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Question Men. Which one first?  

utfrangrl 46F
23763 posts
9/8/2019 6:51 am
Question Men. Which one first?

The only problem men have when getting to sex with and my friend Julie is which one to do first. To us girls it really doesn't matter as long as the does us both.

Question Men. Which one first? I Fran am on the left, Julie is on the right.

GreyJohn059 62M

9/8/2019 6:53 am

Difficult choice, but I think it would be Julie this time around

proteus_2a 55M
7978 posts
9/8/2019 6:54 am

Choices, choices, choices....


70 posts
9/8/2019 7:05 am

my cock bends to the left, so I would do you first Fran. I'm a left to right sort of guy.

jerr69u 60M  
301 posts
9/8/2019 7:09 am

Oh Fran you

goodvibez5 61M/61F  
37 posts
9/8/2019 7:10 am

Fran first

Richy12369 45M  
10 posts
9/8/2019 7:11 am

Fran first for me

ltrskr 72M  
4675 posts
9/8/2019 7:11 am

Would not waste deciding, the closest gets the meat, other one gets eat.........

iwalkstilts 45M  
2862 posts
9/8/2019 7:19 am

Cock for one tongue for the other then switchπŸ˜œπŸ˜‰πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ’‹πŸ˜‰

56creampielover 64M
138 posts
9/8/2019 7:21 am

i agree both at the same time one on cock other on my face and rotate and whomever gets my cum in her pussy gets eaten (cleaned up) last. MMM

brandini734 26M
179 posts
9/8/2019 7:25 am

Ooh definitely Fran first

BIGDC8712 27M
15 posts
9/8/2019 7:33 am

Left first

BigTitFettish 38M
14 posts
9/8/2019 7:40 am

Left than right bc right butt has a little more cushion to go harder, start gently finish more roughly.

Toppingnbottming 39M
107 posts
9/8/2019 7:46 am

Fran's beautiful little ass first, then Julie's beautiful little pussy next

rt23guy 46M
58 posts
9/8/2019 7:54 am

I would kneel so I had a knee between each pair of legs, play with both of those beautiful pussies for a while, then try to decide. happym;

bass_playah 47M
129 posts
9/8/2019 7:56 am

Left, Fran first!

Dtf850 27M
2 posts
9/8/2019 7:57 am

Work left to right always

Racedrvr77 44M
103 posts
9/8/2019 8:01 am

Has to be Fran foe being such a hot wife !

harbor112 61M
1425 posts
9/8/2019 8:47 am

If I had to choose .. it would be you. Why, because you are a lot more "accessible" than Julie is.( take a look and see )

bigrlDeeAnna 50F
188 posts
9/8/2019 9:15 am

I have gotten with you before Fran for like to Play with Julie next time, Gary.

2bob1 54M

9/8/2019 9:23 am

too out of shape for this shit... enjoy the show, jump in when blood pressure returned to more normal state.

Sflguy04 63M
300 posts
9/8/2019 9:33 am

Hard choice but Julie

IVFalternative 50M
630 posts
9/8/2019 10:03 am

I'd say toss a coin, but how would that work for choosing between two tails?

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DiscoverMidlife 55M
124 posts
9/8/2019 10:11 am

Julie is built for me.

adnwa 51M/49F
974 posts
9/8/2019 11:04 am

Fran I rember the night at the party when you got with me and you told me, Dan
and I gave it to you.

adnwa 51M/49F
974 posts
9/8/2019 11:35 am

A photo of my hubby Dan at a party first doing Fran while Julie is waiting for him to do her next, Angie.

Funn4Fitt 37M

9/8/2019 12:05 pm

Definitely Fran

here4FunNZ 62M
60 posts
9/8/2019 1:55 pm

mmm the only fair way so we all have pleasure and not miss out or wait..
is for me to play and please one while a mate pleases the other
then we swap for more of the same but different pleasure...mmm

Redrighder 28F
17 posts
9/8/2019 3:56 pm

Right! Then the following time you start with the left or opposite girl.

johndoe4443 61M
83 posts
9/9/2019 4:45 am

could I have one riding me while the other is sitting on my face

JoelnKelly1 55M
8 posts
9/9/2019 7:26 am

Both look sweet, but Julie has a nice ass so I would do her first!

