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Hi everyone and most posts contain elements of BDSM and menage. I hope you enjoy reading them. I would love to hear your feed back on them, positive or negative, all comments are welcomed and appreciated, so don't be shy. I am happy to answer questions, most of the time I write the scenes, they are my creations and as such I reserve all rights to them. They are a combination of my experiences and a bit of embellishment where needed.
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Welcome to my Blog
Posted:Jun 14, 2014 2:42 pm
Last Updated:Sep 5, 2019 12:45 am

Hello and welcome to my blog. Some information for those who are new. If you are a Standard Member you will have found that you can't people or view much of their profiles. What you may not realise is that you CAN comment on blogs, photos, statuses and in the Magazine etc. So please feel free to comment on any of my blog posts. If you want to make a comment or leave a that doesn't pertain to any of my posts then please leave those comments on this thread.

Please note that I am extremely unlikely to make first with anyone, no matter how many times you check my profile or flirt with me. Therefore, it is up to you to me, either on here or via email. I'd say I don't bite but that would be a fib. I do bite, but I promise, you'd love it

Do be aware of my preferences, I'm only interested in men over 50 and will only meet with men who actually live within 20 minutes driving distance of me. I am looking for an ongoing NSA/FWB arrangement. I won't discount the possibility of a full time relationship but I'm not actively looking for one.

Comments can be kept private if you wish.

If you enjoy what you read then become a Watcher to keep up with new Scenes as I post them.
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Dark Desires
Posted:Jul 20, 2016 1:11 am
Last Updated:Dec 11, 2018 2:11 pm

Dark desires burning bright
Under flaming candlelight
Unfulfilled dreams may be
Needs as deep as the raging sea

Dream lover come to me
With ropes and whips to bind and play
Broken chains of love to drive away

Darkest desires brought to life
Submitting to the greatest need
That were Mastered in iniquity

Submissive to His Dominance
As he lights the way
Joins me in
My dark despair

Sparks the passion
lights the flame
Till we burn bright
In mornings light

Dark desires burned all night
Till like moths wings guttered
We fade away
No more to blaze
As we die away
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Phoenix Rising
Posted:Jun 25, 2015 9:29 pm
Last Updated:Dec 17, 2019 3:05 pm

My body is on fire, making me antsy and I shift in my chair as my pussy aches and goes wet. I have been fighting myself, my needs and avoiding the one person who I know can sate all of me. Trying to deny my attraction to the new Dom who has been at The House. The pull is hot and strong and he can play my body until I am mindless putty and a begging, pleading mass of need, keeping me on the edge until he is ready to send me flying. No! I shake my head to clear my thoughts as I wrench my mind away and try, for the hundredth time to read the document in front of me and rub at my tired eyes as I glance at the clock. I pull myself together and put all my concentration on reading this last document for the day so I can sign it and go home, nothing else is urgent and I've had enough for the day. A half hour later I scrawl my signature across the last page and sit back rubbing at the headache that now bands my head. I clear off the computer, shut it down, grab my bag and the document before heading to the door. I hand the paperwork off to my assistant and tell her to copy it and get it to the courier then she, too, can go home early.

I sigh as the elevator opens and step gratefully into the empty car and the doors start to slide shut. A hand slaps against the door and I suppress a groan when I see who it belongs to and I fight to conceal my reaction to the man who steps in. The doors slide closed and I suddenly feel trapped, all the air seems to evaporate as his eyes lock on mine. My body has gone into instant awareness and I swallow as I try to ignore it. "Will you be there tonight? Or are you going to keep avoiding me? You know avoidance won't work." His deep voice slides over me like a caress as he backs me into the corner and a long fingered hand cups my chin when I try to look away. His voice dropped to a husky growl and he asked, "Why deny something that is so good?" And I fail to suppress the shudder of awareness that rocks me from head to foot. I had been shocked when I realised that the head of the security firm that had been contracted to upgrade the building's security was the man who had started to monopolize my body and mind at The House. I think that he had been as surprised at seeing me as I'd been at seeing him, but he hadn't wasted any time in taking advantage of the situation.

The intensity of our connection was overwhelming and my own reactions to Him even scared me at times, he knew, of course he knew and he always eased me through it and spent the time afterwards to nurse me down. There was no faulting his intuitive knowledge of my body and what was happening with me, nor did he ever shirk in his aftercare. The but, for me, was how fast and deep the connection was forming. Too soon, way too soon, after my split from my previous Dom who left a bad experience in his wake, He knew that too. He'd actually just joined The House when my Dom went too far one night, he'd witnessed the Scene that had the Dungeon Master stepping in and stopping what was happening when my safe word had been ignored, more than once, and the Dom had been put on the banned list. It had been the care and concern of the Dungeon Master that had given me the confidence to return to The House a few months later, knowing that everybody's safety was their number one concern. The Dungeon Master had stayed in touch, making sure I was all right and talking me through the whole thing. It had been the DM who had recommended the Dom in front of me from the Doms that had asked about me when I had returned. I trusted the DM and knew he wouldn't recommend a Dom he wasn't sure of, specially not after what had happened, and he assured me that he'd known this Dom for many years even though he was new to The House. What none of us had anticipated was the wildfire that sprang to life as He started working with me, patiently, starting slow and easy, letting me gain confidence again. But every time we came together the attraction grew and the magnetism became stronger until I all but vibrated with the force of it. I scared myself with the knowledge that I would give him anything he wanted, that he could push me past any limit he wanted to and I wasn't ready to trust any man to that extent. No. I took a deep breath. I had to be honest, I didn't trust myself to that extent. He'd never done anything to make me doubt His ability to treat me right and to know what he was doing. He'd been incredibly patient working me through the things I'd baulked at. Banking back His very Dominant nature at times when he saw it bothered me during a Scene, was too much for me. No, it wasn't Him I didn't trust, it was me and my ability to give Him what he demanded of me, to fully submit myself to Him, to anybody, again. But I couldn't stop myself from craving Him and what he did to me.

The lift gave a small jolt as it came to a stop and pulled me out of my thoughts and my eyes were still glued to His as the ding announced the opening of the doors. He stepped out, drawing me with him then pushed me up against the wall of the parking garage. I swallowed as he stepped in close, his body hard against mine as his head lowered. His lips brushed against my ear and neck as he murmured, "You aren't in this alone. You aren't the only one who is affected by this. I'm not him! I would never hurt you! Push you, yes! But I'd never hurt you. You should have some faith and trust in me by now."

My head jerked back in shock and I banged it against the wall. Immediately he stepped back and his hand came up to cradle my head. I felt my eyes go wide with panic and I stammered, "I... I... It's not.. It's not that I don't trust you." I gulped a breath and puffed it out, I couldn't let this man, this wonderful strong Dom, think that I still didn't trust him. I swallowed hard and sucked in another breath, "It's not you I don't trust... It's me. I don't trust myself or my judgement after... after..." His thumb brushed across my lips as I stuttered and he told me to hush.

I watched his face turn harder as he stepped back, the full strength of the Dom coming to the fore as his bearing changed. There was no denying the command in his voice as he issued his order, "Be there tonight. By 9." He didn't wait for my reply as he turned and disappeared into the stair well, pulling his phone out of his pocket and I heard his voice snapping out at whoever was on the other end as the door swung closed behind him. I swallowed again as adrenaline surged through me, and forced my now shaking legs to take me to my car. Something had just changed, something powerful. I sat in my car until my shaking stopped and wondered what it meant. With a shake of my head I pushed it aside and set about getting myself home. All the while wondering what would happen if I didn't go tonight. What would happen if I did. Somehow I got the feeling that if I didn't go tonight then it would be over, that he'd walk away. I wasn't prepared for the effect that thought had on me, the blind panic that flooded me and had me shaking again. I pulled into my garage and let myself into the house. My brain spinning with implications and possibilities. I poured myself a glass of wine and started running a bath.

I had hours before I needed to get ready and I desperately needed to get a handle on myself. I stripped off and climbed into the steaming water and settled back with my wine as I let my brain wander over every time I'd been with Him. Remembered every touch, every command, every Scene. Putting my reactions and actions under a microscope. Taking me from the mess I'd been at our first several sessions. His patient but firm handling of my reactions that let me know I was safe as he eased me through them then pushed me past them to the reactions He wanted. His holding me as I shook like a leaf in a hurricane after some of the Scenes that had been hardest for me, the ones that had led immediately up to the bad one. He had led me through them all {all except the last one itself}, steadied me and pushed me until He'd worked me through them from start to finish. Until I no longer freaked out about doing them, trusting Him to see me through. He had more than earned my respect and my trust. And as I went through it all I realised that I had been holding back the thing he deserved the most. He'd more than earned my submission, my full submission, but I'd been holding it back. Only giving what I had to to get by. With a shuddering sigh I knew what I had to do. I finished my wine and climbed out of the bath. Time to get something to eat, I was going to need the energy for tonight, even though my stomach was twisting with nerves.

At 8:30 I climbed out of the taxi and headed into The House. I greeted the slave on the door and he smiled at me and murmured, "He's already here and seems to have a hair up his arse." I nodded my acknowledgement, thanked him for the heads up, and hurried to the subs locker room to strip out of my street clothes and into the harness I'd chosen for the night. He'll know what it means when he sees it. I can only hope that I can follow through with it. Specially seeing I was wearing it in the public rooms for all to see. They would all know the significance of it. I headed out of the locker room and before I hit the stairs the DM stopped me. His eyes concerned as he looked me over, "Are you sure about this?" He rumbled. "You've been avoiding him the past few weeks, or are you planning on doing this with someone else?"

I heard the censure in his voice and hurried to reassure him. "No Sir! Nobody else. And yes, I'm sure." I prayed my voice sounded as sure as I wanted it to be.

His hand came down on my shoulder and gave me a squeeze, "He knows exactly what he is doing and He will look after you." His assurance helped to settle my nerves.

He started to move away but I stopped him this time. "Thank you, Sir. Thank you for seeing me through the bad stuff and giving me the courage to come back here. But most of all, Thank You for recommending Him to me. I don't know if any other Dom could have gotten me to this point."

"You're welcome Little One. We couldn't have one of our most popular subs scared off now could we. Even if you are no long available to others." He winked at me as he continued on his way and I laughed at his pet name for all the female subs. Nobody in their right mind could ever call me "Little One". Nor did I know about his claim to me being popular or my availability. I'd never been short of offers from Doms. But the only Dom I am interested in hasn't put a collar on me, claimed me as His. But then I've never fully submitted to Him either and I prayed that I had the courage to do that now. With a deep breath I steeled myself and continued down the stairs.

I walked through the reception area and headed for the dungeon, scanning the room for him as I went. I spotted him talking with another Dom and knew the second he saw me. He straightened, His bearing changing from relaxed to tensed as he took in what I was wearing. Something that I hadn't worn since that night. I saw his eyes flash before he resumed his conversation, never taking his eyes off me as I crossed the room. I dropped my eyes as I neared and went to my knees, legs spread wide, hands resting palm up on my thighs, back straight and my eyes on the floor between his feet. He talked for a few more minutes then ordered me to my feet, I stood as he said his goodbyes and followed as he started walking away. I was surprised when instead of going downstairs he led me back up to the next floor and into a private room. Then he stunned me by ordering me to strip off the harness as soon as the door was shut, then told me to be in presentation when he got back, his voice a harsh crack that made me jump. Confused and with trembling hands I rushed to undo buckles and strip the harness off then drew a deep breath as I went to my knees in the middle of the room. Facing the door I spread my knees wide, settled on my heels, placed my hands palm up on my thighs and bowed my head slightly and fixed my eyes to the floor. With each movement I took a deep breath and released it before making the next one, using the movements and breathing to settle myself, all the while wondering what it was about.

He returned several minutes later and shut the privacy curtains across the viewing windows. I don't know if anybody had been behind the windows but we were closed in now except for the camera that led directly to the security room. All private rooms were monitored just as thoroughly as the areas downstairs were but the only people who would ever see would be the DM and his staff. He moved around the room and I heard things being pulled out of draws and arranged as he wanted them. He came to stand in front of me and I heard his zip go down and one of his hands in my hair pulled my head back as he ordered me to put my hands behind my back and to suck him. My hands moved behind me as I opened my mouth and took him in eagerly as he started to thrust in and out of my mouth, my lips and tongue moving over him as I suckled on him. He moved deeper until he pulled my head back even further and ordered me to take all of him as he pushed down my throat. My nostrils flared as I fought the gag reflex and worked to relax my throat as much as I could and he pushed all the way in then held himself there. My throat closed around him and I swallowed reflexively, my tongue rubbing along his length and I sucked hard on him. With a jerk he pulled back then started fucking into my mouth and throat as I worked to please him. I felt him harden even more and pre-cum flooded my mouth and I hummed my pleasure as his taste rolled through me and I swallowed it. I heard him grunt and he started moving harder and faster, pushing down my throat with each thrust until his cock jerked hard and his cum spurted hot and hard into my mouth and down my throat. I worked hard to keep up with the spurts until he finished then sucked gently to clean him as he pulled out, lashing my tongue across his head as it moved past my lips. His eyes were on my mouth as I licked my lips, chasing every last speck of his taste. And as his eyes moved down my body I knew what he'd see, my nipples beaded into hard nubs and my thighs slick with moisture, the evidence of how much I wanted him and how open my body was to him. How much I craved him.

His hand moved from my hair to my neck and my eyes locked onto his. "You came to me wearing a harness. A harness that has a collar. Yet you swore you'd never wear a collar again, even if it was only part of costume. Why wear one now?" His voice was an intense, husky rasp with an undertone I'd never heard before. I swallowed hard and breathed deep before I answered, "I realised I wasn't being fair to you, after all you've helped me through. I know I've held back more than I should have and I wanted to show you that I'm not going to do that any more. That I'm not going to hold myself back from you or even from myself any more. That I am going to give you everything I can. That I am fully opening myself to you." My words tumbled over themselves and ground to a halt when his fingers tightened a fraction before he let my neck go with his thumb tracing over my pulse point then moved away.

"I'd given up hope that you would get to this point." His eyes bored into mine as he reached behind his back and came back with a brand new collar in his hand. "Do you mean what you say? Will you accept my collar, accept me as your Master?" I felt my eyes go wide, I had hoped he'd want to lay claim to formally being Sir. I never dreamt that he'd want the claim of Master. I swallowed and tried to wet my mouth that had gone suddenly dry with nerves and, with my eyes still glued to his, I felt the smile form on my lips and heard myself answer, "Yes! I would be honoured to call you My Master." He kept the eye contact as he stepped closer and fastened the collar around my neck. To my surprise the slight weight of it felt like coming home as it settled into place and he locked it, with no sign of the panic that I was half dreading.

He bid me to stand and moved me to a freestanding frame and anchored my arms to the top corners and angled the frame to face the wall mirror straight on so I could see myself. See the slightly dazed look on my face and the collar that now graced my neck and the slight smile that kicked the corners of my mouth. He moved behind me and started touching me. I watched as he ran his fingers over me in feather light touches that sent sparks of awareness zipping through my body. Racing from my up stretched arms and winding their way down. My breath hitched as the strokes moved down and over my collar, stroking the skin all the way around it then flicked over the pulse point in my neck. I watch as strong hands moved down over my breasts pinching and plucking at the taut peaks, sending streaks of fire burning through me and spilling hot fluid from my pussy to my thighs. Slowly they move down over my body tracing lazy trails as they touch every inch of skin. Skim lightly past my throbbing centre and down my thighs and legs. Then ran his hands up the back of my body until he was again running his fingers around the collar. His voice a deep burr as he murmured, "I like the way my collar looks on you. Every bit as good as I imagined it."

