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Fetish partys in Tijuana  

vixentjstag 43M/40F
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4/7/2021 10:57 pm
Fetish partys in Tijuana

Tijuana has the reputation of being a city of vice and sin, equating it with Sodom and Gomorrah, but tell the truth, it is more myth than reality, or at least currently (the black legend of the city comes from the time of prohibition in the US) although there is still a large tolerance zone and sex tourism is still a source of income (just look at the spectacular advertisements on the roads of the state or on the border line of a couple of very<b> famous </font></b>brothels) .

But on the other hand there are not many swinger meeting points or exchanges, we only know of the existence of a swinger club in the city in a plaza near the international border (I don't know if with the pandemic it is still open) and I know that There were at least two houses where meetings of this type were held (or are held, the truth is I don't know if they remain active).

But I do not want to comment on places that we have not known, but where we have attended, which are themed parties of the fetish and BDSM type, and that take place in some bars located on the main avenue of the city. Most of its audience is people relates to some urban tribe: gothic, punk, and of course people who like the BDSM and kinky, it is mostly about the audience between 30 and 40 years old (although there are also older and younger than that average age). And the truth is that the parties are usually very pleasant and organized, perhaps due to the fact of being a small community in which almost everyone knows each other. Some of the parties have even been for birthdays. Many of these people have known each other for years (I say that since the days of a club with the first letter of the alphabet, for reference, there have been around the 90s of the 20th century).

What is it about parties that attracts us? First the visual, there is a lot of leather, latex, harnesses, gothic clothing (I have already commented that my wife has the spirit of an anthropologist). Sometimes they include fashion show. Some people may have been scared by all the paraphernalia, but a lot of that are stereotypes (the truth is that the people I know from that environment are people with stable and responsible jobs, they just like that way of dressing and expressing themselves, as I once heard. : punks and goths are good people wanting to pretend they are bad and rude).

And well, sometimes apart from the catwalks there is a show or variety, some performace, burlesque dance, girls and boys who serve as a human sushi bar (they lie on a table and put sushi on top of their bodies so that the customers can eat from it ) some torture instruments such as a colt or an X for "punishment" (if someone wants to be whipped it is a good opportunity to try), some cage and also Shibari (the Japanese art of erotic tie)

All in an atmosphere of respect and fun, those who expect a Caligula scene will be disappointed, (I think the most that I have had to witness is someone taking drugs -very discreetly- and my wife had to see a couple having oral sex in a bathroom, but up there).

An acquaintance from AdultFriendFinder who also frequents those parties told me that he and his ex-girl first attended the Fetish party and then went to the swinger club where things increased in intensity, but my wife and I have not been to that club yet.

The parties are held every 4 months or so there are about 3 a year almost in law, for Halloween, Valentine's Day and Christmas they are the regular ones but there are also other dates. We included some photos (they are not us, We took them from the face page of the site that organizes them)

Well, we await your comments, if you have attended a party like this and what has been your experience, as well as if you know a swinger club or something similar in one of the border cities.

Leegs2012 49M  
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5/7/2021 2:07 pm

Been to many Kinky clubs. Bondage...Orgy's... Bi-Sex rooms. Looking forward to these kind of clubs reopening!!

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