photo shoot and really has "almost" fantasized taking me to bed and did I have a boyfriend? ... " ... and don't tell the boys" ... she smiled to me ......

And while trying to process all this I sorta heard Rita finish with, "Well, Ted did come to your photo shoot with Bob both of them to check you out but I kicked Ted off the set and that was before you were au naturel and smiling sweetly ...like an innocent , but naughty virgin, or ... pouting like a naked, vulnerable kitten" ... I had to laugh as she had remembered some of the directions she had given to me back then. And then it occurred to me ... "Rita ... maybe that is where I remember him from." "Well, Kaycee, as it turns out, Ted confessed that he had "borrowed " my Canon for a short time after your shoot and copied your whole galley of poses, the whole show, on a speed stick and made prints of them all and has what amounts to a portfolio of you ... in the sock drawer of his bedroom dresser in his apartment ... and he uses it at night whenever he ... feels like it ... I know that can never get it back from him ... I made him promise not to show you anyone ... for what that is worth; I'm so sorry Kaycee."

And with that I put my arm around her and leaned over and with some confidence that she would meet me half way ... a gentle, moist kiss as I felt her lips and opened myself slightly to encourage her to enter ... between my lips ... or more (?) ... perhaps literally as well as figuratively ..... did I ... no, rather, do I ... really want to be some issue between Rita and Bob/ at all ... or, is that what wants ...
... xox Kaycee.

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