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Phoenix Rising  

unykorn 61F  
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6/25/2015 9:29 pm
Phoenix Rising

My body is on fire, making me antsy and I shift in my chair as my pussy aches and goes wet. I have been fighting myself, my needs and avoiding the one person who I know can sate all of me. Trying to deny my attraction to the new Dom who has been at The House. The pull is hot and strong and he can play my body until I am mindless putty and a begging, pleading mass of need, keeping me on the edge until he is ready to send me flying. No! I shake my head to clear my thoughts as I wrench my mind away and try, for the hundredth time to read the document in front of me and rub at my tired eyes as I glance at the clock. I pull myself together and put all my concentration on reading this last document for the day so I can sign it and go home, nothing else is urgent and I've had enough for the day. A half hour later I scrawl my signature across the last page and sit back rubbing at the headache that now bands my head. I clear off the computer, shut it down, grab my bag and the document before heading to the door. I hand the paperwork off to my assistant and tell her to copy it and get it to the courier then she, too, can go home early.

I sigh as the elevator opens and step gratefully into the empty car and the doors start to slide shut. A hand slaps against the door and I suppress a groan when I see who it belongs to and I fight to conceal my reaction to the man who steps in. The doors slide closed and I suddenly feel trapped, all the air seems to evaporate as his eyes lock on mine. My body has gone into instant awareness and I swallow as I try to ignore it. "Will you be there tonight? Or are you going to keep avoiding me? You know avoidance won't work." His deep voice slides over me like a caress as he backs me into the corner and a long fingered hand cups my chin when I try to look away. His voice dropped to a husky growl and he asked, "Why deny something that is so good?" And I fail to suppress the shudder of awareness that rocks me from head to foot. I had been shocked when I realised that the head of the security firm that had been contracted to upgrade the building's security was the man who had started to monopolize my body and mind at The House. I think that he had been as surprised at seeing me as I'd been at seeing him, but he hadn't wasted any time in taking advantage of the situation.

The intensity of our connection was overwhelming and my own reactions to Him even scared me at times, he knew, of course he knew and he always eased me through it and spent the time afterwards to nurse me down. There was no faulting his intuitive knowledge of my body and what was happening with me, nor did he ever shirk in his aftercare. The but, for me, was how fast and deep the connection was forming. Too soon, way too soon, after my split from my previous Dom who left a bad experience in his wake, He knew that too. He'd actually just joined The House when my Dom went too far one night, he'd witnessed the Scene that had the Dungeon Master stepping in and stopping what was happening when my safe word had been ignored, more than once, and the Dom had been put on the banned list. It had been the care and concern of the Dungeon Master that had given me the confidence to return to The House a few months later, knowing that everybody's safety was their number one concern. The Dungeon Master had stayed in touch, making sure I was all right and talking me through the whole thing. It had been the DM who had recommended the Dom in front of me from the Doms that had asked about me when I had returned. I trusted the DM and knew he wouldn't recommend a Dom he wasn't sure of, specially not after what had happened, and he assured me that he'd known this Dom for many years even though he was new to The House. What none of us had anticipated was the wildfire that sprang to life as He started working with me, patiently, starting slow and easy, letting me gain confidence again. But every time we came together the attraction grew and the magnetism became stronger until I all but vibrated with the force of it. I scared myself with the knowledge that I would give him anything he wanted, that he could push me past any limit he wanted to and I wasn't ready to trust any man to that extent. No. I took a deep breath. I had to be honest, I didn't trust myself to that extent. He'd never done anything to make me doubt His ability to treat me right and to know what he was doing. He'd been incredibly patient working me through the things I'd baulked at. Banking back His very Dominant nature at times when he saw it bothered me during a Scene, was too much for me. No, it wasn't Him I didn't trust, it was me and my ability to give Him what he demanded of me, to fully submit myself to Him, to anybody, again. But I couldn't stop myself from craving Him and what he did to me.

The lift gave a small jolt as it came to a stop and pulled me out of my thoughts and my eyes were still glued to His as the ding announced the opening of the doors. He stepped out, drawing me with him then pushed me up against the wall of the parking garage. I swallowed as he stepped in close, his body hard against mine as his head lowered. His lips brushed against my ear and neck as he murmured, "You aren't in this alone. You aren't the only one who is affected by this. I'm not him! I would never hurt you! Push you, yes! But I'd never hurt you. You should have some faith and trust in me by now."