Leegs2012 48M
68017 posts
9/9/2019 7:55 am

Both, licking one of you while fingering the other!!

LordMandrakeJB 65M  
568 posts
9/9/2019 11:20 am

Such an unfair question.... How the hell do you choose between two heavenly creatures.... Fran looks ready, and Julie has those puffy, wanting lips.... I'd have to be there...

Mfdvr66 54M
1 post
9/9/2019 5:39 pm

Difficult decision πŸ€” but if going on pure horny it’s definitely Fran

NJRickHard 45M
29 posts
9/9/2019 7:14 pm

Start with Fran. I couldn't pass up that pony tail....

milk69man69 56M  
89 posts
9/9/2019 8:14 pm

I would do Fran first.

willp52 59M
69 posts
9/9/2019 9:05 pm

definatly fran just look at those lips

hillcountryman60 61M
183 posts
9/10/2019 5:38 am

Julie first but you both would get serviced more than once!

love2likpussy73 47M
38 posts
9/10/2019 7:16 am

This is a hard choice...both of you look great. I would probably finger both of you to determine who was wetter and go there first while finger fucking the other until you were both cumming!!

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 60M
3847 posts
9/10/2019 9:12 am

Not sure, so could I try one & then the other & alternate until I cum, and of course they do as well ??

Loganmiles69 40M
38 posts
9/10/2019 5:20 pm

both stack them

1m9c6m5 55M  
1 post
9/10/2019 6:40 pm

Whomever ask for it first

justjuice64 56M
8 posts
9/11/2019 12:10 am

I would deep dick the one on the right first.. The one on the left is gonna get that asshole punished....

Gudkyss 42M
16 posts
9/11/2019 5:55 am

Have to start with Julie while I eat Fran. Then switch.

parmakr62 44M
25 posts
9/11/2019 6:16 am

Left. Better access to the asshole

Sneakyfun7 35M
27 posts
9/11/2019 11:30 am

I’d have to go to the right, with fingers and in the left.

Needsomefun4523 46M
10 posts
9/11/2019 5:53 pm

I would definitely do Julie first

stevex43 52M
20 posts
9/11/2019 9:13 pm

Tough choice. I’d have to go with Julie first then u Fran!!

gator131 51M  
19 posts
9/12/2019 1:32 pm

tough choice, but i would go with Julie!!

Isthislegit2019 22M
2 posts
9/12/2019 10:23 pm

Right one first for sure

IMaMagikman 35M
118 posts
9/12/2019 10:50 pm

If i HAD to choose, i would go to the left first. Being as im right handed it would be better. That way stimulation wouldnt be a problem

15 posts
9/13/2019 1:24 am

which ever one winked first at me

CedrickDickory 36M
9 posts
9/13/2019 9:02 pm

I'd spin you both around til you got real dizzy then see who lands on my cock first.

PEIslave93 28M
20 posts
9/14/2019 5:28 pm

I’d take the left first!

Mikemike107015 50M  
135 posts
9/15/2019 5:28 am

It only seems natural to work left to right no matter which one is which

Avejoe869 51M
37 posts
9/15/2019 6:46 am

I am not sure why but Julie

Lonely4Caring62 58M

9/15/2019 11:17 am

I believe that I would be eating Julie's pussy first while fingering Fran, but fucking Fran first while fingering Julie

jamezzz111 40M

9/15/2019 2:09 pm


LovesLegs7 42M
19 posts
9/15/2019 2:27 pm

Fran no doubt about it

truhottie 46M
27 posts
9/16/2019 9:49 am

Why not switch who is first each encounter. I would be happy to have the opportunity of either.

Theseo00 46M
163 posts
9/17/2019 2:48 am


poolman816 48M
47 posts
9/18/2019 10:26 am

Wow that's a tough choice but I'd go with Julie

FitNess_247 33M
10 posts
9/18/2019 12:38 pm

I think I’d stack you on top first and eat your pussy from behind while fucking Julie. Then switch

Gandal10 36M
14 posts
9/18/2019 2:31 pm

Juile first xx

Milburry5 30M
25 posts
9/18/2019 9:46 pm

Sorry Fran, definitely fuckin Julie first

market743 67M

9/18/2019 11:32 pm

Both! My cock in one and my tongue in the other!!!