I watched as he leaned down and his lips replaced his fingers, his tongue running along my pulse point, his teeth nipping at it as he rubbed his cock between my butt cheeks. With a whimper I pushed back onto him, his cock hot and hard between us and I jerked when his hand landed hard on my rear in a stinging slap as he growled "No" at me. Then continued moving his lips over my neck and down my shoulder as he moved around to my front. I was mesmerized by the reflection of him bending over me, the muscles in his back flexing as he kissed and licked his way down to my breasts. Slowly teasing as he tasted and nibbled his way to my nipple. A hot wet tongue swiped over a tightly beaded bud and I moaned with the surge of pure sensation and need that shot straight to my womb and clit and sent more scalding moisture rushing out to coat my pussy and run down my thighs when he nipped at me. Fingers followed the tongue, lightly grazing the turgid peaks and sending me writhing for a firmer touch and earning me another slap with the growled order to stay still. The tongue moved to my other nipple, one quick soft swipe before he suckled hard and bit down as the fingers of his spare hand moved down over my mound and spread the moisture between my legs. Every touch, every lick so soft it's barely there as they move over me and my body is roused to a fever pitch of need as I fight to stay still. Every inch of skin is caressed and licked as he follows the path his hands had taken earlier. My body is throbbing with the need he is building inside me.

He moves behind me again and licks his way up my thighs and uses his shoulders to spread my legs further apart before he stands. Fingers delve between my drenched folds then one hand pinches the lower part of my labia together and a finger from his other hand slides into the tight pocket and teases my pussy before plunging in deep. My body arches and I moan as he fucks in and out of me, sliding his finger deep into me then back out and teases around my clit. My gaze is riveted to the sight of him plastered against my back, his arms around me as he plays me and his own eyes watching the mirror as he rubs his cock into my arse. His hands move to my hips and one slides down to lift my leg. I feel his cock slide through my folds before he stops at my entrance, he looks so large poised at my opening and with a powerful flex of his hips he drives his cock in hard. The sight of him pushing into me is nearly enough to send me over and becomes even more exciting when he pulls back, his cock glistening with my juices before he lunges in even harder. He wraps one arm around my belly and holds down tight as he starts fucking in and out of me. I am caught in the powerful and erotic spell he's cast and the equally powerful and erotic reflection, barely recognising myself in the aroused and flushed woman in the mirror with her body open and pleasure stamped on her features. Heat flushes through me and my head rolls back as the pleasure builds and builds. Each thrust pushing me higher and higher as he pounds into me. The need to cum winding tighter and tighter as my pussy clamps down hard around him.

He orders me to watch and it takes a huge effort to lift my head and open my eyes. As my eyes go to where he moves into me I feel him jerk and swell, stretching me even more and I whimper with the urgent need that grips me. "You want to cum my Princess?" His voice a deep rasping rumble in my ear. My reply is a gasped moan, "Yes, please, Master!" I feel him swell again as I call him Master and he starts fucking me even harder, the suck and slap loud in the quiet room. My body tightens even more and his hand moves to my clit and starts to rub. I cry out with the need that swamps me and I feel another flush of liquid heat flood down my thighs. His mouth moves over my neck and finds my most sensitive spot. Sweat drenches me as heat floods me and I start to shake with need. He growls for me to cum. My breath catches on a hitch as I go rigid in his arms and he rubs harder on my clit as he bites down on my neck and sucks hard. I draw in a gasping breath and scream at the force of the orgasm that rips through me. I feel him swell and jerk in deep and hard as he fucks me in short hard thrusts. He growls against my skin and I feel him jet his cum inside me and it pushes my climax on and on, my pussy milking him as he fills me with his cum and I go up in flames.

My body collapses into the chains that are holding my arms and into the grip he has on me as he supports me. He releases my arms then helps me to the bed and lowers me onto it and I lay sprawled on my back in a boneless heap as he sits down next to me and starts massaging the muscles in my shoulders and arms. And as he leans down and kisses me my body comes back to life. In more ways than one I feel like a phoenix rising from the ashes. I am rising from the ashes of my last relationship, free at last from the fears it had left me with and now my need for him sends flames licking through me setting me on fire again. I kiss him back with everything I have and when he lifts his head I whisper, "Thank you, my Master", and am rewarded by seeing the answering flare of fire in his eyes as he says, "Be prepared for a VERY long night, Princess. We are going downstairs later".

Hi everyone. I hope that you enjoy this Scene as it will be my last post for a little while. Surgery next week and then the time it takes to recuperate and start to feel up to writing again. It is hard to think of sexy Scenes when I am in pain. But I will be back as soon as I can be, I do enjoy my writing. Take care and I hope to see you all soon.
Short and Sweet
Posted:May 15, 2015 1:35 am
Last Updated:May 30, 2015 1:20 pm

Dark, brooding and incredibly intense eyes capture my gaze as I look around the room. I am caught, mesmerized, as I watch flames flicker to life in their depths. Even darker hair falls in unruly waves that frame the face as my gaze flickers over him, snags on the firm but full lips, the strong cheek and jaw bones then zips back to those magnetic eyes and I feel my own eyes widen in appreciation. The face is compelling and the air surrounding him seems to snap with command. I watch in surprise as he starts to move towards me only to stop and hold his hand out to me. Without conscious thought I find myself moving towards him, drawn by a pull I can't deny. My hand rises to take his before I lower my gaze, breaking the eye contact for the first time, and flow down to my knees and present myself at his feet. He murmurs my name and lifts my chin and rubs his thumb across my lips. I swallow hard as I resist the urge to open my mouth and suck it in and a tremor runs through me with the effort it takes. His praise of "Good Girl" sends a wash of pleasure through my already aroused body. He tugs on the hand he has retained hold of and tells me to rise before pulling me close and leading us into a dance to the music that is playing softly in the background. His command of the dance is as smooth and assured as it is with everything else he does and as the music changes pace and style he leads us through it without missing a beat. Every movement heightens my awareness, and the need, as my naked body rubs against his clothes and the hard muscles beneath them. I follow his lead and gasp every time he pulls me close enough that my mons and clit rub against the leg he wedges between my thighs and I feel the evidence of his own arousal as it brushes against me.

A hand moves down over my body, flicking over my nipples and squeezing the hard peaks before moving down to play between my legs. I moan when his fingers slide through the moisture that is coating me and rubs over my clit and drives me into a frenzy of need. He pulls his hand away and puts his fingers into his own mouth and sucks them clean, his nostrils flare and his eyes blaze with heat. He spins me around so my back is to him and gives me a terse order to spread my legs and bend forward. I hear his zip go down and before I can draw breath he is slamming into me, his fingers digging hard into my hips holding me tight. I cry out at the stretch and burn that turns into scalding heat. I brace my hands on my knees and regain my balance as he widens my stance and starts to fuck into me hard and fast. He reaches a hand around and starts to rub my clit in time with his thrusts. My climax builds fast and wild and I start panting with the effort to hold it back, every inch of me tensing with force of it. His terse command to "Hold on to it" lets me know he is aware of how close I am. I whine with the effort that makes me start to tremble. I feel his cock jerk hard and swell even bigger and the extra stretch nearly pushes me over. I hear him grunt and he changes the angle, the thick head rubbing over that most sensitive spot and he swells again. I start to keen and the tremble turns into hard shudders as my control is pushed past its limits. He pinches and pulls on my clit and orders me to "Cum, cum now!" My body bows tight, every muscle clamps down like a vice and as the head of his cock drags over that spot my body flys apart in convulsive waves. I feel him ram in as far as he can go and starts to jerk into me in short hard thrusts as he pumps himself into me. My legs turn to rubber and he lowers us to the floor, keeping my hips pinned to him and his cock still deep inside me. He blankets himself over my back and my breath hisses out as I take his weight. He nuzzles into the curve of my neck then bites me, hard enough to leave a mark. A smile blooms across my face and I sigh in contentment as he rolls us and scoops me close.

Hi everyone, It has been a while but I'm afraid I'm still not well and still waiting for that pesky op I have to have. Things are starting to move though, I am scheduled next week for a diagnostic procedure that needs to be done first, even though we already know the op has to be done. Specialists, go figure. This Scene is only a short one but I hope that you enjoy it anyway. Thank you for sticking with me during my hiatus and I hope that I can get back to normal once I've started to recover from everything. Hugs, Unykorn
Summer Rain
Posted:Mar 1, 2015 4:43 am
Last Updated:Dec 30, 2016 2:18 pm

Heat ripples and rises from the ground in shimmering sheets of haze. The air is stifling in its stillness, the sky a washed out expanse of pale blue that looks as hard and dry as the land I stand on. I am standing on the side of my new dam. Or at least it will be if it ever rains again. The work is nearly finished and the dam will be the largest and deepest on the property, and is big enough to call a lake. The one that will supply the stables and yards with water. I swipe sweat off my face before I bend back to help finish setting up the pump and lines. I work alongside the men until the heat gets too much and I call for a break, we have been working since first light at 4am, the men don't grumble about delays as we troop to what little shade there is. Talk is of the drought we've been suffering through and of the storms and rain that have been predicted for later in the week and that the dam will be all ready to catch whatever water manages to make it into the catchment area.

The far away grumble of a large motor reaches us through the still air and we turn to look in the direction it is coming from. A plume of dust tracks the progress of the 4X4 as it comes closer and I bite back the groan when I recognise the engine notes of my brother's truck and I KNOW that he won't be alone. Against my will my body goes on alert, my nipples bead and moisture floods my sex. I close my eyes and breath deep as I struggle to get my emotions and reaction under control. His best friend seems to have become glued to his side whenever he comes for a visit these days. A friend that I'd rather not have to deal with. A friend that I've always had a thing for, even when I was too young and the age gap a bit too much, there had been an overwhelming attraction that had scared the daylights out of my, untried, teenaged self until I was old enough to understand the attraction. A friend that, after realising that the attraction was mutual, had stopped coming home with my brother and had moved to another city then stayed away for 10 very long years. A friend who several months ago had come back to town and had let me know, in no uncertain terms, that I am his. His intensity and presence had been impressive when he was a young man. Now he was a man in his prime and power rolled off him like the heat rising from the ground. Intense. Driven. Overwhelmingly Alpha male. Now, 10 years later, I recognise a man who is a threat to my hard won peace of mind and my own reactions to him make what I'd felt as a look like a molehill next to a volcano that is rumbling and threatening to erupt.

I watch the cloud of dust bypass the house and barrel towards us. I give the men their orders for the rest of the day and walk towards my own truck, I can use the excuse of my brother taking over so I can escape to the house under the guise of putting a meal on for the team. I climb into the driver's seat and move out, meeting my brother halfway between the house and the dam site. We pull up next to each other and have a quick catch up on the work and what needs to be done before the rains come. All the while his friend's eyes are glued to my face, I may be fooling my brother but I'm not fooling Him. He knows precisely why I'm heading back to the house and His look lets me know that my avoidance won't work forever and His lips twitching when He rakes His gaze downwards lets me know that my body has betrayed me as well. I know that I have to learn to deal with Him and my reaction to Him because He is about to become my closest neighbour. Owning neighbouring properties had been a dream for me and my brother for years. Then this property was put up for sale and a month later the one next to it was posted for sale as well. We hadn't been able to resist buying both parcels, one for each of us, and combining the two into the stud and training facilities that we have dreamed about for most of our lives. We have had both properties for nearly a year now. Then a few weeks ago the property on the other side of mine had gone up for sale. We had talked about putting in a bid for it ourselves but had to admit that our start up was stretched enough already with the work we had underway and planned. Then before I knew anything about it He snapped it up and I was now trying to come to terms with having Him for a neighbour once the sale is finalised. My brother, of course, is rapt with having his best friend so close to hand and all I can think is thank god His house is out of sight of mine and not close enough to walk to.

Wrenching myself back to the present I slow the truck so I'm not stirring up too much dust as I pull up near the house. I climb down and make my way to the laundry and strip out of my filthy clothes then head to the bathroom for a very quick shower, turning the water on and off to save as much of the precious liquid as possible, stopping only long enough along the way to turn the aircon on. If I had to cook in this heat then I wasn't going to cook myself in the process. Feeling cleaner and starting to feel the air cool off I headed into the kitchen to dig out the makings for the braised stew I'd planned for tonight. Despite the heat a hearty meal was a necessity after a hard day of heavy work and part of the deal for the workers is room and board while they are here. I prepare lunch and dinner and my brother provides the beds and breakfast. It gave me a good cut off the quoted price of the work so I don't mind and I quite enjoy cooking when my efforts are appreciated and starving men do appreciate it. I flicked my cd player on and set Loreena Mckennitt to play. I hauled my biggest, cauldron sized, pot onto the oven and added a splash of water and oil to the bottom. Lined up the carrots, capsicums, button mushrooms and onions and started cubing the meat before tossing them in seasoned flour. Then started braising the steak in batches with the onions while I chopped up the carrots and capsicums and building the layers of meat, veggies and whole mushrooms until the meat was all used and topped off with the last of the veggies. I put the lid on the pot and made the thick gravy with the scrapings off the bottom of the frying pan, tomato paste, herbs, flour and red wine, mixing until I was happy with the flavour then emptying it into the pot and giving it a stir before replacing the lid and turning the heat up a bit. All the while I fell into the music that swelled and flowed around me, The Lady of Shalott flowed into Dante's Prayer and I closed my eyes and drifted to the song, singing along: "Then the mountain rose before me, By the deep well of desire, From the fountain of forgiveness, Beyond the ice and fire... Cast your eyes on the ocean, Cast your soul to the sea, When the dark night seems endless, Please remember me...."

"I never forgot you. Not for one instant." My eyes flew open and I spun around, my heart pounding and lodged in my throat as the deep voice rolled over the top of the song. He stood in the doorway to the hall, filling the opening and swamping the room with his presence. His shoulder propped against the frame, one foot crossed in front of the other and thumbs tucked into the belt around his lean hips.

He looked as though he'd been standing there for a while and my answer to him was an acerbic, "Well you fooled me! But what I really want to know is why you bothered coming back after all this time, why now?" He straightened up and prowled towards me, pressing the stop button on the cd player as he went past it. I dumped the fry pan onto the bench and backed away from him, I didn't want him that close to me. I came to a stop when I backed into short bar at the end and started to step sideways between the centre island and the bench but he lunged forward and grabbed my arm, hauling me up short and pulling me against him.

"I didn't have a choice, I had to leave. You know that!" He ground out as he racked his free hand through his hair. "If I had stayed I wouldn't have been able to stop myself, I had no control around you and you were too young and I was too old for you!" His voice dropped to a whisper, "If I had done what I so desperately wanted to do, what I nearly did do, then I would have deserved to have been drawn and quartered. But I couldn't stay away any longer. You aren't too young any more and the age difference isn't so marked now." I shuddered as his hands moved up and down my arms, bites of electric shock following in their wake. Sparking the need inside me that had never gone away.

Memories of the night he was talking about had played out in my mind time and time again over the years. My imagination supplying many different endings to the one that had actually happened. "I wasn't too young, I was nearly 18!" I sputter out the old argument and knew what his reply would be... that he was 8 years older and should have had more control than to give in to the fire that had flared between us. That still did flare between us. Only now I was the one pulling away. He'd hurt me back then, I'd been half naked, under him, bared to him and begging for relief from the needs that tore at me and if my brother calling for him hadn't interrupted us then he would have taken me and the outcome would have been very different. As it was he'd jerked back as if he'd been scalded, callously told me to straighten myself up and taken off, leaving me with a burning, ache deep inside that wouldn't abate. By morning he was gone, no note, no goodbye, no explanation. I heard the laundry door bang and my brother called out as he kicked his boots off. I sneered as I said, "Saved by the bell... Again." He swore a blue streak as he moved to sit at the island.

