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Pet peeves about "bot" responses by men  

urexgf 21F
45 posts
12/22/2018 4:43 pm
Pet peeves about "bot" responses by men

1. "Do you like my cock"... if I had a dollar for every time someone asked that question, I would already be retired. Ok, so I admit the first few I saw on here were kind of exciting, but then it went from exciting to "ok", then from ok to "a bit boring", then to "oh please god, not another"... why do men think that all we want to do is see their cock when it's probably a fake picture anyway. (See my blog post on McDonalds men)

2. "Do you want to watch me masturbate?"... omg not another, see point 1 above.

3. "I want to lick/eat you out until you [_________]" (fill in the blank)... another favourite, predominantly the older guy members of the community, which basically translates into "I can't keep it up for long, so I prefer oral" (see blog post on Nostalgia Men).

4. "So what are you into?"... read "I'm too lazy to check out your profile, so I expect you to repeat yourself for the thousandth time".

omg this site is making me so cynical

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