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urexgf 21F
45 posts
1/26/2019 5:49 pm

I get so frustrated by time-wasters from this site... they set up dates and then leave it to the afternoon of the date to inform me that for one reason or another the date is not going ahead. I mean why do that?

Most common excuses:

- Got sick or family member got sick (sure it happens, but omg a nation of sick people)
- Locked my keys in the car
- Locked my cell phone in the car (couldn't let me know)
- Had an accident in the car
- Bad weather

Or worse, no reason, no nothing... just a no show

russell6967 53M  
3 posts
1/26/2019 8:33 pm

i can not believe anyone would miss the chance of a date with you

13237 posts
1/26/2019 9:34 pm

A Lot Of That Going Around.


clittywhisperer1 56M
1414 posts
1/27/2019 12:02 am

People are fake .full of fantasy but no intention of actually having real lives. It is a safe scape from their sad , boring , stupid senseless lives.I am sorry that has happened to you .Trust no one until they prove they are worth your trust . double check every piece of information and verify verify verify . Your safety may be on the line . Be well be safe , be yourself , and just enjoy each day as it is . life is a marathon it takes a while .

LimerickJohn 66M
1047 posts
1/27/2019 2:05 am

Yes it is unfortunate but it happens here too.

However not everyone is the same. Keep up your search and they will come.

smilybob2214 36M
74 posts
1/27/2019 7:44 am

sadl there are lot of fake people on here , I allwa meet up if agree too love to meet u xx

azlyn4562 67M

1/27/2019 9:29 am

At least they let you know instead of being a no show.

fastfuck3r 34M
2 posts
1/28/2019 1:36 pm

Yes..its true..a lot of fake people here, on this site... but I can assure you I'm serious and real man...so I'll see you Thursday, take care

Dominanteyes 40M
81 posts
2/1/2019 11:09 am

How many times has this happened to you?

jnd21 49M
24 posts
2/27/2019 5:27 pm

Hi x Many times happens to chat with ,, real people “ on this site but when we decide to have a meet even to a drink coffee they never answer x Lots fake people on here x Take care x

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