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Why Supergirl is still half naked.
Posted:Mar 31, 2012 2:32 pm
Last Updated:Jun 25, 2018 12:43 am
The problem of the half naked female super hero.
Female and male costumes are designed to be sexy.
It's impractical to produce monthly comics that don't sell.
Males are visually attracted, and the majority buyers.
Females buy more graphic novels, than $3 comics.
But first you have to get the comics picked up.
Sexy covers get books off the shelf, and into male hands.

Batgirl and Black Cat aren't invulnerable, so they wear more leather and spandex.
Supergirl and She-Hulk are invulnerable, they can wear more revealing costumes.
Same as women with hot bodies, dress to play up her features.
Women that aren't sexy, with no confidence, play down her lack of features.

Flimsy costumes rip, skin is revealed and the heroines in peril.
There's a entertaining sexual thrill watching super powered heroines being defeated and stripped near naked.
She rebounds later and beats down the villain.
Alternate sites take it another step, the heroine is always defeated and humiliated.
Me, I like a close call, but I want her to save the day!

A thong is not painful nor uncomfortable.
Wearing g-strings don't feel like wedgies.
Homophobic males think any costume that inserts between his ass cheeks make him gay.
Or even worse than that, it mistakes him as being gay!
These males are afraid to buy comics that show bare male skin.
Again for fear of being thought of as homosexual.
So comic artists paint the skin different colors, adding shorts instead of a thong.

Superman essentially wears blue body paint. Batman is mortal, so he wears lite kevlar.
Still the well built sexy body is on display.
Tarzan, Conan and Hawkman show flesh color skin.
But the bloody combat allows guys to feel it's o.k. to read that comic.
His perceived masculinity protected by the amounts of violence.
Be certain thanks to movies and games, he knows if the male character is carrying the right weapons,
body armor or technical gear.

Seriously unattractive women have issues with sexy female outfits.
It reminds them of the effort it takes to be sexy, and that they don't have it.
While the hardcore femi-nazi will often see a bowl of cereal as being sexist.....
The actual feminist will complain that the yellow sun of this solar system made Superman muscular and really built.
Yet the new comics version of Supergirl is stick figure skinny.
Not to be confused with sexy Supergirl, being checked out by Power Woman in the photo.

Comics are a million dollar industry that plays to T.V. movies, costumes and novels.
When Wonder Woman changed into spandex pants and a jacket, a backlash happened.
The new planned T.V. show was pulled before it was shown.
The comic book sales peaked, leveled and declined.
Now her previous sexy look is being used in two other titles.
Successful characters to anchor these enterprises are necessary.
The unwritten rule: Men gear up for battle. Women strip down.

Rules for safe sex with zombies.
Posted:Oct 25, 2011 4:05 pm
Last Updated:Oct 30, 2012 12:11 pm
Between now and post midnight October 31st, someone will have sex with a vampire, werewolf, witch, tea-bagger, pirate, or a zombie.

The "Frankenstorm" could create new horrors of the weather channel rapture, followed by the end of civilization by way of the zombie apocalypse.
It could be "The Walking Dead" type, or the "28 Days" run faster than you type!

Are you a zombie and want fuck another zombie? It does not matter.
You will not remember reading this, nor do zombies have the urge to fuck.
Only eating and digesting flesh, as sustenance.
Zombies have no carnal desire for the living or the other dead.

Are you, a living non-zombie, wanting to have sex with a zombie?
It's possible, they will be very cool of skin.
Very thin and gaunt, with a stopped in time, fashion sense.
Blank angry stare, growl, kick, scratch and bite.
Yes, just like fashion models on crack cocaine.

Top of the list, above all else.
Do not let a zombie, perform ORAL SEX on YOU!

Zombie sex will be the most aggressive, dangerous sex you ever have.
STDs remain alive as a virus and multiply in this case.
So, by all means wear a condom.

Are you a woman trying to have sex with a male zombie?
He will be in a constant state of rigormortis, which is good!
The blood in the penis will create a four hour erection.
You will have to tie him down and ride it cowgirl style.

If he starts to talk and get involved...Stop immediately.
That's not a zombie. That's Keith Richards!
Ask about Jagger, try to score concert tickets.

A living/ living/ zombie three-way is safety in numbers.
I advise against the zombie/ zombie/ living three-way.
And you alone naked, in a room full of zombies, is just stupid.
It WILL be your last orgy.