I move to the sink and clean up the things I'd used while putting the Braise together while my brother tells us there are clouds building on the horizon. Then says that the dam only needs some finishing touches that will be done this afternoon. I raided the fridge for sandwich fillings as I reply to that bit of news. They must have worked double time to finish getting the pipes laid that quickly. That means only cosmetic work to tidy it all up is left to do. I make a huge pile of sandwiches and ensure the urn is full before telling my brother to call the men in for lunch. He heads out and I hear the horn of his truck blare out three long blasts.

His gaze is intense as He watches me pull out mugs and line them up next to the urn with the coffee, tea, milk and sugar but he doesn't talk. I feel as though he is weighing me up and I fidget at the thought of him finding me wanting. I cover my restlessness by hustling to the fridge and pulling out the big glass jug of fruit infused water and filling it to the brim with ice before setting it on the table with the glasses. I hear the rumble of a 4X4 turning into the yard as I set plates on the table and turn to give the stew a stir as the men troop into the kitchen, filling it with the noisy chatter of hope for the clouds to come across and drop their precious bundles of water over the parched earth. Dorothea MacKellar was dead right in her poem "My Country" describing the land of drought and flooding rain, we seem to either have one or the other here. But rain is life on the land and without it livestock die and farmers go broke, a hard life but one that we struggle to keep.

They plough their way through the sandwiches and hurry back out to the dam, wanting to get as much done as possible and all their equipment packed up, just in case. My brother and friend go with them. I walk outside with them to see the clouds for myself but I will stay in the house seeing my brother will be out at the dam. Avoidance, yes... but I also have things to do in and around the house and I use the cleaning to distract my mind from a certain male who is far too sexy for my peace of mind. Between tasks I check on the stew and give it a stir then get busy finishing off the mounds of rising dough I'd set aside that morning. I love making bread, kneading the dough is always soothing. I've made enough dough for 4 loaves of bread and a couple of dozen rolls. I separate the dough for the bread and place the pans into the oven and set the rest of the dough aside for another rising. I will put the rolls on so they will still be hot when dinner is served up. The afternoon slips by as I catch up with all the things that I'd been ignoring while I worked out at the dam. One thing about this heat, one load of washing is dry by the time I go out to hang out the next load. Recycling the water from each load, cleanest things first, clothes I've worn into town followed by sheets & towels, last of all the grotty clothes I've been wearing to work outside in. As I take the last load off the line I watch the clouds creeping closer and a far off rumble of thunder echos in the distance. I cross my fingers that it isn't a dry storm. In fact I don't care about getting a storm at all, I just want it to rain.

Hoisting up the basket of washing I head back to the house and hear the rumble of the trucks coming back, they are early so they must have finished. Now I couldn't wait to see the dam brim full of water and in time I will add a large covered shed with picnic tables out there with a bbq and plant some shade trees around it as well. I'd already had the men put in a little dock and would get a small rowboat, useless I know but I wanted one. I'd even looked at stocking the dam with some fish, but it needed to be full of water first. I dumped the basket into my bedroom and headed back to the kitchen. The men were finished early but the stew was ready and in 20 mins the rolls would be too. The loaves of bread were cooling on racks and I shoved the trays of rolls into the oven and set the timer before setting the table. I heard the laundry door open and the rowdy laughter of the men as they scrubbed up before tromping through the house. I'd established on the first day that dirty boots were to be left outside and hands and faces scrubbed before sitting down. I didn't mind about sweaty bodies or clothes, they couldn't be helped, but clean hands and faces could be. They started coming into the kitchen and I saw my brother pass through into the bar before coming back out with icy cold stubbies. They all guzzled cold water before taking appreciative swigs of the cold beer. They were full of talk of the rain that looked promising and wanting to know if there was any other work around the properties that we wanted done. I'd already decided on using them for any further work I wanted done, they were damned good workers and what they did was quality, with attention to the details. A lot of work ahead for them, we wanted miles and miles of post and rail fencing to be done and I wanted a cross country course built as well as a jumping ring and a covered arena. But getting more fencing done would be first. As well as planting about 20 acres of lucerne as soon as we had some rain.

I dished the stew into serving bowls and set them out on the table, along with the bowls of veggies I'd prepared and pats of butter and conversation fell away as they all started heaping up their plates. Then grabbing for the steaming rolls when I added them to the haul. I grabbed a beer for myself and sat down to join them. Quiet reigned while they assuaged the worst of their hunger, but I was always aware of a pair of eyes that rarely left me and had me fighting the need to squirm in my seat. I seemed to be constantly cursing my wayward body and its reaction to the man who had managed to sit next to me and kept brushing his leg against mine. The constant struggle in our mostly silent war was wearing me down and the magnetic attraction was only getting stronger with every look and touch. It felt like I'd been fighting my entire life. Well I had been for a damned good part of it. I stifled my sigh of relief when the meal was finished and the men all trooped out to go to my brothers place. He had to leave too because he'd arrived in my brother's truck and didn't have his own car with him. For which I was grateful.

After the men had left I went to the stable yards and checked on the horses as I topped up their water and measured out their feed. Spending some time with each of them, specially the newer mares. The sky outside was dark and the scent of rain floated on the air, I drew in deep breaths of the promised moisture and prayed for more than just a few drops as I made my way back to the house. I finished dealing with the dinner things and curled up with a book in my favourite chair, reading while I listened to the radio and the local news and talk back. The quiet of the evening was shattered with a sound like a freight train bearing down on me. RAIN!!! Real rain was coming. I raced out the back and felt the first stirrings of a cool wind as I watched the dark line move towards me. Excitement gripped me and I raced for my truck and headed for the dam. I knew that we'd get enough rain to at least fill the tanks. I wanted to see if any of it made it to the dam. The rain reached me when I was halfway there and it was coming down in a waterfall. I slowed down and crept along until my headlights hit the mound of dirt that hadn't been moved yet. With the windows cracked open under the weather strips I could hear water starting to run downhill. I turned the engine off and grabbed my torch out of the glove box before diving out the door and doing a happy dance in the mud and rain, uncaring of the mess I was getting into. I made my way to the rim and pointed my torch down the slope and could see the run off slowly making its way down to the bottom as it pushed through and over the hard packed earth. It would take a great deal of rain to fill this dam but if this was the start of a true wet season then we would have a great deal of rain in the coming months.

Laughing with happiness I slogged back to the truck and hauled myself in, stuffing an old towel under me as I sat down, shoved my hair back off my face and started back to the house. "Oh, NO!" I groaned aloud when I swung into the yard and saw the truck parked there and my headlights haloed the figure leaning against one of the posts. I swallowed hard as I parked under the carport at the side of the feed shed and rolled down the well sheltered window on my side to allow the cabin to dry out. I dragged the soaked towel with me as I slid out then squared my shoulders as I took my time walking to the house and ignoring the man as I stalked into the laundry and kept my back to Him as I started stripping off my saturated clothes and throwing them into the washing machine, along with the wet and muddy towel. No need to skimp on water tonight. I grabbed a clean towel out of the linen cupboard and wrapped it around me before easing out of my underwear and adding them to the wash. I started heading to the shower, feeling a bit uneasy because He hadn't spoken yet and I was expecting a lecture at the very least. But I kept ignoring him and headed into the shower, I could afford to have a long thorough scrub with full running water for the first time in months.

I sighed with pleasure as I stepped under the warm spray and reached for the shampoo. Then nearly jumped out of my skin when strong fingers closed over mine and took the bottle from me. I hadn't heard him come in behind me. His other hand came down on my shoulder and kept me in place as his voice rumbled in my ear to stand still. My body obeyed his command as my mind froze and then scrambled in turns but I couldn't move when his strong fingers began massaging the shampoo into my hair and scalp. He finished one wash and rinsed the suds out before repeating the process a second time. My body flushed with heat and need, unable to hide the evidence of my arousal as my nipples beaded painfully tight and moisture coated my sex. He finished with my hair and plucked the body wash off the shelf. I shuddered as his hands worked their way over my shoulders and down my back. Down over my rear and I felt him kneel as his fingers kneaded into my legs, brushing between but not touching me where I so desperately wanted him to and down to my feet, picking them up and carefully cleansing away the clinging dirt.

Quietly he issued the order to turn around. I sucked in a harsh breath and turned to face him where he still crouched at my feet. I heard him groan when his eyes racked over me and freezing movement when he reached my freshly waxed and naked mons. His hands started moving up the fronts of my legs, gradually putting pressure on them so I spread them wider for him until his fingers brushed lightly over my folds and spread them open. A smirk twisted my lips when I heard his surprised gasp when he saw the small curved bar piercing my hood and he made a hungry noise as he gently sluiced water over me. His head dipped towards me and I watched him fight himself before he drew back and continued washing up over my mons, hips and belly before standing again. It was my turn to gasp when I saw the size and rigidity of his erection and watched it jerk hard against his belly as my eyes devoured him. His hands distracted me as he moved up to circle around my breasts the further up to my arms, washing down one then the other before circling back to my breasts and finally running his calloused fingers over the turgid peaks. I jumped as an electric shock of pleasure jolted through me, spearing straight down to my womb and pussy, making my clit throb with need as a moan was torn from me. The tension that has always been between us flared wildly when I brought my hands up and ran them down his chest and belly and wrapped them around his straining cock.

He wrenched himself away from me and turned the water off. With urgent haste he grabbed a towel and rubbed me dry before giving himself a rough once over. His arms reached for me and pulled me in, his mouth coming down to claim mine in a kiss that scorched me from head to foot. His tongue demanding admittance, pushing in and exploring every inch of me before tangling with my tongue as he moved us into the bedroom. I murmured in protest when he pushed me back onto the bed but didn't follow. I went to sit up but an curt order to just lie there kept me still as he reached down and spread my legs. Slowly his gaze roved over me before he moved up onto the bed and nestled between my legs. His hands ran along my thighs before gripping them and spreading them wide, his thumbs framing my folds and gently opening me to him. My breathing hitched as his head lowered to me and he swiped the flat of his tongue along my slit and up over my clit. My hips tried to surge up but he held them tight as his tongue moved back down to explore me, probing and licking at my saturated pussy the moving up to play with my clit and the piercing. Waves of heat crashed through me, my nipples going painfully tight and my pussy clamping down as need twisted deep inside me. His lips and teeth tugged on the little bar, drawing it out as his tongue lashed around it. I whimpered as sensation flooded me and my pussy went liquid, my climax starting to build hard and fast as he tortured my clit. He lifted his head long enough to growl at me not to cum before lowering his head and sucking my clit hard into his mouth. Pain and pleasure collided and crashed into me, my fingers curled into his hair and tried to push him away. Then he stopped the suction and licked, my back bowed up off the bed and a garbled shriek clawed its way out of my throat and I started to beg to cum.

With a lunge he came up over me, his cock nudging at my opening as his mouth claimed one nipple and his fingers found the other. He positioned himself then gave a powerful flex of his hips and drove into me. I went stiff as pain ripped into me and his head came up, his eyes going wide as they met mine. It was his turn to freeze but my body was already starting to undulate, the momentary pain giving way to the burning need to cum as my hips lifted up in a silent demand for more. His body slipped his control and he pushed in again, his cock claiming a bit more with each lunge until he was filling me and stretching me. My pussy clutching and relaxing in turns as it adjusted to him being there. His head came down next to my ear and he groaned as he said, "I can't stop. Not now. I've been waiting for this... for you, for far too long." And drew his cock out before pushing back in again.

My hands curled into his hair and I met his eyes as I told him, "I don't want you to stop. I never wanted you to stop." He kissed my lips then nibbled his way down my throat as his hips took up a rhythm that soon became demanding. Lips, tongue and teeth played over my neck until they found the most sensitive spot and stayed there. Every lick and suck stroked me higher as my hips took up the pace that he set, rising to meet his thrusts. Waves of sensation rushed through me and my body wound tight, my muscles clamping down hard on his cock when it jerked and swelled. His thrusts became more powerful and urgent and my pussy went into a frenzy of need beyond anything I'd ever experienced before. He let go of my neck and commanded, "Cum for me baby. Cum now." Then he bite down on my neck, sucking hard as he drove his cock deep into me with hard fast thrusts. I felt him swell again, stretching me so very tight and when my muscles clamped down I screamed as my body threw me into convulsive waves as I came hard. His hands went under my hips and he held me tight as he fucked into me harder and faster, riding me through my climax and pushing it on until he went rigid and started jerking spasmodically. The hot wash of his seed shooting deep inside me spurring on another round of of orgasm, my pussy milking him in hungry pulls.

I went limp under him as every muscle in my body went lax and he collapsed on top of me. We lay there with our breathing laboured and our hearts pounding. With a grunt of effort he wrapped his arms around me and rolled us over onto our sides, with his cock still buried inside me. I took a deep breath to steady myself, I knew what was coming.

"Why didn't you tell me, Jesus, did I hurt you? I would have been prepared and so much gentler. And HOW? I know you've had boyfriends." He drew in a breath and I put my hand over his mouth to stop the next rush of questions.

"Yes, it hurt, but only for a moment. Why would I have told you? You were gone for 10 years without a single word. Yes, I've had boyfriends but they knew there would never be anything in it, what's more they didn't want anything from me except to help them through the odd family event. Two were gay, but not ready to come out to their families at the time so I helped out my friends. How... should be obvious because I hadn't. It was always you. I knew it would be you, there was never anybody else I wanted."

"You were always Mine and now you always will be." He flexed his hips and I felt how hard he still was, "Are you too sore?" he croaked out.

"Never." was my groaned reply as he started moving again, keeping time with the urgent tattoo of the pounding Summer rains.
Valentine Temptation
Posted:Feb 14, 2015 5:14 am
Last Updated:Sep 12, 2016 12:35 am

I'm standing in the common room of The House, in front of the noticeboard, my eyes eating up the poster pinned there, just as I have every time I've walked past it for the past few weeks. It is advertising this weekend's Valentine's Day Gala. All fully paid up Dom/mes are automatically invited but subs have to be invited by a Dom/me. I've heard so many stories about the past Galas that have been held here and how wild they can get. In an establishment where almost anything goes the idea of a wild party makes my mind boggle. I heave a sigh of regret for the invitation that I don't have and make my way to the locker room, time to go home and try to get some sleep. I'm restless, even after the session I've just had but I have to work in the morning so I must at least try to sleep.

My inability to reach my usual after session state baffles me. In the past, a session with a Dom, has always given me the release of tension that allows me to fully relax and to sleep well. But over the past several months it has been becoming harder and harder for me to achieve that state and sub space has been beyond me. The Doms I play with are all capable and all are good {one thing I love about The House, any bad or unwanted behaviour gets the offender suspended or kicked out} and The House provides a very safe environment for all subs. In the past they have always sufficed but tonight the Dom I subbed for was concerned enough to ask if I was okay and sat me down for a talk. Again he offered me his collar and again I had to turn him down. He isn't the only Dom to have made the offer to me but while I respected them and their abilities I didn't feel that connection or that hitch of excitement when they walked into the room and I have been missing that fire. As I made my way home and got ready for bed I couldn't stop turning the conversation over in my head. I stood in the shower with the water running over me and finally admitted to myself that the longing for the right Dom and to wear His collar was behind the bulk of my restlessness. The longing to belong to that someone special.

