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Watching Over Me ...  

trixietrixster 54F  
3264 posts
2/14/2021 7:14 pm
Watching Over Me ...

I've been really leveling up my connection level with the Universe - just making sure the Powers-That-Be know that I continue keep the faith. Talking them, asking them for assistance, guidance, projecting what I want, and, absolutely thanking them for what it is they bestow upon me. The lessons, the friends, the life I have to create who and what I am ... and be exactly that. Never wavering ...

I was definitely being looked down upon on Saturday ...

After making a yummy breaky of bacon, eggs, hash browns, oj and coffee, I got ready and jetted out to get some errands done ...

Cruising down the highway - jamming out – highway traffic pretty heavy in some areas. Coming up to my exit in a few miles, I made my way over to the middle lane, then to the rite lane …

I’m doing bout 55-ish, there is a car in front of me doing approximately the same, and I see a car coming up the merging lane. What I didn’t except was to see was a heavy, consistent break from the car in front of me. I<b> slammed </font></b>on my brakes, each millisecond that passed knowing my car wasn’t going to stop in time … I’m going thru the windshield – I’m going to die - rite here – rite now. Then the crash …

It took me a few minutes before I exited my car, as well as the woman I hit. She didn't appear to be hurt and her SUV had no damage. Without saying a word to me, she got back into her car. Figured she was getting insurance information.
A car pulled up alongside of me, the asked if I was okies. I nodded yes, then, suddenly, we see the car I hit take off, just like that ...

The grill is messed up - both headlites broken – some trim issues. Material possessions are, generally speaking, repairable/replaceable … that doesn’t mean I’m not pissed. It just means that I’m more grateful still be alive than I am pissed. Other than being a little banged up and sore, I sustained absolutely no injuries. It could have gone so many other ways. Could have been a pile up on the highway. Others could have been seriously injured, or even died. My face could have met the windshield. I could have broken my collar bone again – or my kneecap. Or, any other part, or numerous parts of my body ...

One last thingy ... the person in the merging lane that caused the accident and, of course, took off, you are a:


Ya, KARMA is a REAL thing … just saying ...

In Luv, Lite, Laffter ...

bulehyatt 63M  
1714 posts
2/14/2021 11:30 pm

Been there . . . as the following car that rear-ended someone who suddenly hit their breaks.

Done that . . . as in feeling pissed that the car in front caused the accident.

But here's the thing - insurance companies never - not ever - see it the way that you and I did, in that moment.

From the perspective of the law, the driver of the car that rear-ends another is always at fault. Exception being when you stop in time, only to be rear-ended by a third car that slams you into the car in front.

Highway patrol also thinks that way - failure to follow at a safe-distance is the citation often given . . . adding insult to injury.

Lesson learned - for me at least. Since that day . . . several decades ago . . . I make sure to stay well behind any car in front of me. Who knows what the other driver may do ? Chill a bit - even at 55 there's safe distance and not-enough distance to react to erratic driving in front.

Karma may be a real thing, but keep in mind that traffic-laws are on your double-douchebag's side.

Sorry that you experienced this but good to know that you're ok.

MrWrong4RghtNow 55M  
2243 posts
2/15/2021 2:44 am

Also glad to know you’re ok. Yes it sucks that the responsible party took off and you’re stuck trying to get your car fixed up. But you’re alive and with no seeming injuries. That’s a win in today’s standards.

My name is MrWrong and I approved this comment

sexyldy1000 61F  
9360 posts
2/15/2021 6:51 am

You have every right to be pissed off. So glad things weren’t worse and that you are o.k. 😊

Stimulate my mind and let’s see what happens 😊.
Lest We Forget

Tmptrzz 59F  
104501 posts
2/15/2021 11:59 am

I am so sorry this happened to you my friend, but I am so glad that your okay. I am sure this scared the crap out of you too. And sounds like you didn't even have time to get her license plate number for the police. I hope they find her and prosecute her and you get her insurance to fix your car and pay for any medical bills this has caused you..

Hugs to you my friend, keeping you in my prayers, and I hope your soreness goes away soon.. What a douche bag she is your so right..

Seduce the mind and see what a wonderful adventure the body will take you on..

lindoboy100 58M  
23892 posts
2/17/2021 7:33 am

So glad you came out of it okay McT!!!!

I think people get in their cars and onto the fast roads and for some reason think they're in a completely protective and indestructible bubble. Freeways are a good analogy on life in general........

Hope you're well otherwise McT!

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