Remember zombies and walkers follow sound.
Turn up the volume on "Thriller" douse yourself with TYPE A Meat tenderizer, and let the flash-mob come to you.

Terrorists now using attention whores?
Posted:Nov 29, 2010 5:44 pm
Last Updated:Jan 30, 2013 8:24 pm

Thanksgiving holiday travelers myself included, went through full-body scans and pat-downs.
Corinne Theile was allowed to by-pass security, because she was wearing a bikini.

Corinne claimed not to be part of any organized tea party protest.
She just objects to Transportation Security Administration passenger anti-terrorist screenings.

"It's not that I'm concerned, it's that I feel like the TSA is making travelers feel uncomfortable,
and I feel like we can have security measures that don't make people feel uncomfortable,"

She was so unconcerned she arrived nearly naked, to attract NBC-TV attention.

"I'm hoping by wearing a bikini they will see everything they need to see and we can avoid a pat-down,"
Also avoid a body scan and cavity search.
We can think of only two places she can tuck plastic explosives.
Drug smugglers can do the math.
How many ounce balloons of cocaine, a size two bikini girl can carry in her stomach?

"Every time I go through security I always say, I don't even know why I got dressed this morning.
I end up taking off belts, jewelry and everything else off anyway,"

Wait, until now she stripped naked each time she went through security?

The borderline stupid TSA agent got a laugh out of her outfit.
And all but escorted Corinne on board.

"The woman looked at me and said, 'Girl, you wearing a bikini. Come right through.' She had a big smile on her face,"
"I think this might be the way I travel from here on out. So, we'll see."

Then again the big smile could mean the TSA lady went both ways.

No word yet from Al Qaeda, the IRA, Hamas, Hezbollah or the KKK if they will begin using attention whores to by-pass airport security.
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Are your Filing their Teeth into Fangs?
Posted:Oct 4, 2010 7:16 pm
Last Updated:Nov 7, 2010 5:26 pm
The cheap $5.99 vampire fangs are a thing of the past.
When your or daugther tells you: "I'm getting a pair of fangs"
Pay attention and say, tell me more.

Pseudo Vampire(also known as anything "Twilight")obsessed teens are getting veneer fangs.
From select dentists in the United States for $200 a set. TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS!
For Halloween Party Teeth?
This is not covered by The Affordable Health Care Plan.
So pitch fork carrying, cross burning Anti-Obama Care zealots can relax.

The new dental trend, spread beyond fringe role playing groups.
Fangs worn for vampire style, by people in the goth scene, and members of the modern-day vampire subculture.
The people with 9 to 5 jobs, who walk around in daylight.
But go to dungeon clubs and pretend to be night dwellers.
From adults dressed as vampires watching "True Blood" and still living in their parents basement.
To teens who love "Twilight" and one day will be living in their parents basement.

Imagine tragically hip, veneer fanged "Twilight" .
Living next door and laughing at Trekkie convention people.
Because they had Mr Spock-Vulcan ears attached to their head.
With super glue.

Fangs have fashionable jump-on-the-band wagon appeal.
Many people view their teeth as a fashion accessory.
Rappers with gold grills, party girls with sparkly tooth jewels.
And now canine fangs.

The media claims this fang fad is part of the "Twilight" craze.
But true pre- mania fans dismiss veneers.
Saying vampires in books and films don't even have fangs.
The "Twilight" book was average written drama.
Hey! Wait! Throw in vampires, as thinly veiled homo-erotica.
Market fangs, horror hair gel and pouty lip gloss for boys.
And a story with no explicit fucking, just might sell!

Others argue that heartthrob Robert Pattinson is the bad James Dean impression or inspiration.
For the record Pattinson does not daily wear veneer fangs.
And knows that he is not the next James Dean.

Dentists that offer fang veneers are cashing in on the demand.
Oddly enough, it's very popular in the Texas suburbs.
The procedure itself, is simple and painless.
Getting the veneers that is, not living in a Texas suburb.

Material is similar as used to bond braces on teeth.
So they can be put on and taken off easily with no damage.
Said a 16-year-old Twilight fan who recently went in for a pair:
"I was really excited to get them. It didn't hurt at all."
At least, not until he starts paying his own credit card bills.

A Beverly Hills dentist started offering vampire veneers a year ago, now he advertises the service on his web site.
In the last six months, requests for veneer fangs went from three a month to a dozen or more.
Most of the patients are teenagers and twenty-somethings.