With a sigh I dried off and pulled on an over-sized T/shirt and booted up my computer, a few mindless games of cards might help make me sleepy. I went and poured a glass of wine and scooped up the mail I'd tossed onto the bench when I'd gotten home and headed back to the computer and typed in my password. I sorted through the mail while I waited and was surprised to see an envelope with the discreet logo of The House printed on it, all their business is usually conducted via email. Putting the other envelopes down I slid the opener along the crease and sliced it open and fished out the sheet of paper and read, "Your attendance is requested at The House for the Valentine's Day Gala". My pulse leapt and my eyes flew down the page looking for the name of the Dom inviting me but didn't find one so I went back to the top and read it properly. I have been invited to the event that I've been drooling over but didn't know who by, and with a few requirements. First I had to RSVP so I reached for the phone and rang the number indicated, knowing that The House would still be going strong for hours yet. Eagerly giving my details and membership number when asked and, after settling the necessities, I tried to find out who had sent me the invitation. Only to be told that the Dom extending the invitation wasn't written down but that the fees had been paid and the invitation was valid. I ended the call and instead of playing cards I pulled up The House's website and logged in. I sipped at my wine as I read down the membership lists and pondered which of the Doms was interested. I discounted most of the ones that I knew, they would have spoken to me or put their name on the invitation. So I concentrated on the ones that I only knew from seeing them there occasionally or by reputation only. And came up empty. There were a couple of Doms that certainly caught my eye, and my imagination, and one in particular that I would truly love to sub for, but I'd seen no evidence that they'd been interested in me and, of course, there were the ones that I didn't know. Puffing out a breath I shut the computer down and quickly scanned through the rest of my mail as I finished the wine, folded the invitation and put it on top of my tower then headed off to bed.

The next two days were both busy and yet they dragged at the same time. Saturday morning found me awake before the birds and I knew I'd have to try to have a nap later or I'd be too tired to enjoy the night. I'd already booked for a wax and hair cut and was very glad that I had now and managed to squeeze in a mani & pedicure as well. I stopped and had a late lunch with a couple of friends then headed home. I hadn't been home long when the doorbell rang. A delivery man with a large box asked me to sign for it then pushed it into my arms. I carried the box through to my bedroom, eager to see what was inside, and ripped it open. A beautiful wrap style evening dress that flowed softly around my curves but the real stunner was the soft body harness that incorporated a shelf bra to support my breasts while leaving them naked. A network of fine lines created patterns over my skin, mainly down my sides, but again left most of it bare and ended with fine strands that sat in the crease of my legs framing my pussy. I put the harness aside and reached back into the box for the other items. A pair of stiletto shoes that matched the dress and harness and like them they fit me like a glove. The last item was another box that held a set of slightly weighted Kegel Balls and an inflatable butt plug that had a remote and a small tube of gel as well as a purse that matched my outfit and was big enough to hold the plug, gel and my evening wallet. A folded piece of paper proved to be a hand written note to wear the outfit and nothing else and to insert the Kegel Balls before I left the house and to bring the plug and gel with me. Excitement bubbled through me as I hung the dress and harness up and put the other items on my dresser. I stretched out on the bed and let my mind drift. Sleep might be beyond me but I could at least rest for a while. My alarm woke me with a jerk, I had managed to drift to sleep after all. I stretched and yawned as I reached over to turn off the loud buzzing. I got up and wandered to the kitchen. A coffee and something light to eat would tide me over until I got to the Gala. Then it was time to prepare for the night.

I cleaned my teeth then prepared the douche before climbing into the shower and thoroughly scrubbing myself from head to foot and in between. When I was satisfied I rubbed almond oil into my skin from head to toe then stood under the warm water to help it soak in. I dried myself then tackled my hair, again instructions had been clear on how I was to wear it, loose with minimal pinning and no products but to bring the items to pull it up out of the way later in the night. I flipped the wet mass of it forward as I hung my head down and started drying it and smiled at the needless order not to use products in it. Only cement would work on the thick mass of curls and waves that hung to my hips and I hated the feel of it. I threw my head back and angled the dryer over the top as I shook the strands out. Patiently working from side to side from top and underneath until it was mostly dry then stopping to comb it out. A last blast of the dryer over a still wet spot then I shook it out and left the rest to air dry. Knowing that it would be more than a tad wild by the time I got to the event. I put my shoes on first, the harness restricted movement a bit, then climbed into the harness and settled it into place and making sure that all the straps were lying flat. Make up was next and I was sparing with it, less is best when you are going to be sweating, at least I hoped that I would be. Next were the Kegel Balls that I had washed earlier, a smear of gel and I gently eased the balls up inside me and moaned when they shifted inside me as I straightened up. I wiped away the bit of excess gel and dried myself before settling the dress around me and doing up the ties. Whoever had chosen these things had a dead eye for my sizing. Everything fit like a dream, as though they'd been made specifically for me. Even the deep rose colour of the dress and harness suited my fair skin to perfection. I combed my hair out again and swooped the heavy fall away from my face with a jeweled comb, it was already starting to fluff and curl wildly as the last moisture dried out of it. I scooped up the newly cleaned plug and the tube of gel and put them into the purse with my tiny wallet, a small brush, hair bands and the invitation. I draped the long chain strap over my shoulder and surveyed myself in the mirror before going to wait for the car that would be collecting me.

The doorbell rang at precisely the prescribed time and I was escorted down to a luxury car and handed inside, I settled back to enjoy my ride to The House, as much as I could with the growing awareness of the balls inside me. Every bump in the road made them jiggle and I could feel moisture spreading. The drive was full of cars arriving and we slowly made our way towards the front doors. When we rolled to a stop my door was opened and I was asked for my invitation and when I handed it over the sub read it through then asked me to wait a moment as he stepped back and tapped at the headset at his ear. Less than a minute later he was back and offering me his hand to help me out of the car and asking me to follow him. I frowned as he led me along a hall in the private section of The House, an area I'd never been in before. He opened up a door and gestured me into a large office with a seating area, told me to make myself comfortable and poured me a glass of wine from the bottle waiting in a cooler. Again the wine was a favourite of mine. Then he bid me to wait and that it wouldn't be for long before he left the room, shutting the door behind him. I studied my surroundings and still couldn't figure out who it was I waited for and fought my need to fidget as I sipped at my wine. The Kegel balls were doing their job and I was becoming very wet and aroused.

Finally the door opened again and when I saw who was coming in I swallowed and stood with my feet shoulder width apart, arms at my side and my head slightly bowed and ground my teeth as my pussy clenched tight. He was an impressive sight at any time but in a tuxedo he was stunning and I had never been this close to him before, the aura of power he wore would never let anybody think that he was anything other than an Alpha male in his prime. He told me to relax and to sit back down, that we were waiting for someone else to come. I bit back the dozens of questions that sprang to my lips and he chuckled when he told me that it would all be explained to me soon. He poured himself a glass of wine and joined me on the lounge, his hand ran up my thigh and parted the fold of my dress before his fingers ran up the inside of my thighs and through the moisture spreading out from my pussy and kept going until he hit the tail of the balls. I barely held back the whimper when my pussy clenched painfully tight in response to his touch. He pulled his hand away and said, "Good girl." Before licking his fingers clean and straightening my dress. I only knew this Dom by reputation and by that reputation I had a fair idea who we were waiting for. He leaned forward and picked up a remote from the table, pointed it at the wall opposite us and pressed a series of buttons. A large panel clicked out and lowered down, exposing a bank of monitors that were coming to life and bringing every part of The House into the room with us. He clicked a couple of more times and they all focused into the ballroom that was currently filled with tables and chairs and very formal settings. The tables were steadily filling with Doms and their subs were sitting on small stools just behind them. For less formal occasions the subs would be kneeling on the floor in their sub gear but formal wear was a bit hard to kneel in for any length of time and formal wear for everyone had been a strict order on the invitation, at least for the first part of the evening. I knew many of the people that I saw and was pleased to see that the Dom who had offered me his collar a few nights ago had a pretty sub with him who I knew would suit him far better than I did.

As if he'd read my mind the Dom next to me voiced the same thing, "She will suit him far better than you would have," and in saying that he let me know that he was aware that I'd been offered, and knocked back, a collar. My response was a pleased, "Yes, Sir". I was happy to see a good Dom find a suitable sub.

Then the door opened again and HE came in. I stood and went into the waiting stance again. The first Dom was impressive enough but this one nearly made me melt into a puddle at His feet, His aura nearly overwhelming me, the need to submit an urgent one. Not truly handsome like the first, it was His powerful presence that drew the eye and attention of everybody near Him. He immediately set about pushing at me with questions. Questions that I answered readily and honestly until He asked about things that He hadn't earned the right to know. I clammed up and He pushed at me to answer Him and my head came up and I swallowed, hard, stealing myself to be dismissed and sent home, before telling Him that NO I would not answer the last 2 questions because they were none of His business as I met His eyes with mine. I was surprised when he threw his head back and laughed. He looked at His business partner, and second, sounding pleased with Himself when He said, "I was right, she isn't a walk over". Then looking back at me he added, "I am very pleased that you have a backbone, you may just need it at times."

I must have looked as confused as I felt because He sat me down and they explained that while they wanted a sub they didn't want weak one. That they needed a sub who would stand up to them if need be and speak out for herself. I was surprised when He gestured to the monitors and told me that they had been watching me for a while and had seen how I'd been becoming less and less happy with my sessions. That they had been looking for a new sub and that they believe that they would be more in tune to my needs than the Doms on the floors, certainly more challenging. They ran through my limits and already knew most of them and asked about some things that I'd never tried. When they had finished with that He pulled a satin collar that matched my outfit out of His pocket and asked if I would accept their collar for the night. I slid to my knees in presentation and said, "Yes, Sir!" As they bid me to sit back up His mobile beeped a message and He said that it was time to go in as everybody was here now. When I looked at the monitor I could see that the only chairs left were the ones at the head of the table. He asked for the plug that had been sent to me and my breath went shallow as I fished the plug and gel out of the purse. He stepped me around the lounge then had me lean over the back so my butt was sticking out. He chuckled when he felt how wet I was from the balls and he pulled and pushed on the tail, making me moan as muscled clamped and need swelled. I heard the squirt of gel and tried to relax and push out when I felt the tip of the plug against my rear. Push in a bit, pull out and add more gel, push back in, steadily working the plug deeper as I hissed and panted against the bite of pain then groaned when the heat slammed into me. Finally it was in as deep as it could go and a new bite of pain flared when he inflated it a bit and I groaned when it started to vibrate. He wiped the excess gel away and slapped my rear as he told me to stand. On shaky legs I stood back up and struggled not to wobble when they led me from the office and down to the Ballroom.

Following two paces behind them, I felt self conscious when we entered the Ballroom and it fell quiet as everybody turned to face us and everybody stood until They sat and when given the command I seated myself on the stool that was between and slightly back from their chairs. When I sat so did all the other subs. Within moments the servers began to file in and the chatter returned as the food was served. With every course they took it in turns to offer me bites. And every now and then the plug would inflate a bit more and the vibrator would turn on and off. It was becoming harder and harder to sit still when all I wanted to do was rock into the sensations. A brief flare of pain was quickly followed by a longer flare of heat and with each one I got wetter and wetter. They were talking to each other when they each reached back and spread my dress open, folding the flaps back to the sides of my legs and quietly ordering me to spread my legs wide. When I had done as they bid their hands slid up the insides of my thighs and low chuckles sounded when they felt how wet my pussy was and how far down my thighs it had spread. The second gave me an order as he undid his zip and I slipped onto my knees and leaned down over his lap and slid my mouth over his cock as I rubbed my tongue along his length. His hand fisted in my hair and he pushed me down onto him. I struggled not to choke or gag as he pushed into my throat, I was on the wrong angle to take him without trouble. I sucked hard as he held me there and worked my tongue in pulses against his shaft until he pulled me up again and told me to sit back on the stool. They took turns to do that as well as the meal ran on and I became a sodden mess of need as the plug inflated and vibrated inside me and the Kegel balls shifted and moved. My nipples were painfully tight beads where they rubbed against the material of the dress and I was certain that there would be quite a wet spot on the back of my dress when I got to stand up.

The meal finally ended and the tables were moved away as a band started to play. Some people got up to dance while others started to strip off outer layers. I was ordered to remove the dress and to pull my hair up. I undid the ties and slid the dress from my body then pulled the brush and bands out of my purse and quickly pulled the mass of my hair into a high pony tail and plaited it down to the tip and turned back to the men to find they'd been watching me. He took my dress and purse and handed them to a House sub who was behind them and ordered them to put them in the office and lock the door. They led me to a corner that held a lounge and sat me between them as they watched the floor. The dancing and band were at the other end of the room and people were starting to play between the dancers and us. My attention was brought back to the men beside me as their hands started to wander over me, touching and teasing as I shuddered in reaction. Their movements in well practiced coordination as they drove me up and up and slowly stripped off their suits. Bow ties were used to tie my hands together behind my back then their heads bent to my breasts. My body arched into them as lightning shot from my nipples to my pussy and clit and I cried out at the force of it. Suddenly I was lifted up and moved behind the lounge and then lifted up onto the back rest on my tummy. My rear up in the air.

He was behind me and the second in front of me. A hand held my bound wrists as He played with the plug, pulling it in and out as he revved up the vibration and pumped it even larger. Sweat broke out over me as my body shuddered with the need that started tearing into me. My hair was wrapped around a fist and my head pulled up with a growled, and totally unnecessary, order to open. Eagerly I took in the cock, moaning as his taste rolled into my mouth and down my throat. With slow thrusts he started working his cock deep into my mouth and down my throat. I could take him easier now with my neck stretched out. Suddenly the plug was pulled out and a squirt of gel administered before a cock slammed into me. I cried out and choked on the cock in my throat as pain flared wildly and heated pleasure shot after it. They both fucked into me at the same time. The force of the plunges in my rear pushing me harder onto the cock in my throat. Pressure began to build and my muscles grew taut. Then they were gone and I was being moved again. He sat with His butt on the edge of the lounge and I was lowered down with His cock in my rear and He held me tight. The second draped my legs on the outside of His and He spread His legs wide, then he pulled the Kegel balls out and I cried out again as my needs ratcheted up to desperation point. His hands moved up to frame my breasts and he squeezed down to my nipples and rolled them as he pinched. My head fell back and a moan of sheer need tore from my throat. I looked back down when I felt a cock at my pussy and as I watched he flexed and drove in hard. I grunted with the force and went liquid as he pushed his way past tight muscles, his hands gripped my hips and pushed me down onto them both. When he was seated as far as he could go he started moving. Fucking into me with hard drives while He sat still with His cock hard and deep in my rear. My head turned slightly and I saw that we weren't the only ones getting down to business. Some people were still dancing but most of them were on the floor or chairs, every position possible was being utilised and many of them were watching us as they fucked.

My nipples were pinched hard and my attention ordered back to the men inside me as my body undulated between them. My fingers stroked over the hard muscles behind me and I felt his cock jerk as his muscles clenched. The second fucked in hard enough to push me up and he pulled me down as my needs built higher and higher. They moved again and I cried out at the emptiness I felt with them both gone. The second stretched out on his back and He moved me over the top of him and pushed me down onto his cock. I was pushed forward until I was lying over him and He moved back to my rear and powered His way into me. Then they both started to move, fucking into me hard and fast. Driving me up and up. My muscles gradually get tighter and tighter as my climax starts to build. Every movement adding to the build up of sensation as they move inside me. I feel the second swell and I whimper my need as I am stretched tighter around them. My world narrows down to the men who are driving me towards the biggest orgasm of my life. Every thrust, every touch, every brush of my nipples over the hard muscles under me makes me clench tighter. I feel Him swell and jerk hard and I whimper as my orgasm threatens. I am fighting my need to cum as they continue to pound into me. He grips my bound wrists and pulls back on them with one hand, His other hand is gripping my hip. The seconds hand moves between us and his fingers find my clit. I moan as he strokes me and the sensations spiral out of control. I jolt and shudder when he swells again. Together they start powering in even harder and He grates out, "Cum for us, baby." Between one breath and the next my body seizes tight and pain flashes before pleasure swamps me. My body bows and the fingers squeeze my clit and I am thrown into a climax that makes me jerk with the convulsive waves as they crash through me. I feel the one under me thrust hard then stay deep as a deep growl is torn from him. Then He swells as well and fucks in hard He starts to cum as my muscles milk them both then He pulls out and I feel hot cum splash over my rear and back before he thrusts back inside my rear.

