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Special Event  

unykorn 61F  
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11/9/2014 3:42 am
Special Event

Please note that this is the third installment that follows on from Resurrection and Moving Day Surprise Although it can be read as a stand alone Scene.

Nerves prickled along my skin and fluttered in my belly. Today is the test of the hard work I've been putting in for the past few months. Months dedicated to learning as much as possible about the running of The Castle and getting to know all the staff and the regular guests who attend our "Special" weekends and holidays. A month spent learning my new job as Events Coordinator and general Liaison. Today is the closing of The Castle to the public and the welcoming of our "Private" guests for one of our Special weekends. I had been amazed at the public response to our themed Castle Resort. The public love that our staff are all decked out, in moderated and modest versions, as slaves {cleaners, bellboys, waiters etc} and Master/Mistresses {the heads of each area and supervisors etc}. They think it just a theme to go with the image of The Castle. What they don't know is that it isn't just a theme. Every member of our staff are Dom/Domme or subs in real life. I had found it fun to watch the slave cleaning the rooms turn into the Mistress of the receptionist and the Cleaner's Supervisor turn into a sub for one of the waiters and the Head Chef, terror of the kitchen, turn into a pussy cat of sub for the gardener, once work hours were finished and they were free to be themselves. I was amazed that it works but it does and the staff love it, and so do I.

The last of the mundane guests have left and the staff, along with me, are all hustling to get changed into their real life D/s gear. The staff are going to be on duty but also free to join in if and where they want to, so long as their duties are still done, they take turns relieving each other of duties so they all have rotated time to play. Employees all wear The Castle's collar, if the collar is on then they are working and not free, if the collar is off then they are available if they wish to be. Funny how all the staff volunteer for these weekends and we are never short handed. I do up the last buckle on the harness that Sir left out for me, check myself out in the mirror and can't help fingering the gorgeous collar that graces my neck. I still can't believe that it is real and how much my life has changed in the past few months or how unbelievably happy I am. I also touch the matching cuff on my wrist, it had been on my ankle but because I wear boots so often Sir had moved it to my wrist, he wants everyone to know who I belong to at all times and the emblem of the Castle is emblazoned on both the collar and cuff. They never come off, in fact they are locked in place, needing a key to open them. Happy that everything is done up and sitting properly I head out to do a last check before the influx of guests begins. The dungeon is unlocked, the door open and all equipment ready. The bathrooms well stocked with towels and toiletries. The banquet hall set up and ready, tables set and kneeling pads behind the chairs with spares along the walls. Various leisure areas have music playing with everything from classical to heavy metal. The staff all changed and geared up for the opening night party.

I check the clock and hustle to the office where I get waved at and told to go straight in. They are both in there and I go to my knees in presentation as I wait for them to finish their discussion and acknowledge me. Together they turn to me and walk around me and Master approves the outfit that Sir has chosen for the night. His phone buzzes and the notice of the first arrivals comes through. He holds his hand down to me and tells me to stand and to take a seat. I take his hand and rise as gracefully as I can on the spikes I'm wearing and go with them to the lounge area. Then spend the next little while going over all the preparations and checking on last minute changes that had been made. They are pleased with my work and the choices I've made for this weekend. They order me to stand and to spread my legs wide and bend forwards. My breath hitches as I obey their orders and try to relax my muscles. Fingers spread gel around my rear and push in past the ring of tight muscles at the opening. I hiss and pant against the bite of pain that quickly turns to a heat that burns through my body. They quickly stretch me open and a plug is pushed in hard. I cry out as the pain bites hard and whine as it flashes into a wave of heat that has my pussy leaking and my clit throbbing. As my pussy goes liquid a clamp with a dangling crystal is attached to my clit. They order me upright and I groan as the plug shifts inside me and the crystal swings, my muscles clamping painfully tight around the plug and the weight pulls on my clit. Heated need floods through me and a burning ball settles into my womb as my nipples go hard and pointed as matching clamps are fixed to them as well, the weights hand down and swing freely and fine chains run from the tops of the clamps and are attached to my collar so that every jiggle will cause them to be tugged in both directions. They stand back and admire their handiwork and I jump when the plug starts to vibrate and only just manage to bite back the groan that tries to claw its way out of my throat. I know this game and know how desperate they can make me with hours of torment. With a chuckle they turn the vibe off and tell me to go do my rounds and that they will see me after they have changed.