One dentist was reluctant to offer veneers, until he heard about teens filing their own teeth into fangs.
He realized it was safer to offer veneer fangs, to counter filing.
The veneer work is reversible, and only last a couple months.
But filing your teeth to a sharp nub is permanent.

President Obama if you have a moment.....
Posted:Sep 21, 2010 10:25 pm
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2015 8:35 am
texangal24 asked a question on magazine:
If you could be King or Queen for a day.
How would you change the United States?

I started with a simple adjustment to economy.
When I did look up, it was past midnight!
And I had the makings of a new domestic and foreign policy.

Every dollar is secured by it's worth in gold or silver.
No more printing press, monopoly play money.

No credit card charges more than ten per cent.
No payday loan charges more than fifty per cent.
No debit or checking over draft fee. Transaction is simply denied.

We do not out source jobs to other countries.
We do not recruit foreign labor for sub-minimum wages.

When a bail out is needed, the company closes like a failed bank.
That company goes into chapter 13, until it is solid again.
Each tax payer receives dividends of profit, until debt is repaid.
Same as Alaskans received oil dividends.

Income Tax is 6% federal, 6% FICA, 3% state, 2% medicare
That is for everyone, top to bottom.

Mandatory health insurance, same as with automobiles.
With different levels of care for different budgets.
Health insurance rates vary according to the persons lifestyle.
The same as auto insurance varies to your driving style.
Good drivers pay less. Bad drivers pay more.

You smoke five packs a day, drink a quart of alcohol by 8PM.
Weigh 300 pounds from eating fried pork flavored doughnuts.
You are at risk. You will pay thru the nose for health care.

Fuck the special interest tobacco, alcohol, fast food lobby.
The savings will be passed along to health conscious people.
With additional care costs lowered for special needs patients.

Close HALF of the low end, over budget government health clinics.
Account for the yearly MISAPPROPRIATED federal and state funds.
Add these funds to Medicare and Veterans Care.

Deport illegal aliens. Anyone employing them is heavily fined.
You want to be here. Apply for citizenship. Learn passable english.
Take the oath. No running back to where ever. You are now one of US.

Firearms sold at gun shops and sports stores, not weekend tent sales.
Background checks mandatory. No third party sales for terrorists.
Sell to licensed, age 18 and over. Not felons or mentally unhinged.

Speed Limit 80 MPH interstate. 70 MPH state highways.
Seat belts are mandatory. Rest areas have security 24/7
Phone and text while driving, 100 points and a $1000 fine.
Ride a motorcycle, you will wear a helmet.
Death or injury caused while DUI is murder or attempted murder.

No more thirty year death row sentences or life sentences.
Death row is one year. You are sentenced same day trial ends.
You will work your ass off, at hard labor.
Interstate trash pick up, digging out coal mine accidents, environmental clean ups, natural disaster clean ups.
You try to escape, you will be shot. No exceptions.

Civil unions offered to anyone not serious about fidelity.
For people living together for insurance and tax purposes.
Don't marry for a tax return, and continue fucking other people.

Marriage allowed for ALL couples homosexual and heterosexual.
18 years of age, STD free, no history of violent domestic abuse.

Repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"
Military service extended to homosexual Americans.
Political leaders are not punished for sexual orientation.
The privilege to serve in the armed forces will be the same.

Personal Note:
Homosexuality is not being a broke wrist, twinkie, lisping fag.
Homosexuality is not being a bruiser, trucker wallet carrying dyke.
You want to serve this country, don't be a comic mockery.

Locate and put in place another Iraqi puppet dictator.
Do not over throw our carefully placed puppet dictators.
Do not destabilize countries, we are using for oil.

Do not manipulate potential terrorist attack information.
As a tactic to create chaos and fear. To go to war.
Stop the attack before it happens, use the information.

Secure our borders, ports, and coastlines.

We will not tolerate domestic terror groups.
Based on white or black supremacy, or military theme religious cults.

Aggressive interrogation is encouraged.
Close all KNOWN detainee centers. Start fresh elsewhere.
These places are to be off the map.

Use the Soviets knowledge of Afghanistan, with our arsenal.
Nothing should be left alive in those mountains and caves.
We will investigate, chase and eliminate Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

A United Korea can have nuclear power for energy purposes.
Iran can pursue nuclear power for energy purposes.
Iran will be closely monitored or immediately viewed as hostile.

