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My Early Days
Posted:Apr 29, 2018 8:29 am
Last Updated:Jul 2, 2018 7:39 am

My first husband started my sexual opening with seductive outings with two of his best friends without me knowing what was happening. I had no experience with other men. Therefore, wife sharing was more than a big step for me. I obviously had the curiosity since I had never gone all the way with anyone else but my husband. The first time taking another man inside my pussy would be somewhat like my first time all over again if that makes sense. I had a lot of inhibitions to loose before I could do it, so my husband played several sexual games for a while.

One thing that he did was choose a few men who naturally had the hots for me. They were friends that I knew well and trusted, not having any real awareness that their interest was my pussy, and, later he found others through swingers magazines of that day. Through pillow talk, he knew I fantasized about sharing but that in reality, I needed to be seduced. Unknown to me, he gave two of his friends permission to do anything with me as long as it was what I wanted. He insisted that they should not expect anything and that they were not to be pushy with me. The guys, I found out later were just as excited about the possibilities of my conquest as they were about the real possibility of sleeping with me. Remember, I was unaware of this at the time.

My husband knew I would not be interested in strangers sexually, so he slowly brought in more and more new guys in to circle, with the a possibility of dating and fucking me. But, initially, he brought the two we already knew. He would have them show up at events and places were we would be.

Eventually he made excuses them to call me when he was gone. It all seemed innocent at first. For example, he knew I would be at certain events when he was out of town. He would tell me that Dick or Tim would also be there and that I should "kind of" hang out with them so I wouldn't be there alone when he would be out of town. Sometimes he arranged for both guys to be there just to raise the odds of me taking to at least one. This eventually led to them inviting me to go other innocent outings which would bring me closer to having an actual “date.” Back then, I wouldn't have gone with anyone if they had just openly asked me on a “date” directly. After all, I was just married, and in many ways, considered myself still a new bride, very sexually innocent.

It wasn't too long before I had been a few places with the guys individually and alone when my husband was busy or out of town. At first I wouldn't tell my husband much. Unknown to me, the guys were keeping my husband well posted though. It really got exciting when the guys would tell me they were going somewhere and they would invite me to just come along, to get out for a while. I was lonely when my husband was gone. That's when I first felt like I was feeling a little naughty about my "dates" and started dressing accordingly, leaving off my bra and panties and wearing suggestive outfits occasionally.

I enjoyed having someone to go places with. It was relatively easy for me to attend events with them when my husband was out of town. After all, we knew very few people in Coral Gables, so I wasn’t worried about being seen and looked down upon. My husband was encouraging and with his permission, it became extremely erotic to know I was appreciated and flattered when I was out with “a friend.” The thoughts were so erotic knowing they wanted me, but too, soon I was aware they wanted me in bed and that they weren’t kidding in their direct flattering comments. The thing is, I never really thought they would make it happen. Then, once I knew they were seriously interested in fucking me, I told my husband, and surprisingly, he was not jealous. Again, he told me to go out freely with the guys. He even suggested I wear just a dress and heels..nothing else.

Soon, the guys would have dinner, drinks, and go dancing with me. I didn't know who would get my pussy, Dick or Tim, but they excited me, and I dressed even more seductively for them. Both had me on “dates” and they were successful at flirting and holding me close while dancing, rubbing their firm cocks against me. They found that champagne got them closer and lowered my inhibitions more than wine. It was crazy when I became increasingly aware that my husband was hundreds of miles away, knowing a friend was trying to seduce me. During our at home sex, my husband would get rock hard when we talked about it. It turned me on too, greatly.

I remember the first time Dick kissed me. He shared this with Tim, and the next time Tim was with me he kissed me too. Almost immediately I was allowing them to feel me through my clothes. I knew it was only a matter of time before one of these guys would have my pussy. I knew soon I would come home and have a pussy shared with my husbands friends. They knew had I had a husband at home who didn’t care if they fucked me. This went on longer than I expected before I decided would go all the way.

The three of us would go out together, and as I would sit in the middle between them, they started openly feeling my braless tits, but I would stop them before it went too far. Tim even managed to get to my blouses unbuttoned and fondle my bare titties and Dick fingered my pussy. It wasn’t long before I was feeling their cocks through their pants, and then, once their cocks were hard and exposed, I gave them endless sucking while they played with my tits and pussy.

Shortly after the first couple of times, they both slipped fingers inside my wet pussy. I would always feel guilty and tell them to stop while opening my legs further. Things like this went on for a few weeks. I knew if someone fingered my pussy just right I be unable to resist, and would give in the rest of the way. Tim was doing quite well and I knew he would soon be fucking me.

One hot afternoon, they drove me out to a secluded beach and talked me into posing for pictures for them. It started out with sexy poses, but soon I was naked as they snapped their photos. I found out later that they shared them with my husband, and he later posted me nude in Select and The Seekers swingers magazines.

As it turned out Dick was the first to take my little hairy pussy. He spent the night with me and took my married virginity away, at home, in the bed I shared with my husband. His cock was much larger than my husbands, and I loved the feeling of his cum spurting in my pussy. My husband, I found out later, told Tim, the next time he took me that I would be an easy fuck for him. Tim told my husband that he intended to get between my legs one way or another since he knew Dick had already fucked me. I was doubtful that either Dick or Tim had shared all of the wild sex we have been having orally. With my husband’s endless encouragement, I was now ready and wanted it.

I was nervous about what I was doing as both men were fucking me frequently and sometimes together, and soon I started keeping some of what I was doing secret, and not telling my husband. I said I still wasn’t sure that he wanted me to let his friends fuck me. It was later after I let them fuck me a few more times that I just openly told my husband Dick had fucked me and cum in my pussy...and my ass, and that I had sucked his cock many times...to completion. He knew Dick was with me all afternoon, and in fact had stayed away knowing I was being fucked.

