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Lovely Awesome Asses.  

utfrangrl 46F
24179 posts
8/30/2018 12:42 pm
Lovely Awesome Asses.

Some photos taken of a few of my party girlfriends showing and sharing some of the lovely awesome ass views. I know you will like viewing these nice asses. See more of my naughty girlfriends here Swingers For Fun Group.

Paulxx001 63M  
16897 posts
8/30/2018 1:29 pm

Eeeeee nice!

RavenGB 59M
1174 posts
8/30/2018 1:36 pm

A closer inspection is needed!

wantaplay8 67M
5606 posts
8/30/2018 3:58 pm

Thank you, Fran and Ladies those are some nice views of you. .

flowerkings2012 57M  
4274 posts
8/30/2018 4:00 pm

top two photos, each one on the left are the knockout ones to my eyes

Spoon1975Man 45M
165 posts
8/30/2018 4:09 pm


rm_radar46411 55M
235 posts
8/30/2018 4:47 pm

that works!

Leegs2012 47M
56828 posts
8/30/2018 5:20 pm

I love your party girlfriends!!

Clint20044 38M
57 posts
8/30/2018 5:22 pm

those need some slaps! too naughty!!

Please, Lovely ladies, feel free to reach me friend request~ Love you all gorgeous girls!!

boyhowdy53 66M
630 posts
8/31/2018 10:10 am

Not a bad one in the bunch. Butt, I think their attitudes might best be described as "CHEEKY".

onmywayup61 59M
15 posts
9/2/2018 5:36 am

I would like a piece of one of those...or all of them.

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