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Bouncing Boobs Survey.  

utfrangrl 46F
24122 posts
8/22/2017 4:58 am
Bouncing Boobs Survey.

I'm told that men just love a woman with bouncing boobs during sex play. Well what do you site men and women say?

1salesman3 65M
5198 posts
8/22/2017 5:17 am

Love women with all sizes of boobs.

8 posts
8/22/2017 5:25 am


1bighammer1000 55M
3517 posts
8/22/2017 5:26 am

I like them all,

Anything worth doing is worth doing right

bigrlDeeAnna 49F
188 posts
8/22/2017 5:29 am

the men I have played with all seem to just love seeing and playing with my bouncing boobs.

Janet4fun2016 59T  
897 posts
8/22/2017 5:31 am

Haven't met a boob yet I didn't like.

altlooking 65M
322 posts
8/22/2017 5:32 am

You've seen one set of boobs,,,ya wanna see them all!

notsure1949 71M
9836 posts
8/22/2017 5:35 am

always like to notice them when going to a shopping mall or store

69ereatwetpussy 58M  
3696 posts
8/22/2017 5:36 am

Good morning Fran, not really, I have to say I like smaller breast myself firm a goo hand full and hard long nipples to play with I have been with woman with big breast yes they are nice to look at in and out of clothing but if they are just soft pillows they don't do anything for me and the woman I've been with that do their nipples don't get as long and as hard as I like but that is me and not all woman breast are the same. if any woman out there want to prove me wrong i'll be glade to take your challenge in person oxoxoxoxoxoxox Ps you my dear to me have the perfect breast hand on. Thomas

dewsucku 64M  
316 posts
8/22/2017 5:38 am

I love bouncing boobies with sex and whenever I see them on any occasion.

AMfun4meandu 68M
501 posts
8/22/2017 5:42 am

I'm a boob man, large small black white brown red who cares. I JUST LOVE BOOBS

HaveFunTonite45 51M
35 posts
8/22/2017 6:05 am

luv titties

Hellofolks2017 54M

8/22/2017 6:19 am

Absolutely love bouncy boobs during sex play but I am just a big fan of a woman's chest.

cyclingfool 58M  
6504 posts
8/22/2017 6:32 am

I love a jiggle with the wiggle.. I do enjoy bigger boobs for sure..

amjaknbid 53M/51F
558 posts
8/22/2017 6:41 am

I do enjoy having my tits bouncing when having sex and the guys do enjoy it to.

willudoit4me 54M
3 posts
8/22/2017 7:06 am

Definitely love seeing boobs bouncing while she is riding me up and down.

SmoothIsGood06 68M  

8/22/2017 10:19 am

Titties are . . . well . . . Tittie-riffic! *Y*

swngriders 49M/46F
1399 posts
8/22/2017 12:49 pm

women with bouncing bobs does me. Tom.

Leegs2012 47M
55301 posts
8/22/2017 5:49 pm

I am a Leg man...but yes boobies are sweet too!

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