Reality shows are shown only in prisons.
WWE and NFL winners are no longer pre-planned.
Restrictor plates removed from NASCAR.
MTV returns to showing live music and music news.
VH1 shows video of film makers working with musicians.
History Channel, A&E, Bravo return to actual interesting TV.
No concert ticket to anything will cost over $50

Wonder Woman will go back to being an Amazon.
6'2 165 pounds of muscular 40-26-38.
Wearing her skimpy barely there red white and blue thong costume.

KFC and more Fast Food Porno!
Posted:Jul 18, 2010 12:27 pm
Last Updated:Jul 25, 2011 6:47 pm
The decision was to post this under COOKING or HEALTH ISSUES.
But technically fast fat food is not cooking.

Americans spend $110 billion on fat food annually.
KFC tried a no bun chicken sandwich, with greasy pig meat(bacon),
and processed imitation cheese food substitute, shoved between two chunks of over-breaded fried chicken.

Sales soared with the heart attack and mashed potatoes with extra gravy crowd.
Then sales stalled. Clogged arteries and fat people stuck in their cars.
Small screaming and crying at the sight of the poster.
Vegetarians in for salad, vomiting from the chicken fried bacon smell.
Lunch time drive up windows slowed down.
People clutching their chest with one hand, and $4.99 plus tax in the other.

At $4.99 each, the company made approximately $49.9 million on the "Double Down" in four months.
Mitchell Speiser of Buckingham Research Group, Inc. estimated the "Double Down" contributed a paltry 5% overall to company sales.

To be considered a true fast food favorite, sales should earn, "north of ten percent."
Not counting the expense of coronary events contributing to the medical industry.
Should fat food vendors include medical stocks in their portfolio?
Maybe Jillian Michaels is getting through to us.

According to official KFC numbers:
The "Double Down" has 540 calories, 53 grams of protein, and 32 grams of fat.

The bad idea known as the "Double Down" is now dead.

KFCs PLAN B is the "Doublicious"
Remove one chunk of chicken, to cut back on protein.
Add two large enriched flour buns, to increase useless carbs.
The processed imitation cheese food substitute remains,
along with the greasy pig meat(bacon)
and the remaining chunk of over-breaded fried chicken.

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Wonder Woman: The Movie
Posted:Jul 8, 2010 7:17 am
Last Updated:Jan 27, 2012 4:56 pm
The upcoming Wonder Woman movie is already on thin ice.

Movies of female comic book heroes fail due to a formula.
It tries to cater to , date nights, guys and fans.
Formula follows reasons that result in box office failure.

PREMISE: She can't be too violent.
REASON: To get a PG movie rating.
RESULT: Turns away action movie audiences.
HISTORY: Aeon Flux, Tank Girl, Elektra, Catwoman.

PREMISE: Can't wear sexy costume from comic, on screen.
REASON: Wholesome image for movie tie-in toys.
RESULT: Guys not paying to see character in boring costume.
HISTORY: Aeon Flux, Witchblade, Elektra, Birds Of Prey.

PREMISE: Dialog changed to fit mainstream audience.
REASON: Appeal to a broad family friendly audience.
RESULT: Story watered down. Fans of comic avoid movie.
HISTORY: Witchblade, Barb Wire, Poison Ivy.

PREMISE: She must have a male love interest to lean on.
REASON: Provide need for a leading man, to sell the movie.
RESULT: Makes her look weak and incompetent.
HISTORY: Supergirl, Super Ex-Girlfriend, Catwoman.

PREMISE: Her sexy image and body is toned down.
REASON: Jealous girlfriends uncomfortable at date movie.
RESULT: Bad casting ruins the character.
HISTORY: Red Sonja, Batgirl, Invisible Woman.

PREMISE: Aggressive attitude, muscular body is played down.
REASON: Insecure, homophobic males feel challenged.
RESULT: Bad casting, using anorexic, trendy eye candy.
HISTORY: Red Sonja, Supergirl, Wonder Woman.

Expect the same fate for the Wonder Woman movie.
DC Comics changed her costume to a jacket and stretch pants.
She is to be played by a skinny, pop culture girl.
Movie tie-in toys are looking very generic.

Dating a woman with ?
Posted:Apr 20, 2010 7:22 pm
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2012 8:00 pm
ItalianaBlonde had a question on the Tuesday Magazine 04/20/10.
The problems with men and dating, when the woman has .
The guys that bolt at the mention, or whether to mention at all.

Consider the following and how it separates players from real men.
She has to be Supergirl everyday, while he just shows up.