My husband came home and within minutes after Dick left. Dick had just cum a lot inside my pussy. In fact, I was still in only a tee shirt and panties. Leaking cum had dripped in my panties leaving me a nice little mess. Some of it was still in me. It was completely obvious that I had just been fucked. My panties were still quite messy, so much so, that when my husband felt between my legs, my bush was slick and soaked with Dick’s cum.

My husband hugged me to show me that he loved me and told me this was just the beginning as he loved knowing I was sucking being fucked by other men. I was shaking from nervousness knowing that I was caught.

I didn't resist as he kissed me and then my used body, ass fucking me for the first time. I felt naughty and was quickly in the mood for more. I was ready to give him all my love and as much freshly fucked pussy and ass as he wanted. Once he was in my well used pussy, he had me admitting to what I had done in detail, and asked that I promise to let many men fuck me. I was to become a real sexy slut for life. Then, I admitted to sleeping with them both and said I told my husband I didn't want to stop. He let me know that it was hot and that he was okay with it, and he told me that this was just my beginning. That was some of the best messy sex I have ever had with anyone.

That was my beginning. Since then, I have had wild and endless sex with hundreds of men, loving every cock that spurted in my mouth, my pussy, and in my ass. My first husband was a fantastic man, and knowing I was being fucked my every man he would send me out on a “date” with made it even more exciting for me and for him. He arranged “fuck dates” with men who answered the ads in the swingers magazines, and always fucked me again as soon as I would come home with a pussy loaded with another man’s cum. That is how I became who I am today.

My husband would always pick out the outfits, or lack of outfits, for both the ads the “dates” that he would arrange for me at least three or four times a week for years. Under this dress, as pictured, I am completely bare, no bra and no panties. He liked me in just dresses, soft, sexy, exposing little dresses and high heels and nothing else. The material would make fondling my tits and the hairy pussy between my legs easy and give my "date" an exciting experience.

He would select the men for my “dates”, screening them for such things as desires, cock size (the bigger the better, so he told me), interest in me, what they liked or wanted when “dating” a married woman, a submissive wife. The men would pick me up at our home in Coral Gables, often for dinner or whatever before they would use me and bring me home, always well used. I can’t count the number of “dates” or the number of men I would have take me out, but as the profile caption mentions there were LOTS and LOTS of them. Even though I was just 20 at the time and a new bride. I knew little or nothing about the world of sex, it didn’t take long before I became a very sexually “educated” woman.

Once I was comfortable that my husband was really sending me out on “dates” with other men, I relaxed and found that I enjoyed the flattery and attention of these men and their hard cocks immensely. For a young wife who’s husband was her first sex partner, and after leading somewhat of a sheltered life, I was not the least be hesitant to accept the flattery and admiration of my “dates...” as I had very few growing up in the more or less rural area of my early years... or in giving them what they wanted. Many would place a token of how much they enjoyed my willing company between my legs during that last pussy feel as we parted, but this was never required.

I developed a total fascination to cocks, how they came in all different sizes and shapes, and how some worked quickly and repeatedly, and how some had to be coached into the rewarding orgasms that most always followed.

If you look at this dress, like many of the others my husband bought me for my going out adventures, you can tell that the hem of the skirt is only about three inches from below my hairy and completely uncovered pussy. He always encouraged me to give my date a peek of my exposed pussy when I would get in the car with them. Sometimes, my dress would ride up and show everything, and often I would just leave it that way.

Sometimes, when the date would stop my our house to pick me up, especially if he was an early arrival, my husband would call me to come out and meet so-and-so...and since undies were not in the picture, if I didn’t have my dress on if the date was early, I would often walk out of the adjoining bedroom in nothing but heels, as expected and instructed my my husband. This always surprised the “date” and they would be very pleased with my young, curvy body, tits, pussy, and ass proudly displayed. Many would get a naked kiss and a quick feel right in front of my husband, who enjoyed seeing such things.

Back then, having my husband that proud of me, proud enough to want me exposed to other men, to go out with men, total strangers who answered out ads... well, it was very flattering. It was surprising to me how many men were turned on by the fact that I was a newly married bride and yet my husband was so willing to share me physically and sexually with other guys.

When I would come home from these “dates...” my husband would always want the details of the night, what happened, what did we do, where did it take me, and on and on. Needless to say, he could always tell if I had a freashly used pussy as STDs were not a problem back in those days, and my freshly fucked pussy would certainly show the use and the cum would be leaking down my legs if the man was a heavy cummer. He would always fuck me as soon as I came in, and many times the sex was beyond wonderful, mixing his cum with what I already contained.

It took me a while to become comfortable with out my bra and panties, and to showing my pussy to strange men, men that I had just met and would be spending the evening with, but soon, I loved it, and even today, I never wear panties. Many of the men would find coming by a residence and picking up “the wife” to be a little uncomfortable, but few showed little bashfulness when it came to reaching up under my skirt and feeling my pussy or in squeezing my tits once the car door closed. My husband always insisted that I give the “date” a kiss when we met and when we parted...and some of those good night kisses would involve more than a peck on the cheek, and sometimes require that I give just one more blow-job in front of our house as my husband watched from the window inside.

I was devastated when I lost him some years later, but I have always remembered my promise to him that I would continue to share by body and my thoughts with the men who, as he said, would always want to fuck me. Yes, it makes for a nice, hot story, but too, a very real one. Go back and look at the ad, and just imagine me live and learning in those early days!

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