My head jerked back in shock and I banged it against the wall. Immediately he stepped back and his hand came up to cradle my head. I felt my eyes go wide with panic and I stammered, "I... I... It's not.. It's not that I don't trust you." I gulped a breath and puffed it out, I couldn't let this man, this wonderful strong Dom, think that I still didn't trust him. I swallowed hard and sucked in another breath, "It's not you I don't trust... It's me. I don't trust myself or my judgement after... after..." His thumb brushed across my lips as I stuttered and he told me to hush.

I watched his face turn harder as he stepped back, the full strength of the Dom coming to the fore as his bearing changed. There was no denying the command in his voice as he issued his order, "Be there tonight. By 9." He didn't wait for my reply as he turned and disappeared into the stair well, pulling his phone out of his pocket and I heard his voice snapping out at whoever was on the other end as the door swung closed behind him. I swallowed again as adrenaline surged through me, and forced my now shaking legs to take me to my car. Something had just changed, something powerful. I sat in my car until my shaking stopped and wondered what it meant. With a shake of my head I pushed it aside and set about getting myself home. All the while wondering what would happen if I didn't go tonight. What would happen if I did. Somehow I got the feeling that if I didn't go tonight then it would be over, that he'd walk away. I wasn't prepared for the effect that thought had on me, the blind panic that flooded me and had me shaking again. I pulled into my garage and let myself into the house. My brain spinning with implications and possibilities. I poured myself a glass of wine and started running a bath.

I had hours before I needed to get ready and I desperately needed to get a handle on myself. I stripped off and climbed into the steaming water and settled back with my wine as I let my brain wander over every time I'd been with Him. Remembered every touch, every command, every Scene. Putting my reactions and actions under a microscope. Taking me from the mess I'd been at our first several sessions. His patient but firm handling of my reactions that let me know I was safe as he eased me through them then pushed me past them to the reactions He wanted. His holding me as I shook like a leaf in a hurricane after some of the Scenes that had been hardest for me, the ones that had led immediately up to the bad one. He had led me through them all {all except the last one itself}, steadied me and pushed me until He'd worked me through them from start to finish. Until I no longer freaked out about doing them, trusting Him to see me through. He had more than earned my respect and my trust. And as I went through it all I realised that I had been holding back the thing he deserved the most. He'd more than earned my submission, my full submission, but I'd been holding it back. Only giving what I had to to get by. With a shuddering sigh I knew what I had to do. I finished my wine and climbed out of the bath. Time to get something to eat, I was going to need the energy for tonight, even though my stomach was twisting with nerves.

At 8:30 I climbed out of the taxi and headed into The House. I greeted the slave on the door and he smiled at me and murmured, "He's already here and seems to have a hair up his arse." I nodded my acknowledgement, thanked him for the heads up, and hurried to the subs locker room to strip out of my street clothes and into the harness I'd chosen for the night. He'll know what it means when he sees it. I can only hope that I can follow through with it. Specially seeing I was wearing it in the public rooms for all to see. They would all know the significance of it. I headed out of the locker room and before I hit the stairs the DM stopped me. His eyes concerned as he looked me over, "Are you sure about this?" He rumbled. "You've been avoiding him the past few weeks, or are you planning on doing this with someone else?"

I heard the censure in his voice and hurried to reassure him. "No Sir! Nobody else. And yes, I'm sure." I prayed my voice sounded as sure as I wanted it to be.

His hand came down on my shoulder and gave me a squeeze, "He knows exactly what he is doing and He will look after you." His assurance helped to settle my nerves.

He started to move away but I stopped him this time. "Thank you, Sir. Thank you for seeing me through the bad stuff and giving me the courage to come back here. But most of all, Thank You for recommending Him to me. I don't know if any other Dom could have gotten me to this point."

"You're welcome Little One. We couldn't have one of our most popular subs scared off now could we. Even if you are no long available to others." He winked at me as he continued on his way and I laughed at his pet name for all the female subs. Nobody in their right mind could ever call me "Little One". Nor did I know about his claim to me being popular or my availability. I'd never been short of offers from Doms. But the only Dom I am interested in hasn't put a collar on me, claimed me as His. But then I've never fully submitted to Him either and I prayed that I had the courage to do that now. With a deep breath I steeled myself and continued down the stairs.

