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Finding friends in the most unusual places.  

tryingtwoscore2 52M
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1/5/2021 12:15 pm
Finding friends in the most unusual places.

Iv'e been fortunate enough "cum" across the ad of an extremely attractive,middle aged couple, a number of various adult dating sites including this one.But i never expected stumble across this same couple Face-Book of places! Not being a paid member i can't tell ya what a God-send being able contact them is. If i can reach them through Face-book,then why am i posting this blog ya ask? Simple.For the same reason i'll call them P & K. be both respectful & discreet."P" seems be one hell of a nice guy & "K"sounds like the kind'a woman who get's as much outta giving as she does giving.Not only are they attractive,friendly,& giving people,they also like the same way as i (we) do.'d love learn more about you two & see where things go.I'd kind'a like make a night of it ya know? Starting with a little dinner & perhaps a few drinks.Then off a night club dance Taxi Driver.& a few more drinks. Then as the night go's you & i can work as a team seduce "K" into a naughty night of nasty fun. I understand that mainly interested in couples? Then possibly bi-females & str8 males.Is that correct? I don't for see any problems along those lines.I also believe you like watching (or filming) directing & finally joining in as "K" is being serviced.Is that correct? If so,then i suggest you limit our first get together to either a m/f/m threesome or even a m/f/m/m I only mention it because i'm quite sure "K"will be getting most if not all of our attention..Isn't that what ya had in mind? As the night wears on i can picture "K" dancing closer & closer un'till it's more of a bump & grind.With a little luck maybe we can find a table or booth in a dark corner.Ya think we could coax,cajole or convince "K"into fooling around a little bit behind the table cloth? Nothing to obivious of course.Maybe just lifting her skirt up around her waist.With you on one side & me on the other,"K" can simply reach down & end up with a dick in each hand to with.Naturally you & i will be taking turns playing with her pussy & doing our best get "K"so hot & horny that almost anything go's. this is leading the time we can finally get "K"alone.WE might wanna start slowly & tag team her at first with fore .Then when you deem her ready we both service her.Being her husband i'm sure she'd rather it be your face she see's & voice she hears.So why don't you take her from the waist ? This will allow you not only shower her with praise &words of encouragement but with her tit's & maybe get a bj while ya watch eat her pussy,finger her & use various toys her.I got a feeling that somewhere around the second or third orgasm "K" is gonna prove be more than one man can handle.
1)My cock.2)my<b> buddies </font></b>cock 3)Ya like watching "K" suck cock?4)You direct the action as i with "K"s pussy 5).Semi-erect old fashioned fucking.6)A little doggy style.so ya can watch fuck her as she sucks your cock.Just a small sample of what's 'CUM'" So what'da think "K"? Sound like something you'd be interested in?

Bsxmanattpas 42T
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10/19/2021 12:42 pm

Io sono fantastico e non ho ancora avuto modo di vedere i miei limiti di trasgressione e sono troppo bravo a capire come si fa a soddisfare le esigenze di lei

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