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Surprise message in a thong.  

utfrangrl 46F
24155 posts
6/3/2019 5:01 am
Surprise message in a thong.

Surprise message in a thong.
This photo was taken at a group party of a male taking off my thong. When he did he got a surprise message painted on my body. The he did what the message said.

hotfun_1966 54M
3679 posts
6/3/2019 5:21 am

Now that's an offer few men will refuse.

Keltstar1 51M
4 posts
6/3/2019 5:31 am

I certainly would not have refused!!!!

amjaknbid 53M/51F
558 posts
6/3/2019 5:34 am

very awesome and naughty fun play message Fran. We love the way you express what you want to do at a party.

kgbuds69 31M/30F
926 posts
6/3/2019 6:24 am

I would gladly do what your message says to do.

Leegs2012 47M
55250 posts
6/3/2019 8:03 am

Fran you have a sexy..sexy body!!!

LakeRidgeBBWSeek 59M
3750 posts
6/4/2019 8:30 am

I know I wouldnt refuse such a request! And that is the best arguement I have seen for shaving, gives a gal a place to make her wishes known graphically !

mrmovieman2005 63M

6/4/2019 7:36 pm

My kind of girl!

raulg_mdq 52M
87 posts
6/7/2019 4:29 pm

nice Surprise

nicesmile1b 33M
5 posts
6/14/2019 4:38 pm

my 9 inch cock would have accepted

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