They stay buried inside me as they roll us onto our sides. He unties my and they both rub my shoulders and wrists. "What do you think baby?" He runs his fingers along the satin collar.. "Do you want to see if we can make this work with a real collar?"

I tip my head back and look up at Him, "Yes, Sir. I would love to try". This had been a fantastic menage and I couldn't wait to see what they came up with in other areas. A much better Valentine's Day than I had been hoping for. I sighed with contentment when I felt them stir again and they slowly started a second round.
Dark Display
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Last Updated:May 27, 2015 9:01 am

This Scene is a follow on from Breakfast In Bed I hope that you enjoy it.

All I can see is darkness, it wraps me in a silken shroud as my senses seek outward. There is movement in the dark, but it is silent, the only sound I can hear is my own breathing. I feel the stirring of the air but can't hear any noise. I hold my breath and stay very still as I strain to hear more but all is quiet. I feel a stirring in the air again and a feather soft touch runs down my body, skims over my curves, down my mons then a barely there touch to my saturated pussy and its gone, I swallow the whimper of need that tries to claw its way out. Time creeps by and I stay motionless, suspended in awareness as I am suspended in the ropes, waiting for that next touch, listening for any hint of what is next. A hard whack lands on my rear and I jolt and grunt in surprise, sending the bells on my nipple clamps tinkling, before a firm hand rubs over the sting and heat spears straight to my pussy and womb and more fluid trickles out to coat my thighs.

Something soft glides down my back and over my rear, down the inside of one thigh and back up the other one, goosebumps rush over my skin following the path of caress. The caress moves around to my front and changes to something a bit rougher. I can't contain the shudder that shakes me as it runs over sensitive spots, making my nerves sit up, pay attention and beg for more. Around my breasts and back down my belly and over my mons. The whimper I held back before breaks out of my throat and makes its way past my lips and my body jolts enough to make the bells ring again. Need unfurls inside me and sends out hooks that lodge deep and start to spread. My body stretches, seeming to expand in all directions as it seeks the next touch. I feel a hand on my collar then it moves down and fingers pinch my clit and pull on it and I feel a clamp being attached. The three clamps are joined by a chain and the clit clamp had been hooked onto the ring in my collar, now it is clamped firmly to my clit and I writhe as heat flashes from my clit straight into my pussy and spreads throughout my body, the tinkling of bells ring loud in the quiet darkness as I pant my way through the wave until it settles. Then the chain connecting them is pulled and I cry out as I'm assaulted by heat from the three points. My head falls back and I go slack in the ropes that hold me as pain flashes to heat and barrels into my pussy and womb and more fluid slides out and down my thighs.

I feel strands trail down my front and shiver as I recognise the flogger and wonder where it will land. I hear the strands flow through the air and jolt again when it lands across the back of my thighs. He takes up a steady rhythm as he moves up my thighs, over my rear and up my back and back down again. Gradually the slaps get harder and as they do my mind starts to slip into subspace where I feel the flogger but am separated from it. Each slap sending me higher. Each slap making my body weep for more. Each slap spreading heat and awareness that leeches into every corner of my being. He moves around my body, setting every cell on fire and I feel my body moving into each strike, begging for more. He moves behind me again and the next slap is a crop, I cry out again as a new level of heat and need starts to snowball inside me. My need for more starts clawing at me, growing teeth as well when the crop moves around to my front. Every muscle clenches in anticipation when it hits across the tops of my thighs... so close to, but not touching, my pussy or clit. Another across my thighs then the next is a hard one that lands over my mons and I scream with frustrated need. I arch and thrash in what little slack I have and another slap lands across the tops of my breasts.

A deep moan is torn from me when a finger is pushed into my rear and at the same time the crop is flicked up between my legs and lands on my pussy. I go rigid then collapse as heat and pain collide and explode, sweat breaks out and starts trickling down my skin. My skin is so sensitised every movement of air around me raises goosebumps of sensation. Another finger joins the first and as the new bite of pain sends me panting I feel a Wartenberg Wheel run across my belly and along the underside of my breasts. I shudder and moan as the wheel circles my breasts then runs across the tips of my nipples then spears down to my clit. A third finger joins the other two as the wheel runs over my clit and I buck hard as a higher degree of need slams into me. Desperation eats at me and I grind back onto the fingers that are spreading me.

Hands run down my legs and my left leg is released then pulled up and tied off, then the same is done to my right leg so I am spread wide open. I feel the ropes holding me jerk as I am lifted a bit higher and then the chain connecting the clamps is given a hard tug. I try to writhe against the bite of pain that swells into heat but I am tied tight now and my body is forced to process the needs and feelings pounding through me and my pussy squirts at the force of them. The fingers pull out of my rear and a body steps in close behind me, hands grip my hips hard and I feel a cock nudging at my pussy from behind. I whine and start to beg to be fucked as the head pushes into me. He pauses and I feel him move and gather himself before plunging up as hard and deep as he can, he fights his way past my clenching muscles. His hands run up my sides, graze along the sides of my breasts and clamp down over my shoulders and forces my body to arch back, pulling hard against the ropes that bind me. He starts fucking into me hard and fast, driving deeper with each thrust and my starving pussy tries to pull him even deeper. The bells on the clamps ring constantly now as he powers his cock into me. Then he is gone and I scream at the loss, mindless in my need to fuck.

I feel gel being squirted up inside my rear then he is filling me there. I hiss and pant as new waves of pleasure/pain rip into me as he fights his way inside the tight muscles then moan with the pleasure as he starts to fuck his way deeper until he can't go any further. He steps to the side and twists me in the ropes then stops still and adjusts his hold on me, banding his arm around my waist and I feel another cock nudge into my pussy. I am stretched so tight he has to fight to get inside me and with each thrust my pussy weeps fluid over his cock. With hard lunges he fucks his way into me until I am firmly sandwiched between the two of them. His hands go to my hips and then they both start moving in well practiced, co-ordinated moves, one pulling out while the other fucks in. Over and over they start driving me up and up. My orgasm builds and builds and I'm whimpering with the force of it. Desperation makes me start begging to cum. Still they continue to fuck into me as fingers tweak my nipples and pull on the chain. Mindless pleasure is pierced with a focusing pain that doesn't let me slip over the edge. All I can do is ride what they give me and feel the ball of need grow and grow. Gradually their thrusts become harder and faster and I feel first one, then the other swell and pain bites as I am stretched even further.

The one behind me leans down and runs his tongue along my neck until he finds my sensitive spot an he sucks at it gently. I shudder and moan as my body kicks into another gear and I arch my neck back for him. I feel hands go to me nipples and clit and take a deep breath as I know what is coming. They thrust into me and change so they are thrusting in and out at the same time. The two cock power into me and I scream as they release the clamps from my nipples and clit. My body is thrown back hard as my muscles convulse and He whispers, "Cum for us baby". And his mouth goes to the other side of my neck and they both bite down at the same time. I'd scream again but I can't draw breath. My climax breaks and I am thrown into convulsive shudders as my orgasm tears into me. I can't move enough to expel the force of it so I am forced to ride it out as the storm is internalised. My pussy clamps painfully tight and so do the muscles in my rear but they continue to fuck into me, pushing my climax on and on. My blindfold is ripped off and when my eyes focus I see the audience that I had forgotten was there. I feel them swell again and my body goes liquid as it buckles under the onslaught of sensations. Together they bury deep and fuck hard and fast until they start to pump their cum into me. Then they pull out and spurt it over my rear and belly.

I hang slumped in the ropes and they rub their cum into me, spreading it over me. Silently stating their ownership to everyone there. The people watching on the other side of the viewing glass are in different stages of arousal and completion. I am too exhausted and replete to care that there is no part of my body that they can't see either through the glass or from the mirrors that surround us. The blindfold had served a dual purpose, one to help me get past having sex in a semi-public arena and two to heighten every sensation I had. Together they release my legs and rub circulation back into them. One holds me while the other releases my arms and I slump down into his arms. Together they carry me through to the waiting spa bath and lower me in and carefully tend to my needs. I snuggle into the one holding me, secure in their care and smile when they tell me how proud they are.
Breakfast In Bed
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Last Updated:Mar 29, 2015 1:04 pm

If you enjoy this Scene you may also enjoy Dark Display which follows on after it.

I wake up tired, I haven't slept much because of a combination of nerves and excitement and I moan at how tired I'm likely to end up being before tonight even gets here. With a groan I open my eyes and my hands feel out to either side of me as I stretch but all they reach are empty sheets. If I'm alone then I must have slept in after I finally went to sleep and with an effort I roll over and peer at the clock. A sheet of paper on the next pillow slides down as I move and I struggle to bring my vision into focus as I yawn and the words swim and blur before my eyes clear enough to read. I smile at the hand written scrawl as I read: You can have the day off, I know you didn't sleep well. Stay in bed or get up and take it easy and have a snooze later if you need to. Then underneath that in large capital letters: THIS IS AN ORDER, NOT AN OPTION! Now check your phone. I wince at the order, he knows me too well, I would have gotten up and gone to work but I won't disobey a direct order from Him. I roll over to the other side of the bed and find a thermal mug of coffee waiting for me as I reach for my phone. I take a cautious sip and groan when I find it is at the perfect temperature for me. I swipe my phone on and it opens to my text messages with a draft already typed in: Hit send when you are ready for breakfast and I will bring it up to you, His orders to me this morning. I laugh out loud at the corner they've boxed me into and acquiesce to their directives. But I need a shower so I get myself up and press send then dart into the shower, taking the coffee with me.

When I come out my breakfast is waiting for me as is he and he orders me to ditch my robe and get back up on the bed. I lower my eyes and do as I'm ordered and once I'm settled he starts to feed me bites from the tray. While I chew his fingers start to roam and tease and my appetite disappears as a different hunger flares to life. I groan as he lifts the fork to my mouth with another bite of crepe on it and open up to accept it and his thumb strums over my nipple in reward. Next is the homemade Greek yoghurt with fresh berries and as much as I love them I don't feel like them any more than I did the last bite of the crepe. But I know he won't let me stop until I have eaten everything he wants me to. I've lost weight over the past couple of months, a direct effect of the sheer amount of sex I've been getting and the times when food gets forgotten when other needs take over, and the men have been on a quest to make sure I eat properly and more regularly. My thoughts are jolted away from my belly and to him as he squashes a couple of berries over my newly waxed mound before spooning up more yoghurt and berries for me. I take the mouthful and moan when he leans down to start licking the berries and juice off my mons and my legs open of their own accord when his tongue follows the trail of juice down over my pussy.

He sits back up and dumps the tray on the floor before settling down between my legs and dragging me flat on the bed. More berries get squashed and rubbed over me before his hands grip my thighs and hold me open. I whimper as he licks and laps at me and the juice. His tongue probes into and along every fold and crease, chasing down every scrap of fruit and juice. He picks out a big fat blueberry and sits it under the fold of my clit then uses his tongue to roll it up and down along my aching nub. Over and over and over he rolls it up and back as he sucks lightly and I shudder as my body starts to beg for more. My hands curling into his hair and pulling as I urge him on, my hips try to ride his mouth but he is holding me down. I groan in protest when he pulls away and moves up my body and watch as he squashes and rubs a couple of blueberries over his cock. His hand spreading the juice from tip to base. I lick my lips as anticipation grips me as he kneels behind my head and tips my head back as he lowers his cock to my mouth. My tongue flicks out and I swipe it across the tip of his cock and hum with pleasure as his taste bursts through my mouth with the added tang of the berries. He growls as he pushes in and I suck and rub my tongue along his length as he starts fucking in and out. He starts with shallow thrusts and slowly works his way deeper until he slides down my throat and I tip my head even further back to open it for him. The taste of man and berries an exotic combination as my tongue seeks out every trace of the berries and I suck it clean.

I feel him shift and he leans down and spreads over my body, licking and nipping his way down until his head reaches my pussy again and while I suck and pleasure his cock he starts to lick and tease my clit and pussy. My eyes close as pleasure swamps me and I start moving my head enough to fuck him in and out of my throat as he works on me, his hands spread under my legs to grip the inside of my thighs and pull them wide. I lose myself in the pleasure of having him in my mouth and the pleasure that he is giving me. A slow deep need starts to burn through me, every lick and suck sends ripples spreading out to slowly swell and add to the burn. I hum and swallow when a spurt of pre-cum floods my mouth and throat and I start sucking harder as my hand moves up to play with his balls. Fingers tease my opening as his tongue licks down over it and I whimper with the need for more that keeps growing inside me. I push onto his cock until my lips touch his base and I suck hard as I curl my tongue around him and drag my way to his head while I squeeze and pull on his balls. He swells and another pulse of pre-cum floods my mouth and with a curse he pulls away and I cry out at the loss.

With a few deft moves he flips me onto my belly with an order to keep my head on the bed while I get up on my knees. He slips off the bed and drags me to the edge and holding my hips tight he slams his cock into me as hard and far as he can, then pulls back and repeats until he is seated as deep as he can go. I push back onto him, as desperate for him to be inside me as he is to get there. He holds himself deep for a few moments then starts to move hard and fast. My back arches down as my hips push back and I moan as my hardened nipples rub against the bed. Sensation shoots from the sensitive peaks to my pussy and clit then rolls on to join the hot ball of need growing in my womb. I feel a finger swipe through the fluid that is coating my thighs then a thumb rubs over my rear and presses in. A rush of burning pain barrels through me and quickly turns into a desperate pleasure and need for more. I cry out as my muscles clench tight around the cock and thumb and he growls as he swells again and he fucks into me hard. His other hand moves down to my clit and he starts to rub as he powers into me. My body starts to shake as the need to cum torments me and every muscle in my body goes rigid with need but he holds me on the edge until I feel him swell again. He fucks in hard and stays buried deep as he rides me in short sharp thrusts. He swells again and orders me to cum. My body seizes tight, then his cock rams into my uterus and I catapult into convulsive waves of pleasure as he swells once more and joins his climax to mine. My inner muscles milking him hard until we are both wrung dry and he pushes up onto the bed and collapses with his cock still buried inside me.

I groan as I wake. I'm a sticky mess and still have a man wrapped around me. I try to move gently away but get hauled back against his hard chest. "It's not time to get ready yet," he rumbles. Nerves rattle and flutter in my belly as the plans for tonight rush to the fore. I will be the centre of a demonstration by both the men. Put on display while they work their magic with ropes and toys. But that is later and right now I need another shower....
Sexy Confession
Posted:Jan 24, 2015 12:14 am
Last Updated:May 2, 2015 9:33 pm

A deep, and wicked sounding, laugh rolled around me making me shiver in reaction as goosebumps rush over my skin and my pussy clenches tight as it goes liquid. My head swivels of its own accord, my eyes sweeping the crowd, trying to pin point the owner, but in the crush of people around the buffet tables it was a near impossible task. I make my way around, listening to those around me, trying to hear a voice that would go with the laugh and every now and then I'd hear a deep baritone voice, but not for long enough. With a sigh I maneuvered my way out of the crush and headed towards a quiet corner, well slightly quieter for the moment. As far as engagement parties go this one was a doozy! As best friend of the Bride to be I knew most of the people from her side of the equation but only a few from her future husbands. They both came from huge families so Parents, Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, brothers, sisters and cousins abounded. Then there were the hordes of friends from both sides. All talking and laughing and getting drunker, and louder, by the minute. I scored a seat next to one of the small side tables and put my plate down then stepped back and turned to go grab a drink and spun myself into someone hard enough to bounce backwards and lose my balance.

