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Condom Sex Views.  

utfrangrl 46F
24061 posts
6/28/2017 10:04 am
Condom Sex Views.

Condom Sex Views.
My friend Julie took these close up pics of me having condom sex play with some male friends. Share your condom sex views to if you want. Also feel free to comment about having condom sex play.

benard69 63M/63F  
5321 posts
6/28/2017 10:59 am

Let's fire up a Rough Rider and Enjoy!

Knoxslutwife 45M/41F  
181 posts
6/28/2017 11:05 am

I doubt you'll get much feedback on this but it's the only way to play for this lifestyle and it needs to be totally safe as in for both oral and all vag/anal sex. if you go bare for oral and glove up for sex, you defeated the purpose. They have ultra thin and the non latex all feel great for both. std test result paperwork can be faked and thats still not a 100% guarantee the person is truly safe. we have been in this lifestyle long enough to know, most people lie, will screw anyone when given the chance and most of the guys could care less about their std status as long as there are no bumps or sores on their cocks to stop them from getting laid. If a condom stops a guy from getting or keeping it hard and cumming, guess he isn't the stud he says he is. let the hate mail flow.............................

Han54boat 67M
11663 posts
6/28/2017 11:16 am

Being safe... there is no many condom sex play pictures. Maybe, we need more of these.

Cum to my blog and respond. Have a great kissing fun time.

Wok2016 38M  
501 posts
6/28/2017 11:25 am

Safety first!!

longNhard4fun 34M
4 posts
6/28/2017 11:39 am

I would love to wear a condom to fuck you! Especially if your friend is there to capture the moment. Awesome pics. Just wish mine was in the mix!

sahil1234roma 32M
1 post
6/28/2017 1:02 pm

I like condom sex

wantaplay8 67M
5606 posts
6/28/2017 2:46 pm

Don't like to wear condoms but it is a necessity to protect all.

forgotforgetting 54M
7236 posts
6/28/2017 3:15 pm

A necesssary evil.

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