I walked through the reception area and headed for the dungeon, scanning the room for him as I went. I spotted him talking with another Dom and knew the second he saw me. He straightened, His bearing changing from relaxed to tensed as he took in what I was wearing. Something that I hadn't worn since that night. I saw his eyes flash before he resumed his conversation, never taking his eyes off me as I crossed the room. I dropped my eyes as I neared and went to my knees, legs spread wide, hands resting palm up on my thighs, back straight and my eyes on the floor between his feet. He talked for a few more minutes then ordered me to my feet, I stood as he said his goodbyes and followed as he started walking away. I was surprised when instead of going downstairs he led me back up to the next floor and into a private room. Then he stunned me by ordering me to strip off the harness as soon as the door was shut, then told me to be in presentation when he got back, his voice a harsh crack that made me jump. Confused and with trembling hands I rushed to undo buckles and strip the harness off then drew a deep breath as I went to my knees in the middle of the room. Facing the door I spread my knees wide, settled on my heels, placed my hands palm up on my thighs and bowed my head slightly and fixed my eyes to the floor. With each movement I took a deep breath and released it before making the next one, using the movements and breathing to settle myself, all the while wondering what it was about.

He returned several minutes later and shut the privacy curtains across the viewing windows. I don't know if anybody had been behind the windows but we were closed in now except for the camera that led directly to the security room. All private rooms were monitored just as thoroughly as the areas downstairs were but the only people who would ever see would be the DM and his staff. He moved around the room and I heard things being pulled out of draws and arranged as he wanted them. He came to stand in front of me and I heard his zip go down and one of his hands in my hair pulled my head back as he ordered me to put my hands behind my back and to suck him. My hands moved behind me as I opened my mouth and took him in eagerly as he started to thrust in and out of my mouth, my lips and tongue moving over him as I suckled on him. He moved deeper until he pulled my head back even further and ordered me to take all of him as he pushed down my throat. My nostrils flared as I fought the gag reflex and worked to relax my throat as much as I could and he pushed all the way in then held himself there. My throat closed around him and I swallowed reflexively, my tongue rubbing along his length and I sucked hard on him. With a jerk he pulled back then started fucking into my mouth and throat as I worked to please him. I felt him harden even more and pre-cum flooded my mouth and I hummed my pleasure as his taste rolled through me and I swallowed it. I heard him grunt and he started moving harder and faster, pushing down my throat with each thrust until his cock jerked hard and his cum spurted hot and hard into my mouth and down my throat. I worked hard to keep up with the spurts until he finished then sucked gently to clean him as he pulled out, lashing my tongue across his head as it moved past my lips. His eyes were on my mouth as I licked my lips, chasing every last speck of his taste. And as his eyes moved down my body I knew what he'd see, my nipples beaded into hard nubs and my thighs slick with moisture, the evidence of how much I wanted him and how open my body was to him. How much I craved him.

His hand moved from my hair to my neck and my eyes locked onto his. "You came to me wearing a harness. A harness that has a collar. Yet you swore you'd never wear a collar again, even if it was only part of costume. Why wear one now?" His voice was an intense, husky rasp with an undertone I'd never heard before. I swallowed hard and breathed deep before I answered, "I realised I wasn't being fair to you, after all you've helped me through. I know I've held back more than I should have and I wanted to show you that I'm not going to do that any more. That I'm not going to hold myself back from you or even from myself any more. That I am going to give you everything I can. That I am fully opening myself to you." My words tumbled over themselves and ground to a halt when his fingers tightened a fraction before he let my neck go with his thumb tracing over my pulse point then moved away.

"I'd given up hope that you would get to this point." His eyes bored into mine as he reached behind his back and came back with a brand new collar in his hand. "Do you mean what you say? Will you accept my collar, accept me as your Master?" I felt my eyes go wide, I had hoped he'd want to lay claim to formally being Sir. I never dreamt that he'd want the claim of Master. I swallowed and tried to wet my mouth that had gone suddenly dry with nerves and, with my eyes still glued to his, I felt the smile form on my lips and heard myself answer, "Yes! I would be honoured to call you My Master." He kept the eye contact as he stepped closer and fastened the collar around my neck. To my surprise the slight weight of it felt like coming home as it settled into place and he locked it, with no sign of the panic that I was half dreading.

