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Men what gives you a hard on?  

utfrangrl 46F
24167 posts
7/1/2017 4:44 am
Men what gives you a hard on?

Men what gives you a hard on?
As a woman and sure some other women would like to know to. Just what it is that gives you as a male a hard on? I hope you will enlighten us women and share just what does it for you as a male. Hope you will share a reply and a photo to if you have one, hugs and kisses Fran.

moonbeam1 67M  
283 posts
7/1/2017 4:56 am

kissing and rubbing my cock does it..

Luv2bottom4u2 63M  
1568 posts
7/1/2017 5:03 am

A lot of things, but a unknowingly Sexy lady will just looking at her !

Hunter4Head 57M
6255 posts
7/1/2017 5:11 am

A hot and horny woman sitting in front of me with her legs spread, and her sweet pussy glistening, and wet. LONG, DEEP, WET kisses, a woman breathing her hot breath on my neck, and nibbling on my ear, whispering what she wants me to do to her........and many, many more things .

lilfuck035 47M
34 posts
7/1/2017 5:16 am

Most of the time, just making out starts it off or as stated just seeing a wet juicy pussy!

stiffproblem2 62M
138 posts
7/1/2017 5:20 am

watching a woman getting herself off .......especially with toys ....and 2 girls doing each other is so hot .....just talking about it has got me throbbing !!!!!

Prof10001 60M
3666 posts
7/1/2017 5:20 am

A lug wrench. Just saying.

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downriverbimale 65M
13 posts
7/1/2017 5:41 am

Pretty much anything.....lol

Rumble59 60M
173 posts
7/1/2017 5:42 am

All the above. Unexpectedly, just talking to a woman about wants and desires does it for me also.

Rumble in the Jungle

janrobaz 35M/33F
95 posts
7/1/2017 6:02 am

Fran In your two groups the sexy women who post their photos gets my cock hard all the time, Rob.

Bigteddybearluvr 57M
11 posts
7/1/2017 6:10 am

Passionate kisses, knowing that a woman wants me, finger fucking, pussy licking, the scent of a horny woman, her hand caressing my cock, a lustfull look in her eyes, hard nipples, the excitement of someone new, just looking at her body. These will a work for me!

Leegs2012 47M
56505 posts
7/1/2017 6:13 am

Gentle kisses on the head of my cock!!

seems6666 50F
4115 posts
7/1/2017 6:25 am

What's a rolling doughnut ... is that an euphemism I havent heard?

wantaplay8 67M
5606 posts
7/1/2017 4:52 pm

What gets my cock hard…sometimes I am surprised at what does not get me hard…I can see a very appealing woman when out and about an other than thinking “she is hot or very sexy” no hard on. But not long ago while helping a younger woman select a product in the store; I got a raging hot hard on, I am surprised she did not notice the flush I was feeling on my face. She seemed up beat happy, cute, had a nice knee length flowing dress on, a bit curvy and a hint of perfume.
I passed a woman wearing a mid thigh length dress walking and the way the dress curved under her ass with each stride had my cock stating to twitch.
A kiss, some fondling hugging will always start a hard on.
I have been skinny dipping with women I have just met,,no hard on…we played in the water and talked for a while; then went our own way.
Porn movies get me hard,,,photos of naked women get me hard or my mind thinking about sex fun.

I_willoralu 46M
1582 posts
7/2/2017 12:21 pm

Just about anything with a woman gets me hard.

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resant78 41M  
2811 posts
7/2/2017 4:37 pm

what doesn't give me a hard on.

A few images that spring to mind are:
swaying boobs
a woman bent over
a woman spread eagle on the bed.
seeing a blowjob
seeing people having sex
seeing people having outside (beach, forest, streets)
- this can go on and on.

I don't have one specific thing that makes me horny.
There may be less ways I can lose a boner, than things getting me hard.

cyclingfool 58M  
6505 posts
7/3/2017 5:31 am

An attractive woman dressed conservatively sexy, but with a wicked devilish smile and twinkle in her eyes..

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