Satyr48 72M
1903 posts
9/19/2019 12:44 pm

Definitely Left first.. Thanks, Fran for the choice and visuals... You rock!

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jemrdy 56M  
110 posts
9/19/2019 6:39 pm

Very difficult choice. Both are tempting as hell. I guess maybe better question is which one last?

AznTacos 32M
11 posts
9/20/2019 10:11 am

I would start with fran while i ate your pussy, then you 2 can switch. i need a snack while i work.

purpleman2986 46M  
133 posts
9/20/2019 7:58 pm

Difficult decision, but the sexy pussy on the left

barryton121 40M
10 posts
9/21/2019 7:06 am

This question is not right

Barrington654321 43M
28 posts
9/21/2019 8:35 am

I want 2 dicks so i can fuck u both at the same time

finishonyourtoes 53M
4 posts
9/21/2019 9:32 am

i would do you first then julie

Newmartingale 41M
15 posts
9/21/2019 11:27 am

Both are great! However, I will go with Fran on this one. Her position seems more ready .

Acquaman2019 45M
25 posts
9/21/2019 2:07 pm


dlslatino 68M
14 posts
9/21/2019 4:32 pm

wow, tough choice both are so inviting

DerrickJames1992 28M
41 posts
9/21/2019 11:45 pm

Both.. but if ihad to choose id go left first, she looks eager...

BrownNP 40M
15 posts
9/22/2019 4:23 am

I would fuck the one on the right because her pussy looks tighter than the other one!

north120 46M
27 posts
9/22/2019 8:07 am

Both are great. Hard choice. Probably Fran 1st and 3rd and Julie 2nd and 4th

Nickphose 57M
16 posts
9/22/2019 1:25 pm

Left first while i licked the right

DiscoverMidlife 55M
124 posts
9/22/2019 2:03 pm

Julie is doing it for me.

indio1375 55M
195 posts
9/22/2019 6:28 pm


mdjdeep 36M
15 posts
9/23/2019 1:11 am

does not matter...anyway i would fuck you both

Mike_Lamar696969 51M
35 posts
9/23/2019 4:30 am

both, with some fingers.....

H0rn3yguy66 54M
451 posts
9/23/2019 8:29 am

Very tough choice, but Fran first. Your definately look like you are ready to receive......very nice view, Julie as well

okguy4u33 51M  
34 posts
9/23/2019 2:38 pm

How to pick...damn....the one on the right.

Rjsayinghello 33M
3 posts
9/23/2019 10:47 pm

I would work from left to right

purpleman2986 46M  
133 posts
9/24/2019 7:33 pm

They both look sooo yummy! It’s hard to choose!
Okay Left!

sussexguy9001 53M
21 posts
9/25/2019 2:47 am

christ, i hate decisions

Thedonofdirt426 35M  
4 posts
9/25/2019 8:50 pm

I'm just trying to choose the wrong words to but in that position

okguy4u33 51M  
34 posts
9/25/2019 11:34 pm

Tough choice...But would be fingering one while fucking the other..

oralist__man 58M  
19 posts
9/26/2019 12:02 am

Frans ass is like a funnel. Very inviting!!!

nickj0415 41M
7 posts
9/26/2019 1:17 pm

I'd be starting with you, Fran, but I'm right-handed, so Julie wouldn't be bored...

Martinburg1 56M
35 posts
9/26/2019 1:47 pm

Who ever is the closest!!!

Wimnbadgercpl 44M/40F
1 post
9/26/2019 6:51 pm

Left them right.

LuVz2GetWyld 50M
15 posts
9/26/2019 7:17 pm


newest4g63 35M
13 posts
9/26/2019 9:16 pm

Damn whichever one is ovulating

rancheroman66 61M  
76 posts
9/27/2019 7:31 am

Fran first, then Julie!!!

rn69fun 59M/59F
1 post
9/27/2019 11:32 am

My fingers would be in both and the one who moaned the loudest and got the wettest would be first.....

