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For You Garter Belt & Stockings Fans.  

utfrangrl 46F
24235 posts
5/30/2019 6:32 am
For You Garter Belt & Stockings Fans.

Hi all. Here is a nice and naughty close up photo of me posing in a garter belt and stockings and sharing a pussy view to. Hugs Fran.

bi_xiola_m 48M
21 posts
5/30/2019 6:35 am

so sexy

moonbeam1 66M  
279 posts
5/30/2019 6:36 am

So Sexy..mmmmmmmmmm would love to kiss your inner thighs

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 59M
3755 posts
5/30/2019 6:52 am

Landing strip nice, but natural would be even better !

funsnellvillecpl 63M/51F  
2353 posts
5/30/2019 6:57 am

mmmmmm damn hot

zeke53028 61M  
1101 posts
5/30/2019 7:15 am

Ohhhh...that's just not fair! Beautiful.

fightfire365 49M
405 posts
5/30/2019 7:16 am

Mmm. Yummy

Sflguy04 62M
298 posts
5/30/2019 7:23 am

Hi Fran, such a sexy and inviting picture, love it

12211male 56M/101F
268 posts
5/30/2019 7:25 am

Very Erotica..I’d also like to see your sexiness Au Natural..

arizonaheat4you 68M/62F
32 posts
5/30/2019 7:38 am

Thanks Fran. Always imprtant to dress your best, for those special moments.

stimulator1 53M
142 posts
5/30/2019 7:45 am

like the trim job, very hot.

biJuliegirl 37F
859 posts
5/30/2019 8:30 am

Fran, and I had fun taking the close up photo of you posing in your garter belt and stockings.

12721 posts
5/30/2019 9:16 am

»I Am A Fan«

*Sexy Photo*

Thanks, Fran.


Imthatgirl1122 38F
1641 posts
5/30/2019 9:41 am

damn hot!!!!

Fuklikedogs 49M
1606 posts
5/30/2019 6:37 pm

It’s all eye catchey

Leegs2012 47M
54384 posts
5/31/2019 12:41 pm

Right on your sexy LEGS!!

backpocket13 43M
8738 posts
6/1/2019 9:41 am

Hey Fran,
.........I love your Landing Strip!.......So Sexy!..........
Sinfully Yours, backpocket13

nhbiguy2018 55M  
161 posts
6/1/2019 1:01 pm

Sexy as always. Love the landing strip!!

4051795HOT 50M
23 posts
6/3/2019 6:21 am

"For You Garter Belt amp Stockings Fans" For You Garter Belt amp Stockings Fans
Dearest Fran,
when I saw this photo, my head got crazy.
I am the biggest fan for black stockings and black garters.
My biggest dream is to find a lady, like you, who is attractive and have a hot body like you, wearing a tight mini dress, standing in front of me, lifting her dress and shows her garters and stockings, like on your photo and begging me to lick and such her sweet fountain between her legs.
This photo is extremely sexy. Thanks

GddayNaughtyNite 40M

6/5/2019 6:42 am

Huge turn on. And by huge you know what I mean.

JamesRob69 41M
10 posts
6/10/2019 10:36 pm

Dam that’s really hot n ur very sexy

Luckeylover8 62M
113 posts
10/6/2019 2:53 pm

Fran that is so sexy my prick is rock hard.

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