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Do You Like Bed Snuggling?  

utfrangrl 46F
24249 posts
2/1/2018 11:36 am
Do You Like Bed Snuggling?

My friend Julie and I are both into bed snuggling fun. We love to do it together, or with our friends to, before or after naughty time. How about you to? Do you like to do bed snuggling to?

IndeediT 74M  
102 posts
2/1/2018 11:50 am

Snuggling is one of the better things in life.

jfuntimes47 50M

2/1/2018 12:46 pm

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't

cpl4alittlespice 48M/45F
10 posts
2/1/2018 12:52 pm

Love a snuggle

Isttime4us 60M/60F
137 posts
2/1/2018 1:50 pm

I sleep alone ......Wish I had someone to snuggle with !

wantaplay8 67M
5607 posts
2/1/2018 2:06 pm

Oh Yes! I love to snuggle.. Would the two of you trap me between your snuggling?
A personal question; no need to answer it if you feel that is to much information, but! Do you and Julie sleep together some nights? Not sex sleep the other sleep! LOL
I sure would like to walk into the bedroom and see that sight!

salmel02 53M/48F
887 posts
2/1/2018 2:26 pm

Yes we do like to have snuggle fun on the bed, or the couch. We sometimes use snuggling as foreplay. We also like to snuggle awhile after we sex played to.

Leegs2012 47M
54490 posts
2/1/2018 3:43 pm

Oh Yes!! I would love to snuggle in that bed!!

21 posts
2/1/2018 3:44 pm

Great View !!!

Clit_Master2 48M
40 posts
2/1/2018 4:51 pm

snuggling is lots of fun.

tablesexisbest 45M
609 posts
2/1/2018 8:35 pm

Hmmmm can't beat a post sex snuggle, especially if it's a bit nippy outdoors

I_willoralu 46M
1542 posts
2/2/2018 6:32 pm

I love it. And would love to snuggle between the two of you

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nuckinhunny 42M
153 posts
2/3/2018 9:03 am

who wouldnt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mmmmmmmmmmm

nuckinhunny 42M
153 posts
1/25/2020 4:55 am


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