Strong hands grabbed my arms and hauled me upright before I could hit the floor. Heat radiated out from the hands and nipping bites of sensation prickled over me. My gaze went up and up until my eyes were snared by a pair of intense brown eyes that were so dark they nearly looked black and were framed by the longest lashes I'd ever seen, a frisson of awareness made every cell in my body come to attention. A handsome face framed by curly black hair came into focus as I took a step back and his voice was a deep rumble when he asked me if I was okay. Goosebumps rushed over my skin again and I couldn't contain the tremor that raced through me as electricity seemed to arc between us. I'd found the owner of the laugh and Oh My was he put together well! I managed to stammer out that I was fine and thanked him for catching me and we stood like statues staring at each other before he let his hands run down my arms and drop away. His arm went behind me and he guided me back to the chair and told me to sit, I automatically obeyed the command in his voice, and asked what I wanted to drink. I swallowed hard before asking for a dry white wine. My eyes racked over him as he moved away and the back view was every bit as good as the front, his presence seemed to part the crowd around the bar without effort.

I swallowed again and shuddered from head to foot as my body reminded me just how long it has been since a man had affected me anywhere near as much. A frown creased my brow as a feeling of familiarity made itself felt once my brain started to work again. I picked at the food while my brain picked at trying to place where I'd seen him before. I knew he belonged to the family of the groom, the family resemblance was very strong in all of them but my brain didn't accept that as being the source of the vague familiarity that plagued me, it insisted that I'd seen him somewhere else. I know I'd never heard his voice though because there was no way that I would ever forget the way his baritone rumbled deep and felt like a physical caress on my skin.

He returned bearing my wine and a glass of what looked like Whiskey for himself and made himself comfortable next to me. With each of his steps closer to me the heat between us seemed to thicken, my nipples beaded tight and I knew he'd noticed when one side of his mouth kicked up and his eyes went darker, I became hyper-aware that I was bra-less under the skimpy top of my dress. I felt my breasts swell and ache with heaviness as heat coiled in my belly and my pussy started to throb with a burning ache. It took every ounce of discipline I had not to squirm as I pressed my thighs together in a vain effort to get some relief. He introduced himself and needlessly told me that he was a cousin to the groom and he seemed pleased when I introduced myself as the future Bride's Maid of Honour. The full line up of attendants hadn't been decided as yet, big family to choose from so diplomacy had to reign with some of it, but I had already been asked and had accepted. I took a sip of my wine then offered the plate of finger food to him, masking my inexplicable dose of nerves from him as best I could. He kept up a steady flow of conversation as we picked at the tasty selection on my plate, the ease of the conversation doing nothing to stem the growing attraction I was feeling or the growing needs of my body.

Food and wine finished he pulled me up and led me onto the dance floor where a band formed of members of the groom's family had started to play. I was pleased to discover that he could dance very well, nothing is as sexy as a man who knows how to move his body. He led me through dance after dance, fending off anyone who wanted to cut in, growling at them to find their own partners. We took a break to grab a drink and the happy couple caught up with us and my friend steered me towards the Ladies room leaving the men to their own devices. She couldn't wait to start pumping me about the obvious sexual tension between us and giving me some background info on my new found friend, including the fact that he was known for being rather standoffish and rarely ever interacting with women at family get togethers. We returned to the men and I was surprised when the Groom To Be got an unholy look of mischief on his face and told me that it was good to see I was getting on well with his Best Man and thanked me for saving him having to argue and bully his cousin into accepting the role. I looked to the man I was far too attracted to and watched as his eyes nearly glowed with the intense heat that filled his face as he looked me over from head to foot. A look that sent my own senses into a spin. He only moved subtly but his entire mien changed and with an uncompromising air of command he told the love birds to shove off as he led me back to the dance floor. The music had changed to much slower ballads as more alcohol was consumed and I didn't protest when I was pulled in tight against his rock hard body. His lips next to my ear he quietly asked me how I'd gotten to the hall and murmured his pleasure when I told him by taxi.

For the next hour or so we danced. He held me close and didn't even try to hide the erection that grew between us and didn't waste any opportunity to rub in against my belly and mons. His hands touched and teased, fingers flicked over my breasts and nipples and his lips played up and down the side of my neck and my arms wrapped around his neck. With every touch my body grew more sensitive and the sexual tension started clawing at me. My nipples were painfully hard beads where they rubbed against his chest and my pussy had saturated my undies and the moisture was coating my thighs. I nearly collapsed when his hand pulled the hem of my dress up between us and his fingers trailed up the inside of my thigh. That wicked chuckle rumbled deep in his chest when he felt how wet I was and he brushed his fingers over my clit. His lips came down over mine, cutting off the cry that was ripped from me and his tongue plunged into my mouth at the same time that his finger speared inside my slick pussy. The arm around my back was the only thing that stopped me from turning into a puddle on the floor as he rocked his rigid cock into me. He withdrew his finger and lifted his head and while his eyes held mine he brought his finger to his mouth and sucked my fluids off it before rubbing it over my lips and telling me to suck. I moaned with pleasure when our combined scent reached my nose and I sucked his finger into my mouth and ran my tongue all over it, savouring the way we tasted together. He slid his finger out of my mouth and I nipped the pad before it was gone. His head lowered again and he said, "Let's get out of here", as he stepped back and moved me under his arm.

We said our goodbyes in record time and I didn't miss the knowing smirk on my friend's face when she saw we were leaving together. He steered me out the door and handed me into the passenger seat of an understated car that had a luxurious interior. He didn't ask where I lived so we must be headed to his place and he didn't waste any time once he was behind the wheel. He drove like a bat out of hell on the nearly deserted streets and a short time later turned into a drive way and drove into the garage as the door rattled up. And he was leading me into the house before it had rattled back down again. As soon as the door to the house was shut he spun me around and pinned me to it. His head came down in a kiss that proved how tame the ones at the hall had been as he let loose some of his control. The heat and hunger of his mouth drove all thought out of my head, all I could do was react and my body did that of its own accord as overwhelming need surged through me. I met his tongue lick for lick as my hands started roaming over him. Desperate to feel skin on skin I clawed at his shirt, pulling it free of his pants so I could tunnel under it. My hands flattened as I run them up his belly and over his chest, my thumbs rubbing around and over his nipples before circling around to his back. His muscles bunched and flexed under my touch, smooth warm skin over hard slabs of muscles.

His own hands pulled my dress up and he ordered my arms up so he could pull it off and toss it aside before moving to cup my breasts. I moaned as he flicked my nipples and my hands went to his belt, fumbling in my haste to get it undone and his pants open. He pulled away and dragged me down the hall and into a huge bedroom with a monster sized bed in it, scooped me up and threw me into the middle of it. I yanked my shoes off and scrambled to my knees to crawl towards him and he growled at me to lie back down. My submissive nature kicked in and I obeyed without thought and watched as he stripped off, exposing all those hard packed muscles and finally his rock hard cock. I whimpered with the need to lick and suck on him, my mouth watering to take him in and swallow him whole. He joined me on the bed and ran his hands over me from the shoulders down. Fingers pinched and rolled my nipples sending spears of pleasure shooting through me before they lodged deep in my womb and made my pussy throb with need. My hips writhed when he did it again before continuing his downward journey. When his fingers reached my undies they hooked under the material then pulled, tearing them off me. His hands moved down and under my butt and his thumbs framed my sex before spreading the lips open as he settled between my legs.

I cried out when his tongue licked over me, along the folds and up to my clit before settling in to drive me mad with need. He licked around and down, darting into my pussy then licking up to my clit again. over and over again he moved down and back up. My hips tried to grind into him and my hands fisted in his hair until he ordered me to put them behind my head and gripped my hips hard enough to keep them pinned down. Slowly, inexorably, he drove me up and up and up but moved away before I could cum. My voice grew hoarse begging him to either let me cum or to fuck me and my body went wild when he played a finger over my rear opening and I felt his deep chuckle before he assured me that he'd take me there as well. He lunged up over me and hooked his arms behind my legs as he fit his cock to my pussy and plunged in as hard as he could. I moaned as he fought his way through muscles that were clenched tight with need. His cock stretching me, filling me as I begged him to fuck me. He finally seated himself as deep as he could go and my body shivered as he hit my cervix, sending a new cascade of sensation flashing through me. For a long time he held himself there, the head of his cock pressing firmly against the end of me and whimpers were torn from throat when I felt him swell and jerk. My body started to tremble with the force of the need that was eating at me and when his cock jerked again my pussy squirted for him.

With a slow, controlled, movement he pulled his cock back then, when just the tip was still inside, he drove back in hard and fast. With every thrust in he hit my cervix, with every pull out he dragged the head of his cock over my g-spot. The trembling grew harder as he continued the relentless build up and every muscle in my body wound tighter and tighter until I was arched up off the bed and begging in broken sobs for him to let me cum. I felt him swell again and he started moving faster. Then he swelled some more and he buried in deep and stayed there as he started fucking me in short hard jerks. His finger went to my clit and I screamed at the added pressure it caused. He said the magic words, "Cum for me baby", and my body drew even tighter until he plunged in hard and hit my cervix again. My body bucked hard as my orgasm broke over me and it fought his hold as he kept fucking into me. He swelled a last time and I screamed again as I clamped down painfully tight around him as he pumped himself into me. Finally he collapsed down over me and my legs wrapped around him.

He wrapped his arms tight around me and rolled us onto our sides with his cock still hard and deep inside me and started moving again. This time was slower and gentler but the climax was just as desperate. Exhausted I fell asleep with him still inside me and his arms holding me close. I don't know how long I slept for but it was light when I woke up with him moving inside me again and I lost myself to him again as he drove me up and up. When we lay entangled in each other he tilted my face towards him.

"I have a confession, to make. Last night wasn't the first time I've ever seen you. I've seen you at The House and I've watched you there."

I felt my jaw drop open and the memory I couldn't find last night coalesced into my mind and a picture of a man wearing a mask, shirtless with black pants and bare feet sprang into being. "Do you have a tattoo on your back?" I finally managed to stammer. His answer was to pull away from me and sit up with his back to me. And yes, there was the tattoo. I certainly remembered him now but the mask had thrown me off, it covered everything but his eyes and mouth and no, I'd never been close enough to hear his voice but I had admired his body and been envious of the rare times that he chose a sub, he was a good Dom and knew how to get the most out of those he played with.

He lied back down and pulled me back into his arms and talked about how he'd been drawn to me but knew that he would want far more than what he'd had the time for. But seeing me last night had tipped the balance and now he'd be looking to make time while he off loaded some of his business dealings, because he'd been right. He wanted far more that he'd ever wanted with other subs. A smile spread over my face, yes! I too wanted far more time with this man.
Flying Solo
Posted:Jan 17, 2015 1:40 am
Last Updated:May 5, 2017 10:23 pm

Weariness sweeps over me and my muscles are starting to shake with fatigue as I pause to catch my breath and stretch my back. "Not much more to do," I tell myself as I wait for my breathing to ease a bit. But the bit that is left is the hardest part to do of mowing a yard that is nearly knee high with very thick grass and weeds. I curse the heat, rain and humidity that makes it grow over a foot in height in a week as well as whoever the lunatic was that thought importing Setaria grass from South Africa would be a good idea. Yes, it is a hardy fodder grass and cattle love it, specially once it's been mowed down, but it has rapidly taken foothold in outer suburban yards and is an absolute horror to try and keep cut and tidy. It would be bad enough if my yard was flat, it's not. My back yard has a slope that drops over 6' between the house and the fence, a slope that I have to mow. I also curse owners who are too stingy to get the yard landscaped to make it easier to deal with. I hate it, but it was all I could afford in what was available at the time so I had to take it. I take a deep breath and attack the last stretch of the slope, I block out how much is left and deal with one strip at a time until I haul the mower backwards over the last segment and sigh with relief as I head back up to the house. It is done for now but I know I could mow it again tomorrow because it will have grown a couple of inches over night, and wish again that I had a ride on mower to cope with it.

I let my dogs out of the house and go to sit on the step while I wait to cool down. I guzzle water as I strip off my shoes and socks and pray for a cool change to come through, I am tired of the searing heat and 98% humidity that this summer has been inflicting on us. I watch the dogs as they trot around the yard, remarking their territory as they go, until they return to me and sit and look at me as though I'm murdering them, their tongues lolling out as they pant at me. Nothing can make you feel as guilty as dogs do when their dinner is late. With a groan I push to my feet and head inside to feed them, and the cats who are also glaring at me for being so tardy. Once the animals are happily chowing down I clean off the bench and then head in to clean myself. I wrestle my way out of my sweat soaked clothes, turn the cold water on and wait for it to go from scalding hot to, well, not cold, and moan in delight when I step under the cool spray of the shower. I can feel the heat of my skin turning the water warm as it runs down my body and I close my eyes as I move my head directly under the flow and start rubbing the sweat and grass off me. I turn the hot water on until the water is luke warm and start scrubbing in earnest from head to toe. After rinsing off all the suds I pick up a bottle of oil and start rubbing it into my skin. I stand under the water again and turn it back down to cold, letting it wash over me, taking as much of the heat out of me as possible. After drying off I pull a light wrap on and go to sit in front of the fan while I play games on the computer and listen to Disturbed on YouTube. What a way to spend a free Saturday night, wiped out from mowing the lawn and playing computer games as I sip at a Kahlua and Coke. My body starts demanding sleep so I check my emails a last time then turn the computer off and head to bed. I read for a bit then turn off the light and pray for a cool change to come through as I toss and turn under the fan before finally drifting off to sleep.

Hands run lightly down my body and I stretch and move as fingers touch and tease. My nipples bead painfully tight as my breasts grow heavy with need when they are pinched and tugged on. A lightning flash of sensation sizzles through my body and makes my pussy clench and go liquid with need. My legs open in invitation and my pelvis arches up, my back leaving the mattress, when those clever fingers graze over my clit and down through my folds. I moan when a single finger pushes in and my pussy clamps down tight, trying to pull it in further. Lips and tongue play over the pulse point in my neck and I groan when my hands rub up along a hard abdomen and over a chest and to the shoulders. I roll slightly towards him, on my side and push him onto his back and straddle him as I sit up. I settle my pussy over his straining cock and slowly start rocking on top of him, sliding along his length without taking him in. I lean down nibble my way along his neck, licking and biting my way down across his chest until I reach a nipple and tease it before sucking on it until I feel him jerk hard beneath me. Then trail my lips across his chest to the other side and repeat the treatment until I feel a spurt of pre-cum. My body moves down as I move my mouth over him and nibble and bite my way south, stopping to torment wherever his skin flinches before continuing my journey. I reach his groin and make my way down the side of him and to his inner thigh then slowly work up to his balls as I spread his legs further apart. I lick and suck at his balls as I roll them around and play with them. First sucking on one ball then moving to the other as I enjoy the feel of him in my mouth. His hands fist in my hair and he tries to tug me higher but I resist the pull and continue to play with him until I am ready to move up. I nip hard at a spot on his thigh and feel him jerk as he moans for me.

