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3 Girlfriends with body tan lines.  

utfrangrl 46F
24231 posts
7/20/2019 7:39 am
3 Girlfriends with body tan lines.

My Three Girlfriends with body tan lines.
Some pics I took of three of my girlfriends showing their body tan lines they have gotten so far this summer. See more of my naughty fun friends at my Naughty Community group, click on my group link above to see them.

uncutdevil 35M  
249 posts
7/20/2019 7:46 am

i love tan lines, especially across the butt

Leegs2012 47M
54384 posts
7/20/2019 8:05 am

Very Sexy!!

knl24u 49M/47F
965 posts
7/20/2019 8:06 am

these three friends of yours do have nice looking body tans.

Tl9130 45M
7 posts
7/20/2019 8:09 am

OMG! I love it!!!!!!

alpsman1 66M
15 posts
7/20/2019 8:25 am

Lovely...! The tan lines are nice also...

nshape07 54M
9 posts
7/20/2019 8:28 am


Barrington123123 42M
22 posts
7/20/2019 8:57 am

I would fuck all 3

biJuliegirl 37F
859 posts
7/20/2019 9:04 am

Love all three body tan looks they are looking

oraljim201 71M
5443 posts
7/20/2019 9:15 am


marcus_40_k 28M
4 posts
7/20/2019 9:23 am

Me gustaria saborearlas

Virgo0893 26M

7/20/2019 9:26 am

All sexy

letscum1954 66M
188 posts
7/20/2019 10:03 am

It┬┤summertime now, so the ladies may show their tan lines, love it...

AFFlookn4fun00 54M
19 posts
7/20/2019 10:12 am

I love tan lines!!! Such a big turn on for me.

Mr00Fun4U 61M  
923 posts
7/20/2019 10:18 am

Damn there is something about Women with tan lines...especially on the behind. It makes me feel that they are just exposing themselves to me.

Thanks for a few more sweet pics.

3 Girlfriends with body tan lines

lickeyzsplit 57M
929 posts
7/21/2019 7:19 am

Absolutely Love Tan Lines xoxo

Abnormalbehavoir 46M
1 post
7/21/2019 8:45 am

So sexy and beautiful! I love it

tantallblue4u 55M
260 posts
7/22/2019 9:52 am

Love them all can I have all three for the night?

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 59M
3755 posts
7/22/2019 9:18 pm

Am always torn on this subject. Tanlines add to sexy, all over tans also add to sexy in a different way, so impossible to choose.

Mav4Fun2 48M
8 posts
7/24/2019 11:11 pm

would love to fuck all 3 but would like to start out eating Jeri's sweet pussy.

nhex99 44M
53 posts
8/14/2019 10:14 am

Love it, and small ish tits, the best

Tl9130 45M
7 posts
8/20/2019 9:21 pm

Very very very nice!!!!!!... Would you just look at that!­čśé

Tl9130 45M
7 posts
8/20/2019 9:23 pm

Nice shaft there buddy!

Tl9130 45M
7 posts
8/20/2019 9:24 pm

I wish everyone would quit arguing and bitching about shit and just see everything my way!

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