He bid me to stand and moved me to a freestanding frame and anchored my arms to the top corners and angled the frame to face the wall mirror straight on so I could see myself. See the slightly dazed look on my face and the collar that now graced my neck and the slight smile that kicked the corners of my mouth. He moved behind me and started touching me. I watched as he ran his fingers over me in feather light touches that sent sparks of awareness zipping through my body. Racing from my up stretched arms and winding their way down. My breath hitched as the strokes moved down and over my collar, stroking the skin all the way around it then flicked over the pulse point in my neck. I watch as strong hands moved down over my breasts pinching and plucking at the taut peaks, sending streaks of fire burning through me and spilling hot fluid from my pussy to my thighs. Slowly they move down over my body tracing lazy trails as they touch every inch of skin. Skim lightly past my throbbing centre and down my thighs and legs. Then ran his hands up the back of my body until he was again running his fingers around the collar. His voice a deep burr as he murmured, "I like the way my collar looks on you. Every bit as good as I imagined it."

I watched as he leaned down and his lips replaced his fingers, his tongue running along my pulse point, his teeth nipping at it as he rubbed his cock between my butt cheeks. With a whimper I pushed back onto him, his cock hot and hard between us and I jerked when his hand landed hard on my rear in a stinging slap as he growled "No" at me. Then continued moving his lips over my neck and down my shoulder as he moved around to my front. I was mesmerized by the reflection of him bending over me, the muscles in his back flexing as he kissed and licked his way down to my breasts. Slowly teasing as he tasted and nibbled his way to my nipple. A hot wet tongue swiped over a tightly beaded bud and I moaned with the surge of pure sensation and need that shot straight to my womb and clit and sent more scalding moisture rushing out to coat my pussy and run down my thighs when he nipped at me. Fingers followed the tongue, lightly grazing the turgid peaks and sending me writhing for a firmer touch and earning me another slap with the growled order to stay still. The tongue moved to my other nipple, one quick soft swipe before he suckled hard and bit down as the fingers of his spare hand moved down over my mound and spread the moisture between my legs. Every touch, every lick so soft it's barely there as they move over me and my body is roused to a fever pitch of need as I fight to stay still. Every inch of skin is caressed and licked as he follows the path his hands had taken earlier. My body is throbbing with the need he is building inside me.

He moves behind me again and licks his way up my thighs and uses his shoulders to spread my legs further apart before he stands. Fingers delve between my drenched folds then one hand pinches the lower part of my labia together and a finger from his other hand slides into the tight pocket and teases my pussy before plunging in deep. My body arches and I moan as he fucks in and out of me, sliding his finger deep into me then back out and teases around my clit. My gaze is riveted to the sight of him plastered against my back, his arms around me as he plays me and his own eyes watching the mirror as he rubs his cock into my arse. His hands move to my hips and one slides down to lift my leg. I feel his cock slide through my folds before he stops at my entrance, he looks so large poised at my opening and with a powerful flex of his hips he drives his cock in hard. The sight of him pushing into me is nearly enough to send me over and becomes even more exciting when he pulls back, his cock glistening with my juices before he lunges in even harder. He wraps one arm around my belly and holds down tight as he starts fucking in and out of me. I am caught in the powerful and erotic spell he's cast and the equally powerful and erotic reflection, barely recognising myself in the aroused and flushed woman in the mirror with her body open and pleasure stamped on her features. Heat flushes through me and my head rolls back as the pleasure builds and builds. Each thrust pushing me higher and higher as he pounds into me. The need to cum winding tighter and tighter as my pussy clamps down hard around him.

He orders me to watch and it takes a huge effort to lift my head and open my eyes. As my eyes go to where he moves into me I feel him jerk and swell, stretching me even more and I whimper with the urgent need that grips me. "You want to cum my Princess?" His voice a deep rasping rumble in my ear. My reply is a gasped moan, "Yes, please, Master!" I feel him swell again as I call him Master and he starts fucking me even harder, the suck and slap loud in the quiet room. My body tightens even more and his hand moves to my clit and starts to rub. I cry out with the need that swamps me and I feel another flush of liquid heat flood down my thighs. His mouth moves over my neck and finds my most sensitive spot. Sweat drenches me as heat floods me and I start to shake with need. He growls for me to cum. My breath catches on a hitch as I go rigid in his arms and he rubs harder on my clit as he bites down on my neck and sucks hard. I draw in a gasping breath and scream at the force of the orgasm that rips through me. I feel him swell and jerk in deep and hard as he fucks me in short hard thrusts. He growls against my skin and I feel him jet his cum inside me and it pushes my climax on and on, my pussy milking him as he fills me with his cum and I go up in flames.