I run my fingers through his pre-cum before I take the head into my mouth and slowly start fucking him in and out, going a bit deeper with every thrust down. My fingers go to the crease behind his balls and start rubbing along it, back to his opening. When my fingers feel dry I reach between my legs and collect my own fluid and use it to lube around his rear as I put pressure over the opening. I suck hard as I pull up and lave my tongue along his length then slide back down again and when he hits the back of my throat I angle my head and neck and push down further while at the same time my finger pushes into his passage. His hands grip my hair hard as he jerks up, forcing himself as far down my throat as he can go and a groan is ripped from him. He holds me down as his cock jerks and pre-cum floods my throat and mouth and I swallow around his cock and try not to choke until he eases his grip and allows me to move up as I suck hard. I pull away and straddle him and position myself over his cock, facing his feet, then slam down hard, taking him in as far as I can in one go. Again and again I lift up and surge down, his hands gripping my hips and pushing me down even harder until I have him deep inside me. I run my finger through my fluids again and return them to his rear and push in as I start riding him.

I feel a hand move between my legs to where we are joined and he starts working fluid up to my rear and rubbing over the opening. I lean forward and brace myself on my free hand and he pushes his finger in. I hiss and pant as the bite of pain burns through me and explodes deep inside me. My pussy clamps down tight and I moan as the pleasure follows the same path and sets my womb on fire. I start riding him hard and fast as I finger his rear. He holds his hand still and when I fuck down onto his cock I am also fucking onto his fingers. A sharp slap lands on my rump and he orders me to move faster and with his goading slaps to spur me on I do. Every slap heightens my pleasure as the heat spears into me and I moan my pleasure to him. Suddenly I am pushed forward and he is out from underneath me and slamming into me from behind as his fingers go back into my arse, adding a third to them and I cry out as the pleasure/pain rips through me. He orders me to keep my head on the bed as his free hand grabs my hip and he rides me hard and fast. I run a hand along my body and back to where we are joined and squeeze my fingers around the base of his shaft as he fucks me and rub the heel of my hand over my clit. I feel him swell and go even harder, stretching me tight and I slide my fingers to my clit and start rubbing as my climax starts to build. I whimper with need when he spreads his fingers wider, stretching me even more. He fucks in deep and stays there as he rams the head of his cock into my cervix. A deep whine starts in my throat as he continues to hit the spot that he knows will send me over. Every muscle in my body clenches tight and I feel his cock jerk in response as my pussy goes tighter. He swells again and I scream as my orgasm starts to break and my body starts to judder as convulsive waves crash over me. He fucks into me even harder and I feel him start to cum then he pulls out of my pussy and rams into my arse and I scream again as more pleasure/pain rips into me and pushes my climax higher, riding me until my body goes limp and I collapse to the mattress and he goes with me...

I jerk awake. My hand is between my legs and I am covered in my own fluids, my body a lather of sweat in the stifling, still heat of the night. I groan as I roll into the hot breeze the fan causes and close my eyes against the pain of remembering things my body won't let me forget and the empty pain of flying solo..
Mulitple Orgasms
Posted:Jan 9, 2015 4:17 am
Last Updated:May 18, 2017 1:41 pm

Coloured lights flash in pulsing waves as the music pounds. I give myself over to the beat and allow my body to move as it needs to, flowing with, and occasionally in counter point to, the rhythm. I barely notice when one partner gets tapped out by the next and they tend to blur together with everyone else on the dance floor, my attention is on the music, not my partners, as it flows through and around me. I take a break to have a cold drink and to cool off a bit while I lined up for the ladies room. I freshen up then go back out to the bar area where my eyes roam restlessly over the mass of people both on the floor and off, I'm not sure what, or who, I am searching for but my eyes continue their scan of the large area of the club that I can see from my perch. I give a thought to going downstairs but I'm not quite ready for that, or in the right mood for it, not yet. I finish my drink and move back out onto the dance floor with a new partner, until he, too, moves on. My eyes catch on a new man moving in to fill the gap and his fluid movements first follow, then start to lead mine as he takes control, this one can really move. Sure of himself he grows bold, his body seducing mine with sensual movement and a presence that commands my attention, our eyes lock and hold as everything but the man and the music disappear. My body follows his direction as he leads me through more complicated steps and every touch heightens my awareness of him. We dance as though we've been dancing together for years, totally in tune with each other. Chemistry flares and heat rises and starts to sizzle between us, the air around us crackling with the intensity of it and I can't help but respond as my nipples grow hard and sensitive where they rub against my dress. My clit is throbbing and my pussy is wet with the need that is balling deep inside me.

I allow my sensuality to show in my movements as I roll my hips forward and arch my back as he moves closer. The music slows, he pulls me in tight to his body and I can feel the evidence that he is just as affected by the chemistry between us as I am. His hand across my lower back holds me close while his other hand roams over me, fingers rubbing over the fabric of my dress then caressing the skin that is uncovered and moves up to rub around the choker that encircles my neck. The choker that signifies my standing in the rooms downstairs. "Have you already been downstairs or are you going down there, do you have any arrangements for tonight?" His voice, a deep baritone, rumbled into my ear as he leaned down over me. I shudder with anticipation as I reply that I haven't been down there yet tonight and that I don't have any arrangements in place. His eyes flare bright and his hand strokes down my body, cupping my breast and teasing the nipple before going lower. He slides it between our bodies and draws the hem of my dress up then his fingers run up the inside of my thigh and across my soaked undies. I shudder and moan when he strokes over my clit and sag into him as my legs go rubbery. He laughs as he pulls his hand away and spins me around and starts to circle us off the dance floor and leads me towards the door that leads to the stairs.

He takes me downstairs and ushers me across to a private seating area and picks up some water as we go past the bar area. No alcohol is allowed down here but the bar carries every type of soft drink, juice, tea and coffee there is. As we drink he runs through a list of limits, soft and hard, likes and dislikes. I am surprised to learn, while I haven't seen him here before, that he has seen me and watched a few of my sessions and I wonder how I missed noticing this man and his very commanding presence. He asks if I accept him as my Dom for a session and I go to my knees as I accept. He tells me he wants to freshen up before we play and tells me to meet him back here in 20 minutes and to be naked except for the choker. I agree, and I'm grateful because I'm very sweaty from all the dancing. I hurry down to the locker room, strip off my clothes and grab a towel before diving into one of the showers. I quickly scrub myself, shuddering as my hands rub over my sensitive spots, and rinse off. I dry myself carefully then toss my clothes and shoes into my locker, grab my hairbrush out of my bag and pull my hair up into a pony tail, out of the way, and head back out to the lounge. I sit back down where we had been sitting and settle in to wait. Another Dom comes over to talk to me, one I have subbed for quite a bit in the past few months, and one whom I enjoy and respect. I'm slightly puzzled when he just sits and chats without asking if I want a session. Then He comes back and my mouth waters at the sight of him bare chested, wearing low slung pants and bare footed. His body is tight with the long, lean muscles of a martial artist or dancer and he exudes an air of barely leashed power.

The other Dom stands and shakes hands with Him and I slide to my knees in presentation and wait while they talk. As I listen I learn that they are old friends, friends who often share. My body goes on alert and everything tightens at the thought of having these two, strong, Doms at the same time. It has been a long time since I've had a menage and one with these two promised to be amazing, I could only hope that I got to experience it with them. Suddenly I felt their eyes turn on me and made sure I held still during their inspection, trying not to show my mounting excitement, not that I could hide the slick evidence that coated my pussy or the hard points of my nipples. He ordered me to my feet and I followed them to a private room, one with a huge bed taking up one end and a kneeling bench and lounge at the other end. I moved into the open area and stood in a waiting stance as the men went to the sets of draws along one wall. He came to me and pinched my nipples, making them tighten even more before attaching clamps to them. I gasped at the bite of pain and breathed deep while the wave of heat blasted down to my pussy and curled tight in my womb. I spread my legs wider when ordered then his fingers were on my clit and I had to lock my knees when they threatened to give way as he played with the throbbing nub then I was panting when he attached a clamp to it as well. I couldn't contain the whimper of need that clawed its way out as the pleasure/pain rolled over me when he tugged on the chain that joined the three clamps, making them bite harder as he orders me to get on my hands and knees on the bench.

I crawled up and set myself squarely on the padded bench then He puts a blindfold over my eyes as I feel the other one at my rear. I feel gel get smeared over my opening and a finger is pushed in. I hiss and pant as pain flashes hotly and he waits until my body relaxes before he starts to move it. I jerk in surprise when a flogger lands across my back and spreads heat along my nerves. The flogger moves up and down my back, gradually landing harder, as the other one works at loosening my muscles until I feel the fingers move away and a plug is pushed in hard. I cry out at the blast of burning heat that spears through me and the flogger moves down over my rump and thighs. My nipples are painfully tight inside the clamps, my clit a raging, aching throbbing ball of need and my pussy is leaking fluid down my thighs. The flogger is brought up hard to land over my pussy and clit and at the same time the chain connecting the clamps is pulled. I cry out as the pain/pleasure swamps me as it races along my nerves then flashes hot from head to toes. My hips are gripped tight and a cock rams into my pussy as hard as it can, then again and again as it forces its way past the tightly stretched muscles At the same time my hair is gripped and I'm ordered to open my mouth and a cock pushes in and works its way down my throat as my head is angled back. I recognise the touch and taste of the Dom I know as I suck and play my tongue along the cock in my mouth and I hum my pleasure when pre-cum spurts and I swallow it down. They fuck me hard and fast and my body starts to wind up tight, then they both pull away and change places. I register the different touch as my head is gripped and angled back as His cock is pushed into my mouth. He is bigger than the other one, and the other one is bigger than average, I struggle to take him down my throat as he keeps pushing in. I fight not to gag as I remind myself to breathe through my nose and relax my throat until he is finally in as far as he can go. Then they start fucking me again, their movements well co-ordinated.

My body winds tight again, and again they pull away. They help me to stand and lead me over to the bed and roll me onto my back and then with one on either side of me they start playing and teasing my body. Sucking and licking at my nipples around the clamps, making them swell even more and the clamps bite harder. One moves down and fingers find my pussy as a mouth finds my clit. Together they drive me up and up. My body is on fire with need and I writhe beneath them as my hands try to touch and fondle them in turn until I am told to keep them above my head. Desperation starts me begging and they both pull away from me again and I scream my frustration. I am moved again until I am straddling one of them and being pushed down onto his cock and I whimper as I take him in. I am pushed slightly forward and on the count of three the chain is pulled in one hard jerk so that the clamps pull off my nipples and clit and at the same time the plug is ripped out of my arse. I scream as pain and pleasure slam into me and my body convulses as I start to cum hard. I am pulled forward and I feel cold gel squirt into my rear then He is fucking into me. More pain rips at me, he is much bigger than the plug was, and my body clamps down tight as he forces his way deep inside me, pushing my climax on and on. Once he is all the way in he adjusts his position behind me then they both start fucking into me. My climax levels off then one hand finds my clit as two others find my nipples and they both squeeze and pull at the same time. My body is flung into another orgasm as they continue to fuck into me. They ride me harder and harder and even though I have cum, hard, twice I feel an enormous pressure building deep inside me as they manage to rub over all of my trigger points at once. I whimper as the one beneath me hits my cervix with every thrust in and drags over my g-spot and clit on the outward pull. The one in my rear also manages to hit a spot inside me that I didn't know I had as well as his girth exciting me more as he stretches me so very tight.

I start to shudder at the intensity of what they are building inside me and then I feel the one in my pussy swell and I cry out at how tightly stretched I am. A few more strokes and He swells as well. The shudders turn into shaking and a tortured moan is torn from my throat as I tighten even more. I start to beg to, "Please let me cum!" and still they fuck into me. The both swell again and I scream as I am stretched so painfully tight. But the pain turns into heat that adds to the avalanche that keeps building inside me. Then I feel the one under me start to shudder and his fingers go to my tortured nipples and His fingers go to my clit as they suddenly surge in hard and deep. He rumbles, "Cum for us, baby," and my body bows hard as every muscle clamps down. I lose my breath as they plunge in hard and fast then stay deep as they both start to pump into me in short sharp jerks as I feel them cum. The wave breaks and the avalanche hits me and I start to cum harder than I have ever cum in my life. My pussy gushes and I convulse helplessly as they hold me close between them, my body bucking and writhing as I struggle to breathe and blackness starts to close in on me, swamping me.

Voices intrude and gradually push me awake. I am on my side and wedged between two hard, male bodies. Bodies that are still inside me, and from the feel of it, still hard. I shudder and they move their hands and my body clamps tight in reaction. Gently they soothe me and ask if I'm okay. Okay doesn't even begin to cover how I feel. Carefully I stretch and again my body clamps tight with an after shock and a smile curves my lips as I look up at both of them. "Oh, yes! I'm more than okay." I answer as I deliberately move on both of them and pray that I get to experience the magic they create for a very long time to come.
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New Year's Gift
Posted:Dec 26, 2014 6:52 pm
Last Updated:Jan 4, 2015 2:16 am
Exhausted, I sit down and, with a sigh, push my chair into recline. Christmas is over for another year and so, too, are the obligatory family get togethers. I love my family but they are overwhelming en masse, there are far, far too many of them. Then I have to answer the same question/declaration a half a million times, "Haven't you found a man yet!" Nor do they understand how devastating it is to be lonely in a raucous, over crowded house with dozens of adults and three, if not four, times as many , all talking, screaming, laughing and crying {depending on age} at the same time. Never do I feel more of an outsider than I do at full family parties, lunches or dinners. But I suck it up and put on the best face I can until I can safely make my escape, because I do love them all, just not when they are all together. I close my eyes and turn my thoughts to the far more pleasant thought of New Year's Eve and the event I have been invited to. An event that my rather conservative family would be dumbstruck to know about, all they know is that I'm going away for a few days break. I sip at the wine I'd poured myself and slowly begin to relax enough to haul myself to bed.

A few days hibernation with only a prearranged trip to the beauty salon on the morning of the 30th for waxing, manicure, pedicure and a hair cut, then when I got home I fielded last minute phone calls as I finished packing my bag and triple checked that I had my invitation before climbing in my car for the 4 hour drive. All guests were asked to arrive between 12:30 - 5:30pm on the 30th, the gates to be locked after that time. I have never been to The Castle but I have heard about it through the grapevine, this is an Invitation Only event and I was so excited to receive the invitation, I only wish I knew who had invited me! At the half way point I pulled up in a pretty seaside town for some petrol, food and coffee and couldn't resist the urge to paddle along the shoreline before resuming my drive. The Pacific Ocean sparkled brilliantly under the sun and a lazy swell rolled to shore, the typical summer weather was hot but the beach was strangely quiet instead of being packed with people trying to cool off. Feeling refreshed I climbed back into my car to complete the second half of my journey, carefully following the directions until I rolled to a stop in front of a set of impressive, black, electric gates, complete with a Gothic style guard house. An equally impressive, big and muscular, man dressed as a slave came out and asked for my invitation. I handed it over to him as I admired his build and studied his collar, noting that it had the emblem of The Castle stamped on it. He read the invitation then looked down the list on his clipboard and crossed my name off before handing the invitation back, wishing me a good stay and opening the gate for me. Thanking him I wound my window back up to shut out the heat and drove through the gates and followed the road along then up a hill. I gasped when I got my first look at The Castle where it sprawled over the next rise. It is far bigger than what I'd thought from the photos on the website, they truly didn't show the scope of this place.

