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bottom ho 9
Posted:Dec 21, 2020 8:50 pm
Last Updated:Jan 23, 2021 4:09 pm

We get his place.He say "get undressed and then come and you can put up all of stuff.'
'Thank you sir' I get nude and come back him setting in the living room.
And get all my stuff and take it into the bedroom.When done.I come back and stand in front of him.
He say's "Ok now bend over' I bend over and I feel him pulling out the butt plug.
Now i feel empty just a huge hole.And I feel empty. And to add insult he put's down the plug and stuff's his hand into me.
I don't even feel it just something big in me.I don't feel stretch out.Well I guess it big enough to park a car in.
I say'could I stand up now?'It was all I could think to say . well you can go wash up and come back here.
I am washing up and I feel empty again I'm feeling around my hole and try to wash out my self I am squirting some water and I squirt some water up into me.I think maybe some water got on the side but I think most of it just went up and fell down not even bothering to touch me at all.
I step out of shower and drip dry and every time I step I can feel my pussy slide against each other.just huge.I am so open I could be a wind soc
I walk out and stand in front of him.After a few minute's.He say's 'well you can get on you're knee's and pull off my pant's.You know what do then.So I take off his pant's and giant hard on is staring at .What a honor all of it is just for . start sucking on it and lather it up pretty good.He pull's his cock out of my mouth.
And say's "just a minute turn around and get on the couch i'm going fuck you're mouch deep and then i'm going fill you up with cum a lot of it.".
So now i am sitting on the couch he is standing in front of with his giant hard on and he put's it in my mouth just a couple of inches first he is slowly fucking not bad at all but after a few minutes he push's a lot more in and l'm starting choke on him. He has my mouth full and now deep also Tear's are running down mh cheeks he grab on my head and is fucking real deep and kind of fast.And then he shoves of it in he is ball's deep of it is filling up all the way in my throut I can feel him down in the middle of and he starts fuck like that it feel's forever his cock is gitting bigger and harder longer strokes all the way in and then he just stop's I can feel him cumming in and all I can do is let him cum in it felt like gallon's and he cum's one more time pull's out and I take a gulp of air.After breathing or a little bit.
He say's"I like pussy a lot better but the end wasn't bad at all.I bet you slosh when you walk!! Now get up and brush you''re teeth.'
I get up and I can really feel all the cum in me.He must of cum a gallon.I just can't believe that he cum's so much in just a little time. I go and clean up again and finnish up whipeing my mouth on pair of panties.
I go into where he is he tells me' go get you're see thru dress you was wearing and come here '
I grab the dress.I am just standing there Naked holding the dress.
He say's 'well you could be like that but put the dress on and then you can set down for little bit'So I put on the dress. Smoothed out and set down.When sat down I could feel the cum sloshing around. A lot of cum ! He must never get to cum. Givin the size of my pussy and how many times fucked me.I just sit there and was thinking . I am stareing at him his big cock for sure it still look's big.His ball's are pretty good sized to.
Bottom ho 8
Posted:Dec 10, 2020 9:05 pm
Last Updated:Dec 21, 2020 8:00 pm
He say's "well put on your shirt and come on" I just pull on the shirt and go outside and I get into the car with him .At least you can't see my bottom but my tit's were covered. He start's the car and we left him completly dressed I'm half naked. Well I could nude.He pull's up to order some food a couple of burger's and fry's.He say's "let's go somewhere and get out on the car."
I was not even asked more like told. I just shake my head I don't think even noticed the I replied. Just like I was property .
We go somewhere. Not sure where it is but there was no one around.
Well at least it look's like no one can see us or me if you really want to be truth full. WE eat and I cleans up and throw the trash in to trunk of the car.
He tell's me well since we are alone take off the shirt. And from now on nothing. Not a stitch of clothes there will be nothing unless I say so'
L just say yes master.He take's the shirt an stuff's it to his pocket.
He "now get into the car and let's go. We get in and I slid some and tried to hide my nudity.
We go to his place.He say's "get your clothes on and come here when you are done"
So I get dressed bra and panties and I put on my dress grab my shoe's.And go out as slip them on.
And he say's "Now come on and get some stuff"
"Grab your bag and come on" I got everything and we left.
HE "were going to you're place and you can change and get some more clothes under wear and such and a lot of panties.
He " because that is all you be wearing most of the time. I don't care who come's over or I bring.Do you understand"
'I reply yes master'. I just can not believe the control he places on me. But as long as he want's I will do as I am told.I hope it want be long for him to decide to remove the butt plug.It not uncomfertable but I sure would like it taken out.I bet you could use my hole as a parking spot.
So I grab all the stuff he want's to and couple of nice dress's and a couple of bra's to go along with the panties.I put on fresh dress and under wear and there was no need for a imagination.even with the dress you can see right thru it. Evan my underwear were see thru.You could tell the size if you looked really hard.
I come out he look's at me say's "very good look on you.Now let's go and see where the night take's us".
Bottom ho 7
Posted:Dec 9, 2020 6:53 pm
Last Updated:Dec 10, 2020 7:11 pm

