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Sex play at night in a dark room.  

utfrangrl 46F
24073 posts
1/10/2020 6:42 am
Sex play at night in a dark room.

When having sex play I really enjoy doing it at night in a dark room without bright lights on. To me it is more exciting to sex play in a darkened room. What do you say?

adnwa 51M/48F
974 posts
1/10/2020 7:16 am

I like to have sex in a darkened room to.

passionskr01 51M
24 posts
1/10/2020 7:30 am

Yes, by all means a nice dark room...helps the mind to wander...

Whoreofaman 45M
11 posts
1/10/2020 7:31 am

Well this looks like a lot of fun!

gowandahotwife 62M/51F  
137 posts
1/10/2020 8:24 am

How's hubby able to watch me taking all that cock then?

sensualmaninmn 59M  
518 posts
1/10/2020 8:43 am

I personally like some light so that I can see the expression on my lover's face and gaze into her eyes while pumping. Yet, I admit there is some allure to having sex it a totally dark room, relying on only touch and sounds.. and the element of surprise.

looking4u69ca 59M
4007 posts
1/10/2020 10:12 am

Dark or very dim light is what I prefer.

fishing1365 57M
98 posts
1/10/2020 10:25 am


Cfitzwell71 48M
17 posts
1/10/2020 10:34 am

Dark or light works for me.

HornyOldFucker76 63M
121 posts
1/10/2020 12:25 pm

Dim/dark can be hot, but really, lights on or off doesn't matter if there's a wet pussy to be fucked!

TsPawg 38T
4 posts
1/10/2020 3:17 pm

Wow, that looks like fun!

hornybbc69 60M
127 posts
1/11/2020 8:14 am

a few candles all around for me does the trick ....

FriendofFelix 61M
185 posts
1/12/2020 1:33 pm

Like it anytime anywhere anyplace!

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