A quick walk through shows me that everyone is ready and that the guests are starting to wander into the various leisure areas where finger foods have been set out and are already getting into the mood of the weekend. I greet those that hail me but don't stop too long as I need to check the kitchen as well. As I pass down the service passage a hand grabs me from behind. I turn and see the one person I was hoping wouldn't turn up. I don't like this Dom or the way he makes me feel. I ask if I can help him and he orders me to my knees. I straighten my spine and twist my arm out of his grasp and remind him that I am not free for him to order around. He gives a nasty chuckle and says that it will be his pleasure to teach me manners when he has me under him. I step back and say that won't happen and he grabs for me again but I am saved from him when one of the wait staff comes out of the kitchen bearing a platter of food and asks if everything is okay. I glare at the Dom and tell him it is fine as I duck through the door and into the kitchen. This Dom is a business acquaintance of my Master's and I have tried to discourage his attention as much as I can, without having to resort to either Sir or Master about it. But regardless of what I say or do he is becoming more aggressive in his attempts to manoeuvre me into his power and he is always sneaky enough to do it where my Master and Sir never see it. He makes my skin crawl and the thought of him having any power over me fills me with dread. I shake my head and focus on the kitchen. Chef is in fine form as he orders his underlings around, and it is funny to see them in fully dressed in their kitchen uniforms when everyone else is in their BDSM gear, but safety and hygiene rule in here. My mouth waters at the wonderful aromas and my tummy rumbles loudly, reminding me that I didn't have lunch today.

Happy that all is well and on time I head back out and am relieved that the Dom is not lingering out there. I head back towards the leisure areas and see Sir talking to the dreaded Dom. I hang back and wait, catching Sir's eyes and holding my finger to my lips and shaking my head so he doesn't call me over. He gives me a quizzical look but knows I wouldn't do something like that without a damned good reason. He sends the Dom off and heads towards me and I step around the corner and wait for him to reach me. His opening sentence sends chills down my spine, the Dom had just been asking for a session with me and I feel every bit of blood leave my face. He grabs me and pulls me close and asks what the problem is and if I'm okay. I drag in some deep breaths and bite my lip as I look at the floor. He grabs my chin and lifts my head up, his concern at my distress becoming obvious. He gives me a shake and reminds me that our bond relies on trust and truth between the three of us. So I draw in a shaky breath and tell him about what this Dom has been doing whenever He and Master aren't there to see it and how he makes me feel scared to be near him and terrified to be a sub under him. His face becomes closed and goes dark with rage as I talk, he demands to know why I haven't told them of this behaviour before now. I feel stupid as I explain that I know he is a business associate and I didn't want to cause trouble. He pulls me close and tells me not to worry as he hugs me tight and I am reassured that that particular Dom won't be allowed to touch me and he leads me into the leisure areas.

The gong rings signalling that the banquet is ready and I follow Master and Sir into the hall and stand behind them until they sit, then kneel on my cushion that is between but slightly behind them. Master on my right, Sir on my left. With each course they feed me bits and pieces of everything that is put before them and the food is wonderful, Chef has outdone himself. They talk together but because of the noise I can't hear them, I only notice that Master becomes very still and tense, never a good sign. Then he takes a deep breath and relaxes but when he offers me the next morsel of food I notice the set quality on his face and I swallow hard before I open my mouth to accept his offering. The meal winds down and the dessert and coffee is served and I smile when I see Chef has included my favourite cheese cake in the offerings. I accept the forkful that Sir offers me and I jump when the plug springs to life in my rear. They both chuckle as I struggle to eat without choking as my body reacts instantly to the stimulus. They stand, signalling that the banquet is finished and people are free to leave or linger if they wish. They signal me to follow as they head out and down to one of the music rooms. I struggle to walk properly as the plug changes vibration and keeps me off balance. They order me to kneel and Sir undoes his zip with one hand and pulls my head back with the other, I lick my lips as he rubs his cock over my lips and orders me to suck him. I moan with pleasure as I take him in sucking hard and playing my tongue over him as he starts to fuck deep into my mouth and down my throat. I close my eyes and give myself over to giving him the pleasure he wants and the taking the pleasure that it gives me to service him. I groan when he pulls away without cuming and lick my lips to get every last drop of his taste. I open my eyes and go tense when I see that Dom watching me. Master's hand runs over my head and he lifts my chin until my eyes meet his and I see the knowledge there and I relax. He knows.

