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Amateur or Professional Poll.  

utfrangrl 46F
24180 posts
7/24/2018 5:51 am
Amateur or Professional Poll.

Amateur or Professional Poll.
Which photos and videos do you most enjoy seeing and viewing? Vote below and feel free to share a comment to.
Male. I like amateur.
Male I like professional.
Male I like a mixture of both.
Female. I like amateur.
Female. I like professional.
Female. I like a mixture of both.

Paulxx001 63M
16702 posts
7/24/2018 5:59 am

When amateurs film, u know it's coming from the heart and those vaginal quivers and dic twitches are real! Yes - the production is not as good... I'll take amateurs please... Do I win anything?

bigrlDeeAnna 49F
188 posts
7/24/2018 6:33 am

My personal preference is strictly amateur like amateur pics and vids.

sexycpl9080 40M/30F
12 posts
7/24/2018 8:36 am

I like both to be honest.

Leegs2012 47M
54559 posts
7/24/2018 4:54 pm

A mix of both

LordMandrakeJB 64M  
458 posts
7/24/2018 7:15 pm

I'll take amateur every time. They do it for fun. Pros main drive is the money/

TeeJayseven58 60M
22 posts
7/25/2018 8:46 am

Amateur photo's are more natural appearing

Todd0516 45M  
17 posts
7/27/2018 4:57 am

Female amateur for sure!

howdydoodyXLII 49M
34 posts
7/28/2018 7:40 am

Amateur.....Same with web cams.

niceguyniceunit2 49M
43 posts
7/29/2018 2:48 pm

Love both. Professional because of the quality, amateur because it's so real.

sansgarb 44M  
19 posts
7/29/2018 4:34 pm

I love good quality amateur porn. Pro is great too but it’s just not the same

TuAmor06 60M
49 posts
7/31/2018 11:23 pm

I prefer amateur porn. Pro is good, however it seems more rehearsed imo.

nkdplaymates2 58M/56F

8/9/2018 5:59 pm

Amateur, thats why i like being videoed and having my pics taken.

SingerFun 45M
21 posts
8/15/2018 12:36 pm

i prefer more realistic, even if the angles are the best or the lighting.. but being more real is important to me, so professional doesn't do much for me. too fake.

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