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Men Choose Your Pleasure.  

utfrangrl 46F  
23238 posts
12/11/2017 7:36 am
Men Choose Your Pleasure.

Just wondering which of these two pleasurable activities you men would enjoy most, if you were given the choice of only one of these for me to do to you.

Hunter4Head 57M  
6260 posts
12/11/2017 7:40 am

Bottom.............getting head all the time, as much as I can, when I can....... .

ryandude88 35M

12/11/2017 7:43 am

Option 2 haha

throatscock 92M

12/11/2017 7:52 am

Both are acceptable as they achieve the same end result. Vanilla sex is always acceptable to most folks. You should offer other alternatives that will provide for the enjoyment of both partners.

hardbentrichard 62M
108 posts
12/11/2017 8:12 am

why two of course...

cyclingfool 58M  
6497 posts
12/11/2017 8:21 am

I always enjoy both, but a good hand job is amazing. It almost looks like he is also being pegged??? That I would choose for sure..

Neadsomethingto 65M
383 posts
12/11/2017 8:29 am

OH, Please suck me off .

biJuliegirl 37F
859 posts
12/11/2017 9:17 am

Fran you naughty girl. You will get the group men all saying Fran

lyctyc1000 100M  
356 posts
12/11/2017 9:49 am

First on I It takes some skill to do a proper hand job and it would feel good to have your body against me in that position

HamburgDave2 76M
16567 posts
12/11/2017 10:14 am

I'll take a Swallower every time ...\8

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xwyrorhn1 43M
228 posts
12/11/2017 11:07 am

Of course i prefer a good blowjob

Dlsa210 49M
6 posts
12/11/2017 11:22 am

top for sure

Gary545454 61M
560 posts
12/11/2017 12:30 pm

Bottom one

deadrise 34M
30 posts
12/11/2017 12:46 pm

The bottom one for me please.

sphxdiver 70M  
21075 posts
12/11/2017 2:13 pm

It might be a bit crude, but suck me dry !!!!

easyrider4008 63M
1240 posts
12/11/2017 4:54 pm


Spoon1975Man 45M
166 posts
12/11/2017 11:05 pm

whoa whoa whoa! Hang on, woman.

What if I wanna go down on you?

tablesexisbest 45M
602 posts
12/12/2017 12:40 am

Think I'd have to go with the BJ the first time only giving head and the second time only tugging while rubbing your juicy pussy over my shaft

DevilishForU 59M
22 posts
12/15/2017 4:10 pm

#3... #1 and then #2....

FunNSac 45M  
114 posts
12/17/2017 12:31 pm

Blowjob with swallow, facial, pearl necklace, or covering your tits, sexy Fran. Unless you want to be bred and then I'll do my best to stop your oral work and cum deep inside you...that's professional dedication!

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