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touch5050 53F  
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8/26/2019 2:24 am

Yes I know what a stupid thing to talk about. But its difficult for some people. When I started on the site 1 yr 10 months ago I was skinny webbed 115 lbs. As time went by I noticed some of my pieces of lingered were getting a bit snugger. But it really began I started noticing my thongs on my sides were digging in a bit more. But I thought I still look good don't worry well start walking more. About 2 months went to present day. I started getting my psoriasis back. Things at home have been really stressful and overwhelming. I've been having a really hard time dealing w the situation. I was sleeping most of the day and crying. And of course eating but not just eating what I usually do...healthy. I was eating cookies, eclairs, donuts, candy, pop tarts, ice cream and a few other things. I think in 4 days I gained 10 lbs. A few days later I looked in the mirror no makeup and pjs. I was shocked! I had a stomachs. I never had a stomachs I've always exercised. I was a runner. Ran 10 miles 6 days a week. But just myself had to stop. So I began walking but because of my stressors I haven't been doing it. But that was a wake up call. I let myself go and let myself down. And then noticing my psoriasis was on my stomachs and thighs. I never had it there before so it might not be psoriasis. Could b just a rash or hives from being stressed out. I started walking again and doing crunches. I eat 6 times a day small snack meals like sf pudding, yogurt, strawberries, blueberries,bananas, Graham crackers, vegetables, cereal and a few other things. I feel really good. I'm starting to feel like I'm cleansing my body of waste. I know I can lose the weight I have to give it time and do to what I'm setting out to do for myself. So the point is when u see these women on here they all are struggling w something that's why were all here. And for me right now is my weight. But to the ppl who I've talked which has to be 100+ men . You know I'm a person w a great personality and great sex. That its just a little extra padding for right now it will be gone. And ill be sexy me again. Wow! I sound really coincided! Which I'm not at all. I'm just MARCIA 💋 thanks everyone for liking me and enjoying my videos, pics and most of all my profile introduction.

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8/26/2019 2:34 am

Humanity peaked during the 20th century.
We can't even make a decent starter solenoid any longer.

NJGUY08090 54M
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8/26/2019 2:34 am

You look perfect to me. Hope to see more of you for sure - Love all of your photos

Lasttry731 42M

8/26/2019 2:37 am

Beautiful. very desirable. love the body.

one2onegso 60M
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8/26/2019 2:46 am

Thanks for sharing! Excellent pics

RavenGB 60M
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8/26/2019 2:47 am

I hope you quickly get back to where you want to be and that the skin problem clears up - it may be purely due to stress, you know.

Many women of your age would be jealous of your physique, but I'm sure you'll feel happier in yourself if you shed the few extra pounds that have crept up on you. Perhaps a team of local, vigorous lovers would do the trick

Isaacboone1111 41M
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8/26/2019 3:01 am

Look great

shoe14 55M
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8/26/2019 3:09 am

u are sexy hot dear

NapTownDave 66M  
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8/26/2019 3:15 am

First, you are still very attractive, sexy and desirable; I sure wish I lived closer! I used to run 10 a day until my knees went. My mind and my body sure miss it.

As I'm sure you know, psoriasis is often triggered by stress- and every bit of stress you can relieve will help. Getting back to your healthier eating, running, everything you can do to get back to the Marcia that is you will all help alleviate it. I wish you the very best in all of this- and especially that things at home get better for you. It's absolutely fine to discuss this on here- it's an outlet.

Thanks for sharing all of your pictures and videos. I especially like that you now are talking in your videos. Lord, I wish I lived close by!

notsure1949 72M
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8/26/2019 4:32 am

do like your second photo the most, thank you

profcoquin27bis 57M
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8/26/2019 7:37 am

so sexy

boobwhisperer69 58M  
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8/26/2019 9:18 am

Hey we all go through ups and downs! Hang in there and strive for healthy, not so much of a number! But mostof all remain positive!! Hugs

rubberbunsNlickr 49M
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8/26/2019 11:48 am

Leegs2012 48M
82332 posts
8/26/2019 12:33 pm

You are very pretty and have a sexy body! Go to the gym if you want to loose a couple of pounds. You will tone up and feel great!! I have been going most of my life. Go try it!! You will love the results!! Sometimes it's better than sex!!

pocogato12 69F  
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8/26/2019 2:59 pm

Your photos are honest and lovely! Maybe the eruptions are sebaceous keratosis, which we do not have much control over after 45- they just show up.
Stress also leads to lichen planus, which can only be diagnosed with a biopsy and it is an auto immune disease. Keep an eye on the places that show up. Feel free to email me with questions. PS 6 small meals/snacks is an awesome way to make your project come to fruition

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8/30/2019 7:43 pm

I love your pics. I want to meet you more and more, but AF has made it hard to contact people. I definitely love the AUG pic, very sexy.

havefunxoxo 59M  
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8/31/2019 4:49 am

looking so erotic,,,love to lick you then >>!
...\8 over your ass

goodwynngone 59M  
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8/31/2019 1:57 pm

you ARE a beautiful woman. but what could help is knowing how one's body handles carbs...those cookies, and eclairs, etc., plus pasta, rice, pizza, potatoes...when they start to be digested, they trigger insulin, which makes you feel that you want more food. what i found out is that most of the carbs i mentioned above need to be removed from one's diet. low carb and high fat w/ a fair amount of protein is the ticket. by low carb, i mean greens and generally veggies that grow above the ground, but in daily amounts that are below the target carb count.

if you care to, look up metabolic and dietary solutions on face book.

rule of thumb...don't eat food that is advertised on TV.

tease_n_toes 73M  
554 posts
9/3/2019 12:06 pm

YOU, Lovely MARCIA, have been, are and will continue to be a wonderful, lovely, sexy and desirable beauty!

Thank you for the openness and the action to keep your wonderful self healthy!

You are a special person!! A much appreciated special person!!

useme2day3 61M
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9/4/2019 6:00 am

looking good , every mans dream. stay positive and sexy.

ismaithliom56 65M
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9/8/2019 2:13 am

Girl you look good to me. Hope you get to where you want to be with the weight. Always has been a problem for me, I feel your pain. That being said I would enjoy you to no end, look great to me... So sad I'm too old for your liking. Have a grand time lass.

Jrod18104 41M
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9/12/2019 2:40 am


luvtolickyou6999 66M  
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1/22/2020 1:13 am

you are still very sexy and beautiful

sonnny49 90M  
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1/27/2020 5:51 am

you look fabulous Hon. Thanks for sharing{=}

sparkyone1968 53M
1 post
1/27/2020 9:08 am

You are absolutely STUNNING in my eyes. You have the most beautiful eyes. e live so close, wish AdultFriendFinder would let me contact you.

conspicuous01 42M
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1/27/2020 2:03 pm

playbyday570 61M
45 posts
1/29/2020 2:15 pm

Just luscious..

Leegs2012 48M
82332 posts
2/1/2020 11:29 am

You are sexy now, before and in the future!!

Malepuppylips3 53M
12 posts
4/5/2020 9:23 pm

Keep up the great work marcia! You look great. Sorry about the heavy stress at home. It will get better, because you are better. Love to walk with you soon, when weather is better and corona is over. Your friend malepuppylips on k.i.k.

FW4500 66M
5 posts
5/7/2020 9:37 pm

so pretty thank you

Stoph8ten 35M
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5/20/2021 10:35 pm

You look absolutely amazing 👏

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