I leave the bathroom on my way out I grab my bra or his I am not sure at this point. I guess I can be his slave but as long as he keep's filling up with cum I'll just keep quiet and do what he say's.
In the room I throw down the bra. And come out of the bedroom.I just walk in and he say "come over here and bend over in front of me and stay that way until I say you can stand up"
I go over him turn around and bend over him he slap my ass real hard it knock's fo my balance lucks I caught my self with my hand.So now I'm bent over on my hand's and my ass up in the air.
He say's " we are going plug up the pussy and only I can take it out understand."
I say yes master. He get up and walks out of the room after a couple of minutes come's bacI can't see all I can see now is his feet.I here a tube pop open I hope he is putting some lub on it or him.I might be lose but i sure don"t want him stuff all of his cock in .
Well he say ready and before I can answer just stuff's the plug into . I make a noisy and he say's big isn't it.I go yes master.And then I feel him twisting something in me and the plug gets wider and the plug seats in .I can feel him putting on loc Click it sound's I can tell he jerks out the key.
"Now you can stand up"
I move up and I can barely make it all the way up.After a minute of bent over and up a little bit I finelly make it '
"You walk around for A while get use it and then we well go someplace."
L say yes master thank you"
I walk for a bit and tell him" It seem's fit pretty good now"
He get's up and say"you can go nude or you can put something on I'll leave it up you. Who am I kidding I get decide what you put on" Well I will give you it in a minute. You can sit down or stand if you like.He just laugh''s at that and goes into another room.Must be calling someone I here him talking with someone"
He come's out a few minute's latter and he throw's a t-shirt at me.I pick it up and is real small I guess it is a half shirt.It is a little wider than long.I jjust look at it.
Bottom ho 6
Posted:Dec 1, 2020 3:09 pm
Last Updated:Dec 9, 2020 6:51 pm

So I'm dressed and He says sit down.after a few minutes.He tell's take off my panties and leave the bra on.I just chill out and after a bit.So what do you like to do.He say beside fucking you not a whole lot.As a matter of fact you can come over here and lay across ma lap. Okay face down with you understand. I say yes and lay down. He puts some lub on his fingers an just stick them in to his knuckles I have three or four fingers in me.I moan from this and push's his hand up to the start of his fingers and then I know it is all four of them. He say's you really our a bottom bitch aren't you?
I reply yes i am. I have always been one and will always be one.
Him "yes you will from here on end wont you?!!!!
And then he shoves his whole hand into me. I said yes sir I will always be your slut bottom bitch.At all times.there is not much I can say but yes to him he has whole hand in my pussy.I know who is the boss of me. I mean he's got his hand in me and just a bra on in front of him. Now we will stay like this until I say diferant'
understand me. l say yes sir and thank you So I just lay there with him stretching
me out well I guess if I was not a bottom hole I am now.I can feel his fingers moving around in me. He is watching TV and I guess I fell asleep because I woke up to him pulling out I felt empty just nothing there.I must of slept for awhile be cause there was another show on.It must have been hours.He say's get up and go wash yourself.In a little while there is going to be people here. So I kind of wake up and go into the bathroom and decide I need to pee so I sit and start going he look's in . And say's i knew it after you wash up you will wear nothing for rest of the night. I tell him thank you sir.
And from here on end i will be called master do you understand
I just reply with thank you master.
e turn's to leave I get done and take off my bra step into the shower.I wash and feel around my pussy and I can put most of my hand in it would of got it all in bur I did not feel like moving my self to get the right angle.
I get out and drip dry run my fingers thru my hair.
Bottom ho 5
Posted:Oct 31, 2020 10:03 pm
Last Updated:Dec 7, 2020 10:22 am

