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Glass Beer Bottle gave me a wet multiple orgasm.  

utfrangrl 46F
24179 posts
2/11/2019 5:00 am
Glass Beer Bottle gave me a wet multiple orgasm.

is what I had when I was using the glass beer bottle as a glass dildo putting on a toy play show at a home party one evening. Some didn't think it would work, but as you can see it did.

WhyNot1001 60M
91 posts
2/11/2019 5:03 am

The ultimate display of recycling! Well done.

Paulxx001 63M  
16897 posts
2/11/2019 5:13 am

Well girl... I have to say, that's pretty hot! 🔥😍😘
I would loved to have been there to help slide it in! 😊

gtrider28 64M

2/11/2019 5:17 am

I Love Corona

ltrskr 72M  
4484 posts
2/11/2019 5:28 am

"Beer, It's not just for breakfast anymore!"

dlhnjk 56M  
29 posts
2/11/2019 5:33 am

corona bottles work great, a ladyfriend and I have a couple different sizes....

pokekitty01 49M  
464 posts
2/11/2019 6:09 am

That is so HOT! wish I could have been there, I would have probably cum in my shorts watching

bigrlDeeAnna 49F
188 posts
2/11/2019 6:35 am

I was there at the home party when you did this and it was amazing to watch you playing with the beer bottle in your pussy. Then it was even more amazing watching you have a orgasm and you getting the bottle wet inside.

homey1219 51M
23 posts
2/11/2019 7:39 am

can I have a sip

13653 posts
2/11/2019 9:34 am

Ahhh, A Corona Girl.
(My Favorite Import)

*Put The Extra In Corona Extra*

Thanks, Fran!


Chucklesb400 41M
68 posts
2/11/2019 9:35 am

Very hot

Leegs2012 47M
56828 posts
2/11/2019 3:09 pm

You have such a HOT body Fran!! I love Beer & Pussy!

LabiaL0ver 56M

2/11/2019 3:22 pm

That's a hellova way to quench a lusty thirst.

wantaplay8 67M
5606 posts
2/11/2019 5:00 pm

I can't understand how anyone sexual could not see the sex pleasing possibilities of having that bottle used as an dildo, Heck there is the narrow neck and the thick bottom to full fill any woman or maybe man dildo size with a bottle.

Pussyseater6969 27M

2/13/2019 4:09 pm

That's hot and lick your juices off that bottle

coxswain55a 66M
238 posts
12/9/2019 11:07 am

I'd like to fill that pussy up for you!

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