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tonguetilltapout 46M
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4/3/2021 2:44 pm

I'm looking around...something intriguing (found this 18yr old cum slut spinner - has potential) interesting, even special...

So, and with a few exceptions I have made for someone was far away and wanted start training on cock missions (as I can unlock orgasm barriers just from communication), or will just be cum sluts for me - but generally I do your advanced orgasm program first. No catch, you just have qualify. You don't HAVE go on cock missions, 's just what i get asked for a lot…”can I swallow other large cocks?”

A girl should cum just from having cock in her throat.

Shaking and convulsing and squirting.

And be able get her throat open for " and " cocks.

How hunt them is the key.

Until a girl gets over the rules of society, she will be trapped.

Normally, 's a lot of rules for cock swallowing missions - video, looking at camera, WHEN COCK IS IN THROAT - always be working the clit and pussy with your fingers. For hard core girls, I usually have you sitting on a monster vibrator while swallowing cock (when you're at a bar, party or in a car - this rule can be suspended),

The goal: you should be getting ” cock all in your throat, and have that pussy contracting, squirting, and cumming while getting open-throat.

You SAY you be a keeper
... but your lil princess throat and pussy haven't even been turned on yet.

I haven’t met a girl recently that isn’t psychotic about her looks.

The real game for you tame the bigger fish is called, "the Secret Slut".

The main rule is they are know that you have a master and you do not explain anything else other than that they are follow the rules without fail.

You just put out the post or them up, "looking for monster/large cock" etc - you have been given a "mission by Sir" swallow large or monster cock and need as much cum as you can get and that you have get this on video, etc.

If you have a possible Prospect you me with the particulars and pics of cocks. I do love surprises - sometimes you're at a party... sending me a and pic or vid, with "I have cum in my throat Sir" and details of what happened - is a nice surprise. “Vid uploading, Sir!”

Before you put cock in your mouth you me "Sir, I'm about have monster cock in my throat! ", this is the usual practice. (set them as pre-set-up messages)

's always, always in and out no chit-chat - report immediately after " sir I have cum in my throat". Then as soon as possible you upload Dropbox or Drive and share the video with me. Always make sure you have room for video on phone or video cam is charged.

are no exceptions. The pussy is mine. Never give out the pussy without my permission. If on the 1 in a million (never happened with any of my girls) chance a guy takes the pussy, you better get footage.

You can find cock anyway you want... Bar, AdultFriendFinder, alt-, Fet-Life, friend, Tinder, etc...when given a mission, get results.

I will give you my cell and you can report when you're about swallow cock and when you're done. "I'm about have large cock in my throat, Sir" "I have cum in my throat, Sir", or some such.

I’m<b> slammed </font></b>everyday. If you waste my time, well…

Pics of cock in throat, etc is required. When you meet me, you will trust me. I at the top levels globally - ’s more in my interest keep things very private.

This is for girls I've done her advanced orgasm training on usually...

Once in a while I’ll take on a long distance mentoring, and stop in later to do her advanced orgasm sessions...show me your skillz. Most girls suck - I don’t care.

I like to share gifs that show the correct techniques on open throat, proper pulling back of the legs...what’s men. You think you know…

Girls think because a guy wants her, that she has . Not even close. Guys want ANYTHING. (not all, but most have constantly search with no luck, that they are quite desperate)

It’s not jadedness like a - I’ve made girls cum sooo many times, it’s the thrill of what comes later that is of interest, the insanely explosive orgasms in her body - and that takes A LOT of work. Pounding the pussy, working new levels of magic on the clit and forced orgasm - just start.

You’re hypnotized - you are all about your feelings, now. This is psychosis. Being in the present but thinking in futures is the sanity is. Distrust, betrayal and victim-ism is all based on the past - this person is literally crazy.

masters in an area can get super quick results, like raised orgasm levels. And one has know "how", get an almost magical instant result.


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