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Bottom ho  

totalbottom50 52M
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10/19/2020 6:41 pm
Bottom ho

I had woke up from a dream.I was groggy ans still sore I had been fucked all night long by a big dicked guy I was still wet from his massive load he pumped into .
My head was still hurting from all the alcohol I dran I was totally nude.I got up and went into the living room .I found my bra and nothing else so after looking a little while longer.I said<b> fuck </font></b>it and put on the bra.I did find the TV remote and settle in to the couch and watched some mind less TV well I guess that I fell a sleep be cause I woke with finger in me and was told by a voice . you are not
suppose wear any thing u less I tell you now are you ? And felt him pushing deeper into my hole.I let out a noise . He said good and since your lubed up i am going to<b> fuck </font></b>you some more .And then his weight shifted ans i was put face down. He was on top of me and buries his large cock into me no little bit at a time just all of it. He lays down on me and places his arms under me and grabs my shoulders starts to pump me fot all he worth. In a few thrusts and he cums and he cums. When he gets done he just stays in me and says to me and after a bit tell me i will not put anything on unless i am told to.After a while hs pops out his dick and the cum runs out of me.And i get up and take off my bra and go to the restroom.

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