My body collapses into the chains that are holding my arms and into the grip he has on me as he supports me. He releases my arms then helps me to the bed and lowers me onto it and I lay sprawled on my back in a boneless heap as he sits down next to me and starts massaging the muscles in my shoulders and arms. And as he leans down and kisses me my body comes back to life. In more ways than one I feel like a phoenix rising from the ashes. I am rising from the ashes of my last relationship, free at last from the fears it had left me with and now my need for him sends flames licking through me setting me on fire again. I kiss him back with everything I have and when he lifts his head I whisper, "Thank you, my Master", and am rewarded by seeing the answering flare of fire in his eyes as he says, "Be prepared for a VERY long night, Princess. We are going downstairs later".

Hi everyone. I hope that you enjoy this Scene as it will be my last post for a little while. Surgery next week and then the time it takes to recuperate and start to feel up to writing again. It is hard to think of sexy Scenes when I am in pain. But I will be back as soon as I can be, I do enjoy my writing. Take care and I hope to see you all soon.

Woodyeverready 61M
1187 posts
6/26/2015 9:11 am

Awesome read, Unykorn. Kept me rivetted and turgid. Good luck with your surgery and recovery.

Woodrow J. Evers

unykorn replies on 6/26/2015 1:08 pm:
Thank you sweetie, I'm glad you enjoyed it and I hope it is enough to tide you over until I'm back on deck. Also, Thank you for your well wishes.

myfetish11 57M
216 posts
6/27/2015 1:15 am

You know I like my Princess......

unykorn replies on 6/27/2015 1:45 pm:
Thank you my Master, I like to please you

myfetish11 57M
216 posts
8/24/2015 9:42 am

You will rise Again my Princess....

unykorn replies on 8/24/2015 1:38 pm:
Thank you my Master, I am healing well. I'm just too exhausted to get out of my own way let alone think enough to write

mikeyphoto 63M
1 post
8/29/2015 4:13 am

New to this,, a very nice intro to an exciting chapter of my life,, I would like to think a physical encounter with Unykorn is a strong possibility,,who knows ... You may scream and shudder in my presence one day, as I fill you with a hot load of my juice,, We may both want more,, but that will depend on Our compatibility,, which so far is looking very, very strong.

unykorn replies on 8/29/2015 2:05 pm:
Hello Mikey, Time will tell but we certainly didn't get bored having coffee and I look forward to meeting you again.

myfetish11 57M
216 posts
9/21/2015 9:41 am

Looking forward for some new scenes...My Princess.....

unykorn replies on 9/21/2015 2:28 pm:
I want to get back to writing but I just can't seem to find enough energy to do so

myfetish11 57M
216 posts
9/22/2015 9:25 pm

You will get back...

unykorn replies on 9/22/2015 11:56 pm:
Thank you. I sure hope so. This has been a shit of a year so far

myfetish11 57M
216 posts
9/23/2015 9:13 am

It can only get better then..... and you got your new rings...I dream of them.......\8

unykorn replies on 9/23/2015 2:03 pm:
I'll come good, it's just taking longer than I'd hoped. My new piercings are healing up very nicely, they told me it would be 3 months before they are fully healed though.

myfetish11 57M
216 posts
9/28/2015 8:49 am

I look at the pics you send me, and.......dream.....\8

unykorn replies on 9/28/2015 1:50 pm:
I am glad that you like them They are healing up very quickly now. But I can only dream of someone playing with them

Paulxx001 63M
16780 posts
8/30/2018 9:09 am

Well now . . . That definitely cleared my sinuses !!! Wow ! Yep - that was hot and very , very nice !!!

unykorn replies on 8/30/2018 5:23 pm:
Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it.

passionandlove18 27M
7 posts
12/10/2018 10:40 pm

You are such an amazing writer with what a visual and words combination in writing

unykorn replies on 12/11/2018 2:15 pm:
Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my other scenes as well. Happy reading.

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