People start to drift downstairs to the Dungeon and after spending enough time greeting those who want to chat we go down as well. Neither Master or Sir gets fully involved in any of the Scenes nor do they create one of their own with me. They tease me with the vibe in the plug and tug on the chains attached to my clamps, even have me suck them but they don't cum. The night wears on and everyone seems to be enjoying their play as they move in and out of the different areas, upstairs then back downstairs. I ask to go to the loo and make my way down to the private suite when given leave. I welcome the relative quiet when I unlock the door and go inside. I am happy because the night has been a success but I'm anxious because Master and Sir haven't played. I do what I need to do and go to head back out. But when I walk out the door I am grabbed and pushed into a corner. I start to panic when I realise it is Him and struggle to get away as he tries to force me to my knees and I draw a breath to scream. Before I can he is pulled away from me and I see Master and Sir haul him around and towards the middle of the Dungeon. I scramble to my feet and follow them. Quiet falls as people realise that something else is going on and Master signals for a couple of Supervisors to come in and take hold of the Dom. He steps away and holds his hand out to me and pulls me in and holds me close as he starts to talk and Sir does the same from the other side of me. I am safely tucked between them as Master lays out the Dom's transgressions and that he is now banned from ever setting foot on the premises again and how anybody who ever mistreats a sub or manhandles someone elses sub will find themselves receiving the same treatment. Instant banishment and forever banned. How The Castle is and always will be a safe place for subs both claimed and unclaimed. The Dom was marched, kicking and cursing, to his room to collect his things then he was escorted off the property. His name and photo posted in the guard house at the gate and to be flagged in the computers. The other Dom's and Mistresses all nodding approval and acquiesce to Master's declaration. I was surprised to note the smiles on the faces of a number of subs as he was lead out. I made note of each one so I could talk to them during the weekend, but I was sure I'd find he had done the same or worse to them as well.

Play resumed again, with a much lighter air about it. When the supervisors came back and reported that the Dom was gone Master lead us both to the private wing of The Castle and into our own rooms. They gently stripped my harness off me and removed the clamps and plug. They eased me into the middle of the bed and started making love to me. Demanding touches and seductive kisses as they worked my body into a frenzy of need. They cradled me between them, Master lifted my leg over his thigh as his cock pushed into my pussy and Sir squirted gel inside my rear then fought his way in past my tightness. I cried out as the pleasure/pain flashed hot and hard through me then they started to move. Slowly at first one driving in as the other pulled out and gradually harder and faster. My hands roamed where they could reach and I kissed and licked at Master when I had the chance. Sir's hands framed my breasts and plucked at my nipples as Master's hand pulled my leg up high opening me further for him. My need ramped high and I moaned as my pussy squirted hard as they fucked harder and harder. "Cum for us Princess." Master ordered and my body bowed tight as they forged into me. My orgasm brewed hard and fast then broke as I screamed my pleasure. Together they plunged in hard and I felt them swell before they fucked into me with hard jerks as the came. They pushed in hard and stayed there, none of us were wanting to move and break our connection. Master lifted my chin and kissed me. "Never keep something like that from us again!" He demanded, his voice gruff. "He could have seriously hurt you if we hadn't been watching him. I never liked, or trusted the of a bitch but he never crossed any lines that I could see but judging from some of the faces tonight he has. So promise us here and now that you will tell us if you EVER have suspicions about someone again!"

I told them my thoughts about starting a group for all the subs so that they always had someone they could reach out to if they needed help or advice and they both endorsed the idea. I promised I'd never hold back on them again and with sighs of relief they started to move again.

neilcoates 44M
1417 posts
11/9/2014 3:47 am

Mmm that was nice

unykorn replies on 11/9/2014 4:10 am:
Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

seasidelife2013 63M
1635 posts
11/9/2014 9:37 pm

another fabulous scene.. thank you unykorn

unykorn replies on 11/10/2014 12:51 am:
Thank you kind Sir lol

rm_hunterswift2 107M
1147 posts
11/9/2014 10:32 pm

Wow, the castle sounds like a place I would like to visit, as a private guest.
Great read, reminds me of the Gorean saga, love the way you put it in the personal perspective, would like to hear some details about the dress of a few of the guests and some activities you might see across the room.
Glad to see a harmful guest banned from the premises.
Good job, keep it going.

unykorn replies on 11/10/2014 12:53 am:
Thank you, I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I often do put in far more details but I have to cut them short if the Scene is getting too long. If you read through some of my other Scenes then you'll find plenty that go into further details on different areas, dress etc.

nicco100 52M
164 posts
11/12/2014 2:12 pm

All I can say is fantastic.

unykorn replies on 11/12/2014 7:28 pm:
Thank you for commenting and for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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