I drove up to the circular drive and not seeing anywhere to park I stopped at the bottom of the stairs where two more slaves were waiting. The both came around to my door, one opened the door, greeting me by name, and the other invited me to give my keys to them so one could park my car for me, while the other one showed me to my room. I climbed out and collected my bag before handing the keys to one of them, the other one relieved me of the bag and asked me to follow him. As he led me through the foyer and up a gorgeous flight of stairs he explained what would be happening between now and tomorrow night and how to tell the difference between Castle Slaves who were on duty and those who were off duty and free to play. He went over The Castle's rules and regulations, all of which were pretty standard then told me to just ask for any further information I needed. He stopped outside a door at the end of a corridor and unlocked it before leading me into a gorgeous, huge, corner suite with a sitting room that contained a small table and a mini kitchen area tucked in one corner, bedroom with a massive four poster bed, open fire place and a full bathroom that included a spa bath. He placed my bag on the end of the bed, wished me a enjoyable stay then excused himself. I kicked my shoes off and padded barefoot over the cool stonework floor as I prowled around the suite, marveling at the luxury and wondering who the hell had invited me and paid for all this. I gasped out loud when I reached the big glass doors near the table. They opened onto a stone balcony that looked out over the ocean, a spectacular view with a cool ocean breeze and a small outdoor setting where you could sit and eat and take in the view. I made myself a coffee and settled on the balcony to take it all in before I needed to get ready for dinner and the night ahead. Very casual dinner tonight and the evening was mine to do with as I pleased, to join in or just look around was up to me.

As I finished my coffee I felt that last, left over tension of the past week slip away and my excitement about being here pegged up a few notches as I unpacked my bag and selected what I wanted to wear tonight before going in to shower. The shower proved to be as luxurious as the spa bath with multiple jets lining the walls and ceiling and I spent a long time playing with the controls and settling on a medium flow of water from about half of the jets and fantasized about what it would be like to share it with a man. And who knows by the end of my time here I may just find out, a thought that made me grin as I rinsed off and rubbed oil into my skin from head to foot. I dried off then attacked my hair with comb and dryer, having my usual fight with the unruly mass of heavy curls and waves to get it all dry and knot free. I applied a light dusting of make up with more emphasis on my eyes and lips before slipping into a slinky dress that fitted snugly to my body, down to my hips and then flared into a flouncy mid thigh layered skirt. The front was low cut to my breasts and the back was scooped out to just above my butt with criss-crossing thin straps holding it closed. The deep red colour standing out against my pale skin and honey blonde hair. I dug through my toiletry bag and pulled out the fancy hair clips that one of my sisters had given me years ago and pulled the heavy fall back off my face and arranging it so it tumbled down my back in a mass of cascading wavy curls. I slipped on my heeled shoes and lastly I picked up the ribbon that had come with my invitation and tied it around my neck then made my way downstairs.

Others were already down there and slaves were circulating with trays of drinks and finger food. I accepted a glass of wine and nodded polite hellos to people as I wandered through the rooms, looking for any familiar faces. Different types of music played in various gathering areas and as I wandered around I had more than one offer to play after dinner. I murmured non-committal replies as I continued to move amongst the growing crowd of people. I spied a Master and slave that I knew and made my way over to say hello and have a chat with them, although I didn't see him as being the source of my invitation I thought he may have known who was. But he was surprised to see me and offered a play session later if I wanted. Again I thanked him for the offer but remained non-committed. Dinner was served and there were some vacant places where people had chosen to eat in their rooms. After dinner, I did go down to the dungeon and watched some of the action down there. The set up was the most extensive I'd ever seen and was superbly run and monitored. Each section had its own Master watching over everything that happened, helping where needed or stopping play if it was warranted. A shiver of longing ran over me as I watched a woman strapped onto a St Andrew's Cross being flogged. And while I had offers, I just didn't feel in the mood to play. In the suspension area I watched as a male slave was winched up by his ankles and ordered to suck his Master off as the Master tormented his cock and balls. In another area a Rope Master was giving a demonstration to a large group who were fascinated with the beautiful designs he created that also put enough pressure to cause discomfort or pleasure on his model. But none of it overly interested me tonight. I was too caught up in who had invited me here. After a few hours of wandering and watching I called it a night and went up to my room. I found an envelope that had been pushed under my door and inside was a note, "You look lovely tonight. You will look even more beautiful tomorrow night. Wear what will be delivered to you tomorrow". No signature and the writing looked slightly familiar but not familiar enough for me to recognise. With a frustrated sigh I went and cleaned my make up off, took off the ribbon, brushed and braided my hair and cleaned my teeth before I slid into bed.

I woke very early in the morning, surprised that I had slept so well in a strange bed. I spent the day swimming and socialising with other guests. The dungeon was open for our entire stay now but apart from one walk through I hadn't been interested in playing, yet. A couple of the Masters that had offered last night looked interesting, but maybe later. Seeing I had been up so ridiculously early I decided to try and have a nap about 2pm or I'd be very tired before midnight got here. With the bedroom balcony doors open I stretched out on the bed and closed my eyes as I listened to the waves as they crashed against the cliff, the sea was more restless today, the swell higher and with much more energy than the lazy roll it had been yesterday. The rhythmic sound and cool breeze soothed me into sleep. A noise woke me with a start and as I struggled awake it resolved into someone knocking on the suite door. I called out that I was coming as I rolled and sat up, surprised to see I'd slept for 3 hours when I looked at the bedside clock. I pushed myself into motion and hurried to answer the door. One of the slaves was standing there with a box in his hand, he smiled as he handed it over and asked if there was anything I needed. I assured him that I was fine and closed the door as I moved back into my suite.

With curiosity eating at me I hurried into the bedroom and opened the box. I folded back layers of tissue paper and lifted out a gorgeous deep rose wrap around dress. Simple but elegant all that held it closed were the small ties at the waist, one on the inside the other on the outside. The material was soft, airily light and draped beautifully when I slipped it on. Laying it across the bed I returned to the box and lifted out the next item which turned out to be a matching shelf bra and crotchless g-string made out of satin and lace. Putting it down next to the dress I peered into the box again and came out with a choker collar made out of the same satin and lace as the bra set. Then last, but not least, a pair of heeled strappy sandals that fit like a glove when I tried them on. Now I was truly perplexed as to who knew me well enough to buy me clothes and shoes without me having to try them on and had the money to pay for all of this. I snacked on some fruit as I made a coffee and sat outside to drink it and watched the clouds that were building up out to sea and noted that the ocean was beginning to churn. The waves standing higher and starting to make a booming noise as they crashed against the cliff face, pitting their might against the solid rocks that had withstood the constant pounding for millennia. I hoped that the storm stayed out to sea, at least until after the fireworks display. I finished my coffee and went inside to get ready for the night. Eager to see who my mystery benefactor is. I showered and cleaned with extra care and took great pains with my hair and make up before I slipped into the underwear shoes and dress. I picked up the choker and hesitated about putting it on. Wearing it would signify my acceptance of him as my Dom, at least for the time we are here. But then it would be easy enough to take off if I truly didn't want to accept whoever is behind all this, so I put it into place and did it up, a dark pink, sparkling heart dangled down from the centre to sit in the hollow of my throat. The way it sparked and caught the light made it look real. I stood back and examined how I looked. The deceptively simple dress had a superior cut and drape. The bra giving my breasts enough support to keep them in place while, essentially, keeping them bare. The shoes finished the look beautifully and the choker made a statement to anybody who saw it.

One last look and I headed downstairs. As I turned the curve in the staircase a man came into view. His back was to me but the stance, build and hair looked familiar and my breath caught in my throat. My decent faltered and I stood stock still as my eyes drank him in and my heart started to race as I stared at him. He must have heard me stop because he turned around, revealing a face I hadn't seen for a number of years. The face of a man that I had been falling in love with when unchangeable circumstances had pulled us apart. I watched as his stance changed, becoming straighter, more compelling and far more intense, when he saw me. His right arm rose and he held his hand out to me in a silent command. Now was my chance to choose. I either went forward or I went back upstairs. I swallowed hard as my heart picked up the pace and started pounding and my body started trembling. I whimpered as long suppressed emotions swamped me and I swallowed again as I took the next step down, fighting the hardest battle of my life to stop from running and throwing myself at him. My eyes locked with his as I took each step and when I was close enough my hand rose to his as I took the final steps. I was beyond words, incapable of speaking as my trembling threatened to turn into shaking. All I could do was show him. I dropped to my knees at his feet, I took my hand from his and placed them palm up on my thighs as my butt settled on my heels and finally I tore my eyes from his and bowed my head. Silently giving him my submission. Silently giving him my heart and soul, they had always truly belonged to him, as my lungs laboured to keep me from embarrassing us both. His hand cupped my chin and lifted my head, my eyes flew back to his. They fluttered shut again when his thumb caressed the side of my face and my head pushed into his hand until he gave me the quiet order to stand.

The next few hours were a torturous blur as we mingled then went into dinner, then mingled some more. But the time allowed me to get my emotions under control again and I knew my questions could wait. The intense flow of awareness between us continued to spark and grow with each brush of hand on arm or hip and I nearly went mad with need when he rested his palm against the small of my back. Heat sizzled and jumped between us as though we'd never been apart. My breasts felt tight and confined, the nipples hard beads that could be easily seen through the soft material of my dress. My pussy was dripping fluid down my thighs and my clit was a throbbing, hard nub that nearly had me screaming in need. I barely registered that He seemed to know most of the people who were here and I was beyond following much of any of the conversations. He read me as easily as he always had and apart from the odd introduction he didn't require me to be chatty. I wondered if he felt any of the tumultuous things that were pounding at me. But then logic told me that he KNEW that I would be here so he was prepared for it. Finally he started moving away from the knots of people but instead of heading for the dungeon like I expected he headed for the stairs and I followed him as he went up and lead me to my room. He fished a key card from his pocket and drew me inside and through to the bedroom. I stared at the chains that had been added to posts of the bed, I hadn't noticed the the hooks attached to the back of the posts at the head of the bed.

My attention was pulled back to him as he ordered me to strip off the dress. I fought a smile as I tugged on the first tie then the second before shrugging and letting it fall to the floor. I felt his eyes run over me as he took in the state of my arousal, his fingers going to my breasts and nipples. I moaned and shivered when he tugged and rolled the turgid peaks, causing lightning to sizzle along my nerves and explode in my womb and pussy. I longed to reach out and touch him and it was a hard won fight not to. A quiet order had me going eagerly to my knees and my eyes closed in pleasure when his hand fisted in my hair. I heard the zip on his pants go down as he pulled my head back and my eyes flew to his as he rubbed his cock over my lips, spreading pre-cum over them before he ordered for me to open. With a groan of his own he slid his cock into my mouth and told me to suck him. I hummed in pleasure as I sucked him into the back of my throat, his taste filling me as he pulled my head back further and pushed down until his balls were lying against my chin. He held there for a beat then started to fuck in and out of my throat as I sucked and licked at the shaft filling my mouth, unable to get enough of him. I cried out when he pulled away, wanting him to flood my mouth and throat with his cum. He ordered me to the bed and I hurried to comply, lying as he directed with my arms above my head and my legs spread wide. He worked quickly to attach cuffs to my wrists and ankles, only pausing long enough to take my shoes off.

His hands ran up my legs to my thighs then slid along the sides of my pussy and opened me wide as he stared at me then rubbed the sides of the g-string over the opening and pulled it tight so my folds closed around it. His fingers ran along the ridge of them, putting pressure onto the elasticised satin as he rubbed up and over my clit. I moaned and tried to buck as he moved the leg bands enough to frame my clit then pinched them together above and below and used them to rub and tease my clit. Every sensation set of small explosions inside me that built up and up and I cried out when he lowered his head and licked along and over me, desperate to feel him inside me, fucking me. He worked his mouth up my body to my nipples, sucking and nipping at them, drawing them deep into his mouth then scraping his teeth back down to the tips and biting them. My body erupted into searing flames, my pussy liquid with need and every inch of me begging to be touch and played with. He slowly stripped off his own clothes as his mouth moved over my body. Licking, sucking and nipping at my most sensitive spots until I could no longer hold back the whimpers and moans of my driving need.

Moving back between my legs he shoved his pants down and off and I watched as his cock sprang free, my mouth watering to have him back inside where I could savour him. He lowered down and notched the head at my opening. My hips pushed into him as much as I could while tied down so tight. Desperation clawing at me as he held still and laid down over me, his body now in full contact with mine, his lips nuzzling over the pulse point in my neck. His tongue flicked out and I shuddered at the electric feel of it and my body started shaking with the need for what was coming. My head rolled to the side a bit more, stretching my neck and giving him as much access as I could. I felt his mouth close over the sensitive spot then he sucked hard as he plunged his cock as hard and far into me as he could. I cried out, my body bowing at the onslaught of pleasure that tore through me and my pussy squirted for him. Another hard suck timed with another hard thrust and again and again until he was in as far as he could go, his cock filling me, stretching me as he softened the sucking on my neck. He hadn't forgotten what turned my body on and used them all as he started fucking into me hard and fast. His movements showing a desperation that matched my own. My climax built hard and fast and I knew I wouldn't be able to contain it, I was too out of control, too off kilter from his sudden and unexpected appearance and at the mercy of my need for him. A keening sob broke from me as my pussy clamped down painfully tight and I felt him swell and grow even harder. His rhythm broke as his cock jerked hard and a relieved shudder raked me when he grated out for me to cum with him. Every muscle in my body went tight then instead of just sucking on my neck he bit down and I was hurled into the maelstrom of the climax that broke over me. My body bucked with the force of the convulsive waves and I felt him start to jerk as he came with me, his guttural shout joining my cry as we rode it out.

When our bodies calmed he rolled off me and I whimpered when me moved to my ankles and instead of undo me he adjusted the chains. He pulled my heels up to my butt and ran the chains along the inside of my thighs then re-anchored them under the bed. My legs were now bent and I could relax my thighs outward but I couldn't pull them closed, the chains held me open. I knew what was coming but I hadn't had this done since the last time we'd been together and I warned him of it. His eyes locked with mine and he told me he'd be careful. I heard the squish of gel and felt it join the semen that slicked across my pussy and his fingers slid inside me. I started breathing slowly as I tried to relax my muscles. Slowly he worked them in, twisting his hand and gradually pushing harder, grateful that he took his time and worked it slowly as he played with my clit and rear in turns. I whined as his hand slid deeper, stretching me, filling me, occasionally pulling out and adding more lube. I started panting hard as he put steady pressure behind his hand as he continued to twist and turn, his fingers flexing deep inside me. I cried out when it breached the restrictive part of me and I heard his grunt of satisfaction. Then he started fucking me with it. It was even harder and faster than my first orgasm and when it hit it went on and on as he kept fucking it in and out so it hit those spots deep inside me. My breathing became laboured and my throat grew raw from screaming my pleasure and a raging thirst raked at me as I gushed fluid. He pushed me into another round of convulsive contractions and my vision began to go grey as unconsciousness beckoned. He had fucked me unconscious many times before but I felt him start to pull out of me before I tipped full over and his hand passing through the tight band again pushed me into another round of orgasms as he pulled it free. I felt unbelievably empty with him gone but he released my bonds and scooped me close, tucking my head under his chin and one leg over the top of mine then just held me until my breathing eased and my body stopped shaking.

He eased back to reach for some water and let me drink before he started telling me what had changed and how he couldn't get back to me quick enough. His eyes solemn as he asked if I would consider taking him back as my Master, a permanent Master. I couldn't stop the tears this time as I told him he always had been, and always would be, my Master. He scooted to the side of the bed and opened the top draw of the bedside stand and pulled out a box. He pulled me into sitting up then opened the box and pulled out gorgeous choker style necklace that seemed to be missing something. He asked if I would accept his collar as he showed me how it actually locked into place with a tiny key. I couldn't contain the smile that bloomed as I accepted his offer. He reached around and pulled off the satin choker that I'd been wearing and I watched in surprise as he took a small tool out of the box and separated the pink stone from the choker and attached it to the necklace. His own grin sneaking out as he looked at me and told me it was a pink sapphire before securing the new choker into place and locking it.

I may not have received the Christmas present that I wanted. But I got PRECISELY what I needed as a New Year's Gift. The gift of my future.

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