Desir4Fire 46M
2329 posts
9/28/2019 9:30 am

That is a hard choice I would love to have

toropld 61M

9/28/2019 12:11 pm


slideinside2015 61M
51 posts
9/28/2019 2:19 pm

Fran looks ready, that will make julie ready

penetrateher4 55M/55F
22 posts
9/28/2019 5:32 pm


Mav4Fun20 49M
19 posts
9/29/2019 2:10 am

Fran first with a tongue for Julie.

homebrew2084 36M
125 posts
9/29/2019 1:21 pm

Well I'd say Fran as your positioned more invitingly in the photo.

bigggjames4u 38M
19 posts
9/30/2019 1:17 am

ha ha glad to see some have to pick which one to go for first

coloursnew 32M
24 posts
9/30/2019 7:08 am

My my New Luvers here.....NICE

Akoutdoors123 55M
18 posts
9/30/2019 2:59 pm

Fran then Julie, but would keep Julie busy in the meantime!

Mmmmholes 57M
18 posts
9/30/2019 3:59 pm

It all depends on which hole I’m going to fuck..Frans pussy looks luscious, Julie’s tight little butt hole is just begging to be plundered...Maybe Fran for a few hard strokes, then Julie to finish off?

analslut2bused 43M
19 posts
9/30/2019 10:15 pm

fran first

Theseo00 46M
163 posts
10/1/2019 2:45 am


Beencheated73 47M  
19 posts
10/1/2019 7:33 am

Left but right makes a compelling case.

passionman2056 64M

10/1/2019 8:03 am

i'd save best for last,,,left to right

herbigo8 32M
6 posts
10/1/2019 8:06 am


bigblack10dick 33M
41 posts
10/1/2019 8:03 pm

You get it first and then she gets it next ,but then do it all over again multiple times

upforsumfun79 43M
23 posts
10/2/2019 12:27 pm

Right for me

milburry7 30M
14 posts
10/2/2019 7:01 pm

I am going for Fran first!

23 posts
10/3/2019 12:50 pm

I choose the left!

GhostRider01777 58M
19 posts
10/3/2019 2:34 pm

well it hard choice you both are hot make it hard to choose maybe flip of coin

CuplUp4Kinky 41M/38F
15 posts
10/3/2019 2:47 pm

We Holly collection of dozens upon dozens of different types of toys and vibrators so I don't see the need to choose. Or better yet stack one above the other

maltig 47M/56F
70 posts
10/3/2019 3:02 pm

which ever one squirts ill take first

69tongueualot69 66M
34 posts
10/4/2019 3:42 pm

I would start with the left and at the same time have mu fingers working on the right one.

myexample 33M
110 posts
10/4/2019 4:00 pm

cant decide will literary be who assumed the position first

service4uall3 62M
30 posts
10/5/2019 1:27 am

Does not matter to me if I could eat the both of you. However since Fran is hosting it should be her.

fkmyBBC 49M
1 post
10/5/2019 5:50 am

Damn, I'm willing to do both πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›
Post 4249081

EatHer265 50M  
65 posts
10/5/2019 4:09 pm

Fran first this time..Julie first next time..hmmmm

DrMuffmaster69 61M
18 posts
10/6/2019 5:02 am

Julies pretty pussy looks nice and tight!

Defstillhard 55M
34 posts
10/6/2019 5:04 am

Wow that would be a difficult choice, both are fantastic

_IKanCu2_ 102M
2877 posts
10/6/2019 12:30 pm

,,, and which one would remember ?

luv2benawty99 45M
7 posts
10/6/2019 11:28 pm

the wettest goes first

TysonDra9 37M
30 posts
10/7/2019 7:53 am

You first, for sure.

Solfan55 66M  
495 posts
10/7/2019 8:32 am

You exude availability Fran so it would be you first! Julie is a close second and certainly deserves some attention but Fran's getting plugged first.

singlehardnhorny 41M
23 posts
10/7/2019 11:00 am

I would rearrange and have fran riding me while jules sits on my face

nonameismine 29M
15 posts
10/7/2019 2:54 pm

very hard choice.

redwine1953 67M
14 posts
10/25/2019 3:32 pm

Standard rule: left to right, bottom to top

Bret Wei

hapygoluckyguy01 33M
105 posts
12/9/2019 12:41 pm

fran first and i would eat julie out

niceperson321 47M
53 posts
1/10/2021 11:04 pm

i would use my 2 hands for both of you women. i like to get you both hot and wet.

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