L got up said thank you once more and went wash up a again. This time I washed complete my legs still didn't need a shave I am completely smooth.Only hair on top of my head was growing on me. So smooth and submissive I got out of the shower and dripped dry.L came out of the bathroom >He said to me get dressed and come on out there was my clothes even my underwear .I put on all the clothes and went out into the living room. He say's to me i don't like the dress take it off.I removed it I am just stang there in panties and a bra. Good he's say's.
Bottom ho 4
Posted:Oct 24, 2020 5:59 pm
Last Updated:Dec 30, 2020 5:35 pm
Now I know you real name but I'll have to call you something now what should it be.You are good at blow jobs and fucking and at anytime i tell you to.I know I will call you slut you're full name will be cum slut.. You are so good at taking my cum.
Well not much I can say considering I'm setting in front of him with nothing on and I'll have to ask him where my stuff is at.So I can I put on my panties and bra please.NO NO not at all you will wear nothing as I like.And when L tell you to put something on it will be what I tell you wear "DO you understand me" I can only say yes. For right now he is in control I can't even get dressed with out him.Slut we are going to have some friend's over latter on you will wash up for them and clean the house before they get here. Understand? .And he is looking at me I answer yes. Can you tell me win I will have to be done . For the guest's. So can I get up and start cleaning with your permission.You sure can but if you find your clothes just bring them to me.Yes I say and get up to start cleaning. I find my panties and grab my bra off of the couch and take them into the bed room and I just lay them on the bed as told. I find my pantyhose in the kitchen and my dress in the behind the couch of all the places.And take them both to him in the bedroom. "Well there is all my clothes." And I had real nice dress it was almost see thru you could tell what color of underwear I was wearing. Not much left to the imagination. I get back to work and not long latter everything is done.I go to tell him he say's good I could good to get off again now get over here let's fuck slut.
So getting on the bed and I lay face down.I fell move between my leg and takes his cock and shoves's all of it into me I'm moan out load and I have been horny all day since the blow job.He get off I get nothing I swear his cock got larger inside of me it felt like it was two foot long.He pumps for some time I cum not alot come paired to him but a mess all over the sheet's alot for me while i'm cumming thrust in to me one more time and he cum's a huge amount again. It is running out all around his cock.And he has a cock not no little dick."he says you will tell me thank you fron now on when I finish cumming in you or on you"Yes sir thank you for all the cum I recieved."Pull"s it out and it felt like river is running out of me.Now i want you to suck me clean now.L get up on my hands and knes and he flips over as all the cum is running out of my pussy.
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Bottom ho 3
Posted:Oct 20, 2020 5:45 pm
Last Updated:Dec 12, 2020 7:47 pm

I was coming out of the bathroom totally naked and he was heading in.
Oh excuse .Looking get past.No you do not have worry we are going do something right now .Ha says get in the shower and wait for him. I am standing there he gets in and says bend over so i"m getting ready suck him and I notice that he is huge got be a good 9 inches and thick wow I said I took all that in side of . And he"s hard ready go again. But in stead the water turns on.He say now turn around and get ready then he stacks the shower hose up into after a couple of second i start see water running out of and still a lot of cum.It finally come out clear he pulls the hose out and lets last bit of water.I say can i stand up please. After about 20 seconds he tells me you can stand up.With me standing a little bit more water runs out. He say move and steps in front of shower and rinses off.Tells wash up and then I can get out.
after I wash up I get out and notice ther is no towels. So I stand there dripping a little bit. I look in the glass and feeling empty now. Not even sore from all fucking the night before.I am mostly dry now. I leave the bathroom mostly dry walk out to the room and told imeadetly to come and suck his dic I just bent over and started suck as much as I can get into my mouth.while i'm blowing him i get on my knees and really start to suck him off.About 6-7 minutes he cums another huge load and while he cums tells swallow it all which I gladly do I almost couldn't get it all but I just made it.I'm still sucking on him and pulls out {you can take a break for a couple of minutes} And even though he cum hs was still hard as you can get.So I just leaned back on my heels just staring at his coc
Bottom ho
Posted:Oct 19, 2020 6:41 pm
Last Updated:Oct 30, 2020 10:02 pm

I had woke up from a dream.I was groggy ans still sore I had been fucked all night long by a big dicked guy I was still wet from his massive load he pumped into .
My head was still hurting from all the alcohol I dran I was totally nude.I got up and went into the living room .I found my bra and nothing else so after looking a little while longer.I said fuck it and put on the bra.I did find the TV remote and settle in to the couch and watched some mind less TV well I guess that I fell a sleep be cause I woke with finger in me and was told by a voice . you are not
suppose wear any thing u less I tell you now are you ? And felt him pushing deeper into my hole.I let out a noise . He said good and since your lubed up i am going to fuck you some more .And then his weight shifted ans i was put face down. He was on top of me and buries his large cock into me no little bit at a time just all of it. He lays down on me and places his arms under me and grabs my shoulders starts to pump me fot all he worth. In a few thrusts and he cums and he cums. When he gets done he just stays in me and says to me and after a bit tell me i will not put anything on unless i am told to.After a while hs pops out his dick and the cum runs out of me.And i get up and take off my bra and go to the restroom.
Bottom ho
Posted:Oct 18, 2020 5:37 pm
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2020 4:15 pm

I am a bottom only. I have always ben always will be. I love to fuck and be told what do at all times.As you can tell I am very sub. Have sub for many years .Hooked up with a guy and the frist year i wore nothing and after a while stared to shave my legs and body for him. And just a short time latter that was when i found out about my liking to be told what to do.I mean i did every thing i was told no matter what.And I liked it. To this day i still wear a dress or a night shirt.Or just a pair of panties. L guess it just stay that way forever

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