When you date a woman with , you are standing in a line.
Looking to the front, from the very back of that line.
So, if your heart is in it for the long run,
you better wear comfortable shoes.
And postpone your meetings.

Her job.
Her friends that judge you by her last bad relationship.
Her developing opinion of you.
Her parents that compare you to her ex-husband.
The ex-husband playing the daddy card, to say you are intruding.
Her spiritual guru, minister or other religious influence.
The already cynical of you, oldest .
The emotional mine field middle .
Her youngest most important aspect of her life, .
And her still developing opinion of you.

Finally at that point.
Where she might start to kind of like you enough to trust you,
if only you could be like, you know...I don't know,
I guess maybe...let's just wait and see where this is going...
I really don't want to go too fast, I just need some time?

If he's enthralled with you, he will be there.
If he's looking for convenient sex, he's gone.
He left after meeting your friends.
One of which, he thought was kind of hot.

When spanking the girl in the mini skirt is wrong!!
Posted:Apr 4, 2010 2:43 pm
Last Updated:Apr 4, 2010 9:02 pm
Why aren't these parents calling the FBI?
There are some people not allowed near schools.
Not the case in one particular Alabama town.

April 3
Oxford, Ala.
High school senior Erica DeRamus, found the perfect prom dress.
A seafoam green cocktail frock with a jeweled bodice and a tutu-style skirt.
Unfortunately the dress got her kicked out of her prom and suspended for three days for violating school dress code.

"I was so excited because it was my senior prom and I'd never been to a senior prom," DeRamus told Alabama's WBRC-TV.

Oxford High School officials said the outfit was too low-cut and too short.
School dress code stipulates that necklines must not plunge below students' breastbones.
And skirt hems must not be higher than six inches above the knee.

DeRamus argued her dress was not that revealing.
"'What cleavage?' That's exactly what I said,"
" I wasn't trying to be rude or anything, but that's what I feel."

"It's there for the protection of , not for management of ," Oxford High School Principal Trey Holloday told WBRC.

And apparently for the titillation of Principal Trey Holloday.
Who looks forward to the prom as his personal holiday.
If you are a girl in what he deems to be a mini-skirt.
Or any outfit that appeals to him as sexy, you get a spanking!

352 Oxford High students attended the prom. Officials said 18 violated the dress code.
No word on male students with tailored suits and toned bodies.
All but DeRamus chose paddling as punishment, with DeRamus opting for a three-day suspension.

This is standard procedure, it goes on every year.

"I'm a little too old to get paddled. This is high school, we're seniors," DeRamus told WBRC.

Darrie DeRamus, supports her 's decision.
"If I felt like there was too much cleavage on that dress, I wouldn't have purchased the dress,"
"It would've stayed in the store and I wouldn't have gone on the Internet and paid for it."

At Oxford High, students receive a very different education.
All this time, I thought introduction to unintentional S&M were strict nuns with wood rulers at private school.

Flying Tiger or Bareback Rider?
Posted:Jan 22, 2010 9:06 am
Last Updated:Feb 1, 2010 6:13 pm
Chinese Counterfeit Condoms
If you read the Los Angeles Times, you might have seen the story about Counterfeit Chinese Condoms.
1/3 of the 2 billion condoms used in China each year often are counterfeit.

"The quality of the knockoff condoms cannot be guaranteed, and they can easily break."
"Such condoms definitely cannot play the role of contraception and disease prevention.".....Cheng Feng, director of Family Health International in China.

The counterfeit condoms were found to spread infectious diseases due to lack of sterilization.

Police Action
The condoms are packaged to look similar to Trojan, Durex and Rough Rider brands.
These counterfeit condoms are stocked in some U.S. stores.
Knock-off brands were confiscated by federal officials from stores in New York, Texas and Virginia.

The Chinese government claims to police counterfeiters.
November 2009, police in the Hunan Province raided a factory that made two million unsterilized condoms since last March 2009.

The London Times reports that employees at that factory were lubricating the condoms with vegetable oil before packing them, unsterilized.

Outsourcing and Dangerous Outsourcing
It was March 2009 that a Eufaula, Alabama condom manufacturer announced it would lose 300 workers.
Because of the the U.S. Agency for International Development.
USAID planned to outsource production of condoms to China.....Lawrence Povlacs, CEO and President of Alatech Healthcare.

The decision contradicts the federal stimulus package to create U.S. jobs.
USAID purchased condoms for AIDS prevention programs.
And family planning in developing and devastated countries.

Add to piracy, inadequate protection against pregnancy.
Communicable diseases, and now outsourcing of manufacturing jobs.
Not only to low bid chinese competitors.
But sub-standard quality, sub-contract chinese competitors.

The European Union estimates that Chinese knockoffs represent a yearly loss of $60 billion for American companies.

What's in your wallet?
Electronic Infidelity Tracking Device!
Posted:Jan 20, 2010 10:39 am
Last Updated:Oct 19, 2010 5:08 pm
Forget big brother. There is a new Orwellian voyeur in town.

The GPS Locator Watch allows you to track the location of your .
It sends an alarm to your cell phone, should the watch be removed by force.
It can locate your , to within ten feet.
It works almost anywhere in the world.
Exception being electronically scrambled areas like the White House, United Nations, the Pentagon.

Locating your is performed through SMS texting or the internet using a secure portal.
Your 's location, is clearly displayed on a Google map.

You don't want your in certain locations after dark?
Safe Zone allows you to set a defined area by time and day.
If your strays or is taken outside of the defined area, you are notified immediately on phone or computer.

There's an adult sports watch version.
It's marketed for lone workers, or adults with health issues.

Now that the ooohh and ahhhs are over.
There will be parents, employers and couples that use this tech.
For the positive purpose it's intended, and rightly so.

It will also become a tool for duplicity.
The perfect gift for any unsuspecting wife or girlfriend.
From her control freak, abusive husband or boyfriend.

Popularity of the sports style will become more visible.
The watch can be purchased, disassembled and tracking hardware removed.
To be replaced inside a lovely expensive style watch.
Just in time for her birthday, anniversary, christmas.
Or a "because you're worth it honey" gift.

*To define places and friends he does not approve.
*To know her location while he is with his girlfriend.
*To monitor her from home to work and all stops in between.
*She is unaware, of the alarm when removing the watch,
so it signals him each time she undresses.

It makes the perfect companion piece for her imitation gold wedding ring.
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I know what boys want, I know what boys like....
Posted:Jan 13, 2010 12:24 pm
Last Updated:Mar 25, 2015 5:52 pm
doyouknowme2 asked a question on magazine out of pure boredom.
But it reminded of what I've seen too many times.

If men like women, and women like men. What do boys like?

20..Unprotected hit and run sex.
19..Emotionless relationships.
18..Empty calorie fast food.
17..Loud distorted music.
16..Stiff awkward hugs when greeting other boys.
15..Hair styled upward into that triangle shape.
14..Pants riding below their ass crack.
13..Huge empty wallet with large chain.
12..Talking on cell phone during a date to look important.
11..Avoiding eye contact with girl during any date.
10..Constantly pretending to be looking for someone.
9....Binge drinking.
8....Violently dancing, like he has a seizure.
7....That guy who can still hook them up with GHB.
6....Vomiting in restroom stall.
5....Standing to the side, acting too cool to dance.
4....Vomiting in parking lot.
3....Berating girlfriend to show control.
2....Vomiting at traffic light.

and the number one thing that boys like
1....Insecure, intoxicated spring break girls with low self-esteem.

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Cold Instant Coffee....$10.00
Posted:Sep 30, 2009 2:03 pm
Last Updated:Jun 21, 2011 12:16 pm
The worlds most over-priced, over-hyped coffee is at it again.
The #1 brew of Colonial Viper Pilots everywhere has gone crazy.
Don't blame the Cylons this time, it was marketing and research.

In an attempt to keep up with people on the go,
the level of common sense, got up and went.
I am now applying for a position at the corporate level.
To replace the idiot, who dreamed up $10 instant coffee.

MEMO: Grocery stores sell instant coffee.
NOTE: Compete by offering fresh brews and a chat area.

HE: I have to make it myself? I can do that at home.
SHE: This is instant. You make it on the go!

HE: Instant? Instant hot coffee I make myself, in the car?
SHE: It's so easy, just add hot water.

HE: I have to carry hot water?
SHE: No, not at all. Add ice and drink it cold.

HE: I have to carry ice?
SHE: No, silly. Just add plain water. It's great!

HE: Room temperature? That's like coffee, left at my desk.
SHE: But, that coffee isn't over-priced. This makes you hip.

HE: But for that money, I want hot coffee.
SHE: Then you're just screwed!

HE: I'll just get a bottle of water.
SHE: I don't like you anymore!

HE: I going back to Caprica.
SHE: Go! You cheap bastard. You won't